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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  November 12, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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defeated the miami dolphins president the loss comes on the heels of harassment charges. the team's owner is trying to get to the bottom of the incognito martin scandal. >> reporter: last night team finally spoke out about the bullying scandal. >> what's going on is something. >> reporter: jonathan martin left the team two weeks ago, after suffering from emotional stress from richie incognito. before the monday night football last night, ross said he didn't know about the crude emergencies from incognito until it came out. he wanted to address whether
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this was an isolated accident or part of the -- incident or part of the locker room culture. incognito said he never intended to hurt his teammate. >> my hacks were coming from a place of love. no matter how vulgar it sounds, that's how we communicate. >> reporter: the nine-year veteran guard said the vulgarity went both ways. >> when the words are put in the context, i understand how eyebrows get raised but people don't know how jon and i communicate with each other. >> reporter: martin wants to play football again but isn't comfortable doing it in miami. the dolphins owner said he will meet with job na on it martin and wants to meet with richie incognito that both deserve to be heard. it's set to come out later
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this month. but for one lucky teenager, christmas came early. >> he is now the envy of all his buddies. >> gearing up for a new concert date. how far you have to drive to see the man, justin timberlake. >> more significant snow this way. snow showers in frost bush, the home of the fighting bobcats. we'll talk about how things shape up. will it takea turn for spring like weather? we have those answers at 5. complicated as it is.
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looking at consumer news. us airways and marl l--- american airlines can merge but under specific conditions. the justice department requires them to scale back the size of the merger in washington and other big cities. they said it could drive up prices for consumers president the merger makes them the
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world's largest airlines. add walmart to the list of stores to shop on thanksgiving. the retailer said they will open at 6. walmart said it's just trying to keep up with the competitors who are also opening early this year. to take a look at the thanksgiving deals, just head to there, you can find the hours of the stores as well as the biggest bargains. >> i think some stores are opening tonight. hey, christmas came very early for one 14-year-old boy a store's shipping has put a gift in lucky hands. the xbox 1 official date is -- eye was completely shocked. i said preston. you won't believe it. i got the xbox. >> he is one of 50 who received
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it ahead of its release. it was sent out boy target. the company calls it a computer gli. the system isn't ccting and probably wouldn't for the next 10 days. >> another guy who got the xbox early, ray lewis. >> i moved on. >> really? >> time to move on. >> lewis is taking on another nfl player broiener locker. it shows the two players trying to enjoy their new found freedom. >> that's great.
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take a look at maryland's most powerful radar. the boundary created limited shower activity across central maryland. it's south of ocean city. that's where the action is right now, toward wallace island and the eastern shore of virginia, hanging out there saying what's up with a few flurries. other than that west of garrett county, slight showers south of pittsburgh. western maryland could see hit or miss flurries. for the most part is looks completely dry. the real travel concern will be in the high terrain from garrett county south to central west virginia. down here in the spine of the appalachian. it's slick in garrett county, deep creek lake with a coating. the latest reports out of maryland's most western edge, bush, hey, they're gearing up, getting ready for the winter
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sports season. in baltimore a little different, just a couple of flurries. a few flakes flying. if you blink, you muscled them. the winds were whipping out toward the key bridge. they will continue to whip this evening. 38 at bwi, bone dry air, breezy conditions, cold. the breeze will come up and nothing more than a passing flurry midday, basically a slow recovery temperature wise. we could end up near 44 but still brisk and breezy conditions doll naight. temperatures through the next hour or two in the purpose 30s but we think quickly falling into the mid-30s. look at the winds, steady at  14, 15, gusting close to 20. the wind chill factor is making its presence felt. wind chill factors will be 20s and upper teens overnight. the air is extremely dry.
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dew points below 20, start be uncomfortable. if u have the humidifier in the closet or the whole house humidifier, time to get it ready for the season. maybe a flurry midday. clear skies, sunshine and that sunshine will begin to moderate this arctic air mass as we go into late thursday afternoon. we'll bounce back temperature wise. in the mean team it's all about falling temperatures. the worst of the cold air has not settled in, but it will. our cold blast settles in. a massive canadian high will keep temperatures chilly through the morning hours. then, after we bounce into the 40s tomorrow, looking for a day where we should after a very cold start bownls into the 50s thursday afternoon. so improvement on the way. this just take has few days to get here.
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tonight 26. tomorrow 44 and sun and clouds still blustery and maybe a passing flurry. tomorrow night mid-20s. two nights in a row that you want to let the pipes drip. we look at the outlook. we find that we were trend much milder toward the end of the week and into the weekend, taking a turn back to warmer than average weather so. riding the roller coaster, as they sarks the proverb ball -- proverbial temperature roller coaster. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. boy, this video is tough to watch, a rough game for this harlem globetrotters. the back comes crashing down. he toppled backwards and gets cut. believe it or not, he's expected to be fine. this is a commercial he made in
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our studios last week. he's helping with the kinder time toy drive. so we you head out shopping, pick up something extra, but the good news is he will be okay. and the winner is new york's world trade center tower. it has been flamed the tallest building in the country surpassing chicago's willis tower. the needle is part of the building or nearly the equivalent of a broad cast antenna. it stands as a symbolically important one, including that 408-foot needle. he's bringing sexy back it baltimore. justin timberlake will be coming to the mariner first arena. timberlake performed in
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baltimore with jay z. we didn't seat real jt. he is also one of gq's meof the year. ♪ what did the fox say ♪ ding, ding, ding >> you note song. what's better than watching the youtube video for the ninth time. it's set to come out just in time for the holidays. the youtube video has more than 215 million views. the book version comes out on december the 10th. >> can't wait. all right. we're getting down to the wire with "dancing with the stars." >> it's not just the judges' scores that matter. a high scorer gets the boot.
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>> how to get the most out of your money.
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so you've been earning those reward points. now you may want to treat yourself. >> look into what you're getting into before you blow them in one place. >> if you've been following my advice, you've been putting all your purchases and miles on credit cards and now you probably have a decent stash saved up. so please, please, i am begging you, do not redeem them for a blender. paying for a purchase is one of the worst possible uses of those points and miles although programs are happy to give you the opportunity. if you have 11,000 miles you
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can get a toy that's half a cent a value for your hard earned miles. the garr man sells for $269. that's enough for two round tickets or a one way to paris that goes close to $3,000. please, please, please, do not waste those miles on a gps. companies add ver tease them as a feature. chase said i could shop with a penny a point, a better deal than the united but still not that great. chase can pay for travel with no exclusions or blackout dates or transferred into several more lucrative programs. new yorkers can pay with taxis. it's a penny a point. big picture. i'm happy you're getting something for free.
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just get the most bang for your buck. if you're going to be savvy, it's worth applying a little bit of strategy into how you redeem them. >> all right. to see more stories like this watch "the list" week nights at 7 followed by "let's ask america." you won't hear the librarian at pikesville high telling students to put their cell phone away. >> it's a new place for kids. it includes a ravens fee.d now here's a preview of what's ahead on world news later. tonight the most outrageous thing. scandals of the century. who will make the lips and who will win.
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another shock elimination on dense "dancing with the stars." >> elizabeth and val. >> elizabeth berkley and her partner val were eliminated. elizabeth berkley said she is grateful to have this journey. >> i was looking forward to the joy of it. >> i think there's so much to celebrate. >> five couples romaine. you can catch them on abc2 monday net at 8:00. texting while driving, but
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more are turning to a different dangerous distraction. that's on abc2 news at 6, which starts right now. i'm sorry. there was no marijuana in the house. >> police in anne arundel county make two arrests in a pot bust. >> police target an infamous gang. >> and welcoming back our heroes. ravens players greet service members returning home. >> we start with the bitterly cold temperatures that have you turning up the term me stat. >> it was chilly. meteorologist wyatt everhart is here with the chilly forecast. >> if you missed the brief flurries we had earlier today, you saw the chance for a few this evening. a little instability. this will not be much, but you
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may see a few flakings outside. take a look statewide. cloud cover from frostburg south toward ocean city. most of our precipitation well to the east. a chilly north wind around 5 to 15 with the wind chill factor feeling like 29 in cockeysville and manchester with a deep freeze tonight. down into the 20s by daybreak tomorrow. you know it's going to be cold. for more on how chilly it feels, meteorologist mike masco. >> biting wind and a shock to the season. we are seeing some sprfort snow showers. you want to talk snow? we'll take you out toward northern indiana where the snow is fly -- was flying yesterday. oh boy. a little too soon for this. record snows in pittsburgh, 2.4
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inches. frostburg even saw snow, about person that fell last night. this arctic blast is coming down. >> it's arctic air. it went from 50s to the 30s, but the day in the 30s. it's coming out of northern canada. that cold air is pouring south. 31 in dayton. so let's take a look. is this normal? nowhere close to normal, 19, 20 degrees below where we should be. the forecast numbers tonight, i hope you have a huge fire, big fire praise at -- place at home. 20 in hanover. 25 wood byne. the real feel temperatures will
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feel like the teens and 20s. do we get to 70 again this week. guys? >> thanks a lot. tonight support from around the world is headed to the fill peens to help typhoon victims. the president said there are initial estimates of 10,000 dead. he puts the number closer to 2,000. there are still communities that the rescuers can't reach. it could be another day before search and rescue teams make it to some of the most remote areas. they're helping people with the need of basic resources. >> we've been collecting rainwater just for the use of it. so we need really water. >> a tropical depression moved through the region and an earthquake hit this morning close to some of the storm
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ravaged communities. the quake did not trigger a tsunami warning. the jewish federation is the latest to help out. new tonight, drug dealing and day care. recount recount arrested two people after making drug buys at a child care in gam brings. >> one meant he's giving us a glimpse of the come passion that has characterized his daycare for decades. the next, the owner is trying to explain an overnight drug bust at the same address. >> nothing went on here. nothing went on here. i don't know where the cops came. the cops came here because she had a car from here and she used us as an address. >> reporter: tuck is referring
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to his daughter, 38-year-old rosemary teresa tuck, which includes drug possession after allegedly selling plawrnlg to undercover detectives. 49-year-old melvin woods also faces a possession charge after police discovered less than a gram of pot. >> our detectives initiated an investigation. we found out that a daycare was run out of the house and drugs were sold out of the house. >> some of the children were at the location. >> i don't know that. i wouldn't know about it. >> reporter: but a man who has made a living caring for other people's children now find himself defending his business from expriewt ni based on the alleged actions of his own. >> i'm sorry. there was no marijuana in


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