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tv   Charlie Rose  PBS  November 5, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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>> reporter: kelly, jamie, two people shot in upper fels point, another shot in the oliver point neighborhood. the two incidents happened two hours apart but police say they are not related. gunshots just a few doors down from an elementary school and two blocks from john hopkins hop the kids are always running about outside. >> we walk down the alley street, make the block. today,i guess we'll go back the alley street because we can't come up wolf. >> reporter: police didot say who found the victims. peoplewho #4ri6 live in the area tell us they have seen an increase in street rob ris, but
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#2340g like this they're patrolling a lot. i'mnot sure of anything different that could be done because i really do think that they're doing a good job. >> reporter: less than an hour after the double shooting, another shooting, this time in the 1200-block of oliver street. police say officers on patrol in the area heard gunshots and found the victim when they arrived. they canvassed the neighborhood looking for evidence in the latest murder. the three homicide bring this year's total to 198. last yearat this time, there were 187 murders. police have no suspects in any of the shootings tonight. . >> and to get updates on this story and any other breaking news, you need to follow us on twitter. new developments in the robbery and stabbing of a
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towson university student. the sameperson is wanted in connection with the robbery and stabbing of another student. the studentwas injured so badly, they were unable to give a dripgs to the -- description to the police. investigators are looking for three suspects. show down, you're going to slow it down next summer. enjoythe view more next time you go to oigs city -- ocean city. asof this minute, the speed limit has dropped from 40 to 35. thatis big news. it's part of the efforts to make coastal highways safer. tonight, family and friends came remember andy hoffman. >> he was a hero to his fellow firefighters and his family and tonight, it was his family's turn to pay tribute. the27-year old was killed last
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month along with his girlfriend in a murder suicide. heartman'sex-boyfriend killed them both and then turned the gun on himself. . >> andy was an anne arundal county resident and had a life outside his fire department. tonight is like a tribute, a gathering of his friends that are nonfire department members. members . it's been a mild morning, but looks like some others could be in the forecast. >> give it to me straight, men's it going to hit. >> reporter: we're talking thursday in terms of rain. before that, more of this, milder conditions. you elt felt the difference didn't you. we're still near 60 in the city.
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this represents a 15 to 20- degree warm up from this time last night. nothing in the immediate future for rain, but we are tracking the next system moving here. it's putting snow down toward minneapolis but will be a rain maker for us. tomorrow, we get up to about 60 mid dai. we'll talk more about the weekend coming up she thought she was in the best shape of her life, then came a devastating cancer diagnosis. >> but at 30 years old, sman that didn't let that -- sa man that didn't let that get her downsamantha didn't let that -- sa man that didn't let that get her down. >> reporter: samantha is sitting down for another round of chemotherapy action be but it's -- chemotherapy, but it's not the same therapy other
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patients get. >> i originally thought [technical difficulties] and i thought i would make it to -- wouldn't make it to 35, and now i'm looking at 40. >> reporter: it all started seven years ago when she was just 30 years old and felt a painful lump on her breastbone. her doctor told her it was nothing and that she was too young to worry about cancer. not willing to accept that answer, samantha got another opinion and in a matter of months, was diagnosed with stage four. >> in some way, i felt that my body failed me. >> reporter: after a period of anger, samantha went into research mode. she looked for clinical trials and found one that she says was perfect for her. >> it was a vaccination trial which is used to instead of treating the cancer, it treats
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the immune system so that it revs it up so that it can help fight the cancer. >> reporter: it's where she met her doctor who she later followed here to union memorial. >> radiation, chemotherapy, vaccines, studies, investigational drugs and has done very well. she has done two controlled trials and on top of her standard treatment. >> this is not standard protocol. this is risky. >> reporter: a big chance straying from regular protocol, one that doesn't work for everyone. >> there was a lot of other people that were on the trial. i am the last one left. >> there's always a chance that if something hasn't worked for other people, it may work for you. one reason they're treating
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breast cancer so well is because of the patient who is got trials 20 years ago, and samantha is an example of that. >> reporter: an example of how taking a chance can pay off and how following your instincts can save your live. . >> one thing that botwomen stress is that even at stage 4, a breast cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence there are advances being made all the time, in large part to investigational treatments and clinical trials miami dolphin, ritchey caught going off in a bar. >> you thought you were reaching for parsley, but you're going to be sick at what you're sprinkling on your food. >> and she should have stayed with piano class. . >> weather wise, today we
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finished at 57 degrees, just 3 degrees below avrng. we'll talkabout a milder set up to finish out the week coming up. shop early with kmart free layaway don't let the holidays sneak up on you. and get 5% off toys when you put them on layaway. kmart. get in. get more christmas.
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average. we'lltalk about a milder set up to finish out the week coming up. . [inaudible] this story is getting weirder by the minute. new video of of ritchey incognito in a profanity laced tirade while out with his teammates president this video shows him shouting the n word and other words. tmz says the video was shot at a team outinger in the year. ritchey
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new developments tonight in that shooting inside new jersey's largest mall. we toldyou the story as breaking news last night. >> and neighbors remember the gunman as a helpful man but investigators believe the 20- year old wanted to end his life in a dramatic way. theysay he killed himself with a 22 22-caliber rifle he took from his brother. he fired rounds inside the mall. a teacher wounded in that deadly shooting at lax says he crawled for his life and used a sweatshirt as a tourniquet. abullet hit his calf and shattered a bone. he says hewas hit and collapsed again the wall and then scrambled into a storage area where he found the sweatshirt. the gunman, paul ciancia is still in the hospital in tonight's health alert,
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you may cringe next time you reach for the spice rack. >> the food and drug administration says 12% of spices are contaminated with bug parts and other things. the fdasays the spice board of india is currently working with farmers to put additional safety practices in place to lower the risk of contamination. theagency says it has increased inspection at spice facilities diyou hate practicing the piano as a kid. turns out that music lessons may play a role in staying sharp older in life. anew study looked at two groups of people, the who stu did music and those who didn't.
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those with musical training responding more quickly even if the person had not touched an instrument in more than 40 years. how does move on sound? it's one of five you can select to name for the female's panda cub. the winning name will be revealed december 1st when the cub is 100 days old. it's aaddition in china to celebrate when a baby turns 100 days old. you can vote on the smithsonian's website. all clear tonight, not just here in maryland but across the region. you'll have a dry morning commute out there. nextchance for rain coming through the day on thursday. more onthat in a second. first,finishing on a cloudy note. wehad a few breaks of blue sky.
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temperatures did run above average here at the boy's latin school. 53 right now at bwi, wind is calm, pressure high at 30.50 almost. humiditybeginning to creep up as well. it's an interesting set up for most of the month of november. we think we're in a near normal pattern where we won't see a lot in the way of cold blasts, at least not for the next two weeks ago. tomorrow, one of those days where we'll be in the average zone, probably a few degrees above. orr all,definitely -- overall, definitely a milder trend setting up. temperaturesstatewide, 37 in the mountains. most spots still hovering in the 50s. that representing a 15 to 20 degree warm up in spots, not
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just earlier today, but tonight. 16 above where we were last night in baltimore at the top of the 11:00 news. humiditycreeping up as well. that couldmake for patchy fog overnight. watch out for that in the morning, but also know that humidity makes things feel a little milder. to the west, we do see active weather, not to the immediate west. ourimmediate west shows clearing and i think we'll see some sun break through tomorrow. still acoolish dry pattern in the east. we still have a system over new england and one over atlanta, but this will ultimately bring us a threat for rain by thursday. you see we stay dry tomorrow, we'll probably see more sun breaking through after the morning fog. then showerscrossing the state thursday, looks like they'll be clear by thursday evening. so it's more of a daytime rain
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event that could impact the thursday morning drive. tomorrow, thenumbers jump into the 60s so you'll feel that set up. tonight, down to 42. not quitefrigid. tomorrow, 65 or so. trending milder and i think sun mixed with clouds. really a good looking november day. the nextseveral days, you see the set up here, still somewhat mild thursday, that also brings a cold front, drops our temperatures to the low to mid- 50s for a day or two. then,ravens tailgate weather looking outstanding. we'll take the 60s in november. also, veteran'sday now, for the parades and activities for the holiday, look good. so things are working out well in november so far. >> as long as you don't
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mention the s word any time soon. >> no, i'll try not to. >> all right. jimmy kimmel'syoutube challenge for parents, i told my kids i ate all their halloween candy is a hit on line. >> the prank did not go over well for these kids, check out their reaction. [inaudible]. >> i'm sorry. >> you hog it, you hog it, you hog it. it's not funny. . >> we ate it. >> all gone. . >> i'm so sorry. >> i hate you. >> woe wow. .
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>> that's funny. >> oh, man, jimmy can do it. he did that last year. >> they keep getting better. >> gymmy kimmel is -- jimmy kimmel is live right after us, don't miss the funny. >> that was good.
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. here you go, look at this. an elk got curious about a trarn lean and -- trampoline and got stuck. this is from colorado. the elk showed up in the yard and the family shot the video. other elk showed up. they werespotters. you never did see him get off the trampoline. >> i think he's having difficulty, but he's having fun. >> that's good. >> take a rook at the next one. -- look at the next story. 100is the milestone, but very few 100 year olds celebrate
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like this. vern maynard decided to jump out of oon airplane and go sky diving. he loved it so much, he said he'd do it again next year. he's insane. >> wow. >> would either of you guys do that? >> that. >> look at that age, if the chute doesn't open, you still had 100 years of life. >> that's a way to look at it. >> but it did open, so that's good. . cool night -- i'm just saying if you get 100 years in, you've done well. here 's the out look for the next few days, milder, you chance for rain on thursday, drying out for the weekend and the tailgate on thursday. >> hope the parachute opens. complicated as it is.
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we had some memorable moments tonight didn't we? >> yes we did. >> and the kids with the candy, serious business. >> don't do that. >> don't take candy from a kid. >> no, or you could get this. [inaudible] just ate all of it. >> i'm sorry, you hogged it, you hogged it, you hogged it. ♪ hey, that's the last crescent! oh, did you want it? yeah. we'll split it. [buttery and flakey. made fresh, so light, that's half. that's not half!
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>> announcer: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight vince vaughn. mark consuelos. and music from st. lucia. with cleto and the cletones. and now, behold, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ >> jimmy: that's very nice! thank you. [ cheers and applause ] welcome to the show.
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thank you for watching. [ indiscernible ] thank you very much. i have a -- i have a great story for you tonight. do we have any canadians in our studio? [ cheers and applause ] excellent. i need your help. how many of you are familiar with toronto mayor rob ford? [ applause ] if you aren't let me catch you up. rob ford has been mayor of toronto for three years. he was a city councilman, seven years before that. since then he has been involved in a number of shenanigans, most notably a video seen by reporters from "the toronto star" that showed mayor ford smoking what they described as a crack pipe. but the video some how disappeared after they saw it. mayor ford claimed it did not exist. he said it was a media conspiracy against him. last week the chief of police in toronto announced he has the video and plans to show it. now in court. which changed things a bit. so today after several days of
11:32 pm
dodging the press, the mayor held two press conferences. the first one outside his office where he played this memory game with reporters. >> you asked me a question back in may. you can repeat that question. >> the question i asked you back in may? >> you, you asked me a couple questions. what were the questions? >> do you smoke crack cocaine? >> exactly. yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. >> when, sir? >> do i am? am i an addict, no? have i tried it, probably in one of my drunken stupors, approximately a year ago. >> jimmy: that is beautiful. you understand his excuse for smoking crack is he was drunk. in canada, is that lake a ledik legitimate defense? he said he doesn't have a drug, alcohol problem nor does he have any intention of resigning. >> yes, i have made mistakes. all i can do now is apologize and move on.
11:33 pm
can i, can i just -- >> yes, please. >> all i can say is i made mistakes. you guys kept referring to alcohol. a couple isolated incidents. there has been times when i have been in a drunken stupor. that's why i want to see the tape. gyp th . >> jimmy: that makes two of us. i would look to see the tape. hope it isn't a sex tape. i would look to see ike to see . i thought crack made you lose weight. that chocolate covered crack. he has done drugs. doesn't do drugs. it takes a special person to say i don't do drugs and smoke crack in the same press conference. but mayor ford is a special guy. and considers this a lesson learned. i want to be crystal clear to every single person, these
11:34 pm
mistakes will never, ever, ever happen again. >> jimmy: never, ever, er smoke crack again. what more can you ask of the man? it's -- he said he will not step down. if the citizens of toronto want him to leave they can vote him out of office in october of nex. until then he plans to keep up the good work. >> there is only one person to blame for this. that is myself. i know by admit might mistake, was the right thing to do. and i feel like a thousand pounds have been lifted off my shoulders. >> and inserted right into my pants. so, there you go, mayor ford apologized, forgave himself and is ready to go back to work. how is this guy not american? i don't understand it.
11:35 pm
by the way, this week might be my favorite part of the story. this little detail. rod ford woke up. said he would admit to smoking crack. he knew everybody was be watching. he said. honey, where is my nfl team logos tie? all clap right there. i love this guy. most people in toronto. don't. a lot of people are embarrassed that he represents their city. that sthunt houldn't be the cas. there is no way to know your mayor will smoke crack. if possible i want to make sure this never happens to another city. we put together a short informational video that i hope will protect other cities going through the same embarrassment toronto is exploring. >> huh to tell if your mayor is smoking crack. blurred vision. [ bleep
11:36 pm
[ bleep ]. >> announcer: loss of balance. >> set, hut! >> announcer: sudden fits of rage. >> please, get off my property! thank you. thank you very much! >> announcer: denies smoking crack. >> i do not use crack cocaine. >> announcer: admits to smoking crack. >> yes, i smoked crack cocaine. >> announcer: that's how to tell if your mayor is smoking crack. >> jimmy: there you have it. ha-ha. hey, i tell you what, it's exciting to see that chris farley has been reincarnated as a politician. [ applause ] as you know, halloween was on thursday. and, last night we premiered our annual tell your kids you ate all their halloween candy youtube challenge. a big hit. we have another tradition involving kids and candy. my cousin sal, every year, kids walk up and down, saying trick-or-treat.
11:37 pm
all they get its a treat. my cousin sal, wired his porch with hidden cameras and reminded kids in his neighborhood that tricks are an important part of any balanced halloween night too. ♪ ha-ha-ha! >> hey. happy halloween. trick-or-treat. oh, you guys are in luck. because i just finished a fresh load of laundry. and i have nice clean underwear for all of you. isn't this the best halloween ever? >> there you go. my tighty whities. tumble dried 40 minutes. >> can i get a kit-kat. >> some where else in the neighborhood. all about the laundry. enjoy my undies. >> i don't trust the guy. ♪
11:38 pm
>> hey, happy halloween! what's happening? >> candy. >> you want candy. >> are you giving me candy. >> candy. >> thanks. all right. bye. >> bye. >> what a deal! >> hey. happy halloween. what's happening, fellows? >> candy. >> i will fell you what. this year it is not about candy. it is about something even better. this year it is about -- a full healthy salad bar. >> you have got to be kidding. >> get in there, fellows. give me your bag. there we go. let's see some more bags. carrot carrots, croutons, spinach, oh, sorry, you didn't get any over there. michelle obama says hi. all right.
11:39 pm
healthy halloween! >> ah! ♪ ♪ >> i said take one! get out of my yard! can you read, little man? mike wysowski out of here! don't you hit my hand. what is so funny? don't bite my hand. don't you bite the hand that feed you. don't you bite -- ♪ ♪ >> hi. happy halloween. >> trek or treat. >> you want to hear a scary
11:40 pm
story? >> what? >> about my roommate randy. he wanted to be a rapper, but he took a part time job working in the zoo, cleaning poop out of the animal cages. it's not funny. not funny. he cleaned poop out of the panda cage. the panda got real mad one day. he bit his head off. he didn't die. instd his head grew back like a ferocious panda head now. for some reason his arms grew to be like these, like the pool noodles. now, now he has pool noodles for arms. i don't know why -- he had hot pocket sandwiches all over his legs. it was not a pretty sight. he never really comes around except on halloween. it doesn't matter because he doesn't eat candy. he just eats little children. yeah, so, be careful -- >> ah! [ screaming ] >> randy, what are you doing? >> ha-ha-ha!
11:41 pm
>> oh, randy. >> ahh! >> he is a crazy guy. i have to say, randy's legs are delicious. [ applause ] >> thank you, sal. >> that was unnecessary. >> jimmy: we need to take a break. when we come back we will be visited by a 5-year-old here in l.a., arden hayes, very, very smart. here in july. impressed with his knowledge of the u.s. presidents and threw in the gettysburg address. >> i know you know the gettysburg address the would you look to recite that for us? >> yeah. >> jimmy: go ahead. you are going to stand. i like that. >> four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the idea that all men are created equal. tell me when to stop --
11:42 pm
>> jimmy: just keep going. turns out arden isn't just an expert on presidents. he knows all kind of stuff. now into geography. you can show him any country on the globe, supposedly he can tell us the name of the country and capital city. when we come back, i will put arden to the test. >> jimmy: we've also got vince vaughn, mark consuelos, and music from st. lucia. we'll be right back! honestly, i'm a little old fashioned.
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>> welcome back. vince vaughn, mark consuelos, and music from st. lucia. on the way. i introduced you to a young man who was not yet in kindergarten.
11:47 pm
tonight he is back wit knowledge. please welcome 5-year-old whiz kid arden hayes. how are you doing? >> good. >> jimmy: good to see you. >> i metal gore. >> jimmy: you did? >> you did too. >> jimmy: when did you meet al gore? >> the night al gore was on. >> jimmy: at the show. what 5-year-old wouldn't want to meet al gore. >> he is the vice president of the united states. g gyp >> jimmy: i know. were you excited. did you talk to him? >> i did. no other 5-year-old kid would like to. >> jimmy: i was just kidding when i said that. did he sign anything for you? >> my energy book of course. >> jimmy: an energy book for you. >> yeah. >> jimmy: have you read the book? >> yeah, i have read it. >> jimmy: did you like it? >> yeah. it has like -- my favorite part is the wind turbines on the front. >> jimmy: really. >> yeah, wind turbines. >> jimmy: you like wind
11:48 pm
turbines. next team we will talk wind turbines. >> ha-ha-ha. yeah. >> jimmy: that wasn't a joke, arden. but, you, since you were here last you have become very interested in geography, right? >> yeah, right. that's why -- >> jimmy: we have maps on the wall. so you know every country in the world -- >> that does not have south sudan on it. >> jimmy: missing a country? >> yeah. >> jimmy: where should it be? that should be south sudan. >> the blue country like, broke up into a southern half called south sudan. >> jimmy: sorry, i didn't know. you know what, i am going to make sure some one gets fired over that. >> yeah, because, because -- because, the country broke up into two countries. >> jimmy: ridiculous. you think everyone would know that. >> but no one does. >> jimmy: but no one does. except for you.
11:49 pm
you know a lot of this stuff the i am going to quiz you. want to start with an easy question. how many countries are there? >> 196. >> jimmy: exactly right. we are going to show you some countries. and, i would look ike to ask yo identify the country and name the capital. he doesn't know. have not run any of the stuff by him. let's go to the first one. and there is the globe. the world, spinning. >> paraguay. >> jimmy: paraguay. yes, that is right, paraguay. and what is -- what is the capital of paraguay? >> asuncion. >> jimmy: asuncion, correct. >> you said i pronounce it wrong? >> if you get any pronunciations wrong. >> jimmy: it is okay? thank you. >> then, it is actually guinea. >> jimmy: i have had fights with
11:50 pm
people over that. let's look at another one. see if you can identify this country. >> yemen. >> jimmy: that is yemen. yeah, exactly right. how do you know it so fast? what is the capital of yemen? sana'a. >> jimmy: correct. i will give you the capital, tell me the country? >> rega? >> latvia. >> jimmy: how about funkytown? >> that is a joke. >> jimmy: that it is. all right. this is a tricky one. let's go to -- >> okay, this won't be a tricky one. it broke up into seven countries. >> jimmy: what country originally? >> yugoslavia. >> jimmy: what country is
11:51 pm
>> some times i get confused by kosovo and montenegro. >> jimmy: do you know what the seven countries have in common? >> they both end with stan. >> jimmy: they all end with stan. right. >> kazakhstan, tajikistan, i mean, yeah. afghanistan. pakistan. hey it appeared before i said pakistan. >> jimmy: see that. >> oh. >> astonishing. >> and make it together and make one big stan country. >> jimmy: people call them stan, afghanistan, pakistan. >> they're not. >> jimmy: they're stan. guillermo, bring out the presents. we have presents for you.
11:52 pm
you lost a tooth. what did the tooth fairy bring. >> i thought this was a real globe. i have a real globe at home. thank you. >> jimmy: i will take it back. >> that its okay. just a puzzle. >> jimmy: what do we have for you, the sony, experia tablet z. we're just planning to get an ipad for christmas. >> jimmy: you are. okay. who knows. i'll take these both back. all right. thank you great job, arden. thank you. and mark consuelos is here. we have music from st. lucia. and we'll be right back with vince vaughn. [ male announcer ] we know heat control means everything in cooking.
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>> jimmy: tonight on the program his new series "alpha house" will be available on amazon starting november 15th mark consuelos is here. and then with music from this album "when the night" st. lucia from the sony stage. tomorrow night dr. phil will be here, erin andrews will be with us, and we'll have music from florida georgia line. and on thursday rob lowe, from "scandal" columbus short, and
11:58 pm
making their first appearance on late night television ever nine inch nails. join us for that. [ cheers and applause ] whether he's swinging, wedding-crashing, old schooling, interning or ball- dodging our first guest is a big movie star. his excellent new movie "delivery man" opens november 22nd. please welcome vince vaughn. ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: very nice. thank you. you know all the countries by shape? >> you no, i don't. i find that young man to be more than impressive. at some point maybe you want to go outside and catch a lizard. you know what i mean? no, i think it's exciting. i don't want to be the towny that brings him down for being exceptional. he is exceptional. no way around it.
11:59 pm
one game every now and then. is that all right? >> jimmy: enjoy. enjoy. what kind of kid were you? did you have like a weird thing? >> i did not have a command of geography in that fashion, no. but he has, i thought that kid has a beautiful spirit, great he is able to do all of that. that's great. i did not, i was not a trail blazer in that category. >> jimmy: any special skills as a child? or a lump? >> not a lump. not a lump. i liked to joke around. i had a since of humor. tried to make up for my lack of geography in other areas. how about yourself, were you an academic whiz? >> i was pretty good in school. i mostly liked to joke around and screw around and play whiffle ball. spent the time doing that. >> pleasure to meet you. >> jimmy: you too. you got back from germany? >> filming a movie in berlin. we had a good time being there. whenever i go to a new city. in order to see the sights and take stuff in. i like to get


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