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tv   Charlie Rose  PBS  November 1, 2013 3:30am-4:25am EDT

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her face, the u.s. marine and mother of two is hailed a hero. >> he's fired. he's firing. >> reporter: she help lead officers to arrest the suspected shooter, 21-year-old sergio rodriguez but police are looking for daniel cruz as a person of interest. >> if this story touches you, you can reach inside of that part of yourself and step forward with any information you could have that could help this case. >> if she didn't get in pursuit most likely there wouldn't have been justice. >> reporter: with the support of the community and her husband, carrie says she'd do it all over again. >> the sacrifices that me and my family go out every night. when she goes out. we know it is a possibility that mom may not come home. >> officer gonzalez was also shot in the chest. her superiors believe her kevlar vest likely saved her life. john and >> amazing story. she fired back through all of that. >> she could have been killed. she had kevlar on. >> no doubt. >> you forget the risks these folks in law enforcement take
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every single day. >> routine traffic stops are quite often not routine. >> that's right. an amazing scene from kansas. look at where that school bus wound up. it was on its side in the middle of a fast-moving creek. police say the bus tumbled off of a low-water crossing. the ten children on board the bus and the driver climbed out of the emergency door and waited on the side of the bus to be rescued. the driver was treated at the hospital and all of the kids were fine. a night of deadly storms in the south. a 9-year-old boy was electrocuted in nashville as a downed power line hit him while he was riding his bike. the same storm tore 50 year old trees from the ground and blew shingles off of a roof. this woman saw the twister touch down it. >> was frightening. i was looking out the window and saw all of the garbage swirling
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going down the road. >> the woman said her halloween pumpkins were blown from the yard and put a damper on trick or treating. severe weather will impact travel along the east coast the days ahead. >> accu-weather meteorologist jim dickey, part of our team of meteorologists, is joining us with some trouble spots. jim? >> we continue to track a powerful area of low pressure. now departing in to canada. plenty of impacts in to friday. the front pushing through the eastern seaboard. soaking rain expected. across new england, down the 95 corridor. cities like new york city, boston, philadelphia, this rain will come down heavily. especially for the morning hours. the morning commute will be a mess. this is a powerful low. winds will be gusty. in the neighborhood of 40 to 50 miles an hour. a few spot s over water 50 to 60 mile an hour gusts. that can bring down trees and power lines. watch for power outages and the rain will come down heavily. many spots seeing over an inch of rain. watch for flooding. john and rina, back to you.
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in boston, the date is set and the duck boats are ready. love them. boston mayor tom menino announced the victory parade is tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. two dozen duck boats will lead the rolling rally before the streets of boston in to the charles river. the mayor assures fans, police and public safety officials will also be on high alert. >> that's awesome. do they always do the buck boat thing in boston or the first year? >> i don't know. it is cool. >> new york has to steal that. >> big day. >> congrats to them. this is a little fella. he isn't really so little. we had to show you. he is nearly five months old from utah. >> he was born by c-section and was 14 pounds even. god bless that mama. and there he is with his 2-year-old sisters. mom says she can't have normal size kids. the twin girls were four pounds each at birth. >> joel, by the way, 23 pounds at his four-month check up. the doctors say he is healthy
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and growing. >> cute family. >> total cutie pie. future linebacker for brigham young, university. i don't know. >> beautiful sisters. coming up, which celebrity won halloween this year? we will show you cool costumes ahead in "the skinny." >> love costumes. but first, if you are going to have hand me downs, they might as well be from the wealthiest woman in the world. oprah's yard sale is next. you are watching "world news now." ♪ she wants to lead the glamorous life ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance.
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♪ >> oprah winfrey turning over a new leaf and it's our favorite story of the day. oprah is cleaning out her closets of all of her homes and putting on a giant auction. tomorrow, fans an shoppers alike will be there. bidding begins. a lucky reporter from our santa rosa station got a preview. >> this was used in a library, one of her libraries in her home. >> reporter: auction house owner frank kaminski walked me through the show rooms after oprah pointed out some of her favorite things. >> these items came from her chicago studios. so these were -- there's a lot of interest in these particular chairs. they are italian. she stored her sweaters in here and personal items and this is
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something from her indiana home, estimated to bring 300 to 500 and it is up to $850. >> reporter: over 60,000 people from the united states, 5,000 from canada and even the philippines and india are getting in on the on-line bidding. 600 items are up for items, some with a starting bid of $150. >> gives you a peek inside to her personality and what she likes. >> i love her art work that she has so that she has so far. i think that's the best part to me. >> oprah's art work is getting a lot of attention. pieces going for 1,000 or more. this doll, 5,000 to 8,000. an original from the late 19th century and my favorite this vogue cover in 1998 signed by oprah starting bid $2,000. during my tour on thursday oprah dropped in. we weren't allowed to get her on camera but during her time she mentioned while she is getting rid of this furniture from her
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homes, there are still some items that are hard to part with. >> she was walking through the tent the other day. >> she had a hard time letting go. >> yeah, she did. >> some of the most expensive items. check out this chandelier. starting at $20,000. this louis 16 chest 30 to $50,000. all proceeds will go to the oprah winfrey leadership academy foundation college fund for her students in south africa. >> got your eye on anything? >> i'm with sharon. the vogue cover. don't you think it would look great in my office. >> i think so."vogue" cover. don't you think it would look great in my office. >> i think so. how much did she say it was? like 20 grand. >> >> price doesn't matter. this is oprah winfrey. >> pull out the wallet and do it. >> she said she is doing it because it didn't reflect her true self and a designer walked in and said this isn't you. she agreed. she wants things that reflect her. a you can see some of the
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pieces, i wouldn't think that oprah would have. they seem ostentatious and out there. >> that's great. like they said in the story, the pro- seeds benefit a charity, her charity. >> that's how she rolls. >> it's terrific. coming up, justin bieber dropping $850,000. >> whoa! >> we'll show you what he bought. and the very best celebrity costumes. you are watching "world news now."
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♪ skinny ♪ so skinny >> "skinny" time. halloween is not dead yet. >> no. no. >> celebrities really pulled out the stops. start with jimmy kimmel. >> hands down the best of the night. look at that makeup. >> wow! >> perfect snow white. who would have known. >> think the producers came and said we want to make you in to snow white. >> i'm curious how that conversation went. >> and these are disney themes. >> they look amazing. >> jasmine never looked so --
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i don't know what the word is. >> i don't think we will look at princess jasmine again in the same way. >> that is captain hook. >> is that -- who's that? i guess a staff member. awesome. next up, honey boo boo. and her family. i'm sorry. jumped ahead. this is -- guess who that is. >> heidi klum. >> you cheated. >> i cheated. >> that is heidi klum. one of the most sexy beautiful women in the world and did they go out all for that. she played an older version of herself, very older version. >> you know who she looks like, driving miss daisy. >> that is unbelievably realistic. >> never know it was her. >> someday that will probably be her. amazing to think, but yeah that's awesome. now honey boo boo and her family. you know who they are. got any guesses? don't cheat. don't look down. >> that is not keeping up with the kardashians. >> they are the kardashian clan. there you go. >> oh, my gosh.
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look at that. >> isn't that awesome? >> really awesome. >> which is kim? >> let's see -- >> no. the one with the baby has to be the sister. keeping up with the boo-boos. there you go. i don't know. matt lauer might have stole the show on this. check out matt lauer. >> oh, no! pam anderson from "baywatch." >> not that we want to talk about nbc but when you wear this out fit you get on abc. >> are those his real legs? >> that is his real legs. that is him playing pam anderson. pretty impressive. >> looks like his real rack. >> did you say the word rack. >> yeah. >> love it. pretty good. what do you got ? >> justin bieber buying his family a new home. >> really. nice modest home. >> 850,000. >> look at that. gorgeous isn't it? five bedrooms in the woods, cabin style. christmas is covered here, huh. doesn't have to worry about it. and unlike his home it cost $6
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million features a pool, theater seven bedrooms. the home is in a small wilderness town. $850,000. i'd love to move in. bieber family if you are looking for someone i'm happy to come in and join you. it is a sweet gesture he made for his parents. >> good for justin bieber, buying a home for the folks. good for him. ashton and demi getting a divorce. >> i thought they had already been divorced. >> no, just been contentious. apparently they are in the home stretch. they have agreed to settle their divorce battle two years after they separated. this is according to page 6 of "the new york post." according to sources, the couple had been battling ever since november 2011 but they have signed divorce paperwork and they can file those legal documents as soon as next week. >> when it is over, it's over. just better -- good luck to both of you. >> go to a side bar here. when is it is time to get divorce why give the money to the lawyers?
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just get the thing done. apparently, they are getting the thing done and ashton is now the highest paid tv actor out there. that may have added to the length of the proceedings. e added to the length of the proceedings. and a paid actor out there. that may have added to the length of the proceedings. thinge highest paid actor out there. that may have added to the length of the proceedings. the busiest place in your house
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[ female announcer ] used by more plumbers, save them. woolite detergents clean your jeans and won't torture your tanks. so clothes look like new even after 20 washes. finally this half hour it is our "friday rewind." what a week. the white house was tied up in messes that won't go away. >> the week also saw an anniversary that reminds us the human spirit does endure. take a look. >> the incompetence in building this website is staggering. >> the rollout looks like a disaster. >> we are going to get it working as smoothly as it is supposed to. we have people working overtime 24/7 to boost capacity and address these problems every single day. >> while i think it is great that you are a team player and taking responsibility. it is the president's ultimate responsibility, correct?
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>> you clearly -- whatever. he is the president and he is responsible. >> the secrets revealed are doing significant damage to our bilateral relationships with germany, mexico and other countries. >> how is it you didn't know about the cell phones being looked at or listened to? and why didn't you know? and who should have told you? >> as i said, i'm not here to talk about classified information. what i am confirming is we are undergoing a complete review of how our intelligence operates outside of the country. >> one year ago, we were in total chaos. a year later, clear signs, evidence of rebirth and regrowth. >> it is still very depressing around here. as you can see, there is a lot of destruction going on but a lot of homes that have vacant
3:52 am
and ready to be levelled and demolished. >> i'm sure everybody in our uniform whether here go ing forward or elsewhere they will look back on the events that took place and the way things unfolded as a special year. no way we can say it any other way. >> we feel we are best suited to do our own individual things, all things we are passionate about" and choose to be brothers first. >> we want to remind you about a special feature for our facebook fans. >> it is called in case you missed it. it features the best of the week from the antics on "world news now." it was a great week. check it out. to check it out. >> you guys look great. >> can you believe it is november 1? it is daylight saving time this weekend. >> i didn't know that. >> it is fall back. don't forget. >> why do they do that any way? drives me nuts. >> don't quote me. but i think it is a throw back to agricultural days to make the day longer for farmers. i don't particularly like it. >> i don't like it either. >> i say abolish daylight saving. >> this is abc "world news now" informing insomniacs for two
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making news in america this morning -- severe weather. a tornado, flooding and water rescues, including a bus full of students. where is this weather headed now? and enrollment shock. the government has the yet to show how many people have signed up for obama care. and now, we likely know the reason why. above and beyond. an officer telling her survivor story about getting shot in the face twice. >> he's firing. he's firing. >> and what she did after this shooting is just remarkable. moving target. a skydiver with skill that you have to see to believe.
3:56 am
good morning to you. i'm reenen ninan. candy high with lots of sugar in me. in for diana perez. we begin with a frightful night of halloween storms. >> a powerful system, reaching 2,000 miles, from maine to louisiana. it's being blamed for one death in tennessee, where a young boy was electrocuted. >> the storm left a destructive trail, including a tornado in texas. tahman bradley has the latest. >> reporter: mother nature delivered a trick. frig frightening weather that put halloween on hold. several areas were flooded. cars were no match for the rising waters. helicopters rescued hundreds. south of austin, emergency crews in boats went door-to-door. they saved one family, including their dog, stuck on a roof. >> wow. wow. everything is -- oh.
3:57 am
>> reporter: residents returned to their homes and found nothing left. >> everything i have. everything's gone. forever. >> reporter: a possible tornado twisted in bridge city, texas, knocking shingles off rooftops. ripping trees from the ground, power lines, anything in its path. >> i was looking out the window. and i saw the garbage enswirled. >> reporter: in terre haute, indiana, a hundred people were rescued when a roof collapsed. in butler county, kansas, students were rescued from an overturned school bus. from houston to new orleans, chicago to detroit. the system is barreling towards the east coast and parts of the upper midwest. wicked weather that will give millions a post-halloween scare. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. >> that severe weather system is moving out. but not before making the morning commute very messy for
3:58 am
millions of people. >> we get more from accuweather meteorologist, jim dickey. jim? >> good morning, john and reea. we continue to prak a powerful area of low pressure. we've been tracking this all week. it's moving into canada. cold front moving towards the eastern seaboard. keeping heavy rain in the eastern seaboard. soaking rain through this morning. the morning commute going to be an absolute mess. along with strong, gusty winds. widespread gusts, 40, 50 miles per hour. that will down some trees and power lines. john and reena, back to you. >> all right, jim. stay with abc news, as this system moves east. we'll have live team coverage on "gma." from washington this morning. some new evidence of the rocky rollout of the obama care website. how few people were able to register for health insurance just after the site launched. details from abc's steve portnoy. >> reporter: an inside look into
3:59 am
just how difficult it was to sign up in the first days of notes from war room sessions on october 2nd and 3rd, are an early catalog of glitches. documents released by the house oversight committee, suggest just six people successfully signed up for coverage on the first day of enrollment. and by the end of the second day, after millions tried to logon, only 248 people were said to have enrolled. the obama administration says he's numbers aren't official. in her testimony this week, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius says the website's flaws make any early data unreliable. >> we do not have any reliable data around enrollment, which is why we haven't given it to date. >> reporter: her agency doesn't plan to issue its first report on enrollment figures until mid-november. but the first days overwhelmingly viewed as a disaster. a survey shows 80% of those polled have a negative impression of obama care
4:00 am
implementation. just 14% say it's gone well, that the law has benefited them. but nearly one-quarter of americans say the affordable care act has caused them harm. steven portnoy, abc news, washington. it's a major political headline overnight. did the president have second thoughts about joe biden. a new report claims the obama campaign thought of dumping biden for hillary clinton in the last election. bill daily says he did consider the idea. but decided it would not help the ticket. a top obama aide says there's no truth to the report. america's most wanted fugitive has landed a job without any references from his employer previously. starting today, former nsa contractor turned leaker, edward snowden, will begin doing maintenance on one of russia's largest websites. he was granted temporary asylum in russia, after fleeing the u.s., rather than face charges that he stole secret documents and leaked them to journalists.
4:01 am
a bomb threat made a united express flight land in phoenix. that threat came from inside the plane. it was flying from san francisco to san antonio yesterday afternoon. a search of the plane found nothing dangerous. and passengers arrived in texas early this morning. and some fascinating details about that drug tunnel under the u.s./mexico border we told you about yesterday. the nearly 600-yard tunnel is about 35 feet underground. and it follows a zigzag pattern. that suggests the people who dug it veered off course several times. they seriesed more than 8 tons of pot before shutting it down. >> four feet in height, approximately three feet wide and equipped with an elaborate electrical system and ventilation system. >> three men were arrested in the bust. the tunnel is the newest of 80 such passages on the border
4:02 am
since 2008. a texas appeals court has ruled the state's abortion restrictions can take effect. this reverses a ruling earlier this week, setting aside part of the tough, new law. a hearing on the lawsuit will likely be held in january. also happening today, the 47 million americans who receive food stamp will see a cut in benefit. a temporary boost in the benefits, part of the 2009 economic stimulus is expiring. that means a family of four getting food stamps will start receiving $36 less a month. in boston, some good news. the date is set. the duck boats are ready. >> boston mayor tom menino has announced the red sox victory parade will take place tomorrow starting at 10:00 a.m. two dozen amphibious duck boats will lead the rally into the charles river. >> public safety officials will be on high alert. mac and cheese makeover.
4:03 am
i love my kraft mac and cheese. it's a favorite food of mine. and treats for travelers. there's a big game-changer from the faa about what you will be able to do on a plane as soon as today. and busted again. an accused jewel thief in custody this morning. but this isn't your usual suspect.♪
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we're just one day past halloween. but already, analysts are predicting a blue christmas for retailers this year. morgan stanley says this could be the worst year for retailers since 2008. thanks to a perfect economic storm that was worsened by the recentovernment stalemate and shutdown. and there's one week less of
4:06 am
shopping between thanksgiving and christmas. wells fargo, the latest bank to settle government claims just ahead of the financial crisis. the san francisco-based bank paid less than $1 billion in penalties in the case. that's a small cost compared to other banks dealing with similar claims. kraft foods is removing the yellow dye in its mac and cheese products that are marketed to kids. it does not affect the plain elbow macaroni and cheese. instead, a spokeswoman says they're just making the food healthier. expect to see long lines outside the apple stores this morning when the tech giant's new ipad air goes on sale. the tablet features a 9.7-inch retina display and a faster chip. it weighs just one pound. the price about 500 bucks. also today, i'm not sure about this one. lay's is introducing a solution for those seeking the sweet and
4:07 am
the salty. there they are. lay's wavey potato chips in milk chocolate. they won't be in stores inle next week. >> that sounds really you don't like the idea? >> no, no. >> try it. i'm telling you. come over to the dark side. >> chocolate-covered pretzel. >> chocolate-covered anything. when we come back, do you think drinking coffee first thing in the morning is a good thing? >> yeah. >> a new survey reveals the best time of day for that cup of joe. and sky-high talent. a parachuter makes a landing with no room to spare. you've got to see this. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water.
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all right. trick-or-treaters on the streets of new york city enjoying a spectacular halloween-themed light show from the top of the empire state building.
4:10 am
during the nine-minute performance, more than 15,000 l.e.d. lights twinkled. synced up to music on a local radio station. looking at morning road conditions. expect slow-going on the eastern seaboard, thanks to soaking rain own gusting winds up to 60 miles per hour. >> if you're flying, airport delays likely in boston, new york city, philadelphia, washington, d.c., charlotte and detroit. a quick reminder. daylight saving time ends this ekend. don't forget to turn that clock back an hour at 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. we go back to the news. you will notice a major change in air travel as soon as today. >> passengers will be able to use anywhere ipads, kindles, music players and other personal devices during all phases of the flight. delta and jetblue could allow the devices today. travelers say it's about time the rules changed. >> i can listen to my music while i'm taking off. i don't like takeoffs. >> i enjoy reading electronic books.
4:11 am
>> just using an electronic device. my kids are able to travel with ease. >> thank goodness cell phone calls will be offlimits in the air. and check out the scene at this airport in the united kingdom. two women stripped in front of other passengers at the security checkpoint. the women claim a guard ordered them to take their clothes off that turned out to be a complete misunderstanding because of a language barrier. both women were arrested and taken to court. they admitted to drinking a bottle of wine. to a spicy stripdown overseas to aispute here over a wildly popular hot sauce. a judges refused to order a halt in production of sriracha hot sauce. local residents claim the fumes make them sick. but the good news for consumers is, the hot sauce will keep on flowing. family and friends of a missing florida woman are making a public plea for a safe return
4:12 am
home. kimberly lindsay failed to show up for her job. her last communication was sunday night when she sent her daughter a text, saying she had arrived home safely after a weekend away. lindsay's family fears she may be the victim of foul play. >> she is the most amazing woman i know. and not just because she's my mom. but that's how she is. so, please, please, please, look for her. >> police searching with helicopters and bloodhounds have turned up no clues so far. and lindsay's family and co-workers say it's completely out of character for her not to show up to work. and 83-year-old doris payne is back in the headlines again. she's behind bars today in southern california. she's being held in connection with a theft of a $22,000 ring, which happened nearly two years ago. payne has four theft convictions in the last four years. she claims to have stolen millions of dollars worth of jewels in the u.s. and europe over the last 50 years. >> wow.
4:13 am
an incredibly brave texas police officer sharing her story just days after being shot in the face. a mom, ex-marine. she was pursuing suspects. she just called for backup. eventually, she got the lead officers and got the suspect. >> what i was thinking at the time was, i need to stay in this fight. >> if she didn't get in pursuit, most likely there would not have been justice. >> another officer was shot in the chest. her superiors believe her kevlar vest saved her life. that early cup of coffee may be doing more harm than good. >> no way i'm giving up that early coffee. i don't care what i'm about to say. the world's leading neuroscientists say many of us are drinking coffee too early in the morning. the reason, our bodies are flush with cortisol. and it jump-starts our energy.
4:14 am
>> and adding caffeine to cortisol forces the body to crash sooner. the time for coffee, between 9:30 and 11:30 a.m. >> wait an hour or two. >> it's good to take it int intravenously. thursday night football game ends in o.t. >> we turn to espn for the highlights. >> good morning, america. he's stan. i'm neil. this is los angeles "sportscenter" set. >> thursday night football. bengals and dolphins. miller up the middle. gino adkins, the standout tackle. all-pro, torn acl. done for the season. 16 seconds to go. dolphins down three. calleb ster jess from 33 yards out. the third nfl game in history to end on an overtime safety.
4:15 am
bulls at home for the first time. derrick rose back home for the first time in a long time. and he has game. final 11 seconds. the bulls have missed their last nine shots. and rose was just 6 of 22 before hitting that. it proved to be the game-winner. bulls, 82-81. >> that's going to be a really exciting season in the nba. >> i wish we had more time to talk about it. >> but we don't. >> we don't. good morning, america. >> thank you, guys. some incredible coordination and more than a little intestinal fortitude makes this our "play of the day." it involves a skydiver named katie hanson. >> you see that yellow object on the road below, it's a yellow convertible. >> she had a seat for herself perfectly. do not try that one at home, folks. that's crazy cool. >> pretty cool. >> no biggie. up next, "the pulse."
4:16 am
a celebrity wearing a great halloween costume. can you guess who this is? anyone? >> i know because i did it earlier. and a woman gives birth to her son. could be the biggest baby of the year. my bargain brand towel made a mess of things. so goodbye so-called bargain brands, hello bounty basic. the affordably priced towel that's an actual bargain. watch how one select-a-size sheet of bounty basic is 50% stronger than a full sheet of the bargain brand. it takes a strong towel to stretch a budget. bounty basic. the strong but affordable picker upper. and try charmin basic.
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okay. time to check, "the pulse." starting with some halloween costumes that are really out of this world. how about this? check this out. heidi klum partying like it's 2049. >> the "project runway" host dressed as herself, decades in the future. >> she turned in her flawless skin and blonde tresses, for wrinkles and a white wig. >> she accessorized with pearls
4:19 am
and a black cane. jimmy kimmel, the first-ever disney princess, snow white. a clear move to kiss up to the abc bosses. his sidekick dressed up. all of them as disney princesses. >> they look great. princess jasmine. if you're wondering how he managed to look so hot in this outfit, kimmel claims he was wearing spanx. if you're planning a yard sale around the santa barbara area this weekend, there's one you don't want to miss. >> oprah winfrey is selling some of her favorite things. about 600 items from her studio in chicago and from her 4 homes. starting from $150 all the way up to $20,000. >> this auction is also available to online buyers. proceeds will go to a college fund for students of oprah's south african school. >> all for a good cause. finally, the child being called the biggest baby born this year. he's joel brandon jr. of utah.
4:20 am
>> getting a bath. he was 14 pounds even. >> wow. and he's got two sisters, you see there. totally cute. like the last three weekends. asthma doesn't affect my job... you missed the meeting again last week! it doesn't affect my family. your coughing woke me up again. i wish you'd take me to the park. i don't use my rescue inhaler a lot... depends on what you mean by a lot. coping with asthma isn't controlling it. test your level of control at, then talk to your doctor. there may be more you could do for your asthma. and i'm here to tell homeowners that are 62 and older about a great way to live a better retirement. it's called a reverse mortgage. [ male announcer ] call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation. it answers questions like how a reverse mortgage works, how much you qualify for, the ways to receive your money, and more. plus, when you call now, you'll get this magnifier with l.e.d. light absolutely free.
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checking ourop stories -- new documents say six people were able to register for health care insurance through the obama care website the day it went live. the administration says such early data is unreliable. authorities have three men in custody in connection with a sophisticated drug tunnel under the u.s./mexican border. and a line of storms stretching nearly 2,000 miles marching across the eastern half of the u.s. set to slam the east coast with high winds and torrential rains. looking at today's weather. showers in the nthwest, warming up in the southwest. rain and wind around the great lakes and along the entire eastern seaboard region. drive carefully on the i-95 corridor and pack that umbrella. finally, a wide range of stories for the late-night comics to poke fun at this week.
4:23 am
>> here, now, your "friday funnies." >> the red sox beat the cardinals in st. louis last night. red sox fans were very excited. maybe none more excited than this enthusiastic gentleman. >> you were there? >> absolutely insane. best night of my life. biggest win in years, baby. >> best night of your life? >> pretty much. i have a pretty bad life. yeah, red sox. >> that went down real fast. >> katy perry raised some eyebrows. in a new interview, katy said too many female singers are wearing revealing outfits just to get attention. unfortunately, the interviewer didn't hear a word she said because fireworks were coming out of her bra. point taken. >> i've given you good news. but i'm afraid, it's sad to say, this congress right now is the least popular of all-time. just thinking about what's going
4:24 am
on on capitol hill makes people nauseous. >> remember dick cheney? former vice president. >> that's the guy. >> had trouble with his heart. he had four or five heart attacks and had many, many procedures. had a heart transplant. and now, he's written a book. and he claims to be a changed man. and he relishes every day. he was on the weekend show with george stephanopoulos. >> oh, yeah. >> i wake up every morning, literally, with a smile on my face. grateful for a day i never thought i'd see. and -- and the other thing that comes to mind, is we -- >> that was high drama. wow. >> i think george handled that like a pro. >> she sure did. that's what's making news in america this morning. stay with us for "good morning america." have a great friday, everyone.


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