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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  October 29, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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are collecting candy. >> again, sunshine dominating baltimore. we think the clouds could lead to a couple of showers by tomorrow. we'll talk about that and hour halloween forecast and your complete weekend setup. it's all straight ahead on abc2 news.
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they pack a big nutritional punch and you can spread them on anything. >> it sounds too good to be true, but it's not. we look at chia and flaxseed. >> reporter: chia seeds and flax ceased seem to be everywhere, on store shelves, drinks like these. what's with their popularity? sturns out chia seeds are not so new. they achieved status through chia pets. >> they date as far back as the as tacks. >> reporter: chia seeds as well as flaxseed are a good source of protein.
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>> they're veepts for protein -- vice-presidential for pro-- convenient for protein and omega fats. >> reporter: both offer heart health benefits. >> because they're high in fiber and omega three fatty acid they lower blood pressure. >> reporter: remember, in order to get the benefits, go for ground flax. chia is good either way. >> a good rule of thumb is to have one tablespoon in the morning and another later in the day, so you get two tablespoons for the day. >> reporter: small seeds but big rewards. >> you won't even know they're there. trust me. >> that would be fun to eat. i'm hungry now. chia pets. hey, we've been thinking
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pink. one thing everyone wants to know is how to decrease their risk. >> some risk factor can be controlled but others can't. just because you have a relative with the disease does not mean you'll be diagnosed. only about 5% to 10% of breast cancers are hereditary. >> a lot of women feel their risk is higher than it is. >> other factors include being overweight, a lack of exercise, smoke cigarettes and eating unhealthy foods. to get a good handle on what the risk factors are, it's important to talk to your doctor. maryland's most powerful radar crystal clear. what a difference one year makes. take a look at our hd weather
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bug camera. the water is nice and quiet, just light breezes, same deal in dundalk, all sunshine, all day long. chesapeake beach, very quiet across to the ocean beaches and down in oc. what a difference one year can make. 61 right now at bwi. when we think back to this day, literally, one year ago and mighty superstorm sandy knocking on our door, this was a day of changing tum mulletious weather waves in excess of 15 feet. check out a video called megamonday to see how big those waves were. the tremendous huge snows in garrett county, probably our hardest hit county in the state would be the incredible snow and damage with that in garrett
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county, just one year ago. in the meantime, nothing but a few showers. through midday tomorrow 60 and 64 by 4:00. almost no wind. quiet on the range as they say and temperature wise in the mid- 60s south of us. 60 in baltimore. a few upper 50s to the north. again, quiet tonight and tomorrow. clouds will thicken up. we could see a passing shower. more unsettled weather begins to edge in. along the boundary which drifted south, some cooler temps. area of low pressure along the front and it could mean brief showers unless all the moisture gets rung out in the mountains. computer models splitting in terms of will we see rain. some indications that the showers will diminish and some that they will hang together. not a lot of rain. a brief dry period through
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early thursday. by thursday night, depending on the speed of the front to the west, realize there could be showers around at least a few showers for all the ghouls and goblins. on the positive side of things as we go into the last months of the hurricane season, tropics, what a contrast from one year ago with massive sandy. tonight down to 44. maybe a midday shower in here tomorrow. otherwise, just variably cloudy and milder. tomorrow night breezy as we go partly cloudy. we warm things up thursday and friday. warm air edges in. the chances of rain, especially into the day on friday. we do fall back one hour as we go into the slat day, overnight into sunday morning time frame. if you wake up at say 9:00 on sunday morning and didn't set your clock back, suddenly it's 8:00. some people call it an extra
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hour of sleep. >> time's flying. >> every year we know thises is the beginning of the darker time. >> when your kids head out trick or treating on thursday night in the dark, the wrlgt is the only thing you'll have to worry about. >> you have to worry about their safety. >> reporter: the excitement of that costume. the bags full of candy, these spooky decorations from house to house. halloween chan be a big night out for kids but big worry for parents. a number of free apps aim to make the evening a shave one. they keep tabs on the whole family has kid goes separate ways it. allows families to share their real time location and send messages like when it's time to come home.
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the free app allows families to create digital prefiles for children. information like height, weight and photos can be at hand. it's available for iphones and androids. another halloween tradition, pumpkin carving can also be risky. the consumer product safety commission says sharp tools should be left to grownups. instead of an open flame to light up that face, try a battery operated candle or flashlight. if little ones aren't ready for the real jack o'lantern experience, parents can try the app for ipad. it lets users share their creations digitally. for consumer watch, i'm karin caifa. >> if you haven't picked up candy yet, there's an idea of what most are after. sales show that you love chocolate. >> i do. >> the top selling halloween
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candy is reese's peanut butter cups. m&m, hersheys, snickers, kitkat. i put kitkat number two. they all contain chocolate, imagine that. >> here's a tip. wait until thursday to buy it. >> it doesn't matter if it's halloween or thanksgiving. the summer solstice is coming up on saturday. >> some stores use any occasion to throw a sale. >> and elimination surprise on "dancing with the stars." the stars sent home strong mark judges.
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[ gasps ] were you looking for this? seems the drive-thru is closed tonight. instead... velveeta cheesy skillets. [ horse nays in background ] just brown the meat. stir in the noodles, seasoning, then smite them... smite them with the liquid gold until there can be no more smiting. hmmm yes... [ spoken faintly ] liquid gold.
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if you find out that your favorite store is having a big sale, you may be ready to grab the purse and hit the mall, but some are always having ales. >> if you're a bargain hunt are, that implies a hunt. here are a few stores where if you are not using a coupon, we're doing something wrong. first, macy's. macy's is always on sale, super saturday, arbor day, columbus day. some sales are better than others. some items are excluded. for your average merchandise, a quick check pretty regular yields coupons for around 20% off. as far as i can tell, the full
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price at banana republic is more of a suggestion. i'm constantly seeing signs with 30% off. if you sign up to receive emails from banana republic, they will sbdz you a special offer. that's a 25% coupon code. you can stack that. bed, bath and beyond, you have to be beyond fool lsh to pay -- foolish to pay full price. there's an expiration date but stores typically honor them no matter the date. you can find coupons for 40% item pretty much any day of the week. a picture may be worth a thousand words but apparently a picture frame is worth nowhere near its retail price. >> to see more stories like this, watch "the list." you can watch it week nates at
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7 followed by "let's ask america" right here on abc2. forget your driving record, your credit score could be driving up the cost of your chirns. drivers with bad credit scores are paying twice as much. insurance looked at six large insurance companies and found drivers with bad credit paid 91% more. drivers with median credit scores paid about 24% more. we've heard about the issues with the federal healthcare site but how are we doing in maryland. improvements you can expect to see at the maryland healthcare website. those stories and more coming up at 6. >> they are the people and the
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images we'll never forget. now one year after superstorm sandy, we take you back and ask, could it happen ago? tonight on world news with diane sawyer on abc.
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it was another surprised elimination night on "dancing with the stars." >> george pennachio was there are all the drama. nicole and sasha. their judges scores alone would have kept them but official --
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but nicole "snooki" polizzi and sasha farber are gone. the scores were added into this year's dances. that put rile real and der rk hough on -- derek hough on top. >> reporter: brant daugherty and murgatroyd had no clue their tally was good enough for the number two spot. >> oh, my god. >> we just keep doing what we're doing. we're on a mission. >> we're at that interin the competition where the end is just far enough away to look at it but you're not at the people
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out. >> reporter: two points under them, jack osbourne and cheryl burke. leah remini and -- and tony dovolani. des seat his last place finish, bill engvall dances to live another week. >> i've been a fan of clerp since sonny and cher. on my east pod there are cher songs i will scream out loud while driving. >> the next is an individual dance and they all take part in a dance off. george pennachio for abc news. >> have you been to cocoa's? >> we'll tell you about the
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restaurant's honor. kelly swoope and i'm jamie costello. drawing the line with panhandlers and your personal space. >> abc2 news jeff hager has the latest on how those behind the get tough measures are prepared to settle for less. >> reporter: you'll find them manning the medians, walking out to stop traffic. in the case of rick, racing down the sidewalk toward a street corner near you. >> last night i within the out and i didn't get two dollars because everybody avoids it. >> reporter: after all the baltimore council woman rickey specker nearly ran over a panhandler in her blind spot, she felt something had to be done, banning them from the medians, but he is didn't stop
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there. she wants to create buffers which some say will push them out of the community. >> it basically means that in no commercial area in baltimore can you engage in the -- in -- in the first amendment rights. >> reporter: specter will propose limiting the buffers to places feel most vulnerable, dining outside where they're paying for dining. >> there are protections we should have from people being aggressive or in our face. >> i have it come out her and humiliate myself and beg for $19 to get my medicine which is cancer medicine. >> reporter: there is concern this new get tough policy could make life even tougher on him.
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>> i'm already in a whole chair and what good is this doing me. if they eliminate that, they're going to hurt a lot of people. >> reporter: in baltimore, jeff hager. >> the new proposals are expected to be delivered on monday. it was the first week of september, the new semester underway when gunshots rang through a hung near salisbury university. the gunman was ryan shallue. he got into a fight with his girlfriend driften loetz -- kristen loetz. >> how many shots in. >> probably 10. >> 10 shots in the house? >> i didn't see the gun. i don't know.
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>> anybody injured? >> i don't know. >> you stay rete where you are. >> the young woman stayed on the phone until less came. they found three victims with loetz stiving. she is doing well. the road is named after c abbott. anne arundel county police increased patrols in glen burnie today. an 11 joarld said a man grabbed her but she was able to get away from him. now neighbors are taking to facebook to talk about it, including the girl's mother. >> she was letting other moms in the community aware of the situation. she said she will be cutting back her hours from work to be at home. >> now police are also encouraging parents to have their kids walk in groups, stay in well lit areas and don't get too close to someone who can grab you and run off.
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a man is accused of being a shooter. less arrested lowell hawkins, shot once in the torso. marcus johnson was shot in the legs and back. both have been treated and released. hawkins faces charges of attempted murder. today when you look out over the ocean city pier and remember it the way it always has been. i swear, i think they went seven more feet into the ocean. it feels that way, but a year ago as sandy churned up the coast, we kept an eye on the lights and watched as they blinked out. the coast was rebuilt and you're able to enjoy it again. the pier is one place we've seen progress. crisfield, sea side heights. we have more on how far they've come. >> reporter: it's been one year
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since superstorm sandy wreaked of a vk in the u.s. the machinester storm carved a path of destruction killing 117 people in the sument and damaging hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses becoming the second costliest storm am u.s. history. >> it stretched literally from off the coastline all the way to the great lakes. this was loaded with water. >> reporter: in manhattan sandy slammed the coastline, water pouring into city streets. lower manhattan left in complete darkness for days. water flooded the retail plaza where the water literally came up to these steps. notice, it is still gated off. millions of dollars in damage. still under ren they vaition a year later sandy's scars still visible. subway stations filled with water a year ago are


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