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tv   News 4 New York  NBC  January 10, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich.
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and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. bruce beck here with the knicks. >> the suddenly surging knicks return home to host the struggling bucks. what a third quarter for the home team p. off the robin lopez miss. and bringing the garden to its feet with a thunderous pult back, impressive. on the necks bucks possession. the rookie sensation comes up with one of the five flocks. knic anksd get out of the break. carmelo anthony knocks down the baseline jumper. mello lead the knicks in points, rebounds and blocks. closing it out in style. bringing home a three-pointer
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15 point and 5 blocks. 100-88, the final. knicks fired head coach. while gm king stepped down. holland fled to the playoffs last season and albeit with a losing record but a second year has been a disaster. 10-27. third worst record in the nba. they dropped nine straight at barclays center. the fourth head coach in four seasons in brooklyn but it wasn't his fault. he was coaching with a depleted roster. king made a series of bold moves mortgaging the future in an ill-fated attempt to win a championship. but the moves backfired in spectacular fashion as brooklyn won a single play off series. and guess this, with the first round draft pick in 2019. in statement, after careful consideration. i concluded it is time for a
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the direction of the team. it's clear from our current state of affairs, that we need new leadership. meeting the media tomorrow morning at barclay's center. on the ice, devils in minnesota with no score late in the second period. adam saying that the wild goalie darcy kemper reached 50 to the season. new jersey goes off to win it by a score of 2-1. we e back in a moment with all the highlights from the nfl playoffs today.
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what a wild day in the nfl playoffs. it started with this unbelievable ending in frigid minnesota between the seahawks and vikings. with seattle trailing 9-0 early in the fourth. the snap goes over the head of russell wilson but the seattle quarterback calmly collects the football and somehow finds the wide open tyler lock et over the middle and lock et takes it all the way down to the vikings 4 yard line. two plays later, wilson hits doug baldwin for the first touchdown in the ball game. seattle took a 10-9 lead on the field goal but minnesota ral [clied in the final two minutes. and teddy bridgewater fights rudolph for a big gain deep into seattle territory. seems academic. all the player today do was boot a 27-yard field goal. but the talented vikings kicker punts it wide left. unbelievable.
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the seahawks who had their own heart break in super bowl 49 playoffs. seattle visits carolina next sunday. in the night cap, aaron rogers travel to washington. and falling b exploding for 17 straight in the second quarter. rogers finds adams from 10 yards out. 17-11 packers in intermission. washington answered early in the third quarter. curt cousins takes it himself on the quarterback keeper. home team jumps on top by a point. but green bay outscored them 18-0 the rest of the way. 4-yard touchdown puts them on top for good. packers roll 35-18. going to arizona next saturday night on nbccon prime time. so we're down to the final 8 in
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for football fans. they call it the best week enof the year. >> exciting sports final coming up, too. >> yes, coming up. >> thanks. >> still to come on news 4, hollywood drama. sean penn's mysterious meeting with drug lord el chapo. the specific reason, the government wants from the actor. cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day
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you can dream of winning a billion dollars tonight. no more powerball winner so the jackpot soars. >> so you warrant winner last night. but don't worry. nobody else was either. that means the powerball jackpot has grown to at least $1.3 billion. yes, billion dollars. >> there is still a few winners in connecticut. two big wins. one worth $2 million and another one worth $1 million. in new york state three ticket one sold in our area. and in new jersey 29 tickets holders took a third prize worth $50,000. mark visited one of the places that sold a $1 million ticket. >> while no one took home the big prize, 25 lucky winners came in second. they will cash in tickets, including one wicker who bought a ticket right here in queens.
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fresh farm looking for bred, cheese, large shells in the form of $1.3 billion. stopping by after hearing his market was one of three lucky new york locations including mr. tobacco that sold tickets matching 5 of the 6 numbers for a $1 million prize. >> local neighborhood store. and somebody hit $1 million. may as well try it. >> for 2 1/2 years, loy has run the market. she believes the gold luck came from this golden cat or maybe it was karma. >> it is really exciting. i feel the customer, the lucky person, is excited right now. >> while she says she does not know who holds yesterday's lucky ticket, she is thrilled for the winner.
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$1.3 billisa jackpot is too big, lightning can strike twice and customers are willing to bet on it. >> if you want your shot at the billions, odds are you will have to wait in line. but the good news is, the deadline is this wednesday night at 10:00. i'll take the winning ticket. the winning one. look at this. >> perfect, it can happen twice. news 4 new york. >> and here are the winning numbers, just in case you want to check and see if you want a smaller prize. >> 16, 19, 32, 34, 57. powerball number, 13. >> we are just getting word that the launch it expedite mexican drug lord el chapo to the u.s. there could be twists and turns, mexican officials say his efforts to have a film made about his life in a secret
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part of his undoing. the story tonight from gabe gutierrez gutierrez. >> reporter: the government wants to speak with sean penn about a secret trip to meet with guzman. the article published by rolling stone magazine overnight. guzman only agreed to take the question, penn writes, after a previous seven-hour face-to-face eting dales before a failed october raid. according to penn this picture authenticates this meeting. el chapo saying i supply more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and mauer wayna marijuana than anyone else in the world. his desire to make a movie about himself and interaction with producers and actors eventually led to his arrest. >> mexican authorities want to identify as many people closely
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can. >> and they were in mexico to meet with guzman in october. as law enforcement was closing in. a planned arrest week was delayed to assure the two would not be harmed. when the raid eventually took place el chapo and his security team is skajed. we reached out to penn and el castillo, neither had commented. this isn't the first time penn dabbled in journalist m journalism. he has written for the nation and san francisco chronicle. this time rolling stone says he agrees to let the subject approve of the final version before publication. a magazine said el chapo made no changes. >> nbc news, mexico. >> in atlanta tomorrow, there is a curt date for a suspected serial july thief. a woman who made no attempt to
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abigail kemp was seen in smyrna, georgia on friday. man who says he grew up with kemp in the atlanta suburbs finds this hard it believe. >> you don't expect these kind of things to happen out here. you know, you don't expect someone that you grew up with to do these sorts of things. >> kemp and his suspected accomplice allegedly stole more than $4 million worth of jewelry. >> four days after north korea's claim that it tested a hydrogen bomb. the u.s. responded with its own show of force. b-52 bomber and two fighters jets deployed over south korea in the show of support for its al. the b-52 is capable of dropping atomic weapons. state run television released photos of kim jong-un announcing a bomb test calling it a self-defensive step against the u.s. u.s. experts doubt that device was a hydrogen bomb.
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before the iowa caucuses and new nbc wall street journal poll shows hillary clinton aeb bernie sanders in a tight race and ted cruz gaining on donald trump. the two democrats are close in new hampshire as well but trump is pulling way from the republicans in the granite state. jennifer johnson has our story. >> democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are locked in tight races in both iowa and new hampshire. according to a new nbc news wall street journal marist poll. in new hampshire the vermont senator is ahead 50 to 46%. clinton is still attacking sanders for voting for an nra supported bill a decade ago giving legal protection to gun manufacturers. >> senator sanders voted with them and through this morning has been unwilling to join the president and me in saying that this should be repealed. >> sanders says he is willing to
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>> when gun manufacturers, for example, are selling guns into an area, and know that those guns are going into the hands of criminals absolutely those gun manufacturers should be held accountable. >> clinton is just missing trump's latest attacks. trump releasing pictures of bill clinton and monica lewinski. >> she is married to an abuser. someone claiming rape and horrible things. >> ted cruz leads trump by four points in iowa. trump is way ahead of the rest of the pack in new hampshire. trump also took a few shots at president obama's upcoming state of the union address this tuesday. saying in his opinion things are a mess. with isis on the rise and obama care failing. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. >> still ahead here, breaking down the golden globes, live at the after party with all of the
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>> find you sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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. back now with the golden globes. >> with the red carpet hits, and mrs. jacque. >> can i say the party is hopping, you guys. look at the red carpet. they are all pouring in. now another glimpse at the amazing designer gowns and tux heed tuxedos that everyone is wearing. one of the most dresses, jennifer lawrence. this beautiful gown with cutouts and gorgeous necklace. they looks absolutely stunning. a lot of folks are putting her down as best dressed. somebody else who add great night fashion wise, kate hudson. who add cute moment on stage night when she presented with her stepfather, the man she considered her dad, kurt hustle. they had such a cute moment on stage tonight. a lot of folks putting them o their best-dressed list. let's talk about worst dressed. i hate to even go there.
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a lot of folks are making designer critics worst dressed lists. first one, jane fonda. who, i don't know, i like jane's style, typically. she looks great. tonight folks are staying, she missed in a big way. a lot of ruffles. maybe some people are calling it matronly. i actually liked it. and also on the worst dress list for tonight, eva longoria. who, if you saw the back of her dress, it was plunging. all wait back down in the back. cute little belt. she looked cute to me. but a lot of folks are not liking the way that dress looked in the front. hey, stars try do their best. they hit it out of park. some folks make it. some folks don't. back to you guys. >> jacque, dave is dieing to ask you something. >> i want to know who you're wearing. >> who i'm wearing? no, see, you all know the questions to ask.
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oscar, this beautiful blue dress. and my jewels by the one and only helen yarmack. thank you for asking. i don't know if i will make anybody's list -- >> you make our list. >> that's right. we have our list. >> thanks, jacque. >> coming up next, school on saturday? we will tell you where student and teachers may soon be looking at a six-day school week. >> a live look at times square, coming up here. temperatures are dropping. storm team 4 will have your forecast, including when we
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yet another proposal on 2016 agenda. this latest is the ew program to produce inequality all across the state. $25 million program in front of the empire state poverty initiative. it will bring together state and local government and business groups to design and implement solutions to increase social mobility in ten cities with the highest poverty rates in the state. >> we have people on the streets. and people who are on the streets. who don't want to go to a shelter system because the shelter system is dangerous and dirty. and it is literally a matter of public safety. >> more than 3 million new yorkers live in poverty. 1 million of them are children. >> neighbors are
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save their local supermarket. a ore that's been in the community for nearly 30 years is at risk of being replaced by wallgreen's. gathering in front of the associated super market in hudson heights fighting to keep it open. the score is located at fort washington avenue and 187th street. and forcing the landlord it close and make way for the pharmacy. not only would that leave residents without a good-to grocery store but put in jeopardy another locally-owned business, hilltop pharmacy, which is right across the street. >> this community relies on the super markets. >> the landlord released a statement saying the tenant has known for three years that this change would take place when the lease expired. the spokesperson said they remain committed to making the
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>> when we were kids saturday morning, eating cereal on the couch, eating ka cartoons, but hundreds of students may be heading back to school for a sixth day. >> teachers talk about why the longer school week works. >> it's saturday morning and that means school for some students and teachers in new haven. >> who wants to get up at 5:30 on saturday morning? i know i don't. >> but principal franco who who has been employed in other districts says she knows it works. >> remember, it is all about having fun. >> teachers will get paid a stippen to come in early saturday the rest of the semester. >> everyone comes in with a lot of energy. i think that we have a group of teachers that have energy and kids feed off that. >> it's weird to me. >> weird. >> i wanted to just sleep. >> but soon they realize that
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than during the week. >> get ready to warm up. >> later this semester each student will receive their own tablet. teachers say there's a lot of fun math and reading games they can use the computers for to really make those lessons stick. >> and we play them ourselves already. and i think that they are just going to bring this back into the classroom and so many more kids will want it come to saturday school. >> working, working. >> you think it will be fun? are you glad to be here? >> it is fun to me. >> we see our friends. >> giving them the sunt to succeed is what we are here for. >> kristin johnson, nbc connecticut news. >> the half day classes will run from 88:00 in the morning until noon.
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