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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  November 6, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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he walked into school and surveillance video showed he walked through the front door, walked around and fell asplee. students were taken to the auditorium while police took carren ter away in handcuffs. an estimated 26,000 sexual assaults in the military last year alone. surveys showed two thirds of the female victims didn't report it. the senator is making one final push in her fight for victims. the legislation who dramatically change the way the military handled these types of cases taking the judicial authority away from the chain of command. military leaders argued they are able to police their own ranks. she says she was raped by an officer in 2010. >> retaliation was worse than the assault because it was sanged by the same lead -- sanctioned by the same leaders
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i once risked my life for. >> there needs to be 60 votes to pass. right now 4 votes are on board. a case about public prayer. a new york town's board meeting as reached the nation's highest court. two women sued over the monthly invocations. the women, or atheist and jewish said prayers have become more christian. a ruling on the case is is expected by early summer. >> boy, talking about rolling back price. how about a $600 item for less than $10. but will the company be honoring that deep, deep, deep discount. >> harsh words from a man trying to sell yoga pants. why le said the pant recall was not the company's fault.
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>> mt. airy blue sky. on the western edge of baltimore is where we'll find the rain coming in on your thursday. we'll talk about which hours are most likely to be wet when we come back on abc2 news at 5:00.
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if lulu lemon yoga pats are causing problems, it's your own fault. that's what he said. the pats aren't for everyone. some women's bodies don't work for it. it's about rubbing through the thighs. that's when his wife, standing next to him, shot him a dirty look. he back pedaled and said oh, the pants are for every woman. if you saw this you might have done a double take. computer models normally sell for $600 it. sold out as word got out. wal-mart assured people that the site was not hacked but
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honored the mistakenly low, low price. wal-mart said it's still working through the details. >> anyone know if a blockbuster is still open? the company announced they will officially close its remaining stores. there are 300 still open. they will be shut ared by january and they will -- shuttered by january and will discontinue the dvd's by mail. starbucks plans to open five stores on or near military bases that will share profits with the local communities. as a small gesture all vets and their spouse also get a free coffee on veteran's day which is coming up on monday. >> it's a day to celebrate a popular mexican dish. it's national taco day. it first came about in 1843.
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a group of americans went to a restaurant late one night after closing. a restaurant employee threw together what they have left and voila, nachos were born. it mays to be a police dog. beginning next month one county in england will get the police dog's pension. they will get $800 a year for three years. the money will go toward veterinarian care and kennel fees. they usually take ownership when the k9s retire and end up paying for their care out of their own pocket. that's pretty cool. >> reporter: a look at maryland's most powerful radar. it is clear and dry after a gorgeous wednesday with temperatures well above the mid- 60s and abundant sunshine. things change tomorrow. rain likely to come in by mid-
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morning, maybe peeking around at midday. annapolis is the opposite and we're enjoying it for the rest of the evening. clear skies over the severn river. the wind will be rotating tomorrow west and northwest and so a day of changing winds on tap tomorrow but today was all about the spun, all about the gorgeous blue skies, sunshine dominating and nice fall colors in spots. our view from charm city run and some of the leaves are coming down. this could be a weekend of raking for many of us. 62 degrees at bwi. winds are southeast at 8. the winds are decent. the forecast tomorrow will be better early on. rain will be more likely through mid-morning and midday and will clear out torrow night. we have a chance, a window of clear weather. the winds will be kicking up and getting chillier as well, start to feel the change by
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this time tomorrow night or later. temperatures so mild tonight. 64 still in easton. 60 at the beach. 60s in the mountains. it's the south wind that's the cull brit. the surge of mild air and creating also more humid conditions which makes it feel milder but that front edging through the area will stop at 6:00. the time frame when most of the rain should be out and to the east. tomorrow night if you have plans outside not so bad. realize it will be breezy and getting cold. we'll probably never get out of the loy 50s. here's the broader view. the rain extending from upstate new york to little rock, arkansas. it's getting its motion encontrolsed as the area of high pressure has moved off to sea. we have a high pressure bubble over cape hatteras. a warm dry air continuing to
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surge in but colder temps are on the way, cooler temps i should say. tomorrow we touch the low 60s by midday. the rain will have a cooling effect and the chill descending. you'll see the effects and fuel the difference in the le 50s on friday. tonight 52 for the low last clouds increase. tomorrow 62 with showers likely. then it's going to be clear and cold tomorrow night and sunshine. friday will be breezy. you'll feel the crisp effects. saturday bouncing back. sunday we're talking 60 or so for the ravens tailgate. i think the wind will be gone so not a bad deal and by the way, your veteran's day monday for all the parades, it looks good, 60 or so with some sun.
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>> don't be alarmed if you see a blimp in the air. it's in the good year. it's from the naval research lab. they're testing avionic systems. it will start next tuesday and will be based in frederick. it's scheduled to fly rote around beltsville -- right around beltsville. hey, today was a great day to get yod for a walk. how about that? >> lucky for you, we live in one of the top 10 cities to do that, top 10 for the first time. coming in 10th baltimore. it's compiled by the group walk score. there are plenty of pedestrian
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friendly neighborhoods. everybody knows the most walkable city is new york. we've moved up. >> i like that. let's just walk up here. >> this accident wasn't caused by overtraining. what has ryan lochte laid up on his couch. >> you check out merchandise in the store and rush home to buy it online.
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when did you start shopping? >> a couple weeks ago. >> stores are getting more and more aggressive with sales. >> best buy, in particular, are rolling out a new promotion to prevent you from buying from
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them. >> reporter: best buy is already in full holiday mode. they had a holiday kickoff event in october. recently, they debuted their first holiday ad during the world series. >> another story book ending. >> that phrase, your ultimate holiday showroom is an interesting choice, because showrooming, to see something in person before you see buy it -- you buy it on lien is a problem for best buy. best buy is at a higher than average risk to be threatened by moab shoppers, people who check prices on their smartphones. i plan on buying for less on the internet, but best buy has a more aggressive low price guarantee. >> low price guarantee. he knew he'd never pay higher. >> reporter: today best buy
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will match a range, including rival check it out here, buy it here, get it today a recent study by a mobile marketing firm vibe found an increase in consumers who purchase a product from a competitor while in a retail store. best buy's match pricing is a interested to stop that. 's best buy, not best browse around and pay someones for it. >> you can catch "the list" at 7 followed by let's ask america on abc2. well, an overexcited n is keeping ryan lochte out of the pool for a little while. he injured his left knee what he teenage girl ran after him. he caught the girl but the two toppled over in the process.
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he expects to make a full recovery. >> coming up tonight, imagine throwing your teen out into the world at 19. scary for any young adult. how baltimore city is helping toons transition into adult hood. >> a new water meter could be coming to your home, with more accuracy. those stories and more coming up at 6. now here's a preview of what's ahead. >> our george stephanopoulos is here. a big surprise in last night's election results that could affect us over the next two years.
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hold on, i'm still voting. in just a few hours, they will be packed in nashville for the 47th annual cma aword -- awards. >> reporter: the sound check's done. the red carpet rolled out. you can bet carrie underwood and brad paisley have their jokes lined up as they get ready to host the cma awards together. it's the time to honor the best in the best. for some of the stars, just show off their skills. >> always looking forward to it. >> i'm really excited that allen jackson and george strait will be on the stage together. >> reporter: country music's biggest night kicked off with a
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rocking morning. they were performing live on gma, telling us this is one of his favorite events of the year. >> being in nashville, music city and seeing all the heroes and tal will bed -- talented people. >> blake shelton, jasonal -- jason al dine. >> and i'm rehearsing my lines. it's a great night. >> reporter: tonight is all about the music. taylor swift, zac brown band and they will kick things off, plus a few surprise.
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reporting from nashville. >> george strait and everybody else. >> blake shelton. you can watch the awards show right here on abc2. it kicks off at 8 and stick around for us at 11. >> i predict george strait will be entertainer of the year. george strait. >> orioles star lad dam jones spepts time at the boys and girls club. >> we will tell you how he is returning to his roots on abc2 news at 6 which starts right now. families in one anne arundel county neighborhood hit with a rain tam bill. >> it's an exciting thing. >> changes to help kids. >> kelly swoope, jamie costello and you. if you use city water at some point, you may have got an bill
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overflowing in charges. >> now incorrect readings could be a thing of the past. not everyone is happy. amy aubert explains why some are sceptical. >> for the first time in 75 years, people who use city water won't need a quarterly visit. the city passed a multimillion dollar plan this re place the outdated system with smarter smeamplet city water cuss -- smart meters. they will be estimated bills. >> some of the bills are in the millions are wrong. my bill went from $40 to $800. >> reporter: you might know linda stewart has water bill woman. her bills overflowed with issues and she let it be known. >> this was hard, knowing this
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is happening, not only to me because i wasn't too bad off then but knowing that other folks and people who couldn't afford it it was happening. that took a toll. >> reporter: in the end she paid $2500 in wrong water bills. that's why she's staying on top of the city's plans. >> when i hear about people getting these outrageous water bills, people don't have time for that kind of thing and we have to do something about it. >> reporter: mayor stephanie rawlings-blake says it's being happening for decades. the smart meters will put a stop to it. >> anything last to be an improvement but there's no guarantee. >> reporter: the plan was play proved wednesday and they said they're crfd it will work -- confident it will work out. >> it should be fully operational by 2017. maryland's rain water tax
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was put in place to help control storm water runoff. normally $65 a year but one neighborhood in odenton is paying triple that because of the way it's zoned. >> i couldn't understand a home that's been a resident for 317 years is being considered nonresidential property. that's when my digging began. >> county executive new man is working on it. the storm water fees vary, depending on where you live. for more, log on to we have an update to the breaking news we brought you yesterday. police identified the victims of yesterday's shooting. curt and carl bahrain were killed. they were walking down the
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street when they saw someone they know and started running. they were both shot. police returned to the scene of another murder two miles away in the oliver community where a popular grocer was killed. it happened outside big mama's grocery. he took the crash cans outside. sars had helped run the store for the last nine years. police commissioner anthony batts said they will focus on a pair of murder charges the victim beat decades ago for clues to his killer. >> the reality is sometimes people don't forget and you have retaliation. i was trying to get a feel on whether they had something. a man accused of stealing a check out of a howard county mailbox was caught on camera.
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these surveillance pictures were captured. police believe this man used a forged check there that was stolen from a stolen mailbox in elk ridge. 84 votes -- that as all that separate the mayor am candidates. the annapolis board of elections said amount mike pantelides leads josh cohen. there are 327 absentee ballots. the board of elections will meet tomorrow top count those new votes. a new poll is out. a poll shows when it comes to minimum wage, 74% of marylanders support raising it to $10 an hour while 24% oppose. on the top being of pensions for maryland state employees,


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