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tv   PBS News Hour  PBS  October 29, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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under construction. the sea side heights demolished from the storm reopened six months later to tourists and locals. >> we had 1,000 man hours a day working on the project. what we accomplished should have taken two years. >> don't know what's next. >> reporter: electrical wiring possibly damaged in the storm sparked a plays that burned 30 businesses to the ground. >> it's been one thing after another. we are tough. >> reporter: in queens breezy point was one of the hardest hit areas, homes burned and fire trucks unable this get there because of flooded streets a year later there are signs of resilience and recovery. a group of rockaway residents marking the anniversary, holding hands on the beach.
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an immigration museum at ellis island damaged in the storm, reopened its doors. >> sandy is not a one of a kind storm. the reality is it could let any time, anyplace. >> unbelievable. going from flooding rains a year ago to a beautiful picturesque end to your evening. 61 in the city. pear of fives in ellicott city. go down to the south. here come some clouds. we are anticipating more clouds. believe it or not, clouds will act as an insulator keeping our numbers mild. 50 in the city. cooler to the north and west. frederick around 39. some showers are working through the ohio valley. that could be in here by
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tomorrow morning's commute. we'll talk about that not seven- day forecast. in less than an hour a meeting will be held to talk about the affordable care act. it is being held from 7 to 8:30 mat good samaritan hospital. speaking of that site, the consecutive director of the hockey, change said she's in the satisfied with it. they're working with the main contractor to make all the changes and improvements. well, for the first time we are hearing an aful -- apology from the people involved in the website. >> we have more on this growing crossers surrounding the affordable care act. >> reporter: a review of the website. >> to get an honest
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straightforward assessment. >> reporter: or political witch- hunt. >> democrats want it make the affordable care act work. congressional republicans don't. >> reporter: a fresh round of back and forth over obamacare tuesday as house lawmakers president obamaed, praised or picked it apart. >> we're barely four weeks into this one and we're already declaring it dead. >> we're being told everything will be okay soon. why should americans believe you now. >> reporter: the woman in charge was in the hot seat. >> i want to apologize to you that the website has in the worked as well as it should. >> reporter: meanwhile new promises. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your healthcare plan, you'll be able it keep your healthcare plan. >> reporter: that's not the case for million unless the insurance market. the majority of americans with
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individual plans will find their policies changed or canceled under obama care rules. the white house said those p- they will be -- said they will be able to buy more comprehensive coverage. >> the need to provide greater security to those americans who had no other option. >> reporter: in washington reporting. >> you just heard about the promises made by the president. people who like their healthcare plan can keep it. steny hoyer said the affordable care act didn't allow some to keep their insurance. hoyer told a reporter from the national review that some policies wouldn't meet minimum requirements of obamacare that the president's promises weren't misleading, they're just not clear enough. meanwhile democrats are proposing a fix to the debt ceiling. he wants to authorize
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additional federal -- republicans blasted the proposal saying the debt limit increase needs to be papered with similar cuts. the constitution gives the power to congress' loan. how the town has been. >> if you love crab cakes, you've known it for a long time. how a restaurant was honored today. >> we made it to 62 degrees. normally we should be around 63. we'll give pay way free stuff. we'll send you some free stuff. we'll send you some mild hair by thursday, but we may have it get through a few scattered showers. let's talk about it on the
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they're getting ready for the pumpkin chunking contest. a beautiful day. meek will have a detailed look coming up in about four minutes. boardwalk, elvis, been an icon since the 1960s. >> about a week ago a driver didn't see him, ran red light and hit him.
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now elvis was in the building today and so was abc2's don harrison. >> in studio with us boardwalk elvis. >> that's right. elvis is alive andwell, at least 73-year-old boardwalk elvis. about a week ago that almost came to an and. boardwalk elvis was on his bike when le was hit by a car. >> the thing hit the most was the bike. >> reporter: his bike was destroyed. the ocean city legend batman put out a crawl to his listeners on ocean 9 to get el vest a new bike. if you've been to ocean city in the last four years you've probably seen boardwalk elvis with his boom box singing. hey even has his own postcard.
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>> probably the most recognized person. it goes back as far as i remember since 1965. >> reporter: boardwalk elvis is going 21st century. he has his own facebook page. >> 1200 friends. >> how many are ladies? >> reporter: the fans came through. when batman asked for donation, about $700 to replace his broken bike, they answered. >> within 25 minutes we had everything we needed and we had to cut off the calls. we could have bought him a car if we stayed on the air longer. >> walking up and down with the boom box on his shoulder singing ain't manage but a hound dog. ♪ ain't no friend of mine
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>> reporter: he's still got it and ocean city wants to show their appreciation. >> a very tight knit community, a very giving community and they came through. >> reporter: in ocean city, don harrison, abc2 news. >> kelly, when you go up to him, you'll say i'm boardwalk elvis. i'm an eye can. batman said in addition to the bike, they gave him a $100 gift certificate to buy a bike helmet. >> for those who used to get your crab cakes from angelinas, you walked a few blocks south and found cocoa's. cocoa's can make a crab cake. >> we're thrilled, honored and overwhelmed by all this. amazing and my parents started
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this in 1985 and i'm so glad they're still here with me and we're sharing it. >> comptroller dario photograph -- peter francho came. he bought the club in 1985. the tiny kitchen pumps out about 500 crab cakes a year. >> two big names in sports visited. >> he went to hopkins and is an all star. he teamed up with the goose to talk to kids about learning differences. since. it helped him achieve even more on the playing field. >> my message is to always work
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hard and to use this platform as a gift. >> the foundation helps kids with learning differences and raising money for scholarships. goose was in town because he wants to be. he's over at the man cave show, diy where they fix the basement. >> you going to tell him otherwise? we'll take a look at dundalk toward the key bridge. notice the clouds starting to build. now the clouds coming. dew point's still low at 39. just the gentlest wind coming in at three switching out of the southerly direction which will bring in some milder hair. today we made it to 62. normally around 63. 82 is the record. the sun is setting at 6:09. clear skies for most of the
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afternoon. back out to the west, here come the clouds. tonight these clouds will act as an insulator in the atmosphere, which will make it feel milder. a cloudy are day for tuesday, showers at night. that should be cloudier for wednesday. then a mild day on thursday. so the numbers are into the 50s. 61 in town. cooling out toward company could have. the numbers will be slow to move. maryland's most powerful weather radar is looking clear overhead. if we go a six, seven hour drive we'll find some precip. then the mild air will start to arrive. right now high pressure is locked in control. it's going to slowly push offshore. that will allow for the clouds to come in, the showers. that will be in here by tomorrow morning. but it's a huge storm system. look what's going on.
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go from the rockies, the central plains, snow to the north, severe weather to the east. this is setting up over the center portion of the country. that develop a weather outbreak from minneapolis down to dallas. if you have travel plans out to the west, tomorrow will be impacted. thursday will be impacted. lots of flight delays. this system will push in our direction as we go into your day an friday. for the time being into the 60s. 60s and 70s not too far from the south. so here's future weather. tomorrow morning spotty showers from yes down to d.c. notice the temperatures mild into the low 50s. we'll max out in the low 60s for your day on wednesday. here comes this warm front. it will be charging from south to north. warm front by thursday afternoon. that will deliver a punch. forecast highs of 70 to 74 in
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the city. we'll be talking about above average temperatures. so it's 44 in town, not quite has chilly with the temperatures again most spots being in the low 40s and 64 for wednesday, variable cloudiness, milder. wentz wednesday going down to -- wednesday going down to 40. there will be showers as we did into the trick or treat forecast. friday could pop 75 previously and a big cool june pie next weekend. an isolated shower is possible but it's nice are by sunday. notice the temperatures falling back into the upper 50s. we're back with more news coming up after this.
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turn off the alarm and sleep. you don't have to weak up at dawn on prief brief for some amazing deals. >> stores are open at thursday night. at 11:00 we'll explain why black friday is now black thursday. we're open a we're always open here. clouds are moving in. it's going to stay mild for tonight. there will be changes. tomorrow morning scattered showers and a mailed surge, lots to talk about at 11. >> all right.
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we'll be here. will you be here? >> i'll be here.
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welcome to "world news." tonight under fire, the white house fighting on two fronts, new calls to totally change the way america spies and did president obama break a key promise to all americans about his health care plan. hurricane sandy one year later, the families with their amazing survival stories but are we ready for the neck super storm. made in america, you heard it here first, those olympic uniforms made in china. big news today about what team usa will wear this time. going to extremes, the surfer trying to ride this giant of wave into the record books, why dare devils push the record books. the real reason they do it.
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good evening. diane is off tonight after a day of double trouble for the white house. scrambling to diffuse not bun wut two fire storms. the president accused of making false promise, even lying about obama care. new calls for a total stop to spying an friends. what did the president know? how much damage has been done and what will he do now. jonathan carl starts us off. >> reporter: under fire for allegedly spying on americans and america's friends, the nation's spy chief made no apologize. >> we do not spy on anyone except for valid foreign purposes and we only work within the law. >> reporter: we confirmed u.s. intelligence has listened on the phone conversations of the leaders of 35 american allies,
6:27 pm
reports drew sharp criticism from both parties. >> the reports are very disturbing. friends don't spy on friends. >> reporter: or do we? is the spying on friends still going on? >> is the united states now listening in on the phone conversations of friendly presidents and prime ministers? >> jon, i'm not going to get into a discussion of specific reported activities, intelligence gathering activities. >> reporter: are we listening in on the phone conversations of friendly heads of state? >> i'm not going to talk about specific alleged or reported intelligence gathering operations. >> reporter: but the head of the nsa warned that new limits on u.s. espionage could be dangerous. >> it's much more important for this country that we defend this nation and take the beatings than it is to give up a program that would result in this nation being attacked. >> reporter: the spy chiefs also flatly denied reports that they had collected tens of millions
6:28 pm
of phone records on citizens of spain and france. it turns out that it was spanish and french intelligence that gathered those phone reports. >> the director talked about our allies spying on us. >> he said they do it all the time. in fact, that's why when the president decided he wanted to keep his blackberry it went to u.s. intelligence because they were concerned that even here in washington d.c. that our friends and our enemies could be trying to access whatever he was doing on his blackberry. >> thanks very much. now to the other big fight at the white house. the president accused the breaking a key promise. millions of americans worried they will lose their current insurance coverage and for the first time a government official is apologizing. jim af la reports from washington. >> reporter: for the first time the obama administration issued a direct apology for
6:29 pm >> i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. >> reporter: there is no apology for the latest dustup over obama care. >> if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. if you like your doctor, keep your doctor. >> reporter: for 14 million americans who buy private health insurance, that may not be true. >> they're being told they can't, that's a lie. >> reporter: julie prince received a letter from her insurance company saying her private plan no longer exists. >> i'm not going to be able to afford anything if i get sick. >> reporter: because insurance companies which offered cheap insurance like julie's lef out basic required by obama care, hospital coverage, maternity, mental health and prescription drugs and are forced to cancel those plans and replace them. julie's new premium would be $210 a month, three times more than she pays now. three independent health care experts tell abc news, julie and
6:30 pm
the oerts are likely to find plans just as cheap on the marketplace when it's fully functional and with better coverage. >> julie tells us that she doesn't have hospital care on this cheap insurance plan. is that dangerous? >> absolutely. that's on enormous hole in her coverage. >> reporter: oversold or big lie as the president's opponents contend. the white house says americans underinsured will be better off with obama care. we move on to a milestone for countless families across the east coast. it's been one year since super storm sandy hit, changing landscapes and lives. these pictures tell the story. devastation on the jersey shore, that's seaside heights then and today those homes standing strong. in brick, new jersey, there was then, some progress now but still so much work to do. our team is back in the storm zone tonight.
6:31 pm
we begin with ginger zee. >> holy -- look at this. oh my god, it's washing everything away. >> reporter: swallowed, in the horrific floods, the fires. the remorseless waves and wind. >> oh, my gosh, look at that. this is all ocean coming over here. the storm surges, the tide is coming up. >> reporter: at least 117 lives lost. 650,000 homes damaged or destroyed. even today, from the air, it is a coastline only slowly coming back. >> so you can see going along the shore some homes still being rebuilt. some condemned. right here, a new house is going in. this time last year, lower manhattan flooded. today reborn. that roller coaster ripped from the boardwalk. sandy was truly a super storm.
6:32 pm
many hurricanes turn back into the hurricane but sandy guided in part by a jet stream slammed straight into the east coast. second, size. sandy was huge. the wind field more than 1,000 miles across piling water from the ocean onto that coast for hours. and third, that epic storm surge, 8 to 10 feet, fueled in part because sandy hit during a full moon, meaning even higher tides than normal. duns and wider beaches are our best defense but today much of the shore is just as vulnerable. >> are we more protected or better off if sandy were to hit now? >> right now it's tough. the area with the most damage we still haven't gotten to yet. >> reporter: some of the reason, it took congress almost a year to release relief funds. out of 48 billion dollars in relief, today only $5.2 billion has been spent.
6:33 pm
>> can it happen again, i think the answer is obvious that yes. >> definitely. >> reporter: it's so wild to be up close to a home like this that looks like sandy could have happened yesterday. right next door one of those plowed lots. behind it a completely knew home, all levels of recovery. it's not just weeks or months but years to come back from a storm like andy. let's go to amy row bach. she's in hard hit breezy point. >> reporter: ginger, this was one of the hardest hit areas along the eastern sea poord. residents not only had to deal with high winds and flood waters but also a tremendous fire. since then 365 days of changes and challenges. before the storm hit, mary lapera from breezy point was getting ready to hunker down. >> we're sticking it out. >> reporter: like so many she was preparing for a big storm. >> are you going to come see puddles with us? >> reporter: at first rain and flooding. >> it's 6:55 and the power went
6:34 pm
out. we're officially screwed. >> reporter: then mary's sister joanne spotted a bright light in the distance, the unimaginable. a massive fire began to spread. >> i'm really anxious. >> reporter: our producers were there describing the horror. >> it's destroyed it feels like. it's like the apocalypse hit. >> reporter: firefighters braved waters knee deep saving every life in the town. in the end 135 homes burned to the ground, another 220 destroyed. >> we don't know where they're going to take us. we don't know -- don't know. >> our house was just about here. >> reporter: today mary and joanne's home gone. >> what do you miss the most just about what life was like? >> walking around here you would see someone that you knew and you would go to take a half-hour walk and it would take you three hours because you would stop by someone's house. >> reporter: like so many it's
6:35 pm
been a rough year of picking up the pieces, fighting with insurance companies. >> can we rebuild, take out a mortgage, fighting to get money. >> reporter: mary and her family say they will rebuild. >> you guys are laughing and smiling but i'm sure there have been tearful nights. >> definitely. you can't really dwell on -- >> you can't change. >> this is upsetting and hurt but you have to smile about it. that's the spirit of breezy. >> reporter: of the 355 homes completely destroyed here, only one has been fully restored, only one family returning. now it is important to note that there are 38 homes currently under construction so those numbers will continue to rise in the weeks and months to come. george? >> they still have that breezy spirit. one more note, in the days after sandy, here in new york city there was a kind of invisible world. senior citizens, prisoners in their homes, unable to walk down.
6:36 pm
diane sawyer climbed up 17 flights with a nurse to check on some of those stuck in the high-rises. they met carmen in need of water, batteries and the two became frenlds. we checked back on them and they say their bond is strong. we're following another storm blamed for a massive pileup in arizona. at least three people were killed. the dust made it impossible for drivers to see the road. cars were crushed. the highway littered with vehicles and some pulled off the road to prooefrt collisions. you may remember an uproar from the last summer olympics when we revealed team usa would be wearing uniforms made in china. today the famous designer made good on a promise. uniforms for the next winter olympics in russia will be made in america. >> reporter: they are the pride of america, team usa but so many
6:37 pm
americans were dis appointed to learn those uniforms at the opening ceremonies in london were made in china. we were the first to tell you. >> what caught our eye here at "world news" was the label. the us uniforms were made in china. how can it be. >> reporter: from the berets to the shoes, all the of it was made outside the u.s. >> i think they should take all the uniforms and burn them. >> reporter: back then ralph lauren promising to do better at this year's winter olympics. today they showed us the proof. >> made in the usa. >> reporter: team usa's new uniforms entirely made in america down to every last thread, butten and zipper. the wool from this ran cher in oregon. >> we're honored to be part of the project. >> reporter: the thread supplied by nazareth pennsylvania. stonehenge fiber hill in michigan and stoll fashions in
6:38 pm
new york city. in all more than 40 american americans designing, sourcing and manufacturing the new look. more than 1 billion dollars and hundreds of jobs staying here, meaning this year team usa can stand tall entirely. >> made in america! >> this is the jacket that the men and women will wear in the closing ceremonies. the wool was manufactured right here in new york. ralph lauren is making it in 20 sizes. we're talking a lot of jobs and a lot of wool from america. this one is in your size. coming up, pushed to the extreme, the surf riding a giant wave and not even the sky is the limit. the miracle babies of sandy, carried through the darkness. david muir was right there a year ago and he's back with them tonight. we're back in two minutes. so ally bank has a raise your rate cd
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so dentures are cleaner, fresher, and brighter. [ male announcer ] polident. >> now a look at why people seem to be trying such extreme stunts. dare devil are pushing the envelope every day hoping for more than a moment of glory watch brazilian surfer carlos burle taking on an unprecedented monster of the sea in portugal, a 100-foot wave, about 20 times his size. he's chasing a world record for surfing the biggest wave. a record set in 2011 by garrett mcnamara. >> you're just going so fast and your brain is getting rattled. your whole body is getting rattled. >> reporter: daredevils are pushing themselves over the edge all around the world. even above it, felix baumgartner
6:42 pm
jumped from the edge of space. a man in a wingsuit flying 45-hundred feet above ground, side by side with a b-17 bomber jet. and nick wallenda crossing niagara falls on a tight rope. whether it's wing suits, giant waves, jumping from space, there is one thing ties these extreme athletes together, they're adrenaline junkies. but why? for some it's the money. first prize in the surfing contest, 50 grand. for cooperate sponsors like red bull, tens of millions of dollars in exposure. >> why are these guys chasing that extreme rush? >> when you know you're doing something that most people can't, that's where you derive your sense of self-esteem like you can survive anything. >> reporter: one surfer almost didn't survive, wiping out. she's okay, still living for those moments of triumph which leaves us in awe. news from the high seas
6:43 pm
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our "instant index" begins p tonight with a champion hanging up her goggles. diana nye add. we loved that moment when she emerged from the water after swimming from cuba to florida. she today announced she officially retired from swimming. >> it's like somebody who claims mt. everest, what are you going to do after that. now a headline to consider before the trick or treaters arrive. the best and worst canned ees for a kid's teeth. worst, sour patch kids. it changes the ph balance in your mouth. best, sugar free life savings, no surprise there, no sugar, no cavity, then two dark horses,
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hershey bars and reesz peanut butter cups. something we couldn't believe at first, why this is being played on the high seas. ♪ >> that's right. britney spears, apparently her music is used to ward off pirates. turns out they dislike the western world so much that her music repels them. one blast of brittney is all it takes to send those pirates packing. next children of the storm. those babies and the heroic nurses who rescued them when the hospital went dark. our david muir was with them then and now. vo: it's that time of year again. medicare open enrollment. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. but it never hurts to see if you can find better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law.
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finally tonight of all the images from hurricane sandy few are more memorable than the rescue of newborns in the darkness. david muir was there one year ago and is back with the babies tonight. >> reporter: we will never forget that scene when we arrived one year ago. all we could see was the outline of the hospital against a darkened sky, a lone flashlight in one of the hospital rooms, the power out, the merge back-up generators had failed, too you can see the long line of
6:51 pm
ambulances circling the block here. soon what would emerge a heroic tale. nearly two dozen newborn babies carried down the stairs in the dark. every baby survived. one year later a different kind of storm, the kind only a group of one years old can create, the cheerios, the iphone with the notes stolen from my hand, stone, william, emma and cole, just some of the faces saved one year ago. stone's dad will never forget. >> my wife told me that she thinks she's having the baby. it was go time. >> the power goes out. >> power goes out, came in with flashlights and glow sticks and said this is how we're going to do this. >> you gave birth with glow sticks? >> yes, by the light of glow sticks. >> freed da's mom had given birth hours before sandy hit. >> how did you get out? >> i walked down 13 flights. >> in the dark. >> yes. >> they didn't tell you would
6:52 pm
give birth and walk down 13 flights. >> william was 3 weeks old. he was being kept in the hospital after open heart surge. dad ran from sefrnl blocks away. >> we ran up the stairs and got to the top and it was pitch black. to turn around and run smack into them was euphoria. >> where did william wander off to? >> is he staring at me through the monitor. he was waving at me from the monitor set up on the floor. baby emma less than two pounds when sandy hit was in an ink baiter. >> the first question was is she alive. >> how was she breathing? >> she was given oxygen manually. >> the nurses pumping ware with their own hands and baby cole who we met year ago, a few hours old. his mother remembers -- >> we could hear the howling of
6:53 pm
the wind as i was being told to push. >> reporter: they sat down with us to thank the doctors and nurses who guided them. >> there was someone saying, step, step, step. none of us could look down at the stairs. we were looking at monitors, at the baby. >> new meaning to special delivery. >> yes. >> never forget it. >> never forget it. >> so many parents grateful and is so little william putting his hands together for the team that saved them all. >> thanks to david for that. that's all for us tonight. thank for watching. have a good night. i'll see you tomorrow on gma.
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on "the list," overnight, giraffe avatars are everywhere. it must mean something, right? and free produce. shop smarter with supermarket secrets. plus, sparky, you brought great shame to this family. now you'll pay by making us laugh. >> hey, gang. you're on "the list." we have searched the world for the best stories, like the red sox looking for a bulk discount on victory champagne. here are the five things you need to know right now. >> i'm matt gallant with number one. we picked this story because if you're a human, you probably eat prop dust. the result? participants were up to 41% more likely to seek treatment for depression. >> it's okay.
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>> don't sulk over your s spaghetti or tear up in your tortalini. if that fails, have a glass of wine with dinner. >> at number two, forget pasta. if you're a get away driver, this story will really depress you. >> next, please? bullet proof screens and front wing machines. >> we chose this story because we've all wanted james bond gadgets in real life. get ready for star chase. a new system being tested in florida and iowa that shoots a gps tracker out of a cop car at a run away vehicle tagging it with a giant "l" on its far head. fingers crossed, they add e jek t ejector seats, too. >> why are facebook friends
6:57 pm
turning into a giraffe? it's complicated. you probably noticed your friends' facebook profiles changing.3 it's all due to this riddle. 3:00 a.m., the doorbell rings and you wake um. unexpected visitors. it's your parents and they're there for breakfast. you have strawberry jam, honey, bread, wine and cheese. what is the first thing you open. get it right, your profile pick stays the same. get it wrong and you stick your neck out, literally. be eligible to win with tisfaction of a job well done. >> atumerou bra has 2,000 followers. it's a story so cooky we had no choice but to tell you about it.
6:58 pm
the tweeting bra is part of a breast cancer awareness campaign. every time she unclasps the bra, it will tweet a reminder to followers to perform a self breast campaign. we're thinking the most enthusiastic customers will be dad with daughters just starting to date. at number five, new technology proves what women have known for centuries. that dudes check out chicks. >> and this beautiful young man is jona. a study that used itracking technology has found conclusively that men look at women's bodies more than their faces. but, ladies, before you smack your man upside the head, the research showed that women look at other women's bodies. men are drawn to shapely women for childbearing while women are
6:59 pm
just checking out the competition. so don't blame your man for being a drooling, dog. it's science. now, you are caught up and clued in on the top of the list. >>7 star wars fans, which is everyone, right? stop everything you're doing. this is galactic. pop culture hotter than life, on the hot list. a youtube user dropped a nerd explosion on the internet yesterday with never-before-scene footage from the original star wars.ájm the guy bought an old laser disk on e-bay and found grkeek gold. two plus minutes of star wars bloopers. our advice? google it soon.v @


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