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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  October 31, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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up. >> reporter: each station is high end and all the ideas come from one place. >> my twisted head. to be honest when i see something and i think i can build it i can. >> we hear the screams, we hear the laughs. when they come out it's all good. >> reporter: some will leave out laughing, some leave crying but it's all in fun. next year will be the 18th year and they say they have no plans to stop which is good because it's halloween after all and you never know what you will see out here. don harrison. abc 2news. >> i got nothing. i got nothing to say. he can do it. that looked greavment. >> hear the duck call? >> dave said they only do it
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halloween night but since there has been so much demand he said they will try to keep it for tomorrow too. duck disco. you think that haunted house is scary, what about a haunted cemetery? a haunted tour of one cemetery has caused a lot of anger and it's not the spirits who are mad. and a new breast cancer treatment allowing women to move on faster. it's available right here in baltimore. >> and halloween in parks vt. it's hard to see through the spooky fog early today. we will talk about how the rest of your halloween night unfolds. yes, stay tuned for this one.
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. so many women diagnosed with breast cancer means months of treatment. for a growing number of women those months have been reduced to just one day. because of a new treatment right here in baltimore. katrina has the story. >> reporter: march lien was always faithful about getting
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her yearly check um. it was during one of those that doctors found something. she was diagnosed with breast seasoner. >> raidation or chemo. it's a scary situation. >> it's a sense of relief when i said you are finished. i said it myself which is -- it has a neat feeling. i finished my treatment in one session rather than two months which is fantastic. >> reporter: the doctor was able to say that to her because of this machine. it allows direct raidation to the tar get area. >> on some patients with very localized tumors, that's avoiding raidation to the normal breast or the surrounding structures. . >> reporter: its been here for just six months but has made a
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big difference. it worked for marlene. >> efg was clear. i would be done, wouldn't have to go through anymore raidation which was a god send to me. >> reporter: to america and hopefully many more to come. >> unless you are open minded to innovation you will be freezed at 20 years ago, where everybody used to get a masectomy and patients didn't do as well. >> reporter: the doctor warns that the treatment isn't like waving a magic wand and isn't for everybody. the circumstances have to be just right for it to work. in baltimore. katrina bush. >> that's great. the doctor said that to be suitable the cancer has to be localized and detected early. high school athletes are more at risk for concussion. researchers found a culture of
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resistance among athletes to report and follow treatment plans. the study found high school players almost twice as lucky to have concussions as their college counterparts flt the author doesn't know if there is a increase in concussions in younger players. he said high schoolers may be more willing to report having symptoms. if you want to make sure that you can spot all the warning signs in your young athlete log onto abc and you will get a complete resource guide right there. >> and now from abc2 maryland's most accurate forecast. >> the radar if you are headed out in the next couple minute was the kids, doing trick or treating house to house, hit the neighborhood, candy collection, public service. we look for just a couple of rain drops in spots. cecil now with a very light shower passing overhead. we had a few rain drops early era round the city and to the west there are showers edging
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in. just a chance for a few patches of light rain. rain. it still looks like most of the evening relatively dry. that changes overnight into the day on friday so don't get used to it. it was hazy, foggy, misty, kind can of a spooky looking day across charm city. gray sky, contrasting the bright fall leaves on the trees. looks like halloween. doesn't feel like it. 69, almost 70. we made the lior 740s across much of the baltimore area. that sunset at 6:07 by the way and as we look at the halloween night forecast. scary clouds will be the story. 67 degrees and slowly falling. rain will be possible. any way. statewide the numbers running mild and will continue to be at the south breeze in to the day tomorrow. we bring in the rain but keep it humid and warm. tomorrow will be a warm and
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rainy day to kick off the month of november. no cold november rain tomorrow. it's all about the warm rain and then into friday time frame, rain could be pretty heavy and steady for the morning and some rain could last into the friday night although i think the western half of the state will start to clear friday night. saturday looks cloudy, breezy and cooler, back down in to the 06's for highs and cool canner on sunday. probably never get out of the 50s on sunday. they will get a rally check but not until we get through tonight and into friday. you can see it's a large amount of rain, strong cold front and that will replace what we have been experiencing the last few days of mild air, will be replaced by a more fall like chill as we go into the second half of the weekend. you see the future temperatures, the cool air working in to the east coast and there we are down in the 60's for highs saturday. only in the 50s sunday. tonight 60s, mild and certainly some of the showrs coming in
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after midnight in particular, it'll stick around for the rest of the day on friday. rain likely, 74 the two degree guarantee and then partial clearingly late tomorrow night. here is the outlook for the weekend. count on just some morning showers saturday, and then sunnier on sunday. don't forget to fall back. wake up and get that extra hour of sleep. it's good to wake up, when you want to wake up. [inaudible] >> you are in a trans. >> yeah. the music. it's haunting music. puts you in a -- trance. >> that's from the scandal sound brak. >> track. >> even if the weather isn't perfect at least you aren't ducking hail tonight. we show you the wicked halloween weather happening >> reporter: heavy rain fell in central texas overnight causing flash flooding in austin.
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several counties in the area had to evacuate as a surge in water covered the roadways. a massive storm in the nation's midsection is brewing up a wicked pot of wind, hail and rain. turning halloween into a ghoulish soaker from texas to the midwest and northeast. golfball sized hail fell in nebraska and kansas, blinding rain and howling winds snapped power lines, driving was nearly impossible. further south three inches of rain fell in just four hours in livingston texas. trick or treaters in cincinnati, memphis and houston may have to delay or cancel halloween tonight as strong storms are expected to dump three to five inches of rain. >> first the afternoon, we will make a decision as to whether or not to cancel. . >> reporter: last minute costume shoppers thinking of alternate plans. >> one of the women will have a party for the kids at her house. >> reporter: if the storms get severe the safest thing is to stay inside.
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>> we don't need anyone getting hurt at a time when it's supposed to be fun. >> reporter: the east coast is no stranger to halloween soakers. last year residents in new york and new jersey were clean up from super storm sandy and the year before it was a record breaking storm that dumped snow across several states. >> all right. people searching for a spooky halloween thrill sign up for a haunted tour of a cemetery but is it insensitive to the people with loved ones brother bury there's. and the pro and cons of the new chrome book.
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. if you are looking for a new laptop but don't want to pay the high prices google the
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appearance. >> reporter: google advertises their laptop asthma sheen for everybody. for kids, grandma, college students, for months the 249 samsung chrome book has reigned supreme. i bought a used one and to my surprise i use it all the time. i wouldn't necessarily recommend it to everybody. for a certain type of someone it is a smart purchase. google as released the 11. it is 279 and comes in black or white. it has a better screen and while battery life is about the same the charger has gotten an upgrade. it uses a small microusb charger which has the advantage of powering any other isb devices like the phones. for me its been a solid second computer. it's a machine i take on trips
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and to the coffee shop on weekends. it's basically only good for web browsing and e-mails but that's most of what i do on a computer. i was able to rationa ize the numbers by looking at the numbers. it has 12wifi passes, those are normally $14 each so that's $168 of value. it has 100gigabytes of free storage. that's basically the cost of the new laptop. if you think you will use it you have a free laptop. for me having a cheap computer i don't care about has been freeing. i can take it more places and not freak out it gets broken or stolen. the new screen is a significant upgrade and for less than $300 with a lot of included extras, i think it's a good deal for those who are fans of g mail and google doc and understand the limitations. >> and to see more stories like this watch the list.
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you can watch it week nights here at seven followed by let's ask america here on abc2. if you think you are going to use the new laptop to snoop on your kid's facebook you may be to late. teens are losing interest now in facebook. the company cfo admitted the site seeing a decrease in daily users, specifically in younger teens. where are they going? instagram, snap chat, twitter, all the social media sites they seem to be turning too. amazon shoppers you can give to charity by buying. they are giving back with the help of its customers. when you log onto they will donate .5% of the purchase price to charity. you even get to pick which charity. there are almost a million charities out there to pick from and it includes all product was the exception of items like the kindl books. coming up, she may sound
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like a [inaudible] a drug called molly and it's wide use among kids. and this young sailor -- we will introduce you to ellie wells, our student athlete of the week. those storeys and more at six. now here is a preview of what's ahead on world news. >> wild winds, devastating floods, killer storms, so many natural disasters wreaking havoc now before extreme weather hits do you know how to protect yourself? we put you to the test. real answers, tonight. and then when you get up -- can i play?
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to a fios triple play online for just $89.99 a month guaranteed for the first year. plus, your choice of a $300 bonus with a 2-year agreement. fios is 100% fiber optic. so you get america's fastest, most reliable internet and unbeatable tv picture quality. this amazing offer is going fast, so switch to fios today. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities and get this deal before it's gone. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. offer ends november 16th. technology that lets you play with the big boys. that's powerful. ♪ . what was the scariest place you can think of for a ghos
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tour? contes verse a over a ghost tour in a cemetery. some with loved ones buried there call it disrespectful. the tours were part of a fundraiser for his a trust. trust. some of the graves date back to the 1800's. >> i knew there wasn't anyone [inaudible] so didn't bother me. >> yeah. he wouldn't want people walking around when they aren't family. >> corkiers say the people were only allows in one part of the cemetery and the tour made every effort to be respectful to the families represented right there. he is traveling thousands of miles to help his brothers learn to fight fires, to make sure they have the right equipment. the news at six starts right now. >> you're watching the station that works for you. now abc 2news at six. >> we will start right a wa with the updates on two major breaking stories. first a deadly fire that took the lives of two in north
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baltimore, firefighters rushed to the 5100 block of underwood lane around one this afternoon. the fire broke out in the home across the street from notre dome of maryland university and layola. crews pulled the couple from the home but they died. then right at the same time police responded to a double shooting on kennedy avenue in east baltimore, two blocks cecil. one person died, another was taken to the hospital where he later died. detectives still trying to find out what happened. the names of the victims haven't been released. now down to canton where neighbors worried about what they will come home to another the end of the day. a crash of break-ins makes them nervous, even more than before. >> from the outside the streets of south elwood look no different than any normal day. those who live behind these locked doors feel differently. >> absolutely the worst i have
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ever seen. people go where the money. >> reporter: john thompson has called canton home for nearly 25 years. he moved in when it cast still up and coming but he said it wasn't until recently he had a problem. >> the last break-in was two days ago. he just moved here a few weeks ago. this is his welcome to the neighborhood. >> reporter: about a week before that the theaves got away with jewelry and a laptop despite the alarm system. baltimore police say that burglaries in the southeast are up 11%. ? when someone invades i think, you know, it's -- to what scale? >> reporter: carol and a group of neighbors join an officer every other week unless she -- on a cop walk. they walk through checking out what is going on. getting the scoop from police. she said it's up to neighbors
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to look out for each other. >> all your trash cans have your address on them. if you aren't taking up your trash cans are you just advertising, you aren't around. it's simple things like that. >> reporter: the community association is putting together a spread sheet, marking off all of the recent break-ins. they hope keeping an eye out subpoena making neighbors aware puts an end to what some are calling a spike in crime. >> she urges people to make an effort to help your neighbors, send the message that someone is home. bringing in the trash cans, turn on the porch liepghts lights. amy sent out details on her story in the breaking news on the shooting in east baltimore all afternoon. you can follow here right now at amy from abc two. no parole for the man convicted in a drunken hit and run that killed a townsend steufnlt he was denied parole
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during a hearing. he is sheeving five-years for the death of matthew cheswick. his friends started a petition trying to keep the man to stay in jail. it's to easy for people who are unstable to get a government pass. that question faced senatorsa as they started hearings on the security clear lance system. this goes back to the shooting rampage inside the washington navy yard. aaron alexis had a security pass despite having problems. pop stars sing about it, teens buy it, a few of them are dying from it. tonight, we take a inside look at the club drug called molly. christian has a look at what he can expect and a special guest. >> reporter: that's right. molly is a drug that people use, it's gotten more attention
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after several people died. i'm joined by the former head of subtans abuse prevening for baltimore. we talked about this before. what is molly and what are the chance that someone buying it is actually getting what they think they are getting. >> it's actually a name of an older drug called ectasy. people have heard of that. it was very popular. now it's come back, big time. the hollywood stars are singing about it, it's become so pap popular with kids thre have nicknames, where is molly, have you seen molly? it's ectasy which is a a combination of drugs together that is very popular by kids who are going to these parties. rave parties, dance parties, it makes you feel very warm and fuzzy and touchy feeling but it also increases your body
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temperature and can do a lot of damage to your brain. the kids love it but as you said we have another issue here. >> it's dangerous because the elements happening even in the nightclub situation like we are looking at right now. dabsing, hot. >> body temperatures have been known to go up to 105. the real problem with this drug is we just had four kids die in the last couple weeks and what they found was that because molly is so popular drug dealingers are actually substituting the synthetic drug bath salts which we have heard so much about. that is a adly drug that makes you crazy. they are now selling molly but it's really bath salts. >> marketing. >> reporter: the problem is kids are all excited and the drug dealers are out to hurt them and make money and we are seeing


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