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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  January 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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but changes move in for friday, when a few snow showers could develop plus a look at the weekend. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 5:00. jennifer: we begin with developing news. we have just learned why the f.b.i. raided a home in brentwood. good evening, everyone, i'm jennifer vaughn. josh: i'm josh mcelveen. the agency moved in on a home on crowley falls road last night. shelley walcott is in the the latest details. shelley: paperwork from the u.s. attorney's office now says they've arrested the man who owns that home. the documents say 52-year-old daniel muso wanted to buy weapons and was involved in antigovernment discussions. this is video of him from a confrontation he was involved in in concord in 2013. the affidavit said the f.b.i. was tipped off last august when
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and asked about buying $16,000 worth of ammunition. that included grenades, gas masks and rockets. then last week muso met with an weapons dealer. he told the agent he was part a group of people who wanted to, quote, bring forth the original constitution, and that's why he needed the ammunition. he was arrested yesterday, and charged with violating a federal firearms law. we'll have more on this coming up at 6:00. 9. josh: a convicted sex offender's sentence could be reduced now that the new hampshire supreme court has cleared the judge in the case to change his mind. kristen carosa is live in our lakes region bureau with the developments in this case. reporter: the judge first considered reducing the sentence in 2014. now the supreme court says he with make adjustments if he wants to. at a review hearing today judge garfunkel heard from both the
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the victim in this case. joshua baud of wakefield was convicted in 2014 of sexually assaulting a then 7-year-old girl. baud faced 10 to 30 years in prison for each charge, but will be eligible for release in seven and a half. now baud's defense attorney says the judge overlooked key factors in this case including baud's prior criminal history and believes the sentence should be reduced to six years. the assistant county attorney says the judge did everything right in this case and hopes he sticks to his decision. >> the defense is arguing that the judge overlooked his criminal history, the nature of the event, which would include whether there were more than once incident and also the sentence that he gave in proportion to other sentences that in judge has given. from what we can see, these arguments were all raise at sentencing and considered at length by the judge. reporter: the judge did not make a decision today. he will retire in 10 days and needs to make that decision
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kristen carosa, wmur news 9. jennifer: tonight a hampstead police officer who lost a 15-month battle with brain cancer is being remembered. officer matthew moore died saturday, and today people lined the streets as officers from many towns guided his remains to the church for a farewell. heather hamel was there and has more now. reporter: it was emotion and emotional and heart warming. all paying tribute to a fallen hero. as the police cruisers and motorcycles came over the hill, they stood in silence. many holding american flags. >> deserves more, we should be doing more, but it's all we can do. reporter: police officer matthew moore died saturday after a battle with brain cancer. thursday the community who rallied behind and his family through it all were there to honor him. >> he did a lot for the community and children the everybody here, they're all
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for him and his family. >> matt was very positive, and matt was very convinced that he was going to make it. report moore's friend and former coworker says he and his wife have a big extended family that will step in to help. moore served in iraq and joined the hampstead police force in 2008. in front of the church, the motorcycle he rode was wrapped in bunting in his honor. >> i'm glad we hired him, he was a good fit. he was way too young to be taken from us. reporter: a police officer, a marine, a son, a father. >> it's hard to put into words, it really is. it's very hard that, matthew was one of a kind. reporter: a family friend said moore's wife has received numerous heart felt e-mails and letters about her husband and plans on putting a scrap book together for their girls. heather hamel, wmur news 9.
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drama that continues to build in iowa, where donald trump has scheduled an event to compete with tonight's debate. that event is reportedly sold out. so what does his absence mean for the other candidates? brandi hitt is in desmoines. reporter: it the final republican faceoff before the iowa caucuses. and frontrunner donald trump is boycotting the event, telling bill o'reilly the fox news network has treated him badly. >> i said how much of this do you that take, i have zero respect for meg inkelly. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. your twitter account -- >> only rosie o'donnell. reporter: the latest polls show trump leading in iowa seven points ahead of ted cruz who has
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>> one on one debate. reporter: with trump out, cruz is now center stage, which could also make him a target. >> marco rubio now is starting to gain momentum in iowa and if he doesn't be careful, marco rubio could come up and finish second. reporter: before tonight's main event there will also be an earlier debate, at the same time trump is holding a rally for veterans. >> there's a lot of money for the vets. reporter: each candidate doing what they can to stand out with just four days until the first votes of the 2016 presidential race. trump may not be here tonight, but you'll still likely hear his name. and each of these candidates is going to be pushing hard for face time because even a third place finish here could give them a much needed boost. brandi hitt, abc news, desmoines, iowa. josh: new hampshire's primary is right on the heels of iowa's caucuses. but how much does the hawkeye state really affect our voting here? john distaso breaks it down in today's primary source column on so while the republican
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three days before the primary right here on wmur, it appears there may be a last minute agreement for the democrats to as well. after a push by the union leader for the democrats to hold another debate, hillary clinton's campaign says she would take part, as long as bernie sanders and martin well. but today sanders made a campaign. >> our view is i love debates. always from day one wanted more debates. so if the clinton people are prepared to have at least three more debates in the months to come, yeah, i'll go outside of the rules and we'll do a debate in new hampshire. josh: if this day takes place, it likely will not be sanctioned by the democratic national committee and the candidates could be penalized by doing so with the loss of delegates at the con investigates. unclear if that penalty will actually be enforced. jennifer: let's get a look at how traffic is moving around the
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in manchester. dick lutz joins us now with a closer look at your evening commute tonight. >> good afternoon to you at home. first in manchester, crews are working to repair a water main break on the daniel webster highway north in the area of crosby road, near the hooksett line. if you're headed into that area, be prepared to experience delays while they work to repair. i'm told could it be a couple hours before they're done in that neck of the woods. far as the usual commute is concerned coming out of boston, your usual volume delays on 93 up to 95, then again from 495 to the state line. an earlier accident involving a gravel truck at 495 as has just cleared. a single car accident at exit 5, and in concord an accident near exit 13 had a lane shut down.
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and the everett turnpike. the seacoast, lots of company but no major issues on 95 or the spaulding turnpike. jennifer: up next a somber anniversary the the u.s. has extra meaning in new hampshire tonight. josh: from concord to cape canaveral, people are remembering the "challenger" disaster and shares stories of the crew. >> she said you have to fly me to new hampshire, it's the first day of school, i gotta be there. mike: in weather after a round of scattered snow showers on friday, more changes will move in over the weekend. the forecast is coming up. jennifer: ahead at 5:30, she's been guiding people to safety for 30 years, now this dispatcher has scheduled her last call. josh: at 6:00 a familiar face in campaign rallies reaches a ply
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josh: former providence mayor buddy cianci has died.
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one of the longest serving mayors in american history, first elected in the 1980's, was actually forced from office twice, once after assaulting a man and once over a racketeering conspiracy. cianci was 74 years old. today marks 30 years since the "challenger" disaster. six astronauts and concord school teacher christa mcauliffe died when their space shuttle exploded just after liftoff. jennifer: today colleagues at the high school joined a special memorial. our ray brewer was there. reporter: a flag that is flown all over the country, including the capitol in christa's honor, flew at concord high school before making its way to its permanent home at the christa mcauliffe library in framingham. inside the school in a class founded by christa mcauliffe, en tileed american women --
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christa, don't make her into her sister teresa. she wasn't a saint. she was late for meetings. reporter: mcauliffe was one of 10,000 teachers to apply for the teacher in space program. >> to hear her experience of applying for the teacher in space program, how she barely made the deadline, ran out of her house in her pajamas to get to the post office site was postmarked in time. reporter: being chosen to be the first teacher in space cat aputted mcauliffe to international celebrity. but colleagues says she never forgot who she was. >> she was down in houston and she had told her people, you guys gotta fly me up to new hampshire and they said no no no we're in training here, and she said you have to fly me to new hampshire, it's the first day of school, i gotta be there. reporter: what had been a party atmosphere quickly changed once the disaster struck. but today was more about mcauliffe's legacy. and a former student says
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so concord high school students were acting on that advice, putting their dreams on stars that mcauliffe wanted to reach reminder. >> she was a regular person, not a saint. she was a really, really good teacher. jennifer: that was our ray brewer reporting. an emotional ceremony was also held at the kennedy space center in florida. josh: in attendance were mcauliffe's son scott and his two sons, and the crowd also included dozens of teachers who competed for that spot on the mission. the woman who train forward the backup says she never let it distract her. >> up through the last day she made time in crew quarters here to write college recommendation force some of her students. at a time when many people would think only of the impending launch, christa was taking care of aa teacher's business. josh: mcauliffe's husband steven declined to be interviewed but
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challenger will always be an event that occurred just recently, our thoughts and memories of christa will always be fresh and comforting. >> after the accident, we were at the bottom of, in despair, sharing a very private grief on a public stage. jennifer: she was married to dick skobee. she helped mcauliffe to plan the lessons she hoped to do in space. you can hear from her and many others in a special edition of "new hampshire chronicle" tonight, touching the future, the challenger legacy, will air tonight at 7:00. mike: another day of sunshine and yet another day where the temperatures are running well above the average, 40 plus again in some spots. been mazing run over the past few days. the time lapse photos at the coast today, deep blue skies and
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start the day, seasonably so, nice recovery back into the upper 30's and lower 40's in many spots. here's the almanac data for concord today. notice the official high coming in 10 above the average. even though it was chilly, that's nowhere close to the record low on this date in 1904. the earliest sunset we had ended december 15th at 4:11, now close to 5:00 in the afternoon. nice to see the daylight hours of course stretching out as we go further into the winter season. few clouds and a couple of isolated flurries drifting through the great north woods and parts of the white mountains. give it a 5 or 10% shot of a flurry up north for tonight. during tomorrow the forecast does get a little bit more interesting, because we're not going to see a lot of precipitation. but is there a strong upper level disturbance back in the great lakes and a lot of mayor off shore of the carolinas.
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create quite a big storm off shore and far enough away from new hampshire so we don't get much in the way of precipitation. having said that, tomorrow morning boo the early afternoon a little piece of energy from this storm will get drawn back in as this disturbance races in our direction and could trigger some snow showers. so flakes in some parts of the state tomorrow, not a big accumulation though. 30's across the board, about six, seven, eight degrees above the norm for this time of year. teens north by morning. 20's south. well above the average and that's courtesy of a cloud cover south. you'll notice no big cooldown back to the west. as a matter of fact, temperatures are climbing after a brief cooldown the next two days, back into the mid to upper 40's, even to 50's the parts of the northern rockies. and can't rule out a trur hitting near 50 by the early part of next week. here's that disturbance from the west, will trigger an ocean storm off to the east, and a little piece of that energy will trigger some snow showers over
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you'll notice for the morning commute not too much happening. but by the end of the commute, 8:30, 9:00 the clouds will lower and thicken quickly, and notice how scattered snow showers begin to develop. we could see anywhere from a trace, meaning just a few flakes, to up to an inch in a couple of spots as temperatures will be lower tomorrow, in the 30's. back into sun early saturday before clouds race in, and there could be a few flurries up north on saturday afternoon. beyond that temperatures climb yet again from this mild stretch. seems like we've been dealing with mild weather on and off all winter. we've got one tomorrow, mid to upper 30's, again best chance of snow showers will be from late morning on. roads should be in fine shape with temperatures above freezing but can't rule out a couple of slick spots, back roads, morning on. the weekend looking pretty good, mild by sunday and maybe up near 50 early next week. josh: thanks, mike. up next, presidential candidates
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jennifer: then at 5:30, the thief who targeted a salem store
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and t.v. spokesperson. that's my line. i got it. all the things you like, from the middle of anywhere. that is my line! josh: we asked the presidential thoughts on the federal government's role in public >> the federal government plays
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education, not only making sure that there's adequate funding, especially for the nutrition programs that are important to the learning experience for poor kids, but also the federal government in the past always played a big role in making college affordable for american families. so in order to make college oh forwardable again, instead of saddling our kid with a mountain of debt, in order to improve public education, our federal government needs to step up and keep pace with the investments required in this modern economy. it's not only about holding up best practices, not only about encouraging important standards and that no child is left behind, it's actually by improving educational outcomes and making college more affordable. and that's what i bend to do as president. >> we live in a very competitive global economy. and unless we have the best
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world, our economy is not going to be strong now and in the future. and that is why i believe that we must make public colleges and universities in this country tuition-free so that all of our young people, regardless of the income of their families, will be able to get a higher education, and will also be able to lower student debt which is now a very serious problem. and i propose that we do that by imposing a tax on wall street speculation. when we cannot be effective internationally competing against countries all over the world unless we have that educated work force and that's one way to go forward. >> way than to do what i can as president to really look at the research about what works and then to work with teachers and school boards, principals and parents, everybody in a community to really understand what it is that will particularly help low income,
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because your daughter, my daughter, my granddaughter, they come to school pretty well prepared, and it's really up to them, are they going to do the work that they need to do to be successful. a lot of kids, they don't have those advantages, and that's why i think the federal government has to do more to help prepare more kids, with early childhood education, universal pre-k. this is a necessity if we're going to have any chance to close the achievement gap. we have to make college affordable again. i think community college should be free, it like two additional years of the education you need to have the skills to compete. and i want four-year colleges and universities to be debt-free when it comes to tuition and help people pay down their debt. and that will save them thousands of dollars and enable them to kind of get on with their lives. josh: we're going to hear from more candidates in the next half-hour. jennifer: also ahead,
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broken water main and gas main have shut down roads in two cities. josh: a alawsuit filed against the maker of a popular fitness tracker, the feature that has so many people concerned. jennifer: now to our u local hot shot, a breath taking sunrise over lake winnipesaukee, the view from lake shore park this
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josh: now at 5:30, the store targeted for two robberies in one week may have been cased by the same man. jennifer: breaking details tonight on the spread of the zika virus. health officials are confirming the first case found in new england. mike: temperatures dip a little bit tomorrow with flakes for some. when snow showers develop, plus when temperatures climb again. >> i love the work. josh: a familiar voice is saying good-bye, meet the woman who has been guiding people to safety for 30 years.
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half-hour with breaking news on the spread of the zika virus. health officials in massachusetts have just confirmed their first case in the bay state. the man had had traveled to one of the areas where mosquitoes have been spreading this disease, which is suspected of causing birth defects. josh: the world health organization will hold an emergency meeting on monday about the virus. the virus is spreading around the americas and that the level of alarm at this point is extremely high. we'll keep you posted on this. tonight police are saying that the man who robbed a salem convenience store may have done it before. jennifer: investigators say the cluff crossing store has been robbed twice in a week and there are a lot of similarities between the suspects. jennifer crompton is live tonight in salem with more. reporter: images from the store surveillance camera show a resemblance between the two that's hard to miss. the owner of the 7-11 here didn't want to do an on camera
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me his concern that if this robber struck twice and succeeded he could try again. this is the man police say robbed the 7-11 on cluff crossing road last thursday morning. and this is the suspect they belief hit the store again, late wednesday night, one week later. >> what limited facial features we can see, it does appear that it is the same individual involved in both robberies, which is rare for us to find someone hitting both stores almost on a time pattern. reporter: police believe he'd been watching the store because he struck in between customers and knew that the cashier wednesday night was a woman. even though she was hidden behind shelves when he entered. >> immediately started saying, ma'am, ma'am, walked up to her and escorted her over to the register, much like he did the week prior and started asking for money out of the register. reporter: no weapons were shown, but -- >> in both incidents he does
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his hand in his pocket for a while. basically insinuating that he does have a weapon or at least making the clerks believe that he is armed. reporter: no one has been hurt, yet. >> we do have concerns, obviously this is someone who is fueling some habit or addiction, we believe, to keep hitting the same place and doing it so brazenly. reporter: the suspect in both cases was seen fleeing on foot. salem police are asking anyone with information to contact them. jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. jennifer: a stretch of ocean road in portsmouth will be closed well into the evening because of a broken gas line. the first leak was discovered at lunch time and while working on that crews found several other leaks along that line. the road will stay closed for at least a few more hours. and court street in concord should reopen in the next hour, after a water main break there. the damage closed down merrimack superior court, although the
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the cause of that break is still under investigation. josh: manchester's fire chief is relocating. after 39 years in the queen city, chief burkish will take over the fire department in hooksett. he will not get retirement benefits from hooksett. and it is a high pressure demanding job and for 31 years, deputy chief beyondy johnson has been doing it with grace and passion and tomorrow she'll retire from her job. andy hershberger sat down with her today. reporter: for three decade she's answered the calls, people in trouble looking for help have found bonnie johnson on the other end of the line. >> it's the job helping people, being involved in things that really matter in their lives.
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reporter: after 31 years at southwestern new hampshire district fire mutual aid, friday. that's quite a run, according to philip terrell, who says most dispatchers only last an average of four years. >> i think she believes in what she does, dedicate to the the profession, because it is a profession. and i think that's what makes her great at this job. reporter: johnson says she remembers the big disasters the most, like the alstead flood and the ice storm of 2008. but she also remembers the little things, like a call for a cat up a tree. they told the caller the cat would be fine. >> about a half-hour later they called again and they needed help because their child was up the tree and couldn't get down. cat. reporter: she says once you send help, it's important to let go of that call and move onto the next person who needs you. >> it's the unknown, but it's also fulfilling to be able to
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the people by sending the help that they need. reporter: as far as her retirement, there will be a trip family. a rest that is well deserved after so many years of service. in keene, andy hershberger, wmur news 9. josh: nice work. jennifer: we wish her the best. still ahead, a lawsuit against fit bit. josh: and new reason to think twice about joining the personalized meem on your media feed. mike: clouds and scattered flakes take over on friday. jennifer: and it took a lot of planning to capture this shot, but it was worth it. that story just ahead. and this mix of pitbull and american bulldog is bell behaved, loves to cuddle and with other dogs too.
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go to jeb bush once stood tall. before his campaign sank like a rock and he started desperately slinging mud on fellow republicans. that's not presidential, jeb. john kasich did cut ohio's taxes. cut state spending. turned a deficit into a surplus. brought back jobs from mexico and china. that's john kasich, that's conservative, and that's presidential. new day for america is responsible for the content of
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jennifer: let's get a look at how the day went. everything is green, which means good, the dow is up 125. the s&p 500 up, too, the nasdaq is up a built over 38.
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slightly higher, but who's complaining, 1.84 in new hampshire. josh: drivers in texas got to fill up for 39 cents a gallon. it wasn't a mistake, as you probably guessed it was a promotion from a grain farmer's coop. gas hasn't been that cheap since 1969. and a class action lawsuit has been filed against fit bit over the accuracy of its heart monitors. jennifer: the lawsuit says the charge in the surge give inaccurate readings and says that could be dangerous for people who are trying to reach their peak levels. consumer reports tested those models after word of the lawsuit and says that readings could vary depending on where you wear your fit bit. ma tell's newest line of barbie dolls offer several different body times. she will now be available as curvey, tall and petite, with seven skin tones and 22 eye colors to foos from. it will keep making the original
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josh: facebook is getting more emotional. the social media site will soon round out its like buttons by letting you show love, anger, sadness, wow and ha. reports say that the change will take effect in the next few weeks. on this national data privacy day, there's a new warning about mimes on sites like facebook. when you enter your name to personalize fun features you're giving your name to data companies and could be opening the door to viruses. some even have fine print that give them permission to use all of your personal information. jennifer: up next in sports, the dartmouth hockey team is looking forward to a big weekend on the ice. josh: but ice concerns have
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hockey tournament. car repairs, home improvements, a family trip... it's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000
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on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. marco rubio: just too many questions. right to rise usa is responsible for the
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josh: commitment 2016, we asked the candidates to explain the federal government's role when it comes to public education. >> you know, here's the fact itself on public education. the department of education has gotten bigger and bigger for 40 years. more funding and more power. and the quality of education in our country is deteriorating. so what do i conclude from that? money in the department of education and power in the department of education don't help the quality of education.
5:39 pm
education? the great teacher in the front of the classroom and an involved parent or community. so we need to push money and responsibility out of the federal government and to the states and towards communities. second, we need to give parents real choices. so that when their child is in a failing school or with a failing teacher, they actually have the opportunity to pick their child up and give him or her another choice. and finally, we need to reward the really good teachers. actually. i think that when i was governor i believe that we ought to have all flowers bloom. i believe that public education, private education, parochial, home schooling. but i as a governor was a steward of the public schools and i said we should put in 4,000 new teachers to reduce class sizes and build up that teach are-student relationship which i believe in. i'm a product of public education.
5:40 pm
mother was a secretary. we didn't have the money to go to special education al opportunities or private schools. i was in the public school and i'm very proud of it and i think it served me very, very well. this is what i think. i think that education is best served at the local level with parents and families, and local school systems supported by the state the way that i did when i was governor. but i'm absolutely against the federal role that's offered by bush and kasich of the idea of common core education from the federal government. i reject that. >> the federal government doesn't have a role in public education. there's nothing in the constitution that says to the federal government, here's what you need to do about education. it needs to get out of the education business. if it does anything at all, maybe be a clearing house of the best practices that are done in states so that other states can borrow from the library of ideas. but there should be no mandates coming from the federal government. those decisions belong in the communities, mothers and fathers
5:41 pm
education decisions, and then it's local school boards. and the states, because in many states the state constitution gives the state the responsibility to ensure that children are getting a good education. but the quicker the federal government gets out of it, the better. >> i think that the federal government ought to return the power, money and influence of public education back to us at the state and local level. to that end i'm collapsing 104 programs at the federal level into four buckets, sending those dollars here to places like new hampshire and all across the country for us to run education at the state and local level. josh: we'll hear more from the candidates in tomorrow's 5:00 news. you can find more on where they stand on this and other issues in the politics section of mike: another mild day out there, temperatures jumping well
5:42 pm
across new hampshire, especially in southern zones. up to 40 plus. take a look right now at the weirs, time lapse from earlier today, you do notice a little snow and that very thin film of ice out there. but all the notice a bit of maine ohing kurring during the late afternoon and it is nowhere close to being safe to venture out there on the big lake. plenty of open spots on winnipesaukee. a weak system moves in tomorrow, snow thundershowers, that means a trace to as much as an inch. a trace, just a few flurries could see up to an inch. another system tries to build in from a strong ocean storm well out to sea. then we get to the weekend, relatively quiet. a warm front means more clouds later saturday and a few flakes up north. then here go the temperatures again after dipping just a built over the next couple of days, 40 plus starting on sunday again. right now a few scattered flurries up north, they're
5:43 pm
temperatures still running above the freezing point, mid to upper 30's from the merrimack valley and towards the coast. monadnock region through the 35. good part of the lakes region just a notch or two above that. and really not all that cold farther to the north, it is in low to mid 30's in the white mountains and 20's to the north. but still all these temperatures are above average for this early hour of the evening. no big temperature tumble. notice in the coming hours, they coast down a little bit, but with an increase in cloud cover and a light win out of the south it will be tough to get temperatures much lower tonight 20's for tonight. so a relatively warm start to the day tomorrow. two systems that we're tracking over the next 24 hours, big upper level feature in the great lakes that will swing on through northern and western new hampshire for late tonight, especially beginning tomorrow morning into the early afternoon. then an ocean storm that will really crank up far out to sea, but a little piece of energy could work back at us giving us scr snow showers from mid
5:44 pm
so look at it on future cast, notice how the clouds begin to lower and thicken. and from that system to the east and from the west, a scattering of snow showers and even right at the coast, mid to upper 30's may result in a few rain drops mixing in with a few flakes here or there, not much in the way of statewide. once we get into saturday, more partial sun and then clouds will race in late with a few flurries up north. that's along a warm front and that means temperatures heading higher yet again. a cooldown the next couple of days, but still above average. speaking of above average, we've government it big time for sunday, in the mid 40's, up near 50. couple of scattered afternoon rain showers. slightly cooler but bright and pleasant on tuesday, and the next storm with the warm air in place will be tough to get any snow. maybe an icy mix early wednesday morning, but then over to rain. jennifer: if you want to live a satisfying life, the continental u.s. may not be the best place
5:45 pm
josh: the new well-being index sur ray puts states, or put hawaii at number one, no big shocker there. but that's followed by alaska. other end of the peck trum, indiana and ohio. the survey asked everybody about their sense of purpose, social life, community, physical and financial health. montana, colorado, wyoming rounded out the top five. and in case you're wondering, new hampshire landed right in the middle. >> both the bruins and celtics are off tonight. bruins are enjoying the nhl all-star break. they don't play again until tuesday. celtics are adding a four-game winning streak, they host the magic tomorrow night. dartmouth hockey team has really turned it on this season, the big green has won seven of its last eight hockey games. currently sit just outside the top 20 hockey teams in the country. they only rank the top 20.
5:46 pm
21. tomorrow night they'll be tested as quinnipiac comes to town, we'll hear from the team tonight at 6:00. and it's thursday, which means we have another home town hero to share with you, this week it's will johnstone of plymouth. he's the captain of the plymouth high school ski team and the golf team. he skied 95 days last season and really does it all on the slopes. we'll have his story for you tonight at 6:00. see you then. jennifer: thank you. an unforgettable flight that was caught on camera. josh: up next what it took to arrange this par aglider's trip among the northern lights. tom: then at 6:00 tonight, new information about that f.b.i. investigation that shut down roads in brentwood yesterday. the weapons a man is accused of trying to buy and the plan he had once he got them. plus a man accused of interrupting a political event reaches a plea deal. the incident that started the court case and his message for
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join us for hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry
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[ cheering ] here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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jennifer: scandal star carrie
5:50 pm
the hasty pudding woman of the year. hasty pudding is the oldest theatrical organization in the country. and this afternoon washington led a parade through the streets of cambridge and received her pudding pot and threw some too. you can always watch ask the scandal "right here on wmur. and a new show at the verizon wireless arena is sure to be a big hit with the kids. josh: disney on ice opens up tonight. the show features many of the favorite characters, princesses, and classic characters such as mickey and minnie mouse. >> that's lot of adventure, romance, lots of dreams, just something for everybody. josh: dare to dream runs through the weekend. jennifer: one daredevil went to
5:51 pm
right back drop. this para glider from spain went to norway. he says it took patience and extra layers to find the right spot, but this was the result. josh: looks animated. jennifer: he says it was absolutely worth the extra work. looks like just a screen. amazing. josh: certainly interesting from that perspective too. thank you for joining us for news 9 at 5:00. jennifer: news 9 at 6:00 is
5:52 pm
tom: the f.b.i. says this arrest in brentwood was for a man plotting to stockpile weapons and ammunition. the answer he gave to an
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5:53 pm
jennifer: the young victim of a sex offender took the stand today as his prison sentence is reduced. the tight deadline for a judge to make his decision. mike: a weak system moves in tomorrow with snow showers in some spots. a timeline plus the changes we'll see this weekend. tom: 30 years later honoring the seven "challenger" astronauts, how the memory of christa mcauliffe is still inspiring >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. jennifer: new details tonight about an f.b.i. search out of brentwood home. court paperwork says the man who owns the house was the subject of an undercover sting. good evening, everyone, i'm jennifer vaughn. tom: and i'm tom griffith. agents say he was trying to buy tens of thousands of dollars worth of ammunition. shelley walcott joins us live in
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