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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  January 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 5:00. tom: beginning at 5:00, breaking news in derry right now. a restaurant on crystal avenue preparing to reopen after a vehicle crashed into the building. police say the driver just got the s.u.v. but lost control and hit a support beam, and the restaurant was evacuated as a precaution but should reopen shortly. more breaking news in manchester, police just caught one of the suspects in a shooting investigation. jennifer: marcus cherry was arrested in londonderry, and as shelley walcott reports, this all started at a manchester hotel. shelley: that's right. manchester police picked up one of two people involved in a shooting on hughes roe last night. londonderry police have apprehended marcus cherry. police say last night a 42-year-old man from boston came
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friend and he encountered cherry and air yell dupuis. an argument followed and the man was shot in the neck. he was taken to the hospital. then police got word of another shooting on pine street about an hour later. a 27-year-old woman was allegedly shot in the arm, and police say they don't know exactly what led up to that shooting. but again an arrest has been made in connection to a shooting in manchester last night. more coming up at 6:00. shelley walcott, wmur news 9. tom: lawyers for boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev are appealing his conviction. the notice filed with the first u.s. circuit courts after peel does not give any grounds for their case. earlier this month a judge trial. he was sentenced to death last year for the marathon bombings. jennifer: some snow flurries moving across the state now, but
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more than just a nuisance. you can see where they're falling. let's check in with meteorologist hayley lapoint. hayley: this should be it for the rest of the weekend, other than up north in the mountains there's another chance for tomorrow night. but the rest of us have quiet weather for the next couple days. temperatures actually go up. first the radar, i want to show you where the snow showers have been moving through. if you had flakes they've been really light. nothing significant happening with these showers moving through. although you sea from sea to hampton, portsmouth, rye, a couple areas of pink showing up on radar as temperatures are still a bit above freezing. there could be sleighed mixing in with the snow, or plain old rain. it's all no in conway, north conway, berlin, lincoln. a fresh coating in the higher elevations there overnight tonight. temperatures mid 30's in
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34 in rochester and plymouth. heading out this evening, here's what you can expect, there may be wet pavement out there as the snow showers move through and as temperatures dip. they can freeze, of course, that wet roadway, so be careful of areas of black ice. otherwise skies clearing out overnight. more in a few minutes. tom: tonight congressman frank guinta will run for re-election this year and that he has repaid $355,000 as part of an agreement with the federal election commission. kristen carosa sat down with him today and joins us with more. reporter: congressman guinta says he wants to start fresh in 2016 and put all this behind him, something that drew a lot of attention. last year the f.c.c. ruled that he violated law by taking excessive campaign contributions from his parents the 2010. guinta still maintains the cash came from a shared family pot of money he had the right to use.
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now he says he's repaid the $355,000 he used in 2010 with cash from his campaign account. guinta says right now after paying back the money he is $12,000 to campaign with to run for a third term. >> we've got plenty of time to create the necessary resources to be competitive. i've always been a grass roots campaigner and more often than not i've been outspent. reporter: at least three other candidates say they are running for guinta's seat. he says he's putting faith in the people of new hampshire to allow him to continue to serve. kristen carosa, wmur news 9. jennifer: tonight the republican frontrunner is saying his decision to boycott last night's debate paid off because he still got all the headlines. instead of being in iowa the morning, donald trump was in nashua. adam sexton reports that trump's campaign is growing increasingly
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the primary. reporter: in a race dominated by talk, it's almost time for action, and donald trump says starting out he never imagined at this point he'd be on the cusp of converting poll numbers into victory. >> i love the way it's going, we have 25-point leads. reporter: speaking to a crowd friday morning in nashua, he says he has no regrets about boycotting the debate on focus in favor of an impromptu fundraiser for veterans. >> they very much wanted me for the debate and they tried very much and i wanted to do it frankly, i actually asked them, i said give $5 million to the vets, and i'll consider it. and they probably had a hard time doing that. reporter: it remains to be seen if trump will a a price in iowa for walking a way from the final debate before the caucuses. but among the trump base it was a genius move. >> i think it was an awesome great idea what he did and
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the veteran community. reporter: the trend in this republican race has been donald trump's dominant poll numbers. they remain strong despite any number of controversies that likely would have derailed lesser campaigns. with the finish line now in sight, supporters are confident. >> there's no question that donald trump is going to win. the big question is how big a marriage in. reporter: the candidate is feel the momentum too, praising the loyalty of those rallying to the trump banner he joked he could quit all this right now and still win. >> i don't think i have to campaign any more, why am i wasting my time. i can leave here right now, they're going to vote for me. jennifer: of course we'll find out monday if he made the right call on that. the rest of the candidates are spreading out across iowa tonight, scrambling for support. in this last weekend of campaigning before the caucuses begin, sally ki has more.
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ted cruz returned attacks on donald trump while out and about in rural iowa today. he's also launching a round of negative ads slamming marco rubio. most republican candidates spend the day in the hawkeye state trying to bill support ahead of the caucuses on monday. polls show some iowa republicans remain undecided or say they could change their mind. and democratic candidates are also making their final pitches. analysts say the iowa caucus traditionally has been a good predictor of how well republicans will do. but when it comes to how well democrats do, rather. but when it comes to republican candidates, not so much. sally kidd, wmur news 9. tom: thank you, sally. here are the key dates the next monday february 1. the next debate is saturday, february 6, that's republican
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will air right here on wmur tv at st. anselm college. and the new hampshire primary is a week from tuesday, that's february 9th. you can refresh yourself on the candidates' positions, their personality this is weekend with a special broadcast of wmur's candidate cafe. these small groups with undecided voters offer a more relaxed look at the people who are running for america's highest office. >> bill taught her to play the saxophone. >> no one ever asked me. tom: so tune in this sunday at 1:00 p.m. for an encore presentation of candidate cafe. you can watch it any time you want on a great series, very informative. jennifer: you're looking live at 293 north in manchester from the elliott at rivers edge camera. tom: it's dark out there, but
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which is interesting, getting lighter every day. dick lutz joins us with a look at the commute. >> hey, tom, good afternoon to you and good afternoon to you at home. a typical friday, volume is building as we head into the early evening hours. we'll start on the seacoast where a multicar accident on the spaulding turnpike has created delays. the accident occurred in the northbound lane just before the rochester toll booth, with traffic reportedly backed up almost all the way to dover. just getting word that that accident has cleared, but the residual delays will take some time. heavy volume on 95 at the hampton toll boot, but no major issues. 93 volume delays between sale except derry, exits 2 and 4. you have company at the hooksett tolls heading north, and heavy volume on 93 north of 89. 89 looks good to lebanon. the everett turnpike busy through the merrimack stretch. 1010 eastbound okay to the coast.
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to bottom. i'm dick lutz for 95.7, wzid. jennifer: up next at 5:00 a woman stabbed 20 times and left for dead. confront the man accused of planning her murder. tom: criminal charges expect forward the person who left a dog outside this animal shelter, we'll explain why. hayley: tomorrow temperatures start to warm up and will be warmer by the end of the weekend. jennifer: then at 5:30, some tough news for local fishermen, a judge says he can't do anything about some new regulations that could force many boats out of business. >> a dark cloud that had been hanging over the seabrook police department has finally lifted.
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jennifer: authorities say the person who abandoned a dog outside the humane society in lewiston, maine will likely face criminal charges. security cameras show a vehicle pulling up to the front of the building there, you can see that the driver kind of toss that dog out. then the van drove off.
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of someone's car and was later found dead. the driver has been identified and the d.a.'s office is now reviewing that case. tom: the woman convicted of stabbing her friend more than a dozen times testified today against a man prosecutors also say was involved in that crime. lawyers for kyle buffum are trying to prove that he was insane at the time. heather hamel is live with new developments. reporter: samantha says that at the time she was in love with kyle buff expum knew what he wanted was wrong but she wanted to please him. but the defense tried to paint her as a liar who was aware of her boyfriend's mental state but did nothing to help. testifying for the state, kyle buffum's ex-girlfriend recalled the day she stabbed her friend 16 times. but samantha heath says the planning began with buffum. >> did it come your
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halvorson? >> yes. >> did he tell you why that was your responsibility? >> because i hadn't done anything to fix our relationship. reporter: heath testified that buffum had blamed halvorson for problems in the couple's relationship. heath says she didn't want to kill her but felt pressured by buffum. the state pointed to a text message leading up to the crime. >> i would appreciate if you take care of andrea so i can -- what did you interpret that to mean? >> that if i killed andrea, i got rid of her, that it would make him feel better about me. reporter: but the defense calls heath out on pes ages she herself sent buffum. >> just nonchalantly do it with a gun. reporter: the defense is trying to prove that buffum was suffering from a mental illness.
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that her face not be shown. >> he's a fully functional normal person from what i can tell. reporter: but the defense pointed out that at the time of her assault she hadn't seen buffum in several months. however, heath testified that buffum had let himself go and had asked her to kill him. >> so you were aware that he was was -- >> correct, i was trying to do my best to do what i could to help him. report both sides rested in the case and closing arguments will begin monday morning. tom: indiana's supreme court says the state is not liable for damages incurred by the company that provided stage rigging that collapsed at the state fair there back in 2011. seven people were killed and nearly 100 injured when high winds caused the main stage roof to collapse. fans were waiting to see the country due oh, sugarland. indiana has paid out $11 million
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jennifer: a man in san francisco never got to chance to move into the house he just bought. while he was out of town for a funeral, the city called tom say it was being bulldozed. the home had separated from the sidewalk, so officials were worried that it was about to fall on a house below. the homeowner says he thankfully hadn't moved in yet. and a massive sinkhole is swallowing part of a road along the oregon coast. this has been a problem. since heavy rains last month. but the erosion really started getting worse yesterday. while a contractor was working on it. the state d.o.t. says this could take up to two months to fix, so until then traffic is being detoured. hayley: happy friday evening, everybody. we do have a few snow showers going across the state, mainly at the seacoast and in the mountainous areas at the moment. a little sunset picture there, you can see a little sunshine
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sun being out. the seacoast, there are a few light flurries coming down. same thing when you get into littleton, temperatures there very close to freezing. so we've had an area of snow showers moving across. and they've occasionally brought a dusting to as much as an inch, that's usually in the higher elevations, but that's been about it. for the most part it's been very limited, any of the snow. i'll show you right at the seacoast where we do still have a few flakes flying, it's basically from dover into places like durham and maybe southern areas of maine and towards portsmouth. these are very light snow showers or spits of maine when you get up toward new castle and portsmouth. sea maybe light flurries there. same thing in southern areas of hampton. this is a weak storm system that's circulating around these
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we'll have temperatures tomorrow a little bit milder than where we are today. and then we have our next storm system on the way, out here in the plains states. this one is actually going to bring some warmer air in here. the onset, a couple of snow showers especially up north tomorrow, but behind the system should noticeably warmer air. early next week we could be talking a few communities especially in southern new hampshire, near 50. here were the highs today and even today we had highs well above the average, which is about 31. so even up north we were above the average high for this time in january. it's 36 now in concord and manchester. same thing nashua. 34 degrees in portsmouth. notice how close we are to freezing, especially up north and also in the monadnock region. so any wetness on the roads fromes in snow showers or rain showers could freeze up in the next few hours. be careful of patchy black ice if you're heading out this evening or early tomorrow morning.
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push forward here, way above average, in fact close to 50 degrees on monday. and then we get a secondary bump mid-week next week. so a temperature roller coaster ride the next few days. here you see a few snow showers up north tonight, that will all clear out tomorrow, temperatures 20's statewide with sunshine early, but then cloud will fill in late in the day, a few snow showers in the northern mart of the state tomorrow evening. little to no accumulation. sunday a mix of sun and clouds, and temperatures getting into the mid 40's by late in the afternoon. tonight looking at plymouth, flurries end, and clear skies, fall into the 20's. manchester tomorrow we'll start out in 20's and climb to the mid and upper 30's. a great ski weekend ahead, maybe some flakes tonight and then also saturday night. sunday a mix of sun and clouds. even though it will be mild during the day, they will fall below freezing at night, so that's good for the ski areas,
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base. next week we have some rain on the way for everybody, mid-week next week. tom: thank you. coming up next, the presidential candidates weigh in on education. jennifer: at 5:30 a spike in scams as tax season gets under way. what thieves are doing to target
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come
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i'm bernie sanders,
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tom: now back to commitment 2016 coverage. we asked the presidential candidates about the federal government's role in education. >> i think that education should be a state and local issue. our founding fathers did not put education as a responsibility for the federal government. i grew up with no federal government involved, and the department of education was created in 1980 as i was almost finished with high school. if you look at the standard scores between my general expergs the next, there's no improvement, there's no evidence that the department of education is helping, but it's expensive, it's intrusive. most teachers i talk to say we shouldn't mandate the curriculum from washington, they want more power at the local level. and i'm with them. >> i don't really think the federal government has a role in k through 12 education. it primarily belongs to the state and local level. that's why i don't support common core. that's why i believe the department of education
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functions can be transferred to other agencies. i think k through 12 education belongs in the hand of local school board, communities and state governments. >> limited to really just helping out school districts that are highly impacted by having a high proportion of children with special needs, and where they have a lot school districts in low income areas that have a lot of extraordinary cases where they need some help beyond the means provided by the state and the locality. so when you have a lot of kids with special needs, then the federal government can probably step in. but beyond that really that's about it. i don't really see that the answer to our education problem is coming from the top down. i think giving parents and local educators more opportunity to design an educational experience that best meets the needs of
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can't be done by washington. it has to be done by parents, teachers, administrators. >> common core is a disaster. jeb bush loves common core. if you look at rubio, he likes it. but jeb bush, he just loves common core. and i think maybe that's why he's doing so poorly. so common core is a total disaster. education has to be local. it has to be run by the people of new hampshire as an example, the local people of new hampshire. and frankly the more local it gets the better it's going to be. if you look at education, right now education in this country we're rank number 28 in the world. we have third world countries that are ahead of us, and that won't be taking place with me, believe me. we spend more money per pupil by double than anybody else, and we're ranked number 28 in the world. we're going to bring it back to the local level, we're going to have well educated kids again. tom: we'll hear from more candidates in the next half-hour. jennifer: also still to come
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new generation of lumber jacks as the industry adapts to changing technology. tom: and new advice for any job seekers on social media. the bad behavior that could knock you out of the running,
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jennifer: it is tax season and scam season. now at 5:30 the new strategies to swindle granite staters. tom: new details about the push dcyf. how many people the agency would have to hire. hayley: temperatures are on the way up over the weekend, and when we could get rain showers. jennifer: and a big blow to fishermen, a judge rejected their challenge to new requirements that could cost them hundreds of dollars a day. jennifer: new hampshire residents are being warned tonight about scam artists claiming to be from the i.r.s. and demanding money. welcome back, everyone, i'm jennifer vaughn. tom: and i'm tom griffith. the attorney general's office says there's been a dramatic
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people being threatened by the scammers. jennifer: suzanne roantree has more on what recommendations officials are making now to taxpayers. reporter: the attorney general's office says just this week they've received 55 complaints from new hampshire residents who say they got phone calls from people claiming to be from the i.r.s. the scammers demand payment for past due taxes, asking for deb and it credit card numbers and even threaten arrest if the person doesn't comply. with tax season upon us, the is says these types of scams will only increase. if the i.r.s. wants to contact you, they will first send you a letter, not call you or e-mail you. new hampshire officials say if someone claiming to be from the i.r.s. calls you and threatens you, don't engage them, just hang up. >> almost all the times, all of these calls that are being made are scam calls, and people should just understand that that's what's happening. don't get frightened by it.
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threaten to arrest you and force you to make payments that way, it just doesn't happen. reporter: he says that people should never give out personal information over the phone, in an e-mail or through the internet. if you think you have been contacted by a scam artist, contact your local police department or the attorney general's office. suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. tom: a fire that destroyeded a building in franklin thursday not considered suspicious. neighbors called it in after seeing flames coming from the back of 36 el kin street. a man says he carried his two small children out one at a time. the chief says all eight residents got out within minutes, but the fire did move quickly. >> we had water on the fire within three minutes, and the type of construction the fire get as head of us, it's balloon frame type building, and the fire was in the walls and made to it the attic before we could. tom: five of the residents found places to stay.
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red cross. jennifer: the new hampshire department of children and families says it would need dozens of new workers to be able to operate around the clock. it presented its plan to the state child abuse task force in concord today, and several medical professionals told tack force members. this extra coverage and care is badly needed to protect vulnerable children all across the state. >> mal treatment or suspected mal treatment of children just doesn't occur during business hours, and it really can take specialized training and special representatives to identify and respond to that concern in an appropriate and timely way. reporter: the task force is reviewing the proposal. dcyf saying it would need $4 million in funding to pay for the extra staff. meantime, a new report on child abuse in massachusetts says that state had had the highest rate of abuse and neglect in 2014. the federal report says more than 31,000 were abused and
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but it also notes that public awareness and more investigations may be reporting. tom: the doctor who first identified a brain disease found in some nfl players says o.j. simpson may have it as well. dr. amal youth is the doctor -- he suspects his years on the football field gave him a brain disease known as c.t.e. signs of the disease include impulsive behavior and criminality. it can only be diagnosed after death. there is growing concern this evening as 32 cases of the zika virus have been confirmed nationwide. today governor hassan issued a statement detailing evidence to make sure new hampshire is prepared. the governor says state health officials are working with the c. d. c. to enhance state laboratory testing and protocols.
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policy on blood donations due to the outbreak. jennifer: the white house wants companies to release more information about their payrolls. a look at the new plan when we come back. >> i got the -- tom: efforts to recruit the next generation of loggers, as the industry struggles with growing pains. hayley: tracking a few light snow showers moving across the state this evening. then over the weekend some quieter weather before a big surge upwards with the temperatures.
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car repairs, home improvements, a family trip's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000 in personal expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. r
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tom: there's your video of the closing bell, provided by the new york stock exchange. thank goodness for a big uptick today on wall street, the month of january closes on an up note after a miserable month. tell you what, they sure needed that today. atlantic fish american will have to pay for the cost of monitoring firing quotas -- fishing quotas, that could be as much as $800 a day. jennifer: a group of fishermen including some from new hampshire sued the federal government over this plan saying that the cost will put many of them out of business. but the judge says only that
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the monitors are tasked with tracking catch toes prevent overfishing. the new program will begin march 1st. new england's timber industry is also facing significant changes. lumber jacks say the growing role of technology is replacing many of them. one logger who used to have 19 people on his team now has just seven employees. >> early in the 70's when the computer started to come in, they talked about a paperless society. and we are nearing that point now, three generations later. and we watch the kids today, they're basically paperless. reporter: so international competition and local prices have been pinching the industry. many colleges have added new programs to offer specialized training. tom: president obama today announcedded a plan to enforce equal pay. he's proceed posing a new rule that will require companies with
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pay data by gender, race and ethnicity. the proposal will cover 63 million employees. president obama's first piece of legislation as president involved fair pay, and was signed into law seven years ago today. posts on social media could cost you a job opportunity. 45% of human resource managers surveyed by staffing firms and office teams say that the posting negative or inappropriate comments is the number one mistake made by prospective employees. posting or being tagged in inappropriate photos ranked second. oddly, not posting regularly or having no presence on social media ranks third. now what do you do. jennifer: interesting. keep it clean, keep it quick. tom: but if you don't keep it on there you're in trouble too. jennifer: you can't wind. snowmobilers can ride more than usual this weekend, we'll tell you why.
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u.n.h. and dartmouth hockey programs. jennifer: and a special sendoff for a teacher headed out today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns
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as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders,
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jennifer: back to commitment 2016 now, we asked the presidential candidates what role the federal government has in education. >> the federal government's role in public education is very
5:39 pm
there should be no involvement as it relates to the content, curriculum or standards that are created. those should be locally administered and the policies ought to be set by the states. the federal government can play a role as a partner in innovation. there are all sorts of funding sources that exist in washington, and it should be encouraging them to be much more innovative. in some areas the federal government makes it harder for innovation to take place, and i with turn the tables on that. so if the state wanted to have a private voucher system, federal monies ought to be able to follow with that. or wanted to create innovative approaches for kid with learning disabilities, the federal government money ought to follow those reforms. today that's not the case, but as president i would make sure that the role is limited, but it would be focused on reform. >> well, the federal government i think can have a role.
5:40 pm
curriculums, things like common core i don't agree with. the best education is education that is closest to home. we have statistics that demonstrate that home schoolers do best, private school is next best, charter next best, public school is last. what that tells me is that the government's role would be helping to provide school choice. and that will force the failing schools to either get better or to go out of existence. i think the government also needs to look at the fact that we are pretty far behind in stem education, and that's putting us internationally. and there are things that can be done in terms of certain types of computer programs that work very well to bring people up to speed in the stem areas. federal government could work in helping to facilitate the dissemination of those programs. >> the role of the federal government when it comes to public education is pretty simple, help in the funding and stay out of the rest of it. money should be sent in block
5:41 pm
over america and let the local school board decide how to teach and what to teach and let the states decide how to measure achievement. the federal government shouldn't be involved in micro managing education in this country. that's why things like common core make no sense. i want those decisions made by parents and teachers at the local level, not by bureaucrats in washington d.c. in a christie administration we would not have those type of common core stardz. you should be able to go to your local school board and support or protest what they're teaching your kid in your neighborhood school. >> education is incredibly important, and it's so important we ought to keep the federal government out of it. we should abolish the federal department of education. because those decisions should be made at the state and local level. the people of new hampshire know how to educate your kids much better than the bureaucrats in the department of education. it need to be at the state
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as president i will direct the department of education that common core ends today. we will end common core and we are going to expand school choice. the civil rights issue of the 21st century. every child in america regardless of race or ethnicity or wealth or zip code deserves a right to a quality education and we're going to empower parents and students and keep washington out of the classroom, out of teachers, off the teachers' backs and enable parents and students to receive an excellent education. jennifer: you can find the entire series of questions and the candidates' answers right in the political section of and with the iowa caucuses and new hampshire's primary just days away now, don't forget to follow our political team on twitter for all the developments on the campaign trail. tom: we do have breaking news now from whitefield in the great north woods. route 3 closed between martin meadow pond road and paul road because of accidents.
5:43 pm
in very bad shape in that area tonight. hayley: it's no surprise, because we have had some very strong snow squalls moving across the north country. can you see them especially along 93. it's like when you're driving up north along 93, hit the notches and anywhere north of the notches it's been constant snow shower action. keep in mind where you don't see snow happening, it may still be falling. our radar beam is coming from southern maine. so a lot of times we get blockage due to the white mountains. so likely snow is flying in littleton, lancaster and whitefield. and it has been for the past few hours and that's why we're hearing of the road conditions, not great up there, maybe an inch or so of accumulation. but even that small amount at the worst time during the evening commute means that there could be some slick spots and slow downs too. we're not hearing about any incidents at the seacoast, but
5:44 pm
portsmouth, newington. and a few snow showers in dover too. a wider view, you can see the spin in the atmosphere as the low pressure system continues to move off the coastline. this was storm system number one. we have storm system number two that will come through late in the day tomorrow. and that will bring some snow showers mainly to northern areas again. what's behind that is much more mild air. take a look at the temperatures now, we're in the 30's. whitefield is at 31. so any melting that might have happened up there could result in very slick conditions. 34 in lebanon, 36 in keene right now. overnight tonight, snow showers linger, especially in the higher elevations during the evening hours and overnight. but you see by 7:00 a.m. it's just a few clouds. we'll start out with sunshine, but here come the clouds. they invade by noontime, and will be mostly cloudy through the rest of the day. maybe a few light snow showers up in the north country, during
5:45 pm
night into early on sunday. sunday is dry for everyone, a great travel day, great for doing any outdoor activities, maybe heading to concord for the ice pond championship that's going on there or even up north for skiing. sunday is going to be a good day with a mix of sun and clouds. overnight tonight, in the 20's up north to low 30's. when you get closer to the mass border and those communities there. mid 30's berlin, whitefield, littleton tomorrow. and closer to 40 in manchester, nashua and salem with mainly cloudy skies once we get to the afternoon. and again the threat of a few snow flakes especially up north tomorrow afternoon, then sunday look at those temperatures, up to 45 with a mix of sun and clouds. monday we'll have rain showers around with a high near 50. and then on wednesday next week we have a big storm system coming through, problem is it brings really mild air. so heavy rain with upper 40's on wednesday.
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driving up north tonight. jennifer: two americans have completed the world marathon challenge, running seven marathons in seven days on all seven continent. tom: daniel and becca won the challenge, this is video of peasey training for the boston marathon in march at the time it was her 42nd marathon. today she became the first woman to cross finish lines in all seven marathons. the two runners finished this afternoon, with a marathon in sidney. >> good for them. celtics will try to extend their winning streak to a season best five straight games. boston has won four in a row just twice this year. they host the magic at the garden at 7:30. u.n.h. and dartmouth hockey teams have big weekends that begin tonight. dartmouth will host number one quinnipiac at 8:00, while the wildcats will play two games at number 4 providence.
5:47 pm
defending national champions. we'll hear from both the wildcats and the big green tonight at 6:00. and pitcher robe ross and the boston red sox have agreed to a # $.25 million one-year contract and avoided salary arbitration. the left hander was 0-2 with a 3.86e.r.a. and 54 relief appearances last year. the red sox first work out for pitchers and catchers right february 19th. so it's time to start thinking baseball, guys. tom: all right. thanks. jennifer: up next we'll tell you which slopes have been voted the best in new hampshire. tom: a man wanted in connection with a shooting now in custody, where police tracked him down this afternoon. >> plus a seabrook officer was
5:48 pm
tom: this weekend snowmobilers can explore trails in maine and vermont for free. jennifer: registered riders from new hampshire, maine and vermont can explore the trails in any of of -- there aren't as many trails open now because of a lack of snow. we asked you to vote on new hampshire's best ski areas.
5:49 pm
valley tied for fifth place. just behind mount sunapee. in fourth. and there was another tie for second place too, this one between bretton woods and loon mountain. and here we go, drum roll for your favorite spot of all, cannon mountain. i've been to every one of those, i love them all the same. they're all great. tom: the best skiing in the country right here in new hampshire. jennifer: yes, and it's getting colder at night so they're able to fire the as to guns. and sort of help out the trails much in natural snow right yet. they are doing their best to top them off every day. tom: super. thank you for joining us.
5:50 pm
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tom: now at 6:00 a shooting in a manchester hotel is under investigation tonight. one suspect has just been caught, but the other is still on the loose. jennifer: one of the officers involved
5:52 pm
man in custody in seabrook just learned he won't be getting his job back, why that decision was upheld. hayley: tracking a few snow hours across the state tonight, when we'll see sunshine and how high temperatures get. >> i repaid the personal loan, i've paid the fine last year for a mistake that i made five years ago. tom: with that, congressman frank guinta says he's getting a fresh start and setting his sights on being reelected. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: police have just arrested a man wanted in connection with a shooting at a manchester hotel. good evening, everyone, i'm tom griffith. jennifer: and i'm jennifer vaughn. the victim in this case was shot in the neck, and is expected to recover. stephanie woods live in londonderry now where that arrest was just made. reporter: after that shooting on hughes road last night, police were looking for 37-year-old
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