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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  November 4, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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kennel would be. >> reporter: tonight at 11:00 we'll introduce you to the people who care for the dogs and cats of our service members while they are off defending our country. we'll explain how other bases had visited ft. meade and using it as a blueprint to right same service. all right. you can follow brian on twitter. there are details and some of the other stories. the twitter handle is at brian at abc2. all right. shows up when your house is burning down or your cat is stuck in a tree. >> now fire trucks are being used as advertising space. >> why just look at a kid's face. there's facial recognition software, how a new invngs is making its rounds and how it will help engage with them.
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>> it looks like fall at baltimore's country club. crisp and sunshine. we'll talk about how things change. we'll be back.
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this is neat. i'm a big fan of engine 11. forget billboards and pop-up ads, fire trucks are the way to go to advertise. >> they're trying to raise money, so they debuted a new look a truck that also doubles as a moving ad. one of the first advertisers is carroll home services. >> we just want to show our support for the community. it's a good opportunity for the community to see a that. >> 45% of the budget comes from the county. so right now the ad space is taken but they would be willing to put ads on their website,
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wow, if other companies are interested. illegal immigrants can start the process of getting a driver's license. the first step is to schedule an appointment. it gives illegal immigrants the same rights on the red as a licensed holder. it is not accepted for federal purposes. a good education or someone to watch when he's a baby. these are choices that some parents have to make as the price of child care goes up. some parts of the country it's more expensive than tuition at state colleges according to a report. massachusetts had the highest cost, as much as $16,500 a
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year. >> porm blackberry planning to share. the company said the ceo is stepping down. the struggling company recently appealed in an open letter to its customers to stay loyal. we have good news for you drivers. gas prices are down for the fourth consecutive day. reports for a gallon of regular gas is now at three -- $3.25. we're higher at $3.27. a new tool claims to read and interpret every student's attentiveness in the classroom using facial recognition. it's called engaged sense. the camera tracks eye movements and facial expressions. that data gets interpreted and turned into a report. now this could help teachers understand how students learn best and figure out the best way to keep their attention.
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all right. a look at temperatures. we're in a cool wedge of air from morgantown through the mid- atlantic. we're staying in the 40s. you see milder air to our south and west. this will slide in our direction over the next several days. it will take a while but by the time we get into wednesday and thursday you'll feel the difference. in the meantime it was a chilly one under high thin clouds. beautiful fall foliage. we're getting a little past peak and the sunset is coming early tonight as it did last night. we have fallen back an hour. chesapeake beach on a chilly and crisp note. ellicott city, winds are east at six. the sunset is 5:02. if you're going to run in the morning this will be quiet with
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that extra layer of under armour on. looks dry, looks partly cloudy throughout the day. the numbers will likely be similar in the low 40s across the state. tomorrow, remember the high temps bump up to 50, it will be milder. what little one we have out of the east is in the a warming breeze. the mid-level winds are coming out of the west, some cloud cover no precipitation though. as we check out maryland's radar, the closest is lake superior in south central canada and down toward arkansas. our pattern is being influenced by high pressure over northern maine. this will sweep in light east chilly winds off the atlantic. water temps keep dropping. milder air down toward virginia and atlanta will edge in our
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way as we go into the day tomorrow. also in charge of precipitation, it's looking dry for the next several days. we see one rain maker in the forecast. the frontal boundary marching to the midwest toward wednesday night should get into the baltimore area on thursday. temperature wise staying cool and chilly tonight. tomorrow moderating a little bit and it puts us back into the 60s by wednesday afternoon. so if the chill is too much, well's bounce back one more time toward the middle part of the week. tonight down to 3 4, mostly clear. gets cold tomorrow. 54 but still a milder looking day than today and lows tomorrow night around 430. here's the outlook. you seat milder trend kicking in, especially in the time frame of wednesday. thursday still mild but we bring in the chance for rain with that front. this won't be that nice of a day. overall we look for cooler more seasonable weather and into the
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weekend. right now it looks generally fair weather. partly cloudy skies bouncing back to 64. >> sounds good. all right. a bill banning workplace discrimination against gays has enough support to move forward. it could reverse current laws which doesn't prevent employers from firing or refusing to hire workers. president barack obama in a message called on the. the pass the legislation. the conditioning man of maine who has been running for governor said he is gay. if he wins the governor's praise next year, he would become the first openly gay candidate to become candidate. that makes him the 8ing at openly gay member if congress. he decided to come out.
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well, he said he was sorry. italy based pasta maker barila faced criticism. they said they have a newly established board to develop diversity goals and strategies. in september gays and others raced calls to boycott. new had campaigns are now and. >> sounds like paula deen. >> paula deen, barilla. tonight the monument goes dark. >> who is hotter on twitter, justin bieber or katy perry?
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connor knight from the list shows us how gift cards for one store may work in others. >> sears announced it was considering splitting off lands inn from the rest of the stores. they sell prep i coats and sweaters. sears is full of appliances and tools. the behind the scenes workings typically doesn't matter to consumers. have lap lands inn gift card you don't want? it's available at kmart and sears. several companies with multiple brands allow gift cards to be used across their portfolio. you can use the olive garden
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gift card at red lobster or other stores. most people know that gap, told navy, banana republican are afill -- repup public are a-- republic are affiliated. if they like the card from any of these, this will work at the others. on the border. for marshall's, tj maxx and home goods. you know, i want to give you $25 for clots. technically it could be in any of these stores. >> all right. to check out more stories like
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this, watch "the list." katy perry is the new queen bee. she edged out justin bieber on the social networking site. the 19-year-old has reined sue -- reigned supreme on twitter, passing lady gaga. >> the washington monument will look like this. the lights will be turned off so crews can remove the scaffold. it was damaged during the earthquake in 2011 and has been close since then. the national park service expects it to reopen next spring. >> who fired the shots right near a boys and girls club.
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>> more mill lean nals are moving back home. those stories and more coming up at 6. here's your preview of what's ahead at 6:30. >> the ads promise young women thousands of dollars. how could one man father hundreds of children. the truth about the business of babies in america on world news with diane sawyer.
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one local athlete did really well. >> she won the race and won
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titles in boston, london and chicago's marathon. no other athlete has won those four races in the same year. president obama welcomed the 2013 stanley cup winners today. the chicago blackhawks were at the white house and he hails from chicago. the blackhawks also viftd the walter reed medical center. story smith announced that he and his wife were pregnant using a can of spaghetti sauce. >> one couple used a much more creative approach. >> i work hard bringing bacon and making doe-- dough. got a bun in the oven and we're
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overjoyed. >> jalen and lincoln taylor of salt lake city put together the video. they said they have too much swag about two of us. the baby is due in may. >> look at that. that's pretty good. that's a professional job, though. that is great. good for you. >> real happy. if you can't watch your favorite show without tweeting, you're not alone. >> how twitter is trying to cash in on you, on abc2 news which starts right now. i feel like we've been left out of the process. >> shifting the school district lines in baltimore county leaves many neighborhoods crying foul. >> a towson university student hurt badly in a stabbing. >> and a pitbull kills the
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owner. thanks for being here with us on this monday night. night. redrawing the school district lines. superintendent dallas dance is expected to make recommendations to the school board tomorrow. critics say their concerns have been ignored. >> reporter: the loch raven community on towson's east side is pretty far removed from the school overcrowding on the west side so they never thought redistricting would impact them but they thought wrong. >> they say they're going to have 500 seats but they plan on moving an entire new body to that school. >> reporter: as part of the superintendent's plan, the academy would be emptied out to make way for a new county wide school. >> having it be a 100% commuter
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school that could be a problem. >> reporter: the president of the homeowner's association said it could create gridlock on the area roads. >> i don't know how the infrastructure will support it on a daily basis. it's not that big. >> there's concerns that along with pleasant plains, the neighborhood would become home to a third title one school which would drive down property values. for its part the school administration has given it six months to share the concerns. >> it's very important, coming out and expressing your views and opinions and giving us input and feedback. it's positive. >> even if administrators are looking, critics of the plan are convinced they're not listening, based on one such meeting last week. >> popularity of choice was the
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most highly considered thing. when he said ours was 100%, there was a big uprising in the crowd. we didn't feel we had been heard. >> in baltimore county, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> as farts of that plan, the system would build an addition on to krommwell to add almost 300 seats. all of the changes would not be implemented until 2016, 2017. baltimore county police said a 27-year-old student was robbed last night before 11 near the intersection of burke and center and the student was stabbed in the chest. his cell phone was missing, taken in the kind of robbery police have seen before. >> that means we never walk around with our cell phones. what this means we should be alert, aware of hour
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surroundings -- our surroundings. >> the victim was taken to shock trauma. new information in the naval academy sexual assault case a court martial is set for february for one of the students accused offing a vandalize -- aggravated sexual assault. the case stems from an april 2012 off campus apartment the alleged victim was drinking heavily and testified she can't remember having sex with tate. another student faces a separate court martial in the case. his is set to begin in january. we have an update on the breaking news you first saw on a woman who plotted to kill her husband will spend life behind bars. karla porter was the mastermind of a plot to kill her husband. six people have been convicted.
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six people are recovering after they were exposed to carbon monoxide in their apartment complex. it is believed the fumes came from an appliance in the kitchen. new developments in the attack of a woman biler own pit bus. neighbors said they were afraid. but she treated the dog as a child. douglass raised the pitbull since a puppy. even though the dog attacked douglass and her nephew before, she begged to have the dog return hood i just told my dads last night if all dogs go to heaven, i can see my mother in heaven saying i love you. i know you didn't mean to hurt me. that's how much my other loved
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the dog. >> animal control returned the dog saying they did not feel he was a threat to the public. the dog died shortly after being tranquilized. an accused burglar is on the run from harford county police. va of you seen this guy? he is believed to have broken into the thompson auto motive dealership in edgewood last night f you have information, call . in anne arundel county police are looking for a robber who hit a pizza place. the robber came into the vizzini's pizza. if you have information that could help police call metro crime stoppers at 1-866-7- lockup. temperatures are already falling in the 30s, rapidly cooling off. 36 in


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