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tv   PBS News Hour  PBS  November 4, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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cockeysville. ellicott city 39. look for a dry and very chris many evening. big picture wise, no precipitation. there is some fair weather clouds. we look to fall in the low 40s. it's going to be a cold looking day. we'll talk about how thing mrs. get much milder. new at 6, gunfire stop has quiet sunday afternoon in annapolis. >> don harrison spoke to some neighbors who were shaken up. police are trying to find the gunman in the sunday afternoon shootout this. happened on copeland street about 1:00. no one was hit but bullet holes were found in two different town homes. two different types of bullet casings were found. >> it was a lot of gunshots.
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>> reporter: she lives here with her children. her son heard the shots. the circumstances have her worried. >> it's scary for one thing to be happening in broad daylight. it's ridiculous. >> one of the big concerns is that the shots were fired right by the boys and girls club of annapolis. >> for the safety of the kids, we try this make it a better place but i don't know. it's not right at all. >> by yesterday being sunday, okay. boys and girls club wasn't open. more than likely it was somebody out and about on the basketball court. >> this is the same community where two homicides occurred this year. both of them were domestic disputes. >> whatever was going on or whoever it's going on with this needs to stop. come on, now. when are you going to stop it. too much.
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>> in annapolis, don harrison, abc2 news. >> annapolis police responded to six shots fired calls in the neighborhood. >> police have gotten some information from the witnesses but it hasn't led them to a suspect just yet. all right. bge wants to raise your energy bill. the maryland public service commission is holding hearings in different counties. tonight it will be held in annapolis at 7. tomorrow's meeting is at the library in towson at the same time. >> a penny is not enough. the county said a fee of one cent per property will help fight storm water pollution. at that rate it would raise less than $500,000 a year. eight other counties can set fees to row dpiewls pollution caused by rain water runoff. the ft.
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meade family pet care center is the first ofs it kind. it takes care of service members pets while they're lay way. tonight at 11, abc2 news brian kuebler goes inside the facility to look at how this works and how people are trying to copy whatter' doing at ft. meade. the american dream of owning a home. >> and do you watch your favorite tv shows with a second screen? how witter is hoping to catch am on all you -- your tweets. >> 46 at bwi. 15 degrees below average. we've been as cold has 22 in 1951. 41 yays would your -- 41 degrees was your winner. complicated as it is.
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beautiful chesapeake beach. are they in central time now? because that's a long trip from here to calvert county. wyatt will be back with the rest of the forecast. now the latest on the deadly shooting at the los angeles airport. the gunman was dropped move by a friend who thought the 23- year-old was headed home to spend some time with his family. prosecutors said he was so
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intent on shooting agents. >> there will ab review of the security measures in place, not only at l.a.x. but a review of the security arrangements in other airports as well. >> police shot the suspected gunman. if he ever regains consciousness he will face charges that could carry the death penalty. new changes will help you get through security faster. tomorrow a new tsa precheck will be available at concourse c checkpoint. the expansion doubles the location of passengers to access prechecked lanes and it allows preapproved travelers and easier and faster trip through security. there are already precheck lanes available on concourse d. the current mayor is
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running, and the polls will close at 8:00 tomorrow. as the problems continue with, the white house is telling people to skip the site all together. there are option -- other options. it can be done boy mail or over the phone. the president said the enrollment process by phone takes about 25 minutes. >> the person who calls isn't the one who continues to wait after the paper application is filled. >> the white house is insisting will be functional by the end of november. all right. fire trucks are doing more than fight flames. they can help upfind an air- conditioning repair man. the company is letting businesses advertise on its trucks. carroll home services is the first company trying it out. don't expect the moving ads to
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look too crazy. >> we didn't want to wrap the equipment up with nascar or anything, so we keptit traditional and it worked out that carroll has pretty much the same colors we have on hour engine. and we did it in a tactful manner. >> little river is -- has taken up ads. the prospect of buying a house looks bleak for college grads. the decline am 18 to 32-year- olds -- there is a decline in 18 to 32-year-olds able to buy their first home. they're still drowning in debt and opting them to live home with mom and dad. the young adults who move back home aren't building their credit histories, which would make this more difficult to get
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a mortgage. the new york times records -- reports one in three herbal supplements show no drink. the others were cheap fillers. a nonprofit group supporting herb hall supplements said quality control is an issue but not as bad as the study suggests. as we look at the setup, there is some mild air. we never got out of the 40s but south, we got 60-degree air. that will edge in. in the meantime it will be one chilly night. let's show you weather through the day. in parksville, kind of finished on a somewhat cloudier note as we had the early sunset about three minutes past 5:00.
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in the state capital chop on the severn river. temperatures have been running cool all day. we're just about in the 30s. this is statistically our coolest day. there's that early sunset. if you're an early riser, you have much earlier sunshine at 6:38. the forecast tomorrow, an east breeze very cold for the early bird runners. then we look for temperatures to rise in the mid-50s, a little more seasonal, a cool day but milder. on the map we find 30s, places like winchester, york and closer in northern baltimore county. light east breeze. that's all we have. the wind chill factor as you make a run. you probably won't need a thick coat but will need that extra layer. future trend shows fair weather clouds. look floor breaks of sunshine at times. beyond that into the day on
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wednesday running fairly clear. there will be some rain coming in out of the west but it doesn't get in here until thursday. that will be our next front lal boundary. in the meantime fair weather cloudiness, very dry at the service. again, all eyes on our next frontal boundary which will come slowly bring the rain into thursday and friday. we're under the influence of high pressure, which is wrapping in an easterly flow. that flow off the ocean and off the chesapeake not as mild as it would have been a week ago. water temps falling in the 50s. that's a chilly breeze when you get it out of the east. you start to kneel that east breeze more. take a look up and down the east coast all the way in atlanta. tomorrow more temperate. then the next front is wednesday afternoon. you see widespread 60s, 70s toward richmond. we'll have a bounce back.
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we get one more bounce back mid- week. 34 tonight. two above freezing. i guarantee frost northland west. it's going to be running chilly tomorrow. we should see the winds shift toward a southerly breeze. that makes this milder wednesday and thursday. then it looks like a great day with sun. we bring in the rain chances on thursday with our next front. that rain system will push temps back down behind it on friday and sat i. it appears we get back to 60 for game day sunday. perhaps the good weather will help the ravens play better. >> you're right. you're right. okay. >> you're watching us right now but be honest. what else are you doing? if you tweet while watching ur favorite tv shows, the social media site wants to capitalize on you. >> they're helping to turn
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tweets into cash. the ceo of twitter says the site recognizes that twitter has become a second screen for tv watchers. season finales are a awards shows or sports. when the ravens were playing the super bowl more than 239,000 tweets isn't per minute. >> lots of banner ads like facebook and other sites. they have to find other ways to make money. they can do that by putting promoted tweets into the stream of contents people see eye see. >> 40% profit margin. industry experts believe tv is the key toward reaching that goal. >> coming up after us on world news at 6:30. >> "the list." >> the new york marathon was
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her fourth victory in a row. where she is headed next. that's coming up on "the list" at 7:00.
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can't imagine anyone would
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want to spend their weekend this way. asher vongtau was stuck in a two foot space between a dorm and a garage. firefighters had to bust through a cinder block to get him out. they don't know how he got there but the teen is expected to be okay. well, it may not be no shave november, but beards were shaved off for a good cause. they went under the razor pat gillette headquarters. he became famous after ortiz' grand slam and he also saved off his beard. this charity benefits the victims of the boston bombings. chicago's o'hare airport gotten unexpected traveler. someone caught the alligator and then called animal control. they will treat it for six months and then give it to a
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reptile park. in the meantime they will figure out who left this there. >> 14 giant panda cubs celebrating their 100-day birthday. it's a tradition to wish them a happy long life and now officially can give them names. pandas grow 20 times excepts their birth rate. so a lot larger and quicker. >> like a weed. explode. now that the sun is down we're already in the 30s. bel air, parkton northeast. here's the outlook. turning milder tomorrow but you'll feel the difference on wednesday. there it is. >> it as monday. it's cold. the ravens lost yesterday. it's dark out. you can only go up from here.
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>> what a great story. we'll see you tonight at 11.
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welcome to "world news." an eruption tonight in big time football. a whistle blower accuses a teammate of being a 320 pound bully. today a suspension and hidden details and a surprising new twist for a nationwide problem. big break as temperatures plunge for millions of americans, good news an gasoline and keeping your home warm for the winter. and making babies, young and gifted girls, thousands of dollars and a big experiment under way in america tond. and good evening to you on this monday night.
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we have reported so often on bullying in america, but we never expected that some of the toughest men in the country would say it is happening to them. professional football players and the accuser tonight is a 6'5" 312 pound defensive lineman. he says his teammate, this man, has made his life impossible. it has sparked a giant debate inside football and american homes. matt gutman on the latest on this big league version of a modern american problem. >> reporter: they are the biggest of men whose job it is to play rough. 6'3" 320 pound richie is one of the biggest and baddest. he calls himself the beast, was voted the birthiest player in the league and today the dolphins suspended him amid accusations that off the field
6:27 pm
he's a vicious bully. >> the nfl is going to conduct a review of the workplace and give as an organization our full and complete cooperation with the nfl. >> reporter: his alleged target? his 300 pound teammate, second year player, jonathan martin, seen on the hbo series, hard knocks. >> weird oh. >> reporter: at any time officials are investigating whether he so tormented martin it forced him to leave the team. a hint of that also caught on hbos hard knocks, bragging about hacking another player's ipad. >> you might want to check your facebook, bud. i was going to put something up there rude but then i saw the picture of your girlfriend and i felt bad. >> reporter: martin's treatment may have been far more vicious. our partners at espn report incognito harassed him with a string of voice mails and texts, calling him the n word and
6:28 pm
saying he would kill him. martin reportedly reached his breaking point last week when teammates refused to sit with him in the cafeteria. he's reportedly in treatment. >> why did this incident explode? >> because jonathan martin spoke up. it makes you wonder how many times guys in the league have been treated like this or similar and not said anything. >> reporter: richie incognito is fighting back, calling the acquisitions back and tweeting i want my name cleared. ex coaches we spoke with say hazing is one thing but using racial slurs clearly crosses the line. analysts say that if martin does decide to come back to the nfl he won't be met with jooers but sympathy. >> a lot of people say that took a lot of courage. thank you so much. now to los angeles and the news on the airport shooter. tonight there are urgent calls
6:29 pm
for more security at l.a.x. and airports across the country as investigators are studying a shadowy subculture and a disturbed young man. >> reporter: the fbi is convinced ciancia was targeting t tsa agents but they don't know why. >> we don't understand what his motives might have been. >> reporter: the trouble is they couldn't even ask him. he's still unconscious with a gone shot wound to the head. today the fbi combed through his apartment for clues and combed through his travel records to see if he ever had a run in with airport security. the last time he traveled abroad was 2006 when he took a trip to japan. today his family issued their first public statement. >> we like most americans are shocked and numbed by the tragic
6:30 pm
events of last friday. >> reporter: but offered no clues what could have prompted his spree. the tsa has a thankless job, enforcing procedures we all tolerate through gritted teeth. >> who else wants a job groping men, women and children all day. >> reporter: the agency embodies a federal government that's too invasive, corrupt and incompetent. today the u.s. attorney general took strong exception. >> no feelings about the government can possibly justify those kinds of actions. >> reporter: in other words, it's no excuse for murder. david wright, abc news, l.a.x. >> and from the airport shooting to a campus lockdown today. central connecticut state university was swarmed by police. a student called 911 to say he had seen a man with a gun. police say that man may have been wearing a halloween costume. three people were taken into
6:31 pm
custody. students told to stay in their dorm rooms until the lockdown was lifted. across america this morning, millions of people woke up to some of the coldest weather of the season. look at the map. the northeast faced temperatures in the teens, 20s and 30s. vermont had a record low of 14 degrees, some temperatures 15 degrees below normal and will stay that way for a couple of days. inside this early blast of cold is good news for american families, big savings on the way for heating up your home and filling up your car linzie janis now on how much we're going to save. >> reporter: this week's cold blast has many americans reaching for their coats and their term stats. tonight good news, heating oil prices are already 19 cents cheaper than this time last year. they're set to go even lower. >> we could see heating oil prices drop 5 to 15 cents a
6:32 pm
gallon between now and christmas. >> reporter: gasoline prices already low are heading down again. the national average could be $3.05 by christmas. already drivers in 34 states are seeing pump prices at some gas stations below 3 bucks a gallon. one reason for the drop? hurricanes have been nonexistent this year, unlike last year when super storm sandy led to fuel shortages. an even bigger factor? that american oil boom like in north dakota where production is up ten fold in just 8 years. >> the united states right now is brimming with oil. it's certainly helping motorists at the pump. >> reporter: the average american family spends around 4, $500 a year on gasoline. lower prices could mean a savings of around $200. every little bit helps, diane. >> it sure does. thank you. next the start of a new week
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bringing new trouble for the president and obama care. it's about what the president said and what he knew and when. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl has exclusive documents and went toe to toe with these new questions for the white house. >> reporter: as the health care website melted down, the president repeatedly told people there were other options working just fine. >> you can bypass the website and apply by phone or in person. >> reporter: a quick call. >> i want to repeat that. 1-800-316-2596. >> reporter: and voila. >> it usually takes about 25 minutes for an individual to apply for coverage. >> reporter: but ten days before the president said those words his own health care team knew that all applications were having the same problems. the same portal is used to determine el jiblt no matter how
6:34 pm
the application is submitted. at the end of the day we are all stuck in the same queue. did the president not know that everything needs to go through the same broken website. >> these memos saying at thehe the same queue because they all have to go through the same portal. >> jon, i get it but the person who calls isn't the one who has to wait after the application is filled. >> your mocking is okay but the president said you can apply within 25 minutes. that wasn't true. >> you call up, get the questions answered that you need answered and they take over from there. >> reporter: that's not how it worked for georgia resident robert shlorra. we visited tim the day the president gave out that phone number. after failing online he tried the hotline. >> i have no idea whether i'll be offered a better plan, whether or not the government will help me subsidize it. >> reporter: we contacted mr. shlorra again today. he still has not been able to
6:35 pm
enroll. the white house still won't tell us how many people have enrolled online or over the phone. they say those numbers will be coming in about two weeks. >> two weeks, thank you, jonathan karl reporting from the white house. and now here abc gets action on a story we first brought you last week, workers who embodied the american spirit, coal miners who have labored hard their entire lives have been fighting for benefits. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross broke this story. tonight he tells us what happened next. brian here with the latest. brian? >> reporter: good evening, diane. there may be new hope tonight for hundreds of american coal miners in the wake of our investigation with the center for public integrity into why so many were denied black lung benefits despite evidence they had the deadly severe form of that disease. steve day's doctors diagnosed him with black lung. >> my doctor says my lungs are
6:36 pm
shot. >> reporter: doctors at johns hopkins hospital rejected the diagnosis and we found that of hundreds of other miners, saving the companies millions of dollars. the head of the black lung unit at hopkins, dr. paul wheeler, did not find a single case of severe black lung in available cases we examined since the year 2000, not one. >> that's my opinion and i have a perfect right to my opinion. >> reporter: but we found his opinion has been wrong a lot. gary fox was denied black lung benefits for ten years after dr. wheeler read his x-ray as negative. it was only after fox's death at the age of 58 that an autopsy concluded he did indeed have black lung. >> you have a system that for so many miners is rigged against them. >> reporter: hopkins has announced it is spending the black lung program while it reviews the findings of our investigation. >> i'd like to see the truth come out. i'd like to see the wrong doers in this system exposed.
6:37 pm
>> reporter: steve day and his wife say they are now hopeful that maybe somebody does care. >> god help the souls of those who cheat these men. >> reporter: senator casey says the miners have been denied basic justice and based on our report there now needs to be accountability from everyone involved in this system. >> brian ross staying on the case tonight. thank you, brian. here tonight girls making babies, the young women, the recruiting, thousands of dollars, an explosive new event in america. what are the consequences tonight. caught on tape, a run away horse and the 92-year-old guardian angel who managed to save a young girl, a long awaited reunion tonight. it's america strong. we're back in just two minutes. we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known?
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experiment has beennder way in america. in the last ten years there has been a huge 74 percent rise in young women donating their eggs so that strangers can have babies and a lot of them were recruited because they're well educated or because of the way they look. so we decided to look mor deeply into this exploding trend. do we really know the consequences? "nightline" co anchor cynthia mcfadden investigates. >> we know how healthy donor eggs can be. $5,000, $10,000 says this ad. if you are a model, $50,000. >> does it make you nervous? >> at this point it's my 6th time. i don't really get nervous anymore. >> reporter: 29-year-old anna cain is a freelance writer who says she's made over $60,000 as a donor. >> as far as you're concerned there is no reason not to do
6:41 pm
this? >> no. >> reporter: today is egg retrieval day, the culmination of weeks of hormone injections to stimulate her ovaries into producing more eggs than normal. dr. joel is her doctor. >> is a donation essentially risk free? >> nothing is risk free. there is risk of the procedure. i think the right answer is yes, it's essentially risk free. >> reporter: there is a rare condition found in less than one percent of patience, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. 27-year-old emma smith, not his patient, was so sick with it she spent six days in the hospital and shot this video diary. >> fiefl that they should have gone out of their way to make me more away of the side effects of the process. >> reporter: dr. jennifer schneider worries there is no
6:42 pm
registry to track these women. her daughter jessica was a three time egg donor who died at 31 of collin cancer. >> the egg donors are not considered patience. they're considered venders. >> she wonders if the repeated hormone injections fuel cancer in some way even though studies suggest there is no proof it causes cancer. we were shocked to discover there has never been, not even one, long term study of egg donors. >> it doesn't worry you that there haven't been studies done? >> not really. >> reporter: anna says she loves the idea she's already create three sets of twins and hopes there will be more. >> reporter: what we can say right now is there are no known long term medical issues for donors which is of course a world of difference from saying no long term issues. follow up studies could help.
6:43 pm
>> no national data base on this? >> nothing. >> thank you. and a 3,000-year-old mystery is about to be solved tonight. king tut, what really happened to him and how car crash investigators helped crack this ancient case in our "instant index." ♪
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his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... [ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. we have a photo to start our "instant index" tonight because life is imitating beloved art. finding nemo. remember this scene, the mom and dad checking in on their soon to be hatched eggs. >> we still have to name them. >> tonight a photographer has captured the real event. this is a clown fish keeping a washful eye over her eggs in the waters of the red sea, real thing. and real thing, new proof of the lion hearted tonight. a liones in africa hugging two
6:47 pm
men who saved her when she was a can you be, cast out by her pride. they have taught her to hunt and they plan to release her back into the wild. reminding us of course of that other video we all loved, this lion reuniting with the human parents who raised him from birth. running into their arms as if to say all god's creatures can remember love. a 3,000-year-old mystery may have been solved. king tut, how did he meet his end? it was a long debated issue until tonight. new forensic evidence suggestion he was struck by a char yot. it damaged his internal organs. still ahead right here, the 92-year-old guardian angel and
6:48 pm
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and finally tonight, the 92-year-old man they call little johnny. he made a heroic and split second decision. he saw a run away horse and a little girl. from our friends at espn here's chris conley and the mon who is america strong. >> reporter: john shear worked at santa anita park for 51 years but in just 10 seconds mattered most. >> 911 what's your emergency? >> i shouted there is a loose horse coming this way. when i looked down there was a little girl standing there. >> reporter: that little girl, 5-year-old roxy key. look again, there is roxy on the left and there is john, throwing his body over her, absorbing the
6:52 pm
full impact of the run away horse. >> i knew i was going to get hit. you cannot stop and think should i or shouldn't i. there is a 5-year-old girl. i'm 90 years old. she hasn't had a life. i have had a life. you got to save that life. >> what would have happened to your daughter if john sheer wasn't there. >> dead. >> reporter: critically injured john sheer would spent 7 weeks in the hospital. more than two years later, 92-year-old john sheer drove to a ballet studio where a now 8-year-old roxy was to perform. >> thanks for dancing for me roxanne. i love you. >> i don't want to say he lived 92 years just to do that one thing but that's a very huge thing. >> of all the things you've done, john, where does this rank in terms of your life? >> it ranks number one.
6:53 pm
>> reporter: sacrificing himself for a child he had never met before. that's what makes john sheer america strong. chris conley, abc news, los angeles. and we're so glad you were watching tonight. great to begin the week with you. we're always here at "nightline" later and i'll see you right back here tomorrow night. good night.
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on "the list," ugly sweater day is almost back. >> why some retailers love it. >> how to tip everybody on your list this season. everybody here supposed to. then this holiday, fit strip may be more popular than cards. and tastier than fruit cake. happy monday. you're on "e list." i'm teresa strasser. in our squadron of top gun news gathers have flown through the danger zone. we'll stop to find the top five cool stories you need to know now. >> i'm matt gallant. number one gas prices take a holiday. >> i guess i'm just hoping for a caring and nurturing relationship. >> if the petrol in your jalopy could speak, it might be saying, let me buy you a drink at these crazy happy hour prices. yeah, can't go past the pump without noticing gas prices are sharply down. we're telling you this because analysts are correct. it is headed to rock bottom by
6:56 pm
the end of the year. we're also paying on average 25 cents less than we were last year at this time. $3 gas has popped up in a few places. leading the by with others in the lower 48 expected to follow. thinking about what you can buy with all that extra cash? go inside, buy a fist full of mystery jerky. soup are change your own engine with a 48-ounce mountain dew. save up for a bicycle. then when prices are at $48 a gallon next year, you will still be due. >> remember the grocery bags that you forget to bring into the store? that may be a good thing. while reusing grocery bag says great for the environment, they could be polluting your food. turns out these bags are a safe harbor for bacteria that could make you sick. like germs from raw meat transferred to fruits an vegetables.
6:57 pm
study out of aberdeen university suggest one tote for meats, another for fruits and vegetables. don't keep your sacks in the back of your car. hot temps encourage bacteria growth. don't use your satchels for other purposes. keep your gym shoes out ofyour grocery bags. good call. at number three, the big day is coming. get ready to get ugly. >> this sweater is really cool. >> yeah. mark jacobs? we're telling you this because ugly sweater day is becoming a major part of our festivities. so much, you don't have to raid granny's closet or go to the thrift store to honor the craze. target is featuring ugly sweaters in addition to web sites offering hideous sweaters. ugly sweater day is september 20, just 45 days away. no disrespect to those who work all year to make beautiful sweaters. >> at number four, want to be
6:58 pm
the fastest man in the world? eat the fastest food in the world. you might want one too after hearing this. usain bolt said he ate 1,000 chicken mcnuggets during the beijing olympics. what? mcdonald's isn't known for getting people in shape. unless that shape is round. >> want more. >> bolt says he downed 100 ggets every 24 hours with apple pie and fries. because chinese food seemed odd. >> at number five, you heard of chippendales, get ready for kittendales. we chose this story because it will make you go ahhh -- hotties and kitties working together to raise money and bring awareness to shelter animals. and in an option, sorry, only
6:59 pm
the cast are up for adoptions. the chippendales calendar is up. now you are caught up and clued in on the top of the list. last night was the very first youtube awards. and you guys are going to be shocked. lady gaga wore something weird. burning like ga ga'sless for lime light on the hot list. >> the three wheeling show featuring perform uns from a bunch of big names, including our k. and the video of the year was "i got a boy." things got weird when lady gaga went boohoo. her three minutes on stage saw 4,000 viewers cutting


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