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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  November 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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kevin: now on "daybreak," the busy travel wednesday is here. it looks quiet, but will not last the entire holiday weekend. janai: let the holiday shopping spree began, but experts have important reminders to make sure your money stays safe. sean: how a man was seriously hurt while putting up christmas lights and merrimack. erin: do you recognize this man? police say he targeted four businesses in amherst, and even took fundraising money from a daycare. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 "daybreak." [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] erin: good morning, new hampshire. thanks for waking up with us. i'm erin fehlau. sean: good morning.
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can you believe thanks giving us tomorrow? today is the big travel day. it is looking like the weather is nice. kevin: we not only have fair skies in new hampshire, but across the northeast for the time being, with a storm system approaching tomorrow. it should be fairly weak. if you are going to travel in the afternoon or evening, you want to keep updated on storm tracker for areas of light snow that may attempt to develop. today. the breeze still noticeable through the afternoon, with clouds and to thicken later tonight. more on that and another system for the holiday weekend coming up. let's take a look at your wednesday morning ride here in the granite state. we're joined live by 95.7 wzid's deb davidson. good morning, deb. deb: good morning. we are getting word of a crash enhanced, in the area of 23 weber road. it involves a downed power pull and lines.
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in that area. keep that in mind this morning. traffic is building on 93 south around exit three, and getting busy by the hooksett tolls in both directions. 293 is ok through the millyard and the better tolls on the everett, and 101 ok through bedford, what along the seacoast, getting heavier between exit 12 and interstate 95. from the wzid traffic network, i am deb davidson. sean: breaking news from wentworth, where state police are investigating a serious assault. erin: ray brewer joins us live from wentworth. ray, what have you learned? ray: the scene is just about 3/4 of a mile from us, right here at the town offices in wentworth at atwell hill road. we have video of the scene we can show you. in the video, you will see new hampshire state troopers who are leading the investigation into
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for evidence before they begin the process of taking off the residence there. at this point, we do not have a number. we can tell you it is on at well hill road, but there is no mailbox, so we are not sure of the number. we can tell you one person was transported to the hospital. beyond that, we are expecting more information later this morning from new hampshire state police. we are told that right now they are operating out of the police depant brewer, wmur news 9. erin: ray, thank you. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked an early morning fire in rochester which forced a family of three, including an infant, from their home. when firefighters arrived, they found heavy fire in the back of the home, but they were able to knock the flames down quickly. everyone is safe, including family dogs.
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man was seriously shocked while putting up christmas lights. firefighters say the man was using a metal pole to put lights on a large tree outside along glen forest drive yesterday afternoon, when the pole touched a high-voltage primary power line. he was taken to a boston hospital to be treated for electric shock and burns. the electric surge also damaged several decorations in the yard. sean: well, tomorrow is thanksgiving, and that means a lot of people are traveling this weekend, with today one of the busiest travel days of the year. and the weather could cause some serioupr country, whether you are on the roads or in the skies. abc's janai norman reports. janai: winter weather advisories and weekend travel woes. that's what millions of americans can look forward to as travel for the thanksgiving holiday is expected to hit a nine-year high. as usual, whether you're preparing for takeoff or taking to the roads, experts expect today to be one of the worst for travel. preparing for packed terminals,
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time, and adding more canine teams. peter: we're running a daily operation now that is centered, that's focused specifically on screening operations hour-by-hour at the top 30 airports. janai: faster security lanes rolled out at airports in new jersey, atlanta, chicago, and l.a.x., just in time for the holiday. thomas: we're seeing very happy faces, people coming through much more efficiently. janai: but that could be offset by the weather set to take the middle of the country by storm. look at these winter weather minnesota and wisconsin through this morning, that could bring inches of snow. that same system packing a line of heavy rain and storms through arkansas and tennessee. that could mean delays or cancellations at airports from chicago to new orleans, and slippery roads as millions prepare to travel. this picture from l.a. showing jam-packed traffic as the holiday weekend gets underway. so -- you make it to your destination. after thanksgiving dinner, the most important thing is taking
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well if you fly, you can pack , stuffing, green beans, turkey, and even your favorite pie in your carry on. unfortunately, not the mashed potatoes or gravy. anything you can spill like that has to go in your checked bag. janai norman, abc news, new york. sean: all right. did not know that. americans are getting ready to spend billions and billions of dollars over the next few days with black friday and cyber monday. but that is raising concerns about identity theft. as you start grabbing those deals, cyber security experts are offering some advice to make sure you don't t the first tip is to be sure you are on legitimate websites and apps, and beware of deals that look too good to be true. also, whenever possible, use a credit card instead of a debit card. they also warn that you should always be home when packages are being delivered. >> ask a neighbor, see if they'll pick it up for you, time the delivery, track the delivery. and the best thing you can do is ask your boss for permission to have things that you're buying for the holidays shipped to
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also change your passwords frequently, and never use your social media passwords for online shopping. erin: police in amherst are looking for the man they say broke into several businesses, including a daycare. officers say the man in these pictures forced his way inside four businesses along route 101-a early saturday morning, and stole petty cash and several laptop computers. police say he also stole about $600 from the sunrise daycare that had been raised to help benefit projects in the classrooms. an aunt and nephew from hollis are accused of trying to steal from a home after the homeowner passed away. police just arrested 49-year-old janet testa-fox and 35-year-old john testa. officers say the pair was loading up several items, including a motorcycle, atv, and two mountain bikes, last month from a home on federal hill road, when family members of the late owner arrived. both testa and testa-fox are free on bail.
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devastating fire right before the holidays. the community is now rallying around a family in nashua. erin: the ice bucket challenge is back in the spotlight. where a key artifact from the effort will soon be on display. sean: in your next half hour, the drug crisis is now creating a serious strain on another state agency, with the number of
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kevin: a beautiful sunrise setting up on this beautiful travel wednesday before the holiday weekend. we are expecting a couple of snow chances for the holiday itself, but today should be fine, with a breeze out of the northwest. more on the timing coming up.
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this morning. the community is now trying to rally support for a nashua family, after they lost everything in a fire over the weekend. erin: nicole jones wasn't home when the fire broke out. investigators believe it was sparked by a maintenance crew. but now the home she shared with her five children, ranging in age from two to 19, is gone. one of her children even broke down at school this week because of the trauma. >> i don't know if it is -- it hurt more because i did not like, if it had been my fault, i do not know if i could have eaten it like, you are just dumb and you did it. it is your fault areas it is not my fault at all. erin: the family did not have renter's insurance. there is now a "go fund me" page set up to help the family as they get ready for the holidays. sean: a new exhibit is opening next week at the smithsonian in washington, d.c., and it will include one of the first buckets used in the ice bucket challenge. it will be part of the new exhibit called "giving in america," showcasing four themes
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the ice bucket challenge took off when former boston college baseball player pete frates got involved, and ended up raising $115 million for als research. former president george h.w. bush is celebrating the recovery of a little boy battling leukemia. mr. bush shaved his head three years ago in support of patrick, the son of a secret service agent. well now, both patrick and the former president have full heads of hair, and patrick is doing much better. that is the good news here. mr. bush and his wife, barbara, lost a child of their own to leukemia back in 1953. i did not know that. erin: wonderful that he was there and supported that young kid. it is now 6:12. coming up, finding a church doesn't need to be difficult. how the vatican is turning to technology. sean: plus, how one local ski area is working to make sure that this winter is better than last, thanks to some help from
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sean: hurricane otto is slowly moving toward the coast of costa rica and nicaragua in central america. but the storm is already blamed for at least three deaths. otto is dumping heavy rains in panama and triggering mudslides, including one that trapped nine people. and officials are scrambling to release water from the locks in the panama canal. thousands of people no even though the storm isn't expected to make landfall until tomorrow. erin: you need help finding a church or a place to confess there's an app for that. , the archbishop of saint andrews and edinburgh launched a new app yesterday in the vatican. the catholic app allowes users to find the nearest holy mass or confession anywhere in the world. the church says it is another effort to reach younger people. an incredibly rare skeleton of a dodo bird just sold at auction
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including the buyer's premium, but that is well below what experts had predicted. a private collector bought the skeleton, which was assembled over the course of nearly 40 years. experts say it is likely the last one that will ever be sold. the dodo bird has been extinct for 350 years. sean: there are growing concerns this morning about holiday package deliveries, due to a strike by airline pilots. strike by airline pilots. pilots for the cargo airline abx the company carries packages for amazon and dhl. dozens of flights have already been canceled, and the airline plans to ask the courts to force the pilots back to work, calling the strike illegal under terms of the contract. toyota is recalling more than 800,000 sienna minivans because the sliding doors could suddenly open while the vehicle is moving. the affected vans are from the 2011 through 2016 model years.
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the motor for the door, but the automaker is still working on a fix. owners will be notified of repair plans by mid-january. erin: a local ski resort is working to make sure the upcoming season is better than last year. whaleback mountain in enfield has been making several upgrades after the lack of snow last winter. thanks in part to $100,000 in community donations, whaleback has added new, modern snow-making machinery, and some beginner lifts. and people who want to see this facility survive, because they know how important it is for the upper valley. and it has closed a number of times in the past, and no one wants to see that happen again. erin: whaleback is hoping to be open before christmas. and loon mountain is actually opening the upper half of the mountain today, for their 50th anniversary on the slopes. kevin: you may have noticed during the last commercial break, the ski report. sean: i did see that slopes are
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if you are thinking this weekend, there may be a little extra snow added on to that. we are not expecting a tremendous amount, but we are going to dodge a couple of snow chances. knowing what a busy travel weekend it is, i expect the best days are going to be today and sunday. a lot of people had to their holiday destinations and then head home. we are looking at fair skies. the only snag for us today are some extra clouds up north. we have got thein morning. that should lessen through the afternoon. a lot of the clouds that have been reinforced by that wind will also finally give. and has been an awfully cloudy first half of the week up in the north country. across the northeast, things look good all the way into central new york. the next system starts to approach. that looks more impressive now than what it will be a time it
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mph with a couple of gusts over even 25 mph. that adds extra bite to the air. wind chills in the teens and 20's early this morning. not a pleasant start if you have to be outdoors for any length of time early this morning, especially considering where we were for the first two to three weeks of november. high temperatures today lower 30's to lower 40's, north to south. as high as 44 in nashua this afternoon. clouds try to give wxc for northern areas. it will be sunshine otherwise for getaway day for a lot of folks. clouds will start increasing after midnight tonight. i suspect we start with an overcast sky tomorrow morning, and maybe a flurry or two around. as we go through into the afternoon, some areas of light snow develop. it is not this huge wall of light snow making his way in. they could be just pockets of light snow in areas. that could produce a spotty, light coating of maybe an inch
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slick spots as you travel home from thanks giving evening. and there could be a couple of passing showers on friday as well. 10 of an unsettled pattern henan into the weekend. -- heading into the weekend. could mean light snow from saturday away from the coast line. the system moving through thanks giving -- thanksgiving day could mean a spotty accumulation. i suspect in southeastern areas, it will be more widely scattered. that tomorrow. if you are getting out very early tomorrow morning, you should be ok. a passing mixed showers friday. later into friday night, it is the second system to watch for light snow in inland sections, and maybe a mr. in southeastern areas. that moves away saturday night. like magic, we have set up the drive home for a lot of folks on sunday to be pretty good, with temperatures in the 30's to lower 40's. temperatures are not improving much. we are not expecting warm temperatures anytime soon.
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it is chilly. erin: we want to check our top stories, starting with ray brewer, following breaking news. ray: state police are leading an investigation into what they are calling a serious assault in wentworth at a home on at will call road -- at well he'll road -- atwell hill road. one person was taken to the hospital. no other details are available. state police have closed the road in front of the house. erin: merrimack man was seriously shocked and burned while putting up christmas lights. firefighters say the man was using a metal pole to put lights on a large tree yesterday afternoon when the pole touched a high-voltage primary power line. police in amherst are looking for the man they say broke into four businesses, including a daycare, along route 101-a early saturday morning. officers say the man in these pictures stole petty cash and several laptop computers. sean: coming up on "daybreak" -- the presidential medal of freedom is the highest civilian honor in the country.
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nearly miss her own ceremony
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ill, you need a cart. to compete, you need a strategy. erin: you never know what you are going to find when cleaning out old homes or storage units. a crew in poland just made an incredible discovery. sean: they found what they thought at first was just an old rolled-up carpet. but take a look. but take a look. it turned out to be a large very experts think it may be 400 years old, but they are still working to figure out details on this thing, and, of course, the value as well. can you imagine if that is worth hundreds of millions of dollars? not an old rug. erin: they are very lucky. president obama awarded the nation's highest civilian honor to 21 people at the white house yesterday, but one of the winners almost didn't make it to the ceremony. sean: this is a funny story. ellen degeneres was one of the recipients of the presidential medal of freedom, but she forgot her i.d., and the secret service wouldn't let her in the white
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she tweeted from a park bench, saying this was no joke. ellen did finally get her i.d. and made it to the ceremony. as you can see, she got her medal, a little teary-eyed. other winners include tom hanks, michael jordan, robert de niro, kareem abdul jabbar, bruce springsteen, and diana ross. bill gates, obviously. a lot of names and faces right there that you recognize. erin: a star-studded affair. sean: bring your i.d. erin: c campaign is now underway in new hampshire, and thousands of kids
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like we do. now, wmur is ms. 9 "daybreak." erin: good morning on this wednesday, november 23. look at that. a beautiful sunrise over the seacoast. hampton, 32 degrees right now. it is windy and chilly out there. sean: it is not frozen over yet, but it is cold enough to freeze. kevin will talk weather in a moment. first, let's get to our top stories. we are following breaking news out of wentworth. state police say they are investigating an assault. we will have a live report, coming up in a moment. police say a man was hit and killed on the spaulding turnpike in rochester, trying to retrieve something in the road. the driver who struck him was charged with dui. and new hampshire's attorney general's office is now requesting a third medical examiner, to help deal with a backlog of drug-related death cases. erin: a lot of kids are off from school and a lot of people may be heading to the grocery store, getting that last thing they
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a lot of clouds in central and northern areas of the state, where we have clear skies in southern spots. clouds lingering up north will eventually try to release through the afternoon as the northwest wind starts to lighten . our next system on the doorstep early tomorrow. we are in the ballgame now where temperatures are going to be near or below freezing each morning and afternoon. we are in the upper 30's to lower 40's. it depends on the timing to what the precipitation type is going to be. erin: we do want to check the roads for you this morning. here is a live look at 93 from our common man camera in windham. last night, traffic was crazy. kevin: i think a lot of people getting away, having the day off. for a look at the morning drive here in the granite state, we're joined live by 95.7 wzid's deb davidson. good morning, deb. deb: good morning. police are on the scene of a serious crash in hempstead, the area of 25 weber road.
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and ever source is reporting power outages. 93 south is busy by exit three. increasing volume by the hooksett tolls in both directions. the spaulding turnpike and 93 are both looking good at this check. lots of travel is expected later today, so plan accordingly. drive safely, and designate a driver if needed. have a happy thanksgiving, everyone. i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: death, thanks. -- now back to that breaking news we're following in wentworth. right now, state police are investigating an overnight assault. erin: ray brewer joins us live in wentworth now with the latest developments. ray, what can you tell us? ray: we are being told this was a serious assault. it happened right up the road from the town offices here in wentworth, on atwell hill road. state police are leading the investigation into the assault. in the early morning hours, they
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grounds around the house for evidence before beginning the process of taping off the crime scene. we have been told that one person was taken to the hospital , but beyond that, no information is being released at this time, although we are being told also that more information should be forthcoming later on this morning. again, bottom line, one person taken to the hospital, the victim of what we are being told is a serious assault. reporting brewer, wmur news 9. sean: ray, thanks. we are also following breaking news in boston this morning. four officers are recovering after serious injuries in a violent confrontation overnight. police say the incident started when the officers were called to a bar around 12:30 this morning for a report of a person with a gun. they found a car matching the description they were given, but as they were investigating, the car suddenly took off, dragging two of the officers and nearly hitting the other two. all four officers were taken to the hospital with
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on the loose. police say they are looking for a silver chevy with connecticut plates. erin: a driver is facing charges this morning in connection with a deadly accident on the spaulding turnpike in rochester. troopers say 72-year-old kenneth long of sanbornville was killed when he was hit by a car while trying to retreive a grill that fell out of the back of his pickup truck. the accident happened around 5:15 last night, near exit 16. long was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver who hit him, 51-year-old eric grabowski of middleton, was arrested for driving under the influence. sean: state police are on high alert as drivers hit the road for the holiday weekend. today and sunday are expected to be the busiest travel days. as per tradition. officials are watching for changing weather and road conditions, and are asking drivers to do the same. construction projects will also be put on hold until next week. bill: we have instructed
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and limit any lane closures to as few as possible under the conditions that they're in, so there'll be no construction activity through the holiday period. sean: state police say deadly crashes statistically increase around the holidays. so far this year, troopers say there have been at least 117 fatal crashes in new hampshire. erin: manchester police are asking for your help in tracking down whoever is responsible for slashing car tires on the city's west side. they say tires on five vehicles were slashed between the hours monday. the incidents happened on bremer, amory, hevey, and boutwell streets. new on "daybreak" -- candia and deerfield police are on the lookout for a daytime burglar. they say two homes were broken into on monday and several i-pads and guns were stolen. police say the thief has been approaching homes under the guise of handing out flyers for snow-shoveling services. but if no one answered, he would
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officials say that the number on the flyer -- they called the number on the flyer but it was , not in service. they say the burglar may be driving a maroon vehicle. sean: now to the latest on the drug crisis. the state attorney general's office is requesting a third medical examiner, due to the spike in drug-related deaths. so far this year, new hampshire's two full-time medical examiners have taken on 486 cases, and there is now a major backlog. the chief medical examiner says that backlog is so big, he's just now working on a death from the additional position would be factored into the state's next two-year budget. erin: governor elect chris sununu is resigning as ceo of waterville valley as he prepares to take over the corner office. sununu's last day as the resort's ceo will be december 31. he called it an honor to work with the waterville valley team, and says he's excited for future success. the sununu family will continue to be actively involved in the resort board of directors. sununu begins his term as
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sean: we do have an update now to a story we told you about yesterday on "daybreak." a puppy that was stolen from a pet shop in portsmouth has been found safe. the three-month-old chihuahua was recovered yesterday by police in amesbury, massachusetts. just over the border. they say a 17-year-old took the dog. police found the puppy after receiving a tip. at this time, it's not clear if any charges will be filed. erin: a series of letters written by franklin pierce sold at auction yesterday. the papers, including 90 pierce and his secretary, sidney webster, sold for $62,500 dollars. they were estimated to be worth between $15,000 and $30,000. the new hampshire historical society said it was bidding on the papers, but there is no word yet as to whether it actually bought them. sean: an actual piece of history in your hand. neat stuff. coming up on "daybreak," losing your car keys could soon be no problem for some drivers. we'll tell you about new technology that allows people to unlock their vehicles with a selfie.
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one unsuspecting driver. he put what he thought was a dead deer in his car, but it turns out the animal was alive. kevin: quiet conditions, although we will have a breeze.
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kevin: starting off your wednesday morning with clouds drifting through. fair skies for most. the thicker overcast lingering for days in the north country is going to try to release later this afternoon. temperatures anyway from the lower 30's up in pittsburgh to 42 in nashua and portsmouth. a couple of systems we are tracking for the holiday weekend. reporters at "the new york times" yesterday, for his most extensive interview since being elected president. trump, who hasn't held a press conference since his victory, addressed many of the same issues he campaigned on. but as cnn's reid binion explains, the president-elect's stance on some of those topics seems to have shifted. mr. trump: we're going to get a special prosecutor and we're going to look into it. reid: it's a line donald trump repeated over and over again during the campaign. mr. trump: she deleted the emails.
6:42 am
reid: the threat energizing trump's base and fueling fiery exchanges with hillary clinton. mrs. clinton: it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. mr. trump: because you'd be in jail. reid: the bold campaign promise one of several issues on which trump is now striking a different tone. trump telling "the new york times" tuesday that he doesn't want to hurt the clintons. while some supporters have howled about the shift, former new york mayor and top trump advisor rudy giuliani defended the president-elect. the president-elect. mr. giuliani: look, there's a that after you win an election, you sort of put things behind you. reid: during the campaign, trump also rejected the scientific consensus that humans play a role in climate change. mr. trump: i am not a believer in climate change. reid: but speaking to the times tuesday, he said he he's got a totally open mind on the issue, saying he thinks there is some connectivity between climate change and human activity. and despite trump repeatedly saying he would bring back water-boarding, he suggested tuesday that his stance on torture has changed, saying one of his potential secretary of
6:43 am
never found the torture technique be useful. reid binion, wmur news 9. sean: a police officer in detroit is recovering this morning after being shot in the head. authorities say a wayne state university officer, 29-year-old colin rose, underwent surgery last night. they say he was on patrol near campus when he radioed in that he was investigating possible thefts from cars. when other officers arrived on the scene, they found officer rose on the ground. police say a person of interest in the shooting is now in chief this is a real call for this is a real call for our : community, our public, to stand with us, as they do, especially here in detroit -- because this is not the way it should be. >> i do not know if you -- chief: an attack on a police officer is an attack on all of us. sean: officer rose is the fifth officer to be shot this week. right now, there is no word on a motive. according to the national law enforcement officers memorial fund, one third of police
6:44 am
targeted by their assailant. erin: a minneapolis daycare owner is charged with attempted murder after police say she tried to hang a child in her care. according to a criminal complaint, a father was dropping his son off at the daycare on friday when 42-year-old nataliia karia led him to the basement. that's where he says he saw a 16-month-old boy hanging from a noose. the man released the toddler and fled the daycare with him. authorities say the child is expected to survive. as karia was driving off, police say she rear-ended a car and dragged the driver before hitting a bicyclist. both of those victims suffered broken bones. sean: if you already bought your thanksgiving gravy, you'll want to listen up. heinz is recalling 500 cases of homestyle bistro au-jus gravy. the fda says the jars were mislabeled as heinz pork gravy, and they do not have the right allergy warning. the recalled jars have a best-by date of december 28, 2017.
6:45 am
refund. erin: in sports, the bruins took on the st. louis blues last night at td garden. boston's david backes scored the only goal in the first period, on a power play. backes played 11 seasons with the blues, and was their captain before signing with the bruins this off-season. it was a wild second period, with four goals scored, including dominic moore scoring shorthanded for boston. but the next two goals went to the blues, and st. louis ended up winning it 4-2. sean: the unh wildcats hosting rpi at the whittemore center yesterday. windham's chris miller opened the scoring to give unh a 1-0 lead. right here, nice goal by him. later in the first, tyler kelleher scored his eighth goal of the season. in the second, a bad turnover led to a great chance for the engineers. goalie danny tirone made a great save, and unh went on to win it, 5-0. 25 saves for tirone in the shutout. next up for the wildcats, they
6:46 am
garden. new technology could soon allow drivers to open their car with a selfie. jaguar land rover has patented facial recognition technology that detects when someone is approaching the car, and unlocks the doors if the driver matches saved images. what if you have a twin? this could save drivers the hassle of digging for their keys, or trying to unlock the car while their arms are full. it not yet clear when the technology might become available. but we will -- it would be interesting. it recognizes you. erin: but i guess your twin could steal your car. sean: that is what i am saying, my evil twin. a man in wisconsin got quite a surprise after hitting a deer with his truck. kevin, i am not the evil one. i am the nice one. erin: the man put the deer in the back of his truck, thinking it was dead. when an officer came by, he opened the hatch to show him the animal -- and that's when he realized it was still alive. when the man pulled the deer
6:47 am
the sheriff's office posted the story on its facebook page, saying the deer ran into the woods and refused to give a statement. sean: -- kevin: i thought it was cats that had nine lives. sean: he is not looking back after that. kevin: i do not think he is going to return. i think he is gone. off like a shot. early this morning, we have a lot of clouds in the northern third of the state, and clouds continuing to dive on a northwest wind, which is still noticeable early this morning. fair skies initially. as we go through the afternoon, the northwest breeze still goes 10-15 mph, but we get a good deal of sunshine away from the mountains. the clouds of north, the winds lightening to allow those clouds to finally give way to drier air. brisk again today. 32 in pittsburgh after a high in the mid and upper 20's. the lower 40's in southern
6:48 am
some light snow developing. it is not going to be this huge wall of snow. it is going to be developing and scattered. that will be thanksgiving day with highs mainly in the 30's. another possible system later friday and into early saturday. a lot of lingering clouds up north. a couple continue to navigate southeast as they hopped over the mountains or central and southern areas on the northwest wind. otherwise, mainly fair skies and a dry afternoon. circumstances, going back through central new york for the evening commute and beyond later tonight. temperatures right now near the freezing mark in southeastern areas. upper 20's and some of the sheltered valleys and monadnock region. 30 in central parts of the state. a high yesterday in pittsburgh of only 27 or 28 degrees. today, probably just above 30, but with snow on the ground thanks to the last several days. westerly wind right now. out of the northwest through the
6:49 am
that will lessen this afternoon. it has been going since sunday. the clouds will start to release later this afternoon. 30's to lower 40's, pretty much going to be our reality going forward. the wind finally lightens, and a lighter wind with clouds drifting in early tomorrow morning -- with should not have snowfall early tomorrow morning, around sunrise. beyond 9:00 or 10:00 a.m., a few areas will see scattered, light everywhere. but if you are traveling any distance, you may encounter areas of light snow, with temperatures a couple of degrees above the freezing mark, and near the freezing mark in higher elevations. it could be slick spots, especially late in the afternoon and tomorrow night, where temperatures drift back into the 20's. a chance of a passing mixed shower on friday. another system trying to approach. maybe you see a spotty quarter
6:50 am
inch of snow. a lot of that confined to the northwestern half of the state. we are not expecting huge travel problems. be aware tomorrow, if you are traveling in the afternoon and evening. there could be slick spots out there. the next system, probably with more moisture, would be friday night into saturday. that could be more of a mixture closer to the shoreline, with high temperatures lowering. saturday looking good for anyone el the next few days. kevin: nothing heavy or huge. but now, we are in the ball game with colder temperatures. erin: kevin, thank you. new hampshire's toys for tots campaign is now officially underway. it kicked off yesterday at the mall of new hampshire in manchester. this is the 31st year the mall has partnered with the marine corps to collect toys for thousands of children in need. >> we pride ourselves in keeping all those toys local, so you can rest assured that every toy that gets donated from southern new hampshire stays in southern new
6:51 am
all we want is to make sure every child in southern new hampshire has a gift underneath the tree. erin: there are several toy drop-off locations around the state. if you'd like to donate, we've posted a link on and on our mobile apps. sean: it is a great way to help out. a small business owner in missouri is trying to bring smiles to kids faces, speaking of helping out. she makes superhero capes for kids who are battling diseases and dealing with disabilities. the business is cald years ago. she makes 50 capes a week and sends them to kids in 16 different countries. >> the fact that we can make something that brings families this tangible source of courage and hope is priceless. it has been, by far, the most challenging thing i have ever done, but also the most rewarding. sean: very neat stuff.
6:52 am
buy them. little kids love wearing the tapes. great idea. erin: welcome to the squad. still ahead, a final check on
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
erin: it is now 6:50 four. updating our top stories -- sean: right now, an investigation is underway into an assault in wentworth. here's ray brewer. ray: the assault happened on atwell hill road, up the hill from the town offices here in wentworth, in the early morning hours. st the house before beginning the process of taking off the scene. we are told one person has been transported to the hospital with what is described as a victim of a serious assault. erin: a driver is facing charges in connection with a deadly accident on the spaulding turnpike in rochester. troopers say 72-year-old kenneth long of sanbornville was killed when he was hit by a car while trying to retreive a grill that fell out of the back of his pickup truck. the driver who hit him, 51-year-old eric grabowski, was
6:56 am
sean: investigators say a merrimack man was seriously shocked and burned while putting up christmas lights. firefighters say the man was using a metal pole to put lights on a large tree yesterday when the pole touched a high-voltage power line. erin: new hampshire's attorney general's office is now requesting a third medical examiner to help deal with a backlog of drug-related death cases. so far this year, the state's two full-time medical examiners have taken on 486 cases. kevin: morning with a lot of clouds in the north country, lingering around. in central and southern areas, a general fair sky, 20's to lower 30's. the breeze out of the northwest finally starts to drive down later this evening. a few areas of light snow. nothing heavy, nothing organized, but enough there could be slick highways tomorrow afternoon or evening. sean: a good day to where the sweater, i guess, as you are heading out to the relatives house. erin: coming up next on "good
6:57 am
officer who was shot in the head last night. the officer is now recovering after undergoing surgery. he is the fifth police officer to be shot in the line of duty since sunday. sean: law enforcement memorial fund saying that 1/3 of the police officers shot this year were targeted because they were in uniform. erin: it is awful. the latest on that and the champions from "dancing with the ready to head out when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long... upgrading technology, managing vegetation, improving how we get information to you because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter.
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good morning, america. holiday travel nightmare. two winter storms moving across the country right now. alerts from california to michigan as slick roads spark accidents overnight and major traffic jams break out on los angeles freeways. now tens of millions of americans on the road and in the year. the best ways to beat the holiday rush. breaking right now, a big announcement about donald trump's team naming formal rival governor nikki haley as u.n. ambassador as he reverses course on some of his most controversial campaign pledges. he now says he may not seek criminal charges against hillary clinton, rethinks his positions on for tur and climate change. we have the reaction and new questions about his business


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