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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  January 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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erin: now at noon, police are on the hunt for two people. one of them is considered armed and dangerous following a shooting in the city of manchester. kevin: some scattered snow showers out there. we' ll look at the changes in time for the weekend ahead. erin: plus, concerns over zika virus continue to rise. what is being done to protect the u.s. blood supply? and it' s almost time for the caucuses. that' s where most candidates are, but not republican frontrunner donald trump who just held a rally in new hampshire. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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erin: right now, temperatures remain in the 30' s, and in some areas across the state, they see here. kevin: a fairly changeable sky this afternoon, but there are some snow showers just out back to our west and up north. a couple of those be creeping in for the afternoon we will see a light coating to maybe half an western or northern areas of the state through the afternoon of we cannot rule out a passing shower otherwise. it may be warm enough as it gets to the coast that it could be in the form of a few raindrops you' re warming trend setting up in the central plains to eventually come back at us again. we are looking at temperatures in the 40' s starting on sunday. we will take a long that lasts and look at your entire weekend coming up in just a few minutes. erin: all right, kevin, thank you. now looking at political news
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s john distaso broke this morning. representative gent guinta says he pay back money he owed to his parents under an agreement with the fec. the agreement said that he took excessive campaign amounts from his parents back in 2010. now he says he is ready to run for reelection, and you can read primary source section of commitment 2016 now. while most candidates are keeping their focus on iowa this weekend, donald trump has been campaigning in the granite state. donald trump just wrapped up a rally in nashua. this comes just a day after a skip, claiming he was treated unfairly by the network and instead held a fundraiser. during his trip in nashua, trump
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he spent some time slamming other republican candidates like ted cruz, who is in second place right now. mr. trump: cruz is in second place. he got really pummeled last night. actually, i' m glad i wasn' t there. i guess with all of that, he got pummeled. wow. erin: trump maintains a lead in new hampshire polls despite his decision not to follow the traditional rules of campaigning in the state. concern continues to grow as the mosquito-spread zika virus has abc' s kenneth moton takes a look at what federal health regulators are doing to protect the u.s. blood supply from the virus. kenneth: the battle against the zika virus and the mosquitoes carrying the disease. a major concern for pregnant women, including a new york mother to be who has contracted the virus. dr. chan: the level of alarm is extremely high. kenneth: more than 30 people have zika in the u.s., all brought back from travel abroad. the virus, which could cause brain development issues in
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the americas, mostly brazil. home of the summer olympics is ground zero. abc' s dr. richard besser is in rio de janeiro. dr. besser: so far, more than 1.5 million cases, more than 4000 babies on with severe brain damage. kenneth: pregnant women have been told to postpone travel to affected areas. zika is not contagious person to person, but there is still a risk. dr. besser: if someone is infected and comes back to the united states and is bit by a mosquito, that mosquito can bite other people and be infected. kenneth: in the u.s. territory of puerto rico, about 20 reported cases of zika. health officials are warning people to use bug repellant and mosquito nets over beds. dr. schuchat: mosquito control is pretty difficult. the mosquitoes that are the daytime, and they' re pretty aggressive biters. kenneth: more airlines and latin america are offering refunds to pregnant women. people who traveled to affected areas and have mild symptoms of
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s are being told to get checked immediately. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. erin: right now, police are connection to a shooting in manchester. considered armed and dangerous. police are still on the scene of the shooting near towne place suites. wmur' s ray brewer is live with the latest on the investigation. ray: this is one of two shootings that took place last night in manchester. police describe both however in the case of the shooting here on huse road, of suspects. these are the two manchester residents wanted in connection with the shooting on huse road. police are looking for 37-year-old marcus cherry, who police say should be considered armed and dangerous. police are also looking for a 25-year-old ariel dupuis. when manchester police responded
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42-year-old who had been shot. lt. o' keefe: apparently he had come up and visited a friend, and an argument ensued, and it resulted in him being shot in the neck. ray: at this point, police aren' t saying what the argument was about, nor if they have recovered the weapon that was used in the shooting. however, they do say the victim was extremely lucky. lt. o' keefe: he was fortunate. he didn' t sustain a serious injury -- non-life-threatening. he was treated at a local hospital. ray: the call on huse road came in just before 9:00 thursday night. then, even as police were still investigating that shooting, they got another call reporting a shooting at 545 pine street. police do not believe there is a connection between the two. lt. o' keefe: the second shooting, which occurred roughly an hour later on pine street, does not appear to be related in any way. ray: a 27-year-old woman was shot in the arm in the pine street incident. as to what was behind the shooting, the motive is still unclear. lt. o' keefe: we believe it may have been some sort of home invasion or perhaps mistaken identity. ray: the woman was also taken to the hospital to be treated and is expected to be fine. regarding the shooting here on
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ad, police say if you spot cherry or dupuis, do not approach them. reporting live in manchester, ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: all right, ray, thank you. right now, police in middleton are looking for the driver they think was involved in a shooting two people called 911 just before 6:00 last night saying they heard a single gunshot mitsubishi pulled over near 300 silver street. by the time police arrived, the car was gone, but they found footprints leading into the woods, and they told people in the area to stay inside. police say they do have some forensic evidence in the case, but they are still looking for the driver of that older gray mitsubishi. 12 people were arrested across manchester in operation granite hammer. during the searches, investigators seized $200 worth of cocaine, $400 worth of heroin, $2800 worth of crystal meth, and several prescription
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they also seized multiple guns. this is the seventh operation granite hammer initiative to take place in manchester since the program began last september. testimony is continuing in the trial of an allenstown man charged in connection with a near fatal stabbing. kyle buffum is claiming insanity after being charged with conspiracy to commit murder. buffum' s former girlfriend, samantha heath, pleaded guilty to attempted murder last year. she admitted to stabbing andrea halverson 17 times in 2014 and leaving her in the woods to die. prosecutors say buffum planned the attack. today, samantha heath is expected to take the stand. new this noon, lawyers for boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev have just filed a notice of appeal. the notice filed with the first u.s. circuit court of appeals does not give any grounds for appeal. those will be spelled out later on. tsarnaev was convicted last year and sentenced to death in the
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three people and injured more than 260. accused of aiding in the escape. coming up, officials in california arrest a teacher on suspicion of helping three inmates escape from a maximum-security jail. plus, china is now joining the search for the malayasian airliner that disappeared two years ago. why they have decided to join that search. scattered snow showers a possibility that afternoon, and the next one approaching over the weekend. the temperature change that s corner, wine week continues . we are going to show you some that pairs well with it beet risotto.
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erin: new details from the inmate escape in california. authorities now say that a teacher has been arrested on suspicion of helping the three inmates escape from the maximum-security jail. the orange county sheriff' s office says 44-year-old nooshafarin ravaghi may have supplied the maps to the men before they cut and climbed their way out. authorities say she had some kind of relationship with one of the men.
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malaysian airliner that disappeared nearly two years ago. officials say china is sending an advanced sonar-equipped ship to aid in the search. the ship leaves singapore on sunday to join the search for flight 370, which is believed to have crashed in the indian ocean back in 2014. experts say the ship' s technology is more accurate than devices used so far. a new report on the flint, michigan water crisis shows state employees got clean water while officials told residents the taps were fine. the water came at a time when flunked some drinking water standards apart from the lead contamination. purified water coolers were brought into flint' s state office building during the crisis, according to thursday' s report. but the crisis was downplayed to the public. protesters are calling for criminal charges now against the governor. today, the white house is set to formally announce a plan to enforce equal pay. the obama administration is expanding a data collection program aimed at exposing businesses that abuse equal pay
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the new measure requires companies to report pay data by gender, race, and ethnicity. the new proposal will cover all businesses with 100 or more employees, regardless of whether they contract with the government. so out for us this weekend -- kevin: a little bit of everything. a little light snow, a little sunshine, and a little bit of a warm-up next week. we will talk about that next week. erin: and some rain maybe? kevin: maybe. erin: all right, we will have that coming up. coming up, we' ll show you a twist on the basic risotto. it includes beets. plus, we' ll show you the wines it pairs well with. and our u local hotshot photo. here' s a beautiful shot of yesterday' s sunset in lancaster. look at the color out there in that sky. you can submit your pictures and video, and join the thousands of
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>> now, meteorologist kevin skarupa with your stormwatch 9 forecast. kevin: in the right areas, there were breaks of sunshine this
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best chances for scattered snow showers will be in the western and northern half of the state where we could see a very small accumulation, under an inch and anyone given location. temperatures are above the freezing mark sufficiently. it should not have any impact on any travel this afternoon. maybe lowering for a brief time. southeastern part of the state, far away from the actual energy of this system. the best chance in the morning is continuing to shift away to this was a large storm system located well offshore but came close enough to provide that chance early this morning. we continue to watch the scattered snow showers make now. accumulation there. as the heating goes away later on today, it does look like we will see partial clearing and snow showers will continue to erode, only left over in the this evening. afternoon. showers popping up in some
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higher elevations, through the monadnock region with more organized snowfall in the green mountains. some will try to survive over the green mountains and into western areas of the state and into the north country as well where we can see locally up to one inch out of despair in from there, temperatures yet again today well above the freezing mark. as a matter of fact, we go anywhere between 35 and 40 this afternoon, still running five degrees or seven degrees above the average for this time of year. as i mentioned, most snow this evening. even in the white mountains, we tomorrow morning. a bright start to the day, but by afternoon, clouds make their way back in ahead of the next system. it is a fairly quick moving pattern. a warm front move across northern areas late tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night here with that, there could be a quick inch of a commemoration of your we go back into sunshine to start the day on sunday. we should have it run for a good part of the day on sunday, a
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temperatures will run about five degrees to 10 degrees warmer after the warm front. a chance of a rain shower on monday. on monday, out ahead of that weak system, temperatures could jump all the way into the 40' s, maybe even lower 50' sin southern areas. that will be with the risk of showers. we continue to go back and forth, back and forth, and then the next system probably has more moisture with it. rainfall likely on wednesday with temperatures still in the 40' s. gradually cool off. by the time we get to the weekend, temperatures may first time in a couple of weeks. s corner. erin: all right, it is one week here in the granite state, and we are joined by a granite state native who left us for wine geoff whitman is here from john you are living the dream out there in napa.
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erin: and not to forget our chef here today, chef tyler macdonald from the oak house in newmarket here you' re making a beet risotto. tyler: yes, and it is topped off with candied walnuts, crispy leeks, and beet hash. erin: geoff, tell us about this wine that you brought. chardonnay, our most famous, and sparkling wine, easy drinking, affordable, probably the best really tasty. a pair well with food or in a glass of themselves. erin: you told me in the break you are heading to cuba next after wine week. geoff: now everybody knows.
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so good to me, so it is nice to erin: what are some of the events that you are involved with now? geoff: this is my eighth time dinner. we are focusing on the gym lines at -- on the jame wines and having fun in napa valley. erin: wine week is great for folks who enjoy tasting wine from all over. geoff: we get a lot of exposure. erin: and this is coming right along. tyler: we have got some roasted beets, red pepper, onion. erin: what do you mix in? tyler: goat cheese, cream, little bit.
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tyler: we are a pretty new restaurant in newmarket. we just had our three-month anniversary. and it is a nice, local restaurant. we do a lot of smoked meats in house, a lot of vegetarian entre es as well. erin: that is wonderful. i love how you play to this up with the roasted beets on top, and you have goat cheese as well. tyler: yes, it has a lot of different flavors in it. candied walnuts for sweetness. it has a lot of savory, tang from the goat cheese. erin: tyler, thank you for coming in. we help you enjoy your time back here in new hampshire, geoff.
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erin: today, one of the two popemobiles that shuttled the pope around during his trip to philadelphia last september could be yours. one of the fiat 500 l' s will be auctioned off at the tailgate. display at the auto show, which proceeds from the auction will missions of the archdiocese of philadelphia.
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let' s -- kevin: pretty cool. it looks like a fairly mild weekend. it warms up again sunday. sunday and saturday partly sunny, and the next system wednesday. could health reasons explain s criminal behavior? one doctor has a new theory about the nfl star' s downfall. and new advice for job seekers who use social media. the number-one reason that nothing to do with inappropriate pictures. that does it for us. thanks for joining us.
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