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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  January 9, 2016 1:07am-1:42am EST

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the weekend and heavy rain to finish. a timeline of how it all plays out across new hampshire. tom: a shooting seriously injures a boston police officer. the piece of equipment requested by officers after the marathon bombings that may have saved his life. shelley: volunteers stepped in to improve the life of a veteran living with cancer. >> his spirit just inspires you to want to do something for people. shelley: the change at his home in new boston that' s opening up his world. tom: a new auction will let fans get close maybe too close to tom brady. the very personal items that are going up for sale. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. tom: it was a tough drive home for some this evening. state police say they responded to numerous accidents, most on i-93 between exits 18 and 19. in canterbury the highway was good evening, i'
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some freezing rain and light snow also sent cars sliding on route 89. wmur' s jean mackin was out on the roads all evening long. she joins us with the latest. jean: it looks good but what a start to the weekend. state police responded to about 15-20 accidents here. while there were some minor injuries. nothing but brake-lights in the northbound lanes of interstate 93 in canterbury, same goes for the southbound side, where the several accidents. like this car towed from the side of the highway. rain, snow and temperatures dipping below that freezing mark led a sudden halt in weekend plans. traffic so stalled we were able to get out and talk to drivers
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they said that she said, they turned -- shut it off. jean: condition seem to get worse of the state capital. several problems were also reported on state police were 89. busy handling one accident after the next. road crews headed out to treat the icy stretches of interstate that surprised some drivers >> i want to go home. >> great. >> trying to get home. i don' t want to be out all night. jean: what are the road conditions like? >> i thought they were fine. but some people understand the don' t driving conditions in new england. jean: traffic is moving again but state police caution drivers to use those winter driving skills that you haven' t been able to practice much this winter. shelley: the messy conditions
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during the evening commute could show up in other areas overnight. looking out live now over manchester, 34 degrees. when everything wraps up, we are heading over to mike haddad. mike: tracking a light wintry mix. so light, doppler radar not detecting it at all. a few flakes drifting through western maine, and eastern parts of stafford county, that is it. having said that, official reports. concord, more light snow. everything flying under the radar scopes as the winds freshen onshore. showers to the west. they move in during the overnight. we will see a few of those becoming more widespread. 5-15 miles per hour.
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just enough to glaze up untreated surfaces. give yourself a little extra time. a big change comes for sunday. we are talking about more rain than anything else. how much could we see? we will see, straight ahead. tom: a tool that became standard issue for boston police just a few months ago may have saved the life of a boston police officer today. the plainclothes officer was shot in the leg this morning and used a department-issued tourniquet to help stop the bleeding. officers requested tourniquets after the boston marathon bombing, where first responders and bystanders used anything the officer was serioulsy injured but is expected to recover. shelley: a man from alexandria is charged with driving while intoxicated. accused of nearly hitting a police cruiser. police in lebanon say peter gilbert crossed the center line of dartmouth college highway last night, and almost hit a cruiser. the officer pulled gilbert over,
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and ran into the woods. a police dog tracked him down. a man from manchester is facing multiple charges in connection to a standoff yesterday. police say he broke into a family member' s home on dave street. five other people were inside at the time. police say he threatened to kill everyone and wouldn' t let them out. swat team members overpowered him while he stood near an open door, and took him into custody. no one was seriously hurt. tom: bail will remain set at $10,000 cash for the mom from rochester, charged in connection to her daughter' s drug overdose death. jazzmyn rood is one of three adutls arrested in connection with eve tarmey' during today' learned the u.s. attorney' s office may file charges against her as well. prosecutors believe because of these new charges, rood is an increased flight risk. shelley: candidates are focusing in on new hampshire, with the primary just about a month out.
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republican presidential contenders to the granite state today. wmur' s stephanie woods has our commitment 2016 coverage. stephanie: john kasich and carly fiorina each wrapped up a 5-day sweep through the granite state today while marco rubio ended a 2-day tour. but with just 31 days before the new hampshire primary will they spend enough time in the state to win? mr. kasich: i don' t ever want to make decisions without having women in the room. because without it, i don' t think you' re getting the full picture on how to do things :28 . this is the way i roll. stephanie: john kasich rolled into exeter friday night and spoke to a packed house at the exeter inn. kasich says he' s been able to create a $2 billion budget surplus and 385,000 new jobs while governor of ohio, through compromise. mr. kasich: the republican party is my vehicle, not my master. stephanie: but like most gop hopefuls, kasich wants to cut funding to planned parenthood.
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2013. mr. kasich: it' s not just women' s health centers but it' s hospitals, legitimate hospitals, you know these kinds of entities that women can go to to get what they need. i mean there' s no way we can take that money away and not have the women -- money there. stephanie: carly fiorina visited labelle winery friday afternoon, where she spoke with voters, and sipped fine wine. but the former ceo of hewlett packard' s speech was anything but light taking a firm line against isis and iran. ms. fiorina: until you open every military and every nuclear facility to real anytime anywhere inspections by our people, not yours, we the united states of america will make it as difficult as possible for you to move money. we must stop the money flow. stephanie: florida senator marco rubio held a town hall in concord friday. he stressed the importance of electing a conservative to the white house who will reform veterans' health care. mr. rubio: a year and a half ago, i passed a law and the president signed this law, that said you can fire any senior
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let me just tell you, you are likelier to win the powerball than you are to be fired from the va. stephanie: but don' t expect the campaign season to slow down just yet. hillary clinton will pick an endorsement from planned parenthood on sunday while donald trump will hold a town hall in windham monday. live in the studio stephanie woods wmur news 9. tom: the group open democracy is crying foul after a rare move nixed a bill calling for a constitutional amendment on campaign spending. new hampshire reformers won a big victory when the house voted 156-152 to pass sb 136 yesterday. that vote would have made new hampshire the 17th state and the first with republican majorities to officially take a stand against citizens united, and unlimited campaign spending. that vote, however, was quickly reversed through a reconsideration vote. >> we won the vote and then there was a motion to reconsider . the machines broke. and in those 20 minutes, a whole
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representatives who say leadership put pressure on them to switch their votes. tom: open democracy is s website does not include the original roll call to pass the bill so at this point, citizens are not able to see which representatives actually switched their votes. the store in bath that claimed the title america' s oldest continuously operating general store is closing. owners of the brick store posted today on facebook that they' re sad to announce the decision. they say economic factors, like the decline of the tour bus industry and the recession, prompted the decision. the store had closed for the winter in early december, originally planning to reopen in may. shelley: a heartwarming story out of new boston. a disabled veteran living with cancer was stuck at home in bed, until his community came together to help give him part of his life back.
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volunteers motivated by a man they say inspires them. >> he' s an amazing person with what he' s facing. his spirit just inspires you to want to do something for people. shelley: craig maciaszek is veteran who spent several weeks in the hospital battling cancer. >> on my birthday, i was released from the hospital on november 13 and found out i was paralyzed. stephanie: since then, this dad of two has been bound to a hospital bed inside his home. when new boston fire chief dan macdonald heard about craig ' s inability to get around, he mobilize on his bit half. >> we looked at the situation, and decided not only did he need a ramp, he needed a wheelchair, a motorized wheelchair because he hasn' t been out of the house since november. he couldn' t even get around within the house. shelley: members of the new boston community church bought craig' s wheelchair. the chestnut hill chapel also stepped in, donating lumber for the ramp. >> and then we had a team of people, including folks from new boston fire, team rubicon, and
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today, to help build it. shelley: now craig is back outside, enjoying the fresh air for the first time in weeks. and he and his family are grateful to have this part of their lives back. course now i' m outside, i can best >> now i' m outside, i can possibly take the dog for a walk again. i' m just so very thankful they came together to help us. means a lot to us. shelley: craig is the father of a 14 and 7-year-old, and he says they are grateful his family has been able to overcome this hurdle. tom: we wish them the best. mexican drug lord el chapo is back in custody. coming up on news 9 tonight. where mexican authorities finally caught up with him months after he escaped from prison. mike: plenty of changes over the next as we' ll see a wintry mix, 24 hours. heavy rain, gusty winds, and even mild temperatures. how it all plays out this weekend. shelley: bidding will start at $2500 in a new auction involving
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tom: the infamous mexican drug lord known as el chapo is back behind bars. this picture was taken after he was captured at a motel in mexico. shelley: he escaped from prison last year, an embarrassment for mexican authorities. abc' s kenneth moton has details on the arrest. kenneth: captured. the wanted poster says it all, the man called el chapo is once again in the arms of the law. >> it is a very big deal that were able to pull this off. kenneth: joaquin guzman, the most wanted drug lord in the world, now the prize prisoner of
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they tracked him down after six friday months on his trail, mexican marines storming his hideout in el chapo' of sinaloa. killing five of his gunmen in the pre-dawn raid. inside, a deadly arsenal of military-grade weapons, rifles, m-16' s with grenade launchers, and russian rocket-propelled grenades. but no el chapo. they caught him at a nearby hotel, where he was photographed in handcuffs, wearing a dirty t-shirt. mexico' s president tweeted, mission accomplished, we got him. and they settled the score with the drug kingpin who escaped right before their eyes last july as a security camera rolled. guzman is seen pacing in his cell, removing his ankle monitor, then disappearing down this mile-long tunnel custom-dug by his own team of engineers whisking el chapo away to this it was the second time he' d broken out of a mexican prison. the big question now, will
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u.s. requests to extradite el chapo for trial? he' s allegedly behind twenty-five per cent of america' s drug trafficking. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. tom: homeland security is delaying the enforcement of the real i.d. act. the tsa was expected to start requiring newer, more-stringent id' s at the start of this year. but this afternoon, homeland security said non-compliant licenses would be accepted for the next two years. new hampshire is one of the states where licenses aren' t in compliance with the federal real i.d. law but had been granted an extension before today' announcement. shelley: the first woman elected mayor of nashua wrapped up her donnalee lozeau' s term officially expires at noon s when mayor-elect jim donchess will officially take over. lozeau served for 8 years as mayor. she won her first election by 632 votes. she says there are a lot of things she' job, but she' ll treasure the
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>> probably the thing that i' m most proud of being mayor is how we did things. the approach we took. we stayed on the high road, we brought the right people to the table to solve really complex problems. shelley: lozeau says she is now starting another career as the executive director of southern new hampshire services. tom: some very personal items worn by tom brady are going up for auction. a pair of boxer shorts and a grey t-shirt that brady wore during the movie ted 2 are being sold. the movie has a scene where mark wahlberg' s character and ted the talking bear break into brady' s home while he' s asleep. the starting bid is $2500, and the auction opens monday. there you go. you can get the boxers and a great t-shirt. only $2500. anchor: a little change if you win the powerball.
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the state, nothing going on. take a look at the way it started off. all morning long, lots of sunshine. then quickly during the afternoon, clouds filling in. a lot of open water out there. now, more than a week into january. warm december of there in terms of the lack of ice. also, the lack of heavy rain, snow, or sleep. a little drizzle, freezing drizzle and light snow showers. keep that in mind. concord, along the coast, precipitation. a little bit in jeffrey. a few spits of rain and snow in manchester. scattered. if you are out and about, a couple of these showers will move in. more from the ocean.
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beyond that, take a look at what is heading in our direction. big time changes. juice building out of the gulf. eventually, it hits new hampshire for the second half of the weekend. a little bit of light snow. enough to greece up the roads. temperatures fall into the 20' s by 6:00 or 7:00 tomorrow morning. not a big temperature fall but just enough. notice what happens on futurecast. light rain showers during the afternoon and early evening. light snow will persist in the north country. a coating to maybe an inch. for tomorrow night, light rain will develop. temperatures rise a little bit. mid-to-upper 30' s. 40 by morning.
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rainfall rates possibly up to 0.5 inches per hour. in addition, temperatures jump into the 30' s -- 40' s and the work 50' s. later winds from the southeast. potential cost -- gusts, kick around to the northwest. mild temperatures. they get pushed to the east. north. gusty winds as well. there could be some snow at this point. wednesday situation, especially to be watched.
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midmorning and get ready for a big-time change. a little bit of everything out there. tom: bruins in action. it jason: on their home ice,
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jason: entering the night, the bruins had lost 5 of their last six games, trying to get back on track in new jersey against the the first of six games in nine devils. the first of six games in nine nights for the bees, former unh wildcat paul thompson of derry, new hampshire making his nhl , debut for new jersey tonight. first, bruins get on the board quickly. frank vatrano lifts the rebound past cory schneider, the sixth of the year. they got two more in the second, ryan spooner gets his ninth.
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shot is redirected by jimmy 3-1 boston. third, bruins win 4-1. the 3,000th regular season win for the franchise. night. the monarchs in elmira tonight. maxim kitsyn scored twice and doug carr made 35 saves, 6-1. derek arnold each tallied a goal and two assists. tomorrow as well. a tough test for unh tonight against the 10th ranked team in the country, the umass-lowell river cox -- river hawks. danny tirone had a great game in net for the wildcats, nice glove save here in the second period, no score after two. late in the third, and the river hawks finally push one by, ryan collins scored with 2:44 remaining in regulation. umass-lowell wins it 1-0. unh is now 8-8-4 overall and 2-2-4 in hockey east the wildcats play a home and home with northeastern next
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tonight. another good game. 1-0, vermont beats dartmouth. against holly cross. s hockey this afternoon, saint anselm home with saint scholastica. first period, sara mcnamara gets a shot off. ashley moran is there to stuff same score in the third, halle kent with a great chance, she stays with it and gets the goal, saint and slum -- anselm wins by a shutout. former unh football coach bill bowes will be inducted into the national college football hall of fame, the announcement was made on espn this morning. bowes was the head coach at unh for 27 years, retiring after the 1998 season as the winningest coach in atlantic-10 conference history. he' s the first ever unh wildcat to be inducted. the ceremony will take place later this year on december 6, . the nfl'
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announced today, three new england patriots made the cut. tight end rob gronkowski and place kicker stephen gostkowski were both selected to the first team, while linebacker jamie collins was selected to the second team. the playoffs get underway tomorrow. you can see the wild card game right here on channel nine. the chiefs and the texans. four -- 4:20 kickoff. 84 from the houston texans. he is of londonderry. ryan missed much of the first half of the season with an injury, but since returning to the lineup in late november, he has 19 catches for 247 yards and two touchdowns. the patriots will get either the winner of that game tomorrow or guys? tom: still to come on news 9 these haircuts were about more than getting a new style. shelley: the hair donation
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tom: students at londonderry high school cut their hair for a good cause today. shelley: this is their annual date of giving and students
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those involved say its a >> it is emotional. i was cutting someones hair a year ago never thinking that i would be a recipient of one of these. so i know what it has meant to me to have hair to put on its just a beautiful thing these angels are doing. i can' t leave i am improving somebody pass lifelike is. best somebody' t these lifelike this. mike: not a whole lot falls. light drizzle. untreated surfaces a little greasy. sunday, a big rainmaker coming in. to two inches of a rain. approaching record highs.
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