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tv   Today in New York  NBC  February 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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this morning, we're hearing from one of the officers who caught her. a large group of people sleeping outside this morning. the message they're sending with this all-night vigil. we're tracking rain that could create a big mess later today. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everyone. it's wednesday morning, it's february 3rd. i'm darlene rodriguez. i'm michael gargiulo. chris cimino here with the forecast. first big snow, now big rain, chris. >> not a good combination. we melted a lot of the snow but there's plenty of it out there especially with the suburbs. with the potential of an inch of rain heading our way, that means flooding a possibility. clear out the drain basins so the water can drain. it's gathering to the west of us. avier showers and thunderstorms across the ohio valley. all of this is pushing in our direction.
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but the middle of the day ledo'sading to the evening commute where we'll have issues. 30s in the suburbs. most of us above freezing. so that's why this is primarily going to be a rain event. with the strong increasing south to southwest wind, it's going to turn mild. mid-50s by noon. heaviest rain early evening and should get close to 60 across a good portion of the area. we'll talk about that in a bit. say hello to lauren scala. i haven't seen you in a while. >> its nice to have you back. good morning to everyone. good news is, not too much going on for the commute. the hugh l. carey tunnel, the west tube is shut down so it's taking out two-way traffic. overnight track work on the rails. expect delays and service changes. the next up day on the 4s. thank you, lauren. an all-night vigil is taking place in lower manhattan.
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large crowd outside the local office of the justice department. tracie strahan is there with more. good morning. >> reporter: darlene, good morning to you. four years after his death. constance malcolm asked for 1,000 bodies to come out and call for a grand jury to be convened in this case. she didn't get the numbers. but as you can see over my shoulder, she got the support. people have been here since 5:30 last night all calling for justice in this case. i want to show you video. graham was shot and killed by an nypd officer during a drug sting four years ago. officer richard hayes chased teen and opened fire on his home in the bronx. haste has remained on the force of the nypd. charges against him were tossed out. a second grand jury decided not to incompetent diet him. today's vigil is actually another call for him and other officers involved to be fired. the families directing that to
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mayor de blasio and commissioner bratton. let's bring you back to the scene at the department of justice steps where people have had candles and sleeping bags. they floon plan to hold a news nference and spike out. we'll bring that to you. >> tracie strahan, thank you. governor dannel malloy going to lay out connecticut's austerity budget. it will be unveiled during the state of the state a drechlts expected to call for a half billion dollars in cuts. he'll ask for more flexibility on how to -- he wants to sell that budget to the public. one year since the deadly metro-north crash in westchester county. a train hit an suv at a crossing in valhalla. the driver of that suv along with five people died. on monday, the federal railroad administration says no changes have been mailed at the crossing.
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the final report is due out this sum every. much of the country is dealing with the aftermath of dangerous weather. cell phone camera caught this tornado touching down. this is pickens county, alabama. the tornado left a pah of destruction taking out several trees and power lines. only minor injuries have been reported. tornadoes hit south carolina, eastern mississippi. extensive reports of damage there. that same system brought the tornadoes in the south. it happened in the middle part of the country. blizzards here. drivers finding whiteout conditions and snowy, slippery roads. portions of several interstates were shut down. co jlorado, nebraska, kansas and iowa. the same states under deep heavy snow. thr ey got 10 inches of snow there in some places. not dealing with the upper, upper midwest. just the midwest. >> especially for communities not used to that amount. 4:34. time for weather and traffic on the 4s.
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>> yeah. we don't like it but we're used to it. >> we handle 26-plus. we can do this. that storm will i am pack us, not with snow tore severe weather but with rain. you can see the line much severe weather over kentucky, ohio. nasty line of thunderstorms. there's the snow in the upper end going up to can dachlt enough warm air on a southy west wind. what we get is mainly rain. we have snow on the ground in a lot of the area. on top of this, we have rain. we have a flooding concern today. there rain, again, by the end of the morning commute should push on in. rain, heavy at times for the afternoon, evening. much milder. 50s to near 60 this afternoon. local street and highway flooding, especially the areas with poor drainage. mostly cloudy, 44 in the city. we climb to the 50s by noon. the wind and the rain start to pick up especially in the afternoon and evening commutes. could be a sloppy one. speaking of the commute, it's early.
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>> no sloppy commute thankfully. on the buses, we have a couple much detours. nj transit buses, 34rks 83, 168. a live look at the george washington bridge on the inbound side. lower level shut down for roadwork. things are moving nicely on the upper level. lincoln tunnel, holland tunnel ing fine. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. the next update on the 4s. >> lauren, thanks very much. a 9-year-old girl is alive today, thanks you might say to a leofap of faith. she jumped from the third floor of a burning building. the girl was in the mahwah apartment alone. when the flames broke out. we're hearing from the officers who caught here. michael george is in mahwah with the story. what a remarkable story. >> reporter: just imagine the courage it would take to jump from a third floor balcony. but yesterday a unyear-old girl
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that courage and made that leap. shlse's okay thanks to police officers who caught her. flames overtook this condo yesterday afternoon. it started when an eld efrl woman with dementia left something in the microwave. a 9-year-old girl left home alone was trapped on the balcony. firefighters were trying to get her. there was no time. she had to make a choice and she jumped from the balcony. luckily three officers were there to talk her through it and catch her. we spoke with one of the hero ps. >> i started talking to her. i was telling her, explaining to her she needs to jump. i called for help and these two officers, sergeant mullen and officer salman owe both came and met me. she jumped down and we caught her. >> reporter: fortunately the girl is okay. everyone got out with r jis. unfortunately, about 12 people
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live in mahwah, new jersey, michael george, "news 4 new york." thank you, michael. police releases surveillance video of a gunman in a violent supermarket robbery in brooklynv police say the man walked to the register with chicken patties at this supermarket in bedford-stuyvesant sunday evening. he pulled out a gun and pistol whipped the worker. another person shoved people into a meat locker. he took up to $1600. the clerk spoke exclusively to news 4. >> what was going through your mind? >> he's going to kill me. i feel very scared. >> the clerk was not seriously injured, though. if you have any information call police. there is new developments on the zika virus. we know it can be transmitted sexually. a patient in dallas had not traveled to a zika infected region. instead, that patient became ill after having sexual contact with
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from a country where zika is present. neither patient is a pregnant woman. zika is usually carried by mosquitoes. while organizers about the olympics are concerned. they insist they won't be affected. they told them to smother themselves in repellent. the virus is linked to thousands of newborns in brazil. an airliner while in flight. we're getting photos and videos of the plane on the ground in somalia where the regional airliner made an emergency landing. two people were slightly hurt. passengers saw a fiery explosion. police are looking into reports that one man was sucked out of that plane. happening today, bill cosby expected to learn if the criminal case against him will move forward or be dismissed.
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sexually assaulting andrea con stand in his home in 2004. the former district attorney testified that he dllid cut a deal with cosby. under the deal, cosby would not be prosecuted exchange for a deposition in andrea's civil suit. robert durst expected back in new orleans federal court today. that's where he's expected to plead guilty to gun charges. this would allow the new york real estate heir to be extradited to california. durs is wanted in that state on first degree murder charges. his lawyers say they're going to prove he did not kill his former spokesperson. chipotle faces a new subpoena. they have to release information about how the company handles food safety companywide. originally, the criminal investigation was looking into one california restaurant where people got sick in e. coli 'outbreaks.
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say the chain is losing money. a phony priest is arrested how he made thousands over the pope's visit to our area. plus, a record for riders. if you think your train is getting more crowded, you are not imagining it. >> i knew it. it's dry now, but rain is on the way soon. a live look at the hamilton bridge. weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. don't forget. follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram. michael gchlt ny, darlene4ny. you're watching "today en new
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four things to know this morning. much of the country dealing with wild weather. storms in the south, snow in the
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chris will tell us what it means for us ahead in weather and traffic on the 4s. >>rc> federal health officials are investigating the salconella outbreak that may be connected to garden of light raw meal organic shake and meal products. people are being told to return the shakes as a precaution. microsoft is recalling 2 million power cords over fire concerns. it includes the ones sold before march of 2015 with the surface tablets. we've posted more information on 2015, a record year for metro-north. more than 8t million people used it last year. that's more than ever. long island railroad ridership also up. but it did not set a record. 4:44. it's 44 degrees in central park. it's going to be a rainmaker. quite a bit of rain combined with snow.
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temperatures in the 50s, maybe even low 60s in the area when we're through. it clears up tomorrow. then we get a break in the action. pleasant for the weekend ahead. cooler but dry. right now we have a flood watch in effect. central portions of new jersey inca particular here because of the heavy rain threat. there's a pretty good snow pack as well. with an inch to maybe an inch and a half of rain on top of the melting snow. watch out, especially with the clogged storm drains. if you can get out there, move the snow away from there or whatever is left of it so it drains quickly enough. a lot of ponding on the streets and highways in the city possible as well this afternoon and evening. this morning's commute, relatively quiet. relatively dry. 44 tribeca. same thing. 43 in city island. upper 30s in long island, hudson valley. even way to the north, well above freezing. poughkeepsie 32. monticello 37. at the freezing mark in sussex, morristown and bridgewater. above freezing before the precipitation gets there.
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you can see in the areas of green, it indicates rain. yellow indicates pockets of hety rain. the severe weather is further to the south. that doesn't get in here. neither does the snow up to the north. this could be a rainmaker in upstate new york. showing the clouds right now for the morning hours. once we're at 9:00, 10:00, showers break out but generally light. this is 1:00. the heavy stuff sitting to the west. between 4:00 and 6:00a a line of heavy rain could push on through. once that's through, leftover lighter showers. breaks of sun in the afternoon. things start to improve. we clear it on out. upper 50s today. hudson valley, talking mid and upper 50 ez a. same thing in long island. it's a mild day but a wet day. windy at times. rain tapers tonight. clearing gradually after morning clouds tomorrow.
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40s over the weekend. clouds return on monday. look for a possibility of snow ant d/or rain on tuesdayfo with a coastal storm and temperatures close t 40 degrees. let's check in with lauren scala on t commute. look loog good so far? >> yes. a traffic hold on the goethals bridge. avoid that for a while. u can head to the bayonne bridge. a live look at the long island expressway out by the grand central parkway. you have roadwork on the service road. in addition, westbound approaching the l.i.e., that should wrap up in ten minutes or so. heading over to connecticut, smooth sailing here out in greenwich on the connecticut turnpike. merritt parkway is also doing fine. no construction in connecticut. everything is moving nicely. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. next update on the 4s. the son of a former top aide in the de blasio pleaded not guilty to the fatal stabbing of a teenager.
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prosecutors say they're both money. his mother was the chief of staff for the city's first lady. police in palisades park say the man in this sketch groped a woman walking into an apartment building on broad avenue. he assaulted her as he walked up the stairs to ring the doorbell. anyone with information is asked to call police. a man is under arrest in california for allegedly scamming people out of money by pretending to be a priest. investigators say 59-year-old irwin mana has been going from parish to parish posing as a priest since the mid-1990s. he's accused of swindling parishioners out of thousands of dollars last year by selling phony tickets to see pope francis during his visit here. he performed at least one wedding. happening now, police in newark searching for a driver in a hit and run that injured three children.
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truck while in the crosswalk at the corner of ferry and hawkins streets. the driver stopped for a minute, then took off. officers later found the truck but not the driver in elizabeth, new jersey. two girls and a boy, all age 12, were treated for bumps and bruises. martin shkreli is due in court on fraud charges and also to testify before congress. lawmakers plan to ask him about that huge price boost he ordered for a life-saving drug. he would like to berate the members of congress. instead, he's vowing to say nothing and he's going to take the fifth amendment. happening today, a former nypd officer accused in a prostitution ring is due in court for a bail hearing. eduardo cornoe transported women across s ste lines to engage in prostitution. he would drive tm to hotels in new york and new jersey many
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after 11 years on the job with the nypd. they were supposed to be on patrol and on the job, but eight long branch officers including supervisors were caught sleeping duringolheir midnight shift. 4 investigates learned recently, installed gps monitors show the cars sitting idle for entire shifts, sometimes behind a local firehouse. all of the officers were suspended. federal prosecutors are now offering a plea deal to suffolk county's former police chief. james burke could spend less than 3 1/2 years behind bars. if he takes the deal. if he goes to trial and is convicted, the sentence could be twice as long. he stole police equipment and coerced officers to lie about it. parents are speaking out against a plan to breath a lies students at schools and events. in nyack, rockland county say
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safety of their students. yesterday. one parent after another expressed their anger over putting them through this grown-up test. they have likened it to the nypd's practice of stop and frisk. this is just a wrong thing to do. tests. what is it too invasive? >> some students of nyack hospital, they support the plan. school drunk. no date has been set to vote on the proposal. 4:51 right now. we're getting a look at another drug smuggling tunnel found by police in mexico. it's 30 feet wide. it was found in a home and this home was 720 feet from tijuana's border fence with san diego. police say the tunnel was not complete and it was actually collapsing when they discovered it. but they found several packages of illegal drugs. it's 4:51. still to come, a consumer alert.
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caught in a massive date breach. it could be a -- dramatic landing in the waters off hawaii. it's space. each a game of ping-pong is impressive. yeah. you're watching "today in new
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44 degrees out on this wednesday morning. british astronaut tim peek is teaching kids on earth about space and the fun you can have in zero gravity. take a look. 300,000 children in the uk gathered at the world museum in liverpool to watch a live feed. he demonstrated how liquids are in space and fielded questions from the children.
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it gives kids a way to interact and understand some things. >> the thing about that, too, it doesn't just dissipate. it actually stays together like that. >> i have questions. >> i know. >> how does it stay? >> can you drink it? >> stick a straw in it. >> i mean, do they dehydrate everything and how -- i don't know. >> you'll have to join in his next lesson. >> i guess i will. >> cool stuff, though. meantime, our water will not be coagulating like that. you're all gs going to get soggy and drenched in this one. heavy rain is headed our way right now. it's quiet in the early morning hours. once we get past 9:00 object 10:00, then the rain picks up mid to late afternoon. wind increases, only thing is -- could be local street and highway flooding. showers continue the first half of tonight but should taper off. it's wednesday, why not think about the weekend.
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i wanted to say the weekend. never mind. i don't have that forecast. it's dry. that's the good news. to storms for the weekend. super bowl sunday. a lot of folks will be out. >> out and about having the parties. not much for the commute. th ee ferry checklist, there are some service changes for c street commute erts. mostly for the evening commute. a couple for the morning commute. looking at the brooklyn bridge, no roadwork out there on the manhattan bridge. williamsburg bridge good options so far. lauren, thank you so much. there's a close call for a pilot caught on camera off the coast of hawaii. watch it here. this is a cessna. it's called push pull, because you have a propeller in the front and back. he had problems. he had to land in the water at ayala goon in oahu. the pilot was unable to get the landing gear down. a team of first responders got
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uninjured pilot from the water. he was a 68-year-old man from australia. he was the only person on board that aircraft. >>am> new york state police now investigating a laser incident over long island. police say a united airlines flight from new jersey to rhode island was struck with a laser on the eastern end of long island. it happened at 11:30 monday night. a green laser would shine into the cockpit as the plane was flying over man talk. couldn't find anyone. >> no details will be released about the latest search for lauren spierer, the missing college student. fbi agents spent last searching an indiana home that once belonged to a registered sex offender. information can only be released if criminal charges are filed in her disappearance. she went missing more than four years ago while attending indiana university.
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for the draft like men. under new rules, all combat rules are -- in special ops units. top army and marine corps generals lifted restrictions every american should register for the draft. it could be three yearsefore women are fully integrated into new military positions. 4:58. evate lawmakers are trying one more time to give new yorkers paid family leave time. the assembly passed the measure yesterday in albany for the fifth time. that would make new york the fourth state to give workers as much as 12 weeks off with pay wie th their salary. that time would be used to care for a newborn or sick family member. one long islander says she paid out of her own pocket to care for her newborn. >> i have sisters and i just care about the other women out there that are starting fachl lis -- families. i think it's imperative we catch up with the world. in the state senate, governor cuomo is competing
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new jersey, though, it's one of only three states that mandates that paid time off. today is the 39th annual empire state building run-up. hundreds of runners will take the challenge and run up all 1,576 steps from the lobby to the 86th floor. the event raises money for charity. now, quick fact. visitors can reach the observatory via elevator in under a minute. >> okay. >> but the fastest runners cover the 86 floors in about ten minutes. ten minutes. ten minutes. that's fast. >> that is fast considering what you do upstairs. exhausting. coming up on 5:00 a.m. if you head out the door, take us with you. >> watch "today in new york" by downloading the app on our mobile device. our next hour starts now. new this morning, new york finally catching up to other cities. the new technology that could make parking a little easier. >> marathon vigil taking place
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the message they're sending.


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