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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  November 13, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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ner next, move over uncle sty. >> donnii wahlberg revealed next year. >> and you can't have an entourage without some eye candy. upton hant done a whole lot of acting, but se's in the upcoming, the other woman with cameron diaz.wvxe
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>> and i will not stop until i te stroi you. >> that would be great, but now there's board game versions of their famous apps. >> so i can play bejewelled with my kid? >> yep. >> we love the games on our smart phones. but as far as the fun goes, it's undeniably aent-social. they're joining forces to play with the whole family. number one on our list? angry birds. your opponent the pig does the building. you do the destroying.
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>> it's still if you haver than it looks. we'll get together and say hey, why not bring besdwruled to live as a board game. you can't cheat in the app version, either. >> alex baldwin was booted off an american airlines flight. words with friends live also has a companion score. apps going board games. >> keeping it in the digital world, one may be the loneliest number but for china, it's the most lucrative. >> connor, what's the deal? >> ready for the biggest online
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shopping day of the year? too late. it's already happened. chinese know the best deals are only november 11th. in schooi that, there was some next-level bargain hunting going on. they spent over $5.75 billion online. our best was around 1.5 billion. america, we just got out-shopped. i guess they look like bare sticks. and one is a lonely number and, basically, it's just a good excuse to have a sale. they own two of china's largest
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e-portals. and now, 11-11 is a huge shopping day. it gives ewe a glimplgs into just how many chinese people are online. these sites are huge. most of that population still doesn't have broad band internet access. that means next year, singles day could double. >> there's finally enough space freed up to look at viral videos again. >> viralist. >> first up, doggie digital fact time. the little ray dpar is watching videos of're adorable westies. but he hasn't figured out how
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this whole swer net thing works. poor little guy, he's going to get a neck cramp. next, leave it alone. check out this japanese video bringing you some cats. this is why we don't have nice things. and there goes another one. the disappearing act. the cat is curious about these water balloons. he just wants to grab onto the orange balloon. what was there is gone. and another balloon lost. >> got a great business idea? all you need now is money from funders. and you want an energy bar
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that's not just candy in a different wrapper? we've got the healthiest ones coming up on if list. >> leer's the list of the most sold board games ever. number four, scrabble. number tree, backgammon. number two, checkers. and then when you get up -- can i play? no! you don't even get football. [ male announcer ] when you've got 100% fiber optic fios, you get it. america's fastest, most reliable internet. it's the ultimate for downloading, streaming, and chatting. you have that guy all over the football field. thanks, joe! if the running backs don't start picking up the blitz, the quarterback is going to have a long night. is that your sister? look, are you trying to take my job? maybe. [ male announcer ] this is your last chance to switch to a fios triple play online for just $89.99 a month guaranteed for the first year. plus, your choice of a $300 bonus with a 2-year agreement.
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last week, if you didn't see every "list," this is what you might have missed. >> with these travel apps, you'll know as much. >> how much to tip everybody on your list this season. >> "the list," you keep watching, we'll keep making more. >> i'm matt gallant.
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>> the trend is hitting new heights. kick starter andy go-go, rocket hub and go fund me are at the top of a long list of crowd-funding web siets. the concept is simple. say you want to raise a thousand dollars. it's generally easier to get a hundred dollar frs ten people than a thu sand dollars from one person. in two months, they reached their goal. rebel the bus monitor from new york who was bullied last year? a stranger started an online campaign hoping to raise 5,000 dlarsz to send her on vacation. he received $700,000 in less than a month.
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>> sf you have a real visible problem you're sofl solving, you tend to get a lot of good publicity. >> hi, connor. >> hey, is your grandma sick or something? >> no, i just want to go to paris. >> the top three areas for crowd funding, few technology, creative arts like music and film and nonprofit organizations. even breast implants. in 2011, nearly 1.5 billion drars worldwide. with such soaring popularity, you may consider following the crowd. >> this saturday, jeff ross is
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hosting viert's power of comedy event honoring the great jimmy kimmel. the roast master general gave us his list of ways that you, too, can bust chops like a pro. >> can't you take a joke? >> no, i can't. >> you're obviously doing your own hair and make up if you can take a joke. how long have you been sipging for a mariocci band? >>vij >> give me a list of three ways to roast a friend. >> candid compliments are always good. that's important. you want to build them up before you take them down. number two would be pick a].18 target that has thick skin. and number three, be able to take a joke yourself. if you're up there roasting -- >> it comes back. >> right.
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did any roaster ever hurt grour feelings? what's the best roast joke someone said about you? >> he said i looked like a melting him poe. i didn't think it was funny. and for james' grandma, 109 years old. >> that was the joke of the night. can you say that on "the list? >>. >> i don't think so. we should roast theresa. >> oh, gosh. >> she's on my list. >> from one hilarious guy to a whole bunch. the guy hosting the late-night talk shows. here are the day's best punch lines in the news. >> scam artists are trying to take advantage of the problems with the obama care web site.
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experts say it's a scam if you ener your information and it signs you up for health care. >> this is real if you have $5, $5,50000 to pend on a date. >> up in fron toe canada today, hundreds of people lined up in the city hall to buy a limited edition male rob ford bobble head doll.
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i'm teresa strausser. you're on "the list." nikki may yoes says we'll be
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sending a special musher -- mayo says we'll be sending a special musher. >> reporter: at number one, he's she's living out our life life dream competing in the dog race in alaska. the third grade teacher was selected. >> i think it's one thing to read about it and teach about it but i've never been out there. >> reporter: her students will be along for the ride. >> just to having the guts to go out there and finish it. you don't always have be to the best but you challenge yourself. >> reporter: at number two, stephanie rollins-blake is the new face of african-american women a. she's the only -- women serving as --
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[inaudible] >> she's taking it to the next level. >> reporter: and a hand bag inspired by her. >> i think she's a trail blazer in policy and politics and that's why people -- [inaudible] >> reporter: there's a new ride making a big splash at busch gardens. they just announced plans to build a first-of-its-kind at water country usa that opens next season. get ready for a waterslide going up two football fields. a massive wave. >> there's nothing like this riding up in north america. >> reporter: you are caught up and clued into what's happening around baltimore. >> power and dish shisness prepared to do -- deliciousness prepared to do battle.
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that's coming up on "the list."
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so america is having this love affair with proteep, flrg and breakfast -- protein, energy and breakfast bars. >> and they claim to be super healthy. >> but which runs are nourishing? >> we belly up to the bar on the breakdown. i dragged a nutritionist to help us. what should we buy? what should we walk on by.
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foreguest star wars this is bar wars. >> i like these bars. there's healthy fat, protein. my three kids will all eat them. >> 90 calories, are these good? >> these are great. they have a lot of fiber. i would probably combine it with a glass of milk to round out the preteen. tastes like a brownie. >> fiber one, actually might help you lose weight but who is losing the bar cars? well, cliff for one. >> it's a texture thing for me. >> this is like licking the floor of a sawmill in there. >> great to have fiber in there but it needs to be blended. >> chewy, maybe avoid it. >> i don't love this one. it doesn't have a lot of protein or fiber. this has one gram of protein
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and one gram of fiber. you may as well beeating a snickers -- beeating a -- be eating a snickers bars. >> what do you look for on the back of the box? >> at least five grams of protein and three grams of fiber. you want to look for less than 15 grams of added sugars and as little saturated fat as possible. >> in bar wars, the kind bar wins. busting out the bars on the breakdown. >> all right. i hate to say this but i'm just gonna go with the one that tastes like peanut butter and fudge. >> thanks for watching "the list." here's what's coming up tomorrow. if the internet was real, probably wouldn't like things, fight with strangers or overshare. but then again, maybe you
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would. facebook in real tif tomorrow on "the list." . yes indeed. hello, everyone, this is "let's ask america," the show where there's no impediment to winning $50,000. from all across america, people are on their web cams and they want the play. first up she's from connecticut, mary ann, she's from new york, new york, it's tris ten, he's from abbing don mad mad, and from michigan, please welcome, elizabeth. welcome to "let's ask america." everybody it's very simple. we ask this country their opinions. all you have to do is correctly guess the results of those polls and then you could win $50,000. sounds pretty good, right?
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let's get into it. the first question is worth $100. here are the two possible answers, we've got go home to their family or order room service and watch movies. the question is if their business trip ended a day early what did married business travels say they would do? would they go home to their family or would they order room service and watch movies. >> right in the heart of n, let's say hello to preston how are? >> i'm great. i'm from new orleans, from the country. i wanted to be in a big city. this is a great place to live. >> would you blow it all in one night? >> i think i would blow it all in one hour. >> i'm partying with you for one hour. everybody flip those cards is it go home to their family or have some room service?
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myra says family, elizabeth says good home, 64% of the vote, the correct answer for $100, go home to their family. you all got that right. $100 all around. we've polled a bunch of lying businessmen. the next question, epic or fail. the question is, engaged women said they most wanted the bachelor party of their fiancee to be described what way? was it epic or was it a total fail? all right let's head to deer born, michigan and say hello to elizabeth. how are you? >> i'm great. >> what is it about soccer that you enjoy so much? >> i always love the game. i'm good with the ball, i'm coordinated, i kick it far and get those goals. i just really love it. >> well, listen, you got 100 bucks. time to make you 50 grand.
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is it epic or fail? elizabeth says epic, everybody else says fail. the correct answer, and this was close, 51% of the vote it's epic. just like that elizabeth in first place with $300. don't worry, everybody else it's so early, we're going to raise the dollars amount. the next question is worth $300 bucks. the two possible answers, shacked up with her boyfriend or married into a different faith. the question is, ministers said they would be more upset if their daughters did what? is it getting shacked up with their boyfriend or married into another faith? mie ron, what's your story? >> i work for a contractor, go to school part time working on my mda and in three short days
7:29 pm
i'm saying hello to my 30s. it's a big milestone. >> welcome to the world of watching your cholesterol intake and rickety knees. the 30s are wild. good luck with that. wish you the best. you got 100 bucks right now is it shacked up with the boyfriend or married into a different faith? flip those cards, everyone. let's see it. two say shacked up, the ladies say the different faith. the correct answer with 77% of the vote, audience? they're mixed as well. the correct answer is shacked up with the boyfriend. the gentlemen get it. they're tied at 400 a piece, liz betd in second with 300, mary ann we got to get you some cash sweet heart. this is the final question of the round. it is worth $400. the contestant with the least amount of money


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