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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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sean: new efforts to fight the drug and opioid crisis are getting mixed reactions. erin: officials in salem are taking a closer look at the town financial records after the finance director was arrested for shoplifting. kevin: chilly start to the day as we go from sunshine to clouds ahead of the next system arriving tonight with different types of precipitation. sean: donald trump is eyeing another win in the race for the white house today while the battle between his chief rivals picks up. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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erin: good morning, new hampshire. thanks for joining us. i' m erin fehlau. sean: i' m sean mcdonald. a beautiful moon out there. kevin: i have heard about this as "the calm before the kitchen sink." [laughter] kevin: we have various types of precipitation coming forward. some spots get freezing rain and some of that will be heavy. we will have much more on this with your forecast. let' s take a look at your morning ride. we are joined live by 95.7 wzid'
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deb: good morning, kevin. the morning commute is light, mostly due to school vacation week. the hooksett tolls look good. from manchester to salem, it is a 21-minute ride. not seeing any delays. it is completely up to speed through merrimack and nashua. the spaulding turnpike is moving well heading into rochester. from the wzid traffic network, i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: local drug treatment for its are applauding and moved by the nation' s governors to help address the drug and opioid crisis in america and new hampshire. sean: the national governors association has endorsed a plan to boost programs that monitor
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andy: governor maggie hassan joined chief executives from every other state in the country to support national standards for the prescription of opioid painkillers. experts at serenity place in manchester estimate that 70% of the people who come in their doors seeking treatment started their pathway to addiction with a prescription from a doctor and they fully support the effort. >> we know that this is probably one of the main sources of the epidemic we are seeing right now, the over prescription of opioids. to take a step like this could make a difference. andy: president obama has expressed skepticism about limits for painkiller prescriptions, saying that standards won' t solve the problem. he added that addiction is already there in some cases.
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confirm a new commissioner for the fda. reporting live, andy hershberger. erin: thank you. the town of salem plans to review its accounts after the town finance director was found shoplifting. jane savastano is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. police say she stole nearly $600 worth of merchandise from macy' s at the mall at rockingham park during her lunch break on friday. >> we were all shocked. disappointed. we feel for her and her family at this time. we need to do what is right for the organization, the community, and the taxpayers. s finance director since 2005, but town. another employee is now serving
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sean: the state supreme court is set to rule on the appeal of a new durham woman accused of starving a little boy living in her home. christina thomas is serving 10-30 years in prison. prosecutors say she withheld food from the boy and sometimes forced him tuesday in a dog cage in her basement. he was later adopted by another family. erin: the nevada republican caucuses are today and donald trump is the heavy favorite to pick up a third win in a row. the battle for second place is ramping up between ted cruz and marco rubio. kenneth: it is caucus time in nevada. overnight, gop front runner
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the billionaire is banking on a hot streak. >> this guy ted cruz lies more than any human being i' ve ever dealt with. kenneth: the fight getting nasty. ted cruz fired his communications director. rubio is focusing on trump, who is leaving in nevada by 26 points. >> donald has a base of support. the majority of our party does not want to mess our nominee. kenneth: in front of more than 8000 people, bernie sanders again hit hillary clinton on her wall street connection. >> we don' t represent corporate america. we don' t want their money. kenneth: clinton spent the day
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she was in the middle of "scandal" -- the set -- sitting next to lead tony goldwyn. clinton has a comfortable lead in south carolina. actor morgan freeman' s voice is being used in a clinton tv ad. sanders answered with an endorsement from spike lee, who will be featured in radio spots today. erin: liberty utilities mays beat up plans to convert a facility from propane to natural gas. the wrong mixture was flowing into the distribution system. there were new procedures in place to improve safety, but switching to natural gas could reduce the risks. a state public utility commission will release a report next month. sean: a nashua man is accused of
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children in his vehicle. 55-year-old angel rodriguez was heading north in the southbound lane and swerved trying to hit other drivers. police finally stopped them near exit 10, but they say that is when he tried to confront them and got back behind the wheel. >> the second officer arrived and noted that there were two small children in the vehicle. at one point, they became the car again. eventually, the used physical force to remove him from the vehicle. sean: he faces a list of charges, but police say there is no evidence he had been drinking. erin: belmont police hope to arrest a 26-year-old man soon after he set a car on fire as part of a domestic dispute. the man through a flaming container of gasoline out his car window at a car on concord
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he was later tracked to tilton and they found fresh burn marks on his car door. officers have surveillance video showing the man filling a container with gas. sean: the problem with a glove or jacket caused a woman to crasher snowmobile in pittsburg. a massachusetts woman was setting up from a rental cabin when she accelerated, lost control, and crashed into some trees. erin: still to come, recreational pot is a step closer to legality in vermont this morning. support for the idea is growing. sean: the popular sculpture in england has been moved because it posed a safety threat to people who were texting. erin: in our next half hour, we remember the former portsmouth mayor eileen foley, who passed
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kevin: we start off early this morning with temperatures in the single digits and teens. clouds will be increasing later this afternoon. everything we see from there, different types of precipitation. sean: we will be waking up to some snow tomorrow morning. the vermont senate will debate a bill tomorrow about legalizing recreational marijuana. erin: the proposal would allow adults and the green mountain state to have up to an ounce of pot while taxing and tracking sales. a new poll by vermont public radio shows that 55% of
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sean: a cathedral near london has moved a massive sculpture because people keep walking into it while texting. this is the sculpture in question. it is called "the kiss." it has been moved to the lawn. the artist tweeted it was because people were walking through while texting and bumping their heads. they were not paying attention. erin: you' ve got to hand it to them. at least they are taking care of it. [laughter] erin: did you like that? sean: the hand. erin: starbucks is changing its rewards program and a lot of customers are not happy about it. sean: tracking the sikh up. a new effort starts today to
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erin: the united states and russia have agreed on a new cease-fire. the agreement does not cover isis or any other terrorist organization. it also leaves out how breaches of the cease-fire would be identified or punished. teams of u.s. and brazilian health workers will spread out across one of brazil' s poorest states to try to determine the impact of the zika virus. brazil' s health minister is sure the virus is responsible for a spike in babies born with small heads and brains. some doctors say there is not enough proof. a small plane crashed into a city street outside of l.a.
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any injuries and no one on the ground was hurt. sean: shares of lumber liquidators plunged more than 20% yesterday after a new health warning. people exposed to some of the company' s laminate flooring or three times more likely to get cancer than previously thought. lumber liquidators has stopped selling the product and is offering free air quality tests. starting in april, customers at starbucks will earn stars based on the number of dollars spent instead of the number of transactions. people who typically just get coffee will have to buy a lot more cups of coffee.
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customers --encourage customers to spend more money. they will have to spend at least if you like your starbucks. erin: or you can make your own. kevin: we are about halfway through number two this morning. sean: seriously? kevin: yes. sean: you are going to be bouncing off the walls. erin: the must be a lot going on in the weather. kevin: wonderful segue. that is why she is paid the big box. [laughter] kevin: five degrees the top mount washington. the wind chill is -20. temperatures will translate to the upper 20' s to mid 30' s.
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could be heavy tomorrow night. temperatures are in the single digits above zero across the northern half of the state. there are spots near pittsburg that are down below -10. yesterday, we were running 10-15 degrees colder than the morning before. we are in now 30 degrees colder than two days ago. the coldest of the air will be rotating through. everything from here on in will gradually warm the temperature up. we will see temperatures rising tomorrow evening. sunshine this morning. a gradual increase in clouds. there may even be a couple
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we have a light coating to a few inches of snow. southern parts of the state go over to the wintry mix or rain. by afternoon, and a lot of areas are mainly just rain. heavier rainfall developing late in the day. i think after 8:00 and 9:00 on thursday, we go to an occasional shower. push temperatures into the 40' or 50' s. a whole lot of changes. we go all the way to the 40 and 50' s by thursday afternoon. for now, we will settle for temperatures in the 20' s.
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two. rainfall heavy at times tomorrow night through early thursday. rain shower activity will change back over to snow shower activity and then we quiet down in time for the weekend. by this time tomorrow, we are warmer and we will be on my third cup of coffee. [laughter] sean: and we will have a little bit of snow on the ground. erin: we do want to check out top stories. salem plans to review its accounts after the finance director was arrested for shoplifting. she is on paid administrative leave after police say she stole merchandise from macy' s during her lunch break. the state supreme court will rule on the appeal of a new durham woman accused of starving a little boy living in her home. christina thomas is serving 10-30 years in prison for 2013 conviction on first-degree
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liberty utilities says it may speed up plans to convert a facility in keene from propane or natural gas. the announcement comes after a second problem in the last two months caused a wrong mixture to flow into the distribution system. sean: it seems there is a bit of monkey business underway at the international'
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erin: the astronauts at the international space station are going ape and having a little fun. sean: astronaut mark kelly posted this video of someone in a gorilla suit bursting out of a bag and then chasing someone else around. no explanation was given.
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sean: after spending a year in space, you go in little crazy. erin: scott kelly is almost completed a year. no was -- noah' s ark is taking place -- shape. sean: the $100 million life-sized arc is part of a new exhibit set to open this july at the ark encounter. there are several floors and there will be 132 bays with fake animals. developers expect a couple million visitors each year. noah had his work cut out for him. erin: you probably don' t need it, but we have another reason
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. sean: winter cold out there. we have snow, rain on the way. erin: what a beautiful sunrise. as new hampshire continues to face a major opioid epidemic, governors across the country are supporting a plan to bolster prescription drug limits.
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remembering the life of eight -term mayor eileen foley who passed away on sunday. sean: one of our facebook friends is saying i pray that march will be as nice as the rest of the winter has been. some people don' t like the snow. kevin: october, november, december, january, february all above normal temperature wise. at some point, that has to go the other way. sean: 2017? [laughter] kevin: let' s not speed ahead to quickly here. sean: we' ve got snow in the forecast for tonight. kevin: it all develops later on today. no impact for the evening commute. a light coating to a few inches overnight.
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here is a live look ati-93. kevin: for a look at the morning drive, we are joined live by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. deb: good morning. as the commute gets going, we are starting to see building volume 93 southbound through londonderry. if you are commuting on 293 , at the exit4 on-ramp, there is a car overheating that is blocking the exit 4 on-ramp. we are also getting word of a crash on 89 northbound in the grant them area -- grantham area. it is hasslefree on the southbound side. from the wzid traffic network, i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: topping our news, governors across the country are taking new steps toward combating the ongoing opioid epidemic.
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50 states are endorsing a plan to boost prescription drug overprescribing. andy hershberger joins us live from the studio. andy: serenity place in manchester estimates that 70% of the people coming in seeking treatment started their path to addiction with a prescription makes sense to focus on that part of the problem. first responders and the treatment community are working harder than ever to combat the heroin and fentanyl epidemic. progress remains hard to come by. >> it is getting worse. andy: stephane bergeron of serenity place is encouraged by consensus coming out of the winter meetings in washington. the leaders of the states are
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prescription of opioids. >> this is one of the main sources of the epidemic. this step could really make a difference. andy: governor maggie hassan said national standards with limit the supply of painkillers being handed out to the public. >> particularly how many days or how many doses of an opioid can be prescribed for a particular type of procedure. andy: weather has been pushed back against this concept, people on the treatment side see it as a positive step, but just one part of a larger battle. >> it has got to be everyone, all hands on deck, at the federal and local level. andy: president obama is expressing skepticism, saying limits won' t solve the problem and that addiction is already there in some cases. reporting live, i' m andy
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sean: manchester police say a man got into a wrestling match with a suspected burglar lurking in his home. when investigators arrived at the scene, they found the resident fighting with 29-year-old tobiah scott. the resident found him hiding behind a boiler in his basement. the resident tackled him and wrestled with him until officers arrived. erin: keene police say a tip led troy. 29 europa henry stebbins -- 29-year-old henry stebbins was engage in sexually explicit conversations with a child. the case remains under investigation and police say more felony charges are expected. sean: the derry man is accused
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23-year-old dylan coleman was kicked out of mcgarvey' s pub on elm street. when the officer approached him, coleman started yelling profanities at the officer. the two got into his struggle. he allegedly hit the officer in the face. erin: and advocates in couple -- an atkinson couple is facing fewer charges. all charges are being dropped against the woman and a charge that her husband intended to sell the pot has been dropped. he says he was growing the plants to ease his pain of his tongue cancer. >> there was no basis for that and we appreciate the state' s consideration of the facts of
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erin: he told news 9 that he had seven pounds of marijuana in his home because he planned on cooking instead of smoking it. sean: people in portsmouth are remembering the life of their foley. she was also a seven term state on the school board. the iconic footage of her memorial bridge at the age of cutting it on the new bridge 90 years later. she is remembered as someone who treated everyone with dignity. >> she was always available. she was downtown in a restaurant having lunch. she was at your grandmother' s funeral. she was singing irish songs that the press room. she was just -- she was almost
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sean: i love the fact that they brought her back to cut the ribbon 90 years later. erin: she has quite a legacy there. coming up, another good reason to continue eating chocolate. it can improve your brain function. sean: tough news for some canadians. why they are no longer love to compete on "jeopardy." kevin: cold air as the next system runs in.
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morning with temperatures in the single digits above and below zero in the north country. for the rest of us, it is teens to lower 20' s early on. eventually, light snow breaks out earlier -- later on this evening. sean: we are following a developing story out of japan. more than 160 plane passengers and crew were forced to slide down an emergency chute in the snow after their plane' s engine caught fire overnight. the plane had not yet taken off.
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erin: in commitment 2016 news, today. voters in nevada will weigh in race. third straight win. aixa: donald trump hopes to solidify his position as the gop front-runner as ted cruz and marco rubio look to break through and come out on top. hoping to hit the jackpot, the top three republican candidates stump in nevada. >> you' ve got to vote, vote, vote. aixa: after winning in new hampshire and south carolina, donald trump seeks more momentum ahead of super tuesday next week. >> we have so many. so many great ones. i think we will do well in texas. aixa: senator ted cruz is making changes to his campaign staff. he has asked for the resignation
6:43 am
after he tweeted a story that insult of the bible. >> i have made clear that we will conduct this campaign with the highest standards of integrity. that has been how we have conducted it from day one. s staffer with executing a culture that exists in the campaign. >> it is every single day. something comes out that his dissent even untrue. aixa: pulls out of nevada show trump with a commanding lead head of today' s caucuses. sean: there has been a major break in a 22-year-old cold case in massachusetts. a woman found murdered in hyde park in 1994 has been identified as a missing mother from fitchburg. milagros elbarado vanished when she was 32 years old. dna tests have confirmed that it
6:44 am
>> she was this big, beautiful woman with a big, gold heart. >> the main question is who killed her? what led up to it? how did it happen? >> why did you do this to someone so beautiful? sean: investigators from several agencies are working on this case. erin: bill cosby' s wife took the hot seat in a hotel in springfield, massachusetts answering questions about her husband. she testified under oath in a defamation lawsuit filed by several women who say he sexually assaulted them. attorneys say cosby' s wife could provide crucial testimony in the case. >> she is his wife, she has the ability to live with him, be with him, understand the nature and the extent of his
6:45 am
that in a nefarious way, just to he associates with. erin: mrs. cosby only spent about 2.5 hours testifying. her deposition will resume on march 14. sean: the white house will submit plans to congress for shutting down the guanta namo bay prison. president obama said it is used as a recruiting tool by terrorists and is too costly to maintain. the current proposal involves transferring most detainees to other countries, those deemed too dangerous for travel will be sent to a detention facility in the u.s. erin: turning to sports, the bruins took a few moments to honor first responders. one was mbta transit sergeant dick donohue. he was wounded during the watertown shootout following the marathon bombings. he is retiring from law enforcement because of his injuries.
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the columbus blue jackets. the blue jackets took a 1-0 lead, but boston answered back. it was not enough. columbus won this game 6-4. erin: the celtics were also in action taking on the timberwolves in minnesota. karl-anthony towns knocked down the turnaround jumper. jae crowder missed the lay up later on in transition, but marcus smart was therefore the put-back dunk. minnesota won in the end. sean: all of the red sox are now in florida. they are getting their arms loosened up at spring training. the first full squad workout is today. david ortiz was the final player
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erin: alex trebek will not be seeing any fellow canadians on his game show anytime soon canadians were not allowed to take last month' s online test because of a change in the nation' s online privacy laws. producers are looking to clear up the issue for future tests. canadians are still appearing on the show right now because they were drawn from a test given a year ago. sean: doesn' t seem fair, but they will be back soon enough. erin: a new study shows that eating chocolate regularly can improve your cognitive function. sean: only more. it can improve working memory, abstract reasoning, and visual memory. it has been used to treat fevers and to clean teeth. the darker the chocolate, the better it is for your brain.
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m not going to tell my kids that they can clean their teeth eating chocolate. "i' m cleaning my teeth." [laughter] sean: moderation, folks. [laughter] sean: can i be the voice of reason here? kevin: i guess so. a chilly start to the day. we are talking single and double digit above and below zero. a lot of sunshine early this morning. those few high clouds will only increase through the day. by late in the day, we should have a few flakes flying, but it will not impact the evening commute. this is the first wave of
6:49 am
what false later on tonight should be mostly in the form of some light snow. we will start developing early to mid-evening. you will notice the temperatures are as cold as -10 in the north country. a solid 30 degree-spread across the state. highs into the afternoon only about a 10-degrees spread from 26 to 36. it will not take long to see things beginning to change. we will see flurries after 5:00 this afternoon. i don' t think this is a problem for the evening commute. it is tomorrow' s morning commute that we will have to keep an eye
6:50 am
eventually, we will change over to plain rain at the coast. on just after sunrise. the notice how things start to dry up. there will be a bit of a break between the two systems and that will mean rain or light freezing rain. evening. some of that is going to be locally heavy tomorrow night and early on thursday. the heaviest of the rain wraps up by 8:00 or 9:00 on thursday morning. in the winds turned to the southwest region' s climb to the 40' s and 50' s on thursday before eventually starting to cool off. we eventually change over to scattered snow showers on friday. we slowly go back from there in time for the weekend. a lot of changes in the forecast. maybe a few late date flurries. from there, light snow moving in
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by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, a couple of southern areas of gone over to rain or freezing rain. that will navigate northward through the day. the heaviest of the rainfall will be tonight and during the early morning hours. rain showers scattered about will turn over to snow showers. sean: it could be a tricky commute. get ready to see double. a set of identical twin sisters in utah now have multiple sets of twins of the run. carrie bunker gave birth to twin boys. she had another set of twins. her twin sister kelly also has two sets of twins. that makes five sets in one family. >> she has four children. i have five children four and under. i had a boy girl first. then we flip-flopped.
6:52 am
we got our bases covered. sean: the will be a test on this later. they say their families are now complete and they are not trying to have any more twins. i can' t imagine what holiday time is like. erin: it makes birthdays a little easier. the just get together and celebrate two at once. it is now 6:52. still ahead, a final check on your top stories including a new effort by the nation'
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erin: it is now 6:55. sean: new hampshire continues to face a major opioid epidemic and governors across the country are supporting a plan to bolster
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erin: the town of salem plans to review its accounts after the finance director was arrested for shoplifting. jane savastano is on paid administrative leave after police say she stole merchandise from macy' s during her lunch break. sean: people in portsmouth are remembering the life of right -- eight-term mayor eileen foley after she passed away at the age of 97. erin: the state supreme court will rule on the appeal of a new durham woman accused of starving and little boy in her care. christina thomas is serving 10-30 years in prison for her 2013 conviction of first-degree assault. kevin: we start with sunshine, but we will quickly add clouds as the day moves along. we may have a few flurries for the evening commute, but any accumulating snow will kick off after dark this evening. we go over to rain or freezing
6:57 am
then some showers tomorrow afternoon. we cool off by the time we get to the weekend. sean: a warm up again. erin: coming up next on "good morning america," the latest on killing six people in michigan. you will hear from the suspect costs neighbors -- suspects neighbors and what the family has to say to the victims. sean: very random in nature. it will be a wild 48 hours [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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good morning, america. donald trump's vegas-size rally last night. his harshest words yet for ted cruz. >> this guy is sick. there's something wrong with this guy. >> and a protester. >> i'd like to pump him in the face, i'll tell you. >> as cruz is forced to fire a key staffer after new allegations of a dirty trick. severe weather alert. a large tornado outbreak expected to hit the gulf coast. damaging winds up to 70 miles an hour and golf ball-sized hail. zone. flooding rain and storms from texas to maine. snow hole emergency. this 10-year-old girl falls ten feet below the surface.


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