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tv   Charlie Rose  PBS  November 13, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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a contractor without a license, bilking seniors out of money by low balancing their estimates and jacking up the price. he could spend as many as 30 years in federal prison. tonight we got the first look on how many or actually how few people have signed up for health insurance under the so-called obamacare exchanges. the numbers are low and a local congressman says fixing it may be nearly impossible. >> reporter: andy harris is the state's only republican in congress. the strikingly low numbers we heard about today, he says, are just a symptom of much bigger problems with the new law. just 106,000 people signed up for health insurance in the first month of obamacare. most of those were states that set up their own exchanges. that's how mere land did it -- maryland duty. nearly 11,000 completed applications and just under 1,300 selected a new health plan. problems with the websites are partly to blame for the low
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numbers. congressman andy harris said it's no surprise to him, but, he says, the websites are just the least of obamacare's worries. >> fundamentally there's structural problems and we're seeing it with the cancellation of the policies, the increasing costs, the fact you may not be able to keep your daughter. >> reporter: here in washington today, congressman cummings blamed governors from the 36 states who chose not to build their own insurance exchanges and rely on the federal government instead. >> nobody in this room, nobody in this country believes that republicans want to fix the website. >> reporter: congressman harris says he and other republicans never did support the idea of forcing people to buy federally mandated plans, but he does support parts of the law that prevent companies from denying insurance for preexisting conditions and ending lifetime caps on care. but now. >> there are major cost problems, access to physician problems. if you like your plan, you can keep it problems. and at this late hour, i'm not sure that we can even save
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those provisions short of scrapping the entire law. it may be too late to do anything about it. >> reporter: republicans and some democrats are preparing a plan that would allow people to keep insurance policies theylike. congressman harris said it may be too late to do that either. the insurance companies would have just six weeks to gain approval for those old plans that people are being forced to give up. live in the news room, abc 2 news. meteorologist says your furnace is about to ca the weekend off. wyatt. >> not tonight. you'll be cranking the thing on high all night. 27 in woodbine. many below the freezing mark of 32. we only get colder overnight. >> the winds let up generally speaking. light winds, clear skies and dry air, all a recipe for very cold overnight lows. probably not record breakers but we'll be back in the 20s at
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daybreak across the statetomorrow. no new weather headed our way, other than a lot of sunshine and bright skies. pushing 50 by midday. look at that weekend outlook, talk about the big warmup and the next arctic air shot, all coming up. a landmark, the flea market has been tucked away at the corner of annapolis. >> ed vendors say you would think they moved or shut down the way business has been. a few bad apples nearly ruined the whole bag. >> i like areas like this one. this is one of my favorites for the holiday. >> reporter: don't let the slow traffic outside fool you. the flea market is open for business. sweet smells have been coming from the perfume people for 17 years. but robin says the past year and a half has been a struggle.
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april 2012 the flea market were raided. they bumped vendors selling counterfeited appar really as well as pirated dvds. a handful of venders were arrested but it seems everyone has paid the price. they were only closed a day but legitimate vendors say the public doesn't know that. >> it's been terrible, because people don't understand everything we sell is real. we would like to see people come back. >> i've had customers come a year later thinking we just opened. >> people got afraid. they're afraid to come over here because they think they're going to get blamed for something they didn't do. >> reporter: carla walters, sr., or shorty as he's known ispractically one of the originals. the produce shop has been at the flea market for 22 years. >> i want the public to know a little bit of bad vendors here, 95% good vendors. >> reporter: vendors like this, who just opened a shop one
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month before the raid. >> i work hard and everything that i work on. i want people to be able to see it. without people here, you know, we can't make a livelihood. you know, i can't sell anything. >> reporter: sells for carol's car connection have been under the speed limit since the raid. carol easily just wants her family business back in the fast lane. >> i actually sell cards in all sizes, all makes, all models from the early 1900's, all the way to current. >> the traffic is slowly picking up. before the raid they typically see about 12,000 visitors a weekend. on this weekend, it was about 8,000. venders have their sights set on black friday. instead of a big box stores, they want you to come here. [ inaudible ]
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>> reporter: and 15 degrees below average, it's going to stay awfully frigid
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overnight tonight but change the head. we'll talk about how things will be by the weekend coming up.
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>> this time of year there's the flu and if you're the parent of a younger child you've taken your kids to get that shot. what about a strain without a vaccine, without a cure. >> a new and deadly strain is hitting china. how scientists right here in our area are trying to keep the virus from hitting our shores. >> reporter: it's not your typical waiting room. but then again, benjamin johnson isn't your typical patient. he's one of 1,000 volunteers across the country getting pricked to hopefully save lives. >> what i like to do is before you go through the actual consenting process with our consent form that we've given you is for me to go over the details of the study with you.
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>> reporter: the study, a clinical trial against what they're calling h-7 and 9. but you might better know it as a new and deadly strain of bird flu. >> this one that we're testing in this study, not yet fda licensed is to protect against the potential pandemic. >> reporter: so far 44 people are dead and even though it hasn't spread beyond china, scientists say it's only a matter of time. >> the danger is that it could potentially start spreading in a sustained human to human transmission, and because one- third of the people so far have died from this, we think that if it starts spreading outside of china, that it could cause a lot of disease in the united states and elsewhere. >> reporter: the strain already made a genetic mutations that dr. campbell says could lead to pandemic. so he's fighting the virus the best way we know how, vaccinations. and thanks to volunteers like johnson, scientists are hoping
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to be a step ahead. >> it may affect people here in this country so i wanted to see if i can try to help. >> reporter: there's no time line on when this new bird flu could spread elsewhere, but as soon as the next transmission between people, it could take quickly. abc 2 news. the university of maryland school of medicine is one ever five locations selected to conduct all across the country. investing in the health of retired players. three medical centers are joining forces to help diagnose, manage and improve niewr rock cal health in the -- neurological health in the former pros. they'll have a full exam including a brain scan and work with a team of doctors to diagnose and personalize some of the individual treatment plans. cognitive, motor and social function will be compared over time. the hope is to slow the progress of any potential degenerative brain disease that may exist from all that
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repetitive head trauma. >> this is a population that some have identified as being at risk for neurological disease. so our approach has been to and will be to look at this population and see can we identify potential declines or diseases maybe earlier. >> it will be available to former players starting in early december. and of course, concussions can have an impact on more than just the prose. if your -- pros. if your young athlete takes a hit to the head, you need to know the warning signs. check out under the sports tab at the top of the page. in tonight's consumer alert, with the holidays approaching it is the season for giving. >> you want to make sure you're donating to the right charity. many of similar names. those who want to help those abroad, like in the philippines to select a charity that is
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experienced in international relief efforts. a startup group may have the best of intentions but may not have the infrastructure. many charities will prefer cash donations. do homework to find out what a charity really needs and what it really wants. start off with a check of the deep freeze alerts. none for our state despite being back in the 20s again. all of maryland has been at or below freezing several nights now. this cold blast is far- reaching, all the deep south now, mississippi, alabama, georgia under this deep freeze, even parts of north florida including tallahassee. orange crops down there getting unusual november thats out of this deep blast of very, very cold air. i want to show you the current temperatures from maryland south into the deep south. we see the deep freeze extending very far to the south. it was a clear scenario to
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finish out the day in baltimore. now temperatures continuing to fall as the winds let up. it's just going to be a very cold and clear night around here. 32 degrees right now. winds are west at 8. and the chill will continue. you have a great weather shot. a great winter sky photo from jim schuller who posed it on our abc 2 news twitter page. we'll get them on the air for you. we love to see those great winter shots. tomorrow feeling like winter in the morning. 23 at 7:00 a.m. 48 by midday. 58 by 4:00. we start to trend milder by tomorrow afternoon. we will not have the wind to deal with at least, but boy, it's going to be cold out there statewide tonight. already down to 20s. wind has let up and really diminished. a light breeze out of the west now as high pressure continues to settle in. very, very dry. if you noticed the skin starting to crack a little bit, maybe changed lips, that's because the air is so dry with this current arctic air mass.
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won't change much for 24 hours or so. maybe run the humidifier overnight tonight to make it more comfortable for sleeping. clear across the entire region and the western u.s. all courtesy of a weather cell that will dominate our weather the next 42-72 hours. you'll need sunglasses, fairly thick coat first thing in the morning. by midday you'll be able to shed the coat. you'll still need sunglasses through the end of the weekend. future temperatures looking fairly cold until we moderate tomorrow afternoon. that's the short-term look. beyond that into the weekend, we will trend milder as the high pressure slides. we'll start to get a south wind flow going. that will be our weather pattern shift number one. lasts through the weekend. our next blast of cold air forming up over northwestern canada. make a dive south in the middle of next week. what we saw this week, get ready for that again early next week. 23 tonight with a deep freeze.
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clear and calm. tomorrow we should fight back to 54 degrees, get close to seasonable levels at least. next several days, climate temperaturewise, we finally push 60 saturday afternoon. sunday looks great, low 60s. then there's that next powerhouse cold front that will bring in the cold blast toward the early part of next week. temperatures plummet by the time we get into tuesday late and wednesday. again right now enjoy it. an interesting one week seven day cycle right now where we get a cold blast, recover, and another cold blast. see if we can keep this going. >> kind of ease us into winter. >> that's what it is. has to be. coming up, comedian sarah silverman and magician david blaine are going to sit on jonathan's couch tomorrow night. >> but who's on the couch tonight? jimmy? >> thanks, and here's some of the magic that's waiting for you after the news. >> ladies and gentlemen, noon
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hour the special musical birthday treatment to me from fabulous las vegas, the taylors. ♪ [ music ] ♪ jimmy, it's your birthday ♪ you're watching a year slip away until the day that you pass away ♪ ♪ oh, birthday, good morning nelly! woah.
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>> an old cliche, wanting to express your love on top of a mountain. but that was the dream of one rock-climbing entrepreneur. these stunning pictures were taken for an extreme wedding company, founded by adventure and ordained minister himself, and the company unfortunately never got off the ground. weiss died in a climbing accident shortly after these pictures were taken. the photographer ben horton remembers shooting the photos. >> we didn't really have all the pieces together when we were out there. gill had an idea and a wedding dress. and he was literally walking around camp four, which is the
11:21 pm
little climber village in yosemite looking for girls that fit the wedding dress. >> they eventually found a woman who fit the dress and was willing to pose. the pictures have gone viral online. horton said they have actually been out for a while but he's glad to see that they're suddenly finally getting attention. a man in florida was so desperate for a caffeine fix he pretended to be a sheriff's deputy to get a discount on a cup of coffee. he showed a sheriff's star badge at the drive through at the dunkin' donuts trying to get a discount. when the discount was refused he showed a gun and said see, i am a cop. he was dumb enough to come back the next day. the manager wrote down his license tag and later police pulled him over. he was arrested. he is no longer a fake cop. here we go. a 5-year-old little guy in florida made a big impression at the game serving as a high school drum major. michael williams shows us his moves. ever since he saw a marching band he's dreamed of being part
11:22 pm
of the show. so the 5-year-old decided to practice with graves central high school last seemer band camp. little did he know he was being recruited to be one of the band's newest drum majors. >> then i guess before. playing in front of a lot of people. it really is exciting. >> saturday he made his big debut in the biggest game of the glades called the muck bowl. look at him. >> he's got some skills. >> that's great. >> he's got the moves. awesome. cold? >> yeah. >> out of florida, right? warm down there. check of the temperatures already down below freezing everywhere in maryland just about. stevensville 2 above. most of it down to 20s. by midday tomorrow, we start to break out of this thing and we recover nicely into the weekend before the next cold blast next we. but all eyes on the weekend in the 60s. not a bad deal. we'll be back. complicated as it is.
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but it gets down right overwhelming when you multiply it by the business of life. all those bills, budgets, accounts and taxes.
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>> 60 on saturday. >> all right, let's go. >> a local charity claiming to raise money in the name of fallen police officers. that's not what we found. the undeniable facts behind an unregistered charity, tomorrow at 11:00.
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oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. tonight, ray romano fr e >> from hollywood, "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, ray romano from "the best man holiday" eddie cibrian and music from the killers with cleto and the cletones and now, like i told you before, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ jimmy kimmel live [ cheers and applause [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much.
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very nice. thank you. welcome to the show. thank you for watching. thank you for being here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] this is a particularly special night. i would look to start the show by wishing myself a very happy birthday. no, no -- pass your gifts off to the front. i will open them later. i got a lot of calls and texts for my birthday this morning. don't get me wrong. i appreciate it. i really do. i would look to take a moment to refresh my relatives, especially older relatives on the east coast about something called time difference you. see when it is 9:00 a.m. in new york it is 6:00 a.m. in lay lay whelay -- l.a. where i live. just imagine turning the 9 upside down. when you call from the east coast 9:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m. here to tell me you hope i have a
11:32 pm
great day. ironically that call waking me up all but ensures that my day will not be great. still has a shot at being a good day. any day that starts with a phone call at 6:12 a.m., already not great. i know this time zone thing has only been around since 1900. so, but let's maybe get used to it now that it has been around for 113 years and think about it every once in a while on november 13th my birthday. by next year each of my aunts and uncles will forget. my sister's birthday is tomorrow. maybe they will take mercy on her tomorrow morning. i doubt it. but maybe. thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ] it's great. i turned 46 today. which is, not a great age. 46 is -- [ cheers and applause ] nothing to get excite ad about
11:33 pm
all. you are too young to do crazy people stuff. too old to do crazy young people stuff. you do nothing i did get a lot of gifts. my co-workers attempted to murder me with deserts. i had cookies, home made chocolate chip cookies, jen, banana cream pie, lobster and crab roll, eggs and toast, canolis, orange julius, and slice of cake, all before 1:00 this afternoon. it was ale really good too. you don't know, birthday cake is -- the idea of birthday cake is great when you think about it. all your friend and family gather around. oh, no, a pastry is on fire. if someone doesn't put it out we will all die. then you step forward and say i've got this. you blow the fire out. and everyone applaud. it's like being superman. a very out of shape version of superman. we have a great lineup of guest for me tonight. ray romano is here, eddie
11:34 pm
cibrian is here, music from hometown group, the killers. our second night of them. they were here last night too. which i guess that makes them serial killers, right. [ drum roll ] >> jimmy: my birthday, give me a break. best gift i got today, toronto city council meeting starring their almost unbelievable mayor rob ford. rob ford as you may know admitted to last week having smoked crack while in office. since then he said multiple times he will not step down. legally they can't force him to. the toronto city council held a meeting to vote on whether or not to ask him to resign. which seems very canadian to me. mayor ford was at the meeting. well here he is being questioned by chief rival counselor denzel minnenwall. >> mr. mayor, do you still have zero tolerance for drugs, guns,
11:35 pm
and gangs? >> absolutely. >> mr. mayor, can you tell me how that applies to you? >> i just answered that question. >> mr. mayor, have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years? [ "jeopardy" clock effect ] ♪ ♪ >> yes, i have. >> jimmy: yes, despite that -- [ cheers and applause ] despite that admission mayor ford reiterated to day he does
11:36 pm
not have a drug or alcohol problem. toronto has a drug and alcohol problem. their mayor. it was a crazy meeting. at one point ford implied other members of the city council do drugs too and suggested they all undergo mandatory drug and alcohol testing and he would pay for it himself out of his own drug buying money. a great moment when counselor michael thompson asked if the may your visited a crack house. >> it has been report you'd attended a residence in toronto. at that residence deemed or suggested it is a -- a crack house. >> it is not a crack house. have you visited the house? have you walked in the house? no you haven't. you are listening to what -- >> mayor ford. >> can i answer the question? >> allow counselor tom ask the question. >> you don't want to hear my answer. i'm not being truthful have you
11:37 pm
been into the house. >> i have no interest being that in house. i am not a crack user. >> jimmy: it makes sense. [ applause ] you don't eat waffles, you don't go to the wafflehouse. this may have been my favorite moment of the meeting. counselor mike del grande asked about an incident, the mayor kicked out of maple leafs game at the canada center for being drunk and disorderly, imagine the mayor getting kicked out. after that happened the mayor apologized swore it would never happen again. clearly it did and then some. >> when you yourself came before this council and you apologized to your family you, poll jaapol to the council and about behavior at canada center, you said that conduct would be repeated. >> 2 iin 2006, you are right.
11:38 pm
>> can we assume the conduct repeat you'd stated on numerous occasions that you the were, to use your word, inebriated. every commotion has been because you indicated you have been inebriated, you failed to appreciate that perhaps there is a problem there. >> counselor, i have admitted to my mistakes. i said it would not hatch pppenn and it has never happened again at the air canada center. >> jimmy: game, and set, and match. after all of that, end of the meeting the city council voted 37-5, they asked mayor ford to step down. the five against, mayor ford, his brother, doug, a crack dealer and two hookers, i think. some how the story got crazy. a judge released a 500 page police report among revelations a member of the mayor's staff
11:39 pm
claimed he saw him last year on st. patrick's day with a prostitute, and another witnessed the mayor snorting cocai cocaine. at this point. the only shocking allegation you can make is he was caught eating a salad. it's amazing, toronto has a 400 pound andy dick running the city. messages and calls i have been getting from family members for my birthday. if you watch our show regularly, you are familiar with my aunt chippy, a loving person, but she can be a very loud person. even for me, it is some times hard to tell if she is being nice or yelling at me. she is always yelling at me whether being nice or not. when she calls and leaves me a v voice mail. i save it. i don't answer the fen phone to voice mails. i will play the first few second of a voice mail from aunt chippy, guess if it is a happy voice mail or angry voice mail.
11:40 pm
you begin? >> you never answer your freaking phone, especially for your aunt. >> jimmy: happy or angry? >> angry? >> i called to tell you you, i just watched you. you were wonderful. handsome. you should wear a tuxedo all the time. >> jimmy: all right. you see what i am sake. next one. >> jimmy it is your aunt -- >> jimmy: all right, what does that sound like to you? >> angry. >> jimmy: let's find out. >> you are up for the emmy, i am so excited! i am so excited! and i think i wet myself anyway. i am so happy for you. i love you. i love you. i love you. bye. >> jimmy: once again. that's one -- the next one. hey, jim it is aunt chippy. g jimmy: happy or angry? >> angry. >> the only way to get ahold of
11:41 pm
you this is your aunt. the only way to get ahold of you, i will get a carrier pigeon that [ bleep ] on your head when i call you or leave a message for you. i love you. when you get a chance. give me a call. >> jimmy: a little of each. we have one more. >> i have waited since 5:30 this morning to call you to wish you a happy birthday. >> happy? >> jimmy: all right. let's see. >> i waited at 6:30, that's too early, i will let him sleep. 7:30, no. 8:30. it's 9:30, where the -- i called to wish you a happy birthday. don't play this [ bleep ] thing on national television. happy birthday! >> jimmy: thank you, aunt chippy. thank you. we'll take a break. when we come back, the killers have writ ten a special birr daytona song jubirr --
11:42 pm
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>> jimmy: welcome back, ray romano and eddie cibrian are here, and the killers are here. i love the killer we, both grew up in las vegas. when my producers asked who i would look to be here for my birthday i asked for them. and they said yes. and wrote a song to celebrate this historic occasion. i decided to help them with that. wow, a good shot. hey, guys what's happening.
11:47 pm
>> hey, jimmy. >> good to see you. >> how are you? what's happening? thank you for coming. hear you are writing me a song for your birthday. >> it is supposed to be a surprise. >> oh, really. oh, i'm sorry. i didn't mean to. but i did actually wrote a few things down. don't know if you need any help with. >> not really. >> jimmy: i don't know if you are going to be focusing on my body at all. there are certain parts i look to highlight you. probably notice my eyebrows a lot of people comment on them. they're, they're like naturally like this. people think they're, they're professionally shaped or something. but these are them. so. i don't know if you want to work that in there. >> they are nice, jimmy. >> jimmy: thank you. my calves, like below my are very muscular. >> do you run a lot? >> no, they're like naturally
11:48 pm
like that. you know, like miniature boulders. >> do you think maybe you should be writing some of this down. we have pads and papers here. i don't know if you guys want to. >> i have a pretty good memory, jimmy. >> jimmy: i loike to have fun. i love to party. >> that's a good idea. make sure you write that one down. >> maybe spell it out. party. p-a-r-t-y. j-i-m-m-y, p-a-r-t-y. jimmy party. what would be great if you put something about how good i am at sex. like he really knows how to do it. you don't say what "it" is. but jimmy knows how how to do it. p-a-r-t-y.
11:49 pm
j-i-m-m-y. do any of you rap? great to have a rap. break it down. >> mark is good. had a rap group in high school. >> jimmy: you did. that's gray. perfect then. love it. beard is a weird thing for a rapper. clean that up a little bit. get the hair little bit trimmed. [ humming ] >> you guys want to ask me -- >> this covers a lot of ground. >> jimmy: did anyone want to see my calves or? you just want to got a look at them? >> that's all right. >> let me just show you one of them. look, you see that. what i was talking about there. poke it or whatever. get in there. >> that looks like my dad's calves. >> your dad has nice calves? >> nice calves. >> jimmy: this is going to be the best birthday ever. see you later. all right. great. take care.
11:50 pm
thanks. [ cheers and applause ] so, they wrote the song. ladies and gentlemen, here now with a special musical birthday tribute to me from fabulous las vegas, the killers! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ birthday jimmy it's your birthday you're watching the years slip away until the day that you pass away oh birthday jimmy it's your birthday your number of tired jokes are few we're going to dig a grave to hold you how will you die will the people cry to learn you're dead will your heart explode in your chest will you the mourn the sins left unconfessed will it be a car crash
11:51 pm
twisted metal wreck will you fall down the stairs and break your neck or choke on a bone drown in the mud jimmy how will it end old man jimmy is soon to die ashes fleet up to the -- ashes float up to the sky old man jimmy you're soon to die maggots crawling out of your eyes ♪ ♪ what do you think of it so far, jim? >> jimmy: well it's -- what happened to the stuff about how awesome i am like my calves and partying and stuff? >> we just thought this was more us. we wanted to give you our take or on it. until we finish it. let's finish the second half.
11:52 pm
>> jimmy: all right. ♪ birthday jimmy it's your birthday ♪ ♪ grasping for all your yesterdays ♪ ♪ as you slowly waste away ♪ how will you die probably crying out in vain from wherever you are ♪ ♪ will you die in place or maybe freeze from starvation to disease will they slit your throat shoot you dead will your brain corrode on the kamode jimmy where does it end ♪ ♪ old man jimmy is soon to die ♪ ashes float up to the sky ♪ old man jimmy ♪ old man jimmy ♪ is soon to die
11:53 pm
maggots crawl out of your eyes ♪ ♪ old man jimmy is soon to die ♪ time to go kiss your wife and kids good-bye ♪ ♪ old man jimmy is soon to die ♪ and his body will be covered in flies ♪ ♪ die die die ♪ come on ♪ die die die ♪ old man jimmy's going to die ♪ old man jimmy's going to die ♪ oh jimmy kimmel it's your time to die ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you're welcome. the killers, everybody. really great. thank you so much. hey, we have a great show tonight.
11:54 pm
eddie cibrian is here. hopefully a better song from the killers. we will be right back with ray romano. ♪ die die die ♪ die die die ♪ old man jimmy's going to die and the rear seats in the dodge durango fold down perfectly flat. and you know what that's for. huh? ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> jimmy: eddie cibrian is here. this is their best direction, direct hits, the killers, back for the second night. they were great last night. tomorrow night on the show, sarah silverman will be here. should probably tell her i got married. david blain. music from charlie wilson. join us then. >> jimmy: our first guest is an emmy-winning actor and comedian whose long-term plan to make everyone love him actually seemed to work. you can see him now on "parenthood" - which airs thursday nights on nbc, please welcome ray romano. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> whoa, easy. >> jimmy: very happy to have you here tonight. >> thank you, wow. >> jimmy: everything all right. how are you doing? >> i am good. good to be back.


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