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tv   Charlie Rose  PBS  October 24, 2013 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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to apply. germany has joined the growing list of countries to confront the u.s. over spying ail gagtss. german chancellor angela merkel said it would be a serious breach of trust if u.s. intelligence targeted her mobile phone. she complained about it yesterday to president obama. the white house is denying the u.s. is listening in on her calls, at least now. many german catholics are praising pope francis for suspending a bishop whose lavish lifestyle earned him the name of bishop of bling. franz-peter tebartz van elst spent $43 million on his residence, including a $20,000 bathtub. it's not clear when or if the bishop may return to his pohome. christening of prince george.
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hef he was baptized with water from the river jordan at a rare gathering of four generations of the royal family. they held a private tea serving slices of christening cake taken from the wedding cake. watch this as a man in that pickup literally drives up the stairs to the state house climbing all 60 of them before storming the building and trying to break in the chambers of the supreme court. police tried to use a stun gun to stop him and when that didn't work they tackled him to the ground. they believe he may have been under the influence of drugs. a teenager in new york city is suing barneys and the police in a case of alleged racial profiling. trayvon christian says it happened in april after he bought an expensive belt at a barney's department store. he used a debit card to make the purchase, signed for it and had a receipt. the trouble started after he walked out.
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>> under cover cops on the left side, had regular clothes on, stopped me from the left side and asking me i got a call from barneys saying your card is not real. >> reporter: he claims he was detained two hours an let go without being charged. christians says it was due to discrimination based on age and race. barneys denies it was involved. the new york pd spd involved in this case. >> he is study thing engineering at new york city college of technology. he has a work study job. his check had just been deposited. he was happy to have money and went to the store to try to get and that's what happened. >> right. the detectives who approached him were under cover and asked how could you afford a belt like this and where did you get the money from? that's tough to swallow. now we know his background and know it was money well earned. his debit card, his i.d. and it doesn't matter what he looks like. why were cops stopping anybody?
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>> i don't get it. >> who to ask how they could afford a belt. >> keep an eye on him and if everything is okay and the card is okay, he troub treated like any other customer, there you go. enjoy your bel >> tough one. >> it is telling in to some extent but glad his name is cleared. miami area and a cop there did the unexpected on a shoplifting call. when vicki thomas heard a young mother confessed she had stolen a cart of food because her kids were hungry, thomas paid for the groceries out of her pocket and then gave the woman a ride back home in the police cruiser where three children were waiting. >> my brothers are hungry. we tell them there is nothing here. >> the only thing i asked is when she get on her feet she help someone else out and she said she would. >> thomas said when she heard the woman's story, her own
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grandchildren flashed before her eyes and she knew what she had to do. nice to see -- especially after the last story, some compassion. >> from a police officer, absolutely. moving on to a baseball game. game one of the world series in the books. not the cardinals best night to put it mildly. bottom of the first, the red sox put three on the board thanks to a bases clearing double. look at that. boom! >> very nice. in the second, david ortiz hit one to right. but the cards carlos beltran robbed him of a home run. beltrand went to the hospital with a rib injury after that. by that point it was 5-0 boston it. >> was 8 mov-nil. game two is set for tonight. >> by state law in new york we
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can't root for boston. come on, st. louis. make it interesting. >> please. dark night for the cardinals of course but the next story is much brighter. that's why it is our boom favorite story of the day. >> one youngster's halloween costume. it looks like something that belongs in "star wars" this is a 22-month-old girl in the l.e.d. light suit that her mom created for her. >> this is awesome. >> she will not get lost trick or treating for sure. no doubt about that. it is posted on tuesday and the video has been viewed 900,000 times. >> that is wonderful. >> that is a great idea. you nell're lose your kid. you'll never lose that kid. >> that's wonderful. who am i to criticize because my son is wearing a mickey mouse costume that i bought at party
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city. >> there you go, mama. >> had she done the same thing to the back of the costume so when the baby walks away. >> what is great, at 22 months their legs are straight out when they walk. >> the ping win thing. >> the waddle. >> coming up next, the drunk driver who killed a man and posted his confession on you tube finds out how much time he will spend behind bars . an amazing story of an american doctor giving people the gift of sight. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan.
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welcome back. you may remember a wrenching video confession posted on facebook last month. was made by matthew cordle who actually killed a man while driving drunk. >> at his sentence yesterday his lawyer said he deserved leniency for coming clean. the victim's daughter asked for the maximum. >> the video confession that threw matthew cordle in to the spotlight. >> i ended up going the wrong
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way in t the highway in to oncoming traffic and i struck a car. i killed a man. >> reporter: and brought him to this day. his attorneys asking for leniency as the 22-year-old student at his sentencing hearing again admitting his guilt. apologizing one more time. >> i'm sorry for the pain i caused you, for the loved one i have taken from you. it should have been me that night. >> reporter: a june night in columbus, ohio, cordle says he hopes will serve as a lesson to others of the consequences of drinking and driving. he night he killed vincent canzani. one of his daughters said she appreciates the message cordle is trying to send but she has one of her own why cordle should serve the maximum sentence of eight and a half years behind bars. >> the message i do not want to send is if you hit and kill someone all you have to do is
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admit it later and get leniency. >> the judge sentenced cordle to 6 1/2 years in prison, considering, in part, the letter he read from the victim's ex-wife. >> vince felt if you learn something from your mistakes that you will further ahead. >> cordle has to pay more than $1,000 if fines and has his driving privileges suspended for life. rob and diana? >> thank you. the video has been viewed 2.3 million times. hope it is a lesson people take from what happened there. >> he made a turn. initially he pleaded not guilty and that made a lot of people, including the judge, very upset. coming up next, the gift of sight. the american doctor rushing to the other side of the world to cure people living in darkness. and we have a decision. another actor picked to star as christian gr.
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the role that all of hollywood is watching. you are watching "world news
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next to a part of the world where diseases are easily cured here in the u.s. sentence people to a lifetime of darkness instead. >> one american doctor is restoring sight to hundreds of them at a time. we are up all nightline with abc's david muir . as the sun comes up standing in a field in ethiopia, the little girl whose father brought her nearly 200 miles with one wish, that an american doctor will help her. she's not the only one making that journey. buses coming over the hill, full of villagers across ethiopia that heard the doctor is coming. we land with him in the remote
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city. dr. jeffrey has come 8,000 miles from home in park city, utah. little time to spare. hundreds are waiting. patients who are blind. >> this is a line of people screened by the nurses. >> reporter: each with a tiny piece of tape bearing a number above their eye. he quietly gets ready if the corner of this room with a kit he brings from home. a lone yellow bag with the instrument used to perform a simple cataract procedure he perfected with a fellow doctor. they have sought out the blind all over the world. 500,000 surgeries together. >> we will do one every seven or eight minutes and there in the crowd, that little face, 245, nurses putting on her hospital gown. you can see the huge cataract in her left eye. he walks in. the doctor holds up a finger. she can't see it and we ask do
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you think the doctor will fix it? the youngest of patients now on the operating table and with night fall comes the hope they will be able to see the sunrise. early the next morning, we wondered about the girl we met the first morning waiting in the field. good morning. flashing a smile, she can see again. her father thanking the doctor for a gift. i'm david muir for "nightline." >> you can see the joy in her face. think of the stupid things we spend money on and for 11 bucks someone can get their sight back and see a sunrise. >> that is why it is so important he is there. ethiopia has one of the highest rate of blindness in the world. these are the people that need everybody's help. thinking of where to put the next 11 bucks, send them to this
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organization. >> great cause for sure. the creative mom who's turning her baby's nap time in to a daily adventure. >> the mix is next. you are watching "world news now." "the mix" is next. you are watching "world news now."
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welcome in to "the mix" everybody. we will start with a really cool video. the cover of mclemore's thift shop. we have all heard the song. really good song. a few curse words but we cleaned it up for you. he put together thrift celeste & co. boutiques, old time toys, teddy pux ruxpin and elmruxpin . ♪ ♪ >> i hope that america finds that as funny as we do.
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>> he wanted to make them like zombies. they look terrible, beaten up and elmo looks disastrous. >> spend time in jail. break out on parole. elmo looks so gangster. look at him. elmo got a crack problem. all right. this is one of the stories that make you feel you have done nothing with your life. >> can't wait to hear it. >> i have done nothing like this, girl. entrepreneur her name is belle bella wing. >> can't even say the words. >> that is how far behind i am. she came up with a company called origami -- a direct sales jewelry company that connects
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associates with buyers. doesn't sell anything exotic but the company is now worth $250 million. so she is a quarter billionaire at 17 years old. organmy al. bell w la wing. jealous yet or what? >> i don't understand her business model and she came up. >> direct access to jewelry. 14. she has more money than we will ever, ever make. >> wow. >> exactly. >> oh, my goodness. we have all heard this song, simon and garfunkel's "bridge over troubled waters" you have heard this song? >> yes, every time this show comes on i hear it. >> there is a pharmacy in the u.k. that was tired of people coming in and asking for painkillers for simple things like a headache some they commissioned a study and found that 41% of people discovered that songs like these actually ease pain more than a
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this morning on accusations that u.s. intelligence official s may have listened in on the private calls of a major world leader. plus, outrage at an elementary school. a child gets his hands on a police officer's loaded gun during a school safety demonstration, and then accidentally fires him. plus, don't touch the tummy. random strangers touching a pregnant woman's baby bump maybe more than just annoying. they maybe committing a crime. good to know. the burning question, who will in "50 shades of gray"? this morning we may know the answer. i hear he's pretty hot, but no, it's not me, of course. it is thursday, october 24th.
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> don't you touch it. don't do it. >> that's how we got in to this mess to begin. >> all of that. >> look at who it is, rob nelson. >> picking up where we left off. love it. >> love to have you back. you are here today, tomorrow and monday of next week. >> good to be back. familiar ground. see old friends and get back on familiar turf. so it is cool. >> we love having the talented rob nelson back on the desk with us any way. >> good to see you. we will have fun as we always do. >> just don't touch my belly. >> i love that story. i will. >> i told you to stop that pokin'. >> i can see my son. >> get started already. we begin with president obama once again forced to do major international damage control.
3:27 am
>> just days after it was revealed the nsa tapped some 70 million communications inside of france, well, it turns out u.s. intelligence may have been eavesdropping on germany, as well. martha raddatz has the latest. >> reporter: like almost everyone else in the modern world with, chancellor merkel spends a lot of time on her cell phone, and whether it is writing europe's economy or chatting with family, she assumes it is private. german officials say they have received information that the chancellor's cell phone maybe monitored by american intelligence. president obama was in touch with merkel almost immediately. >> i can tell you the president assured the chancellor that the united states is not monitoring and will not monitor the communications of the chancellor. >> reporter: listen carefully. he said is not and will not monitor. that leaves out whether she has been monitored in the past this follows reports of nsa spying in
3:28 am
france, mexico and brazil. almost all based on leaks from former nsa contractor edward snowden. >> president obama was supposed to host brazil's president on wednesday night. that was before she cancelled over those accusations the nsa was spying on her. right now, these revelations are clearly embarrassing the u.s. and leaving even our greatest allies a lot less friendly. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. the administration's other mess gets top billing on capitol hill today with a congressional hearing. a house committee will meet to investigate the ongoing problems with the health care website. now on top of that, even the president's democratic allies are complaining about the embarrassing problems with the rollout and pushing for a deadline extension for americans to apply. it seems a little weird the white house eventually would not capitulate and say, okay, we were slow in rolling it out. here's a few weeks past the march 15th deadline. >> what i find interesting is
3:29 am
everybody has decided as long as they can get an extension, everything will be fine. we still have a website that is not working. hundreds of thousands of people are trying to enroll in this thing they really need and they can't do it. can't get pascreen. let's fix it and worry about the deadline as well but get it fixed. >> it seems weird. critics have a strong point here. you had three years to get this ready, a long time to get it ready and signature domestic policy. this is your baby, mr. president how could you let it come out unless you knew it was ready to roll? i think frustration is justified. we'll see how it plays out. >> reports are coming out that the white house apparently knew there were glitches before it rolled out but decided to roll it out any way and that is really upsetting about the whole thing. >> exactly. more to come. stay tuned as we like to say. in other news, there is shock and grief at a boston area high school following the murder
3:30 am
of a popular math teacher. the body of colleen ritzer was found behind that school. a 14-year-old student who just transferred to the school is charged as an adult in the murder. philip chism spoke about his nephew. >> he has been upset. teenagers go through that. he is 14. he's growing up still. that's the only thing i can imagine. i can't imagine anything else. it is like a story book kid, perfect family. >> she was just a young girl who had the whole world ahead of her and to be taken so tragically is awful. >> second time this week we have seen something like. hundreds turned out for a candle light vigil last night on the parking lot of the school. many wore pink because that was her favorite color. northern california an outrage at the killing of a 13-year-old boy. andy lopez died on tuesday afternoon after shot three times by police.
3:31 am
here's why. he was carrying a pellet gun that looked like an ak-47. police showed off the replica. there it is on the right, next to the real one. they say lopez was fired on after deputies ordered him to drop the rifle. they claim instead of dropping it lopez raised it in their direction. the deputies involved have been placed on administrative leave. another incident of a young boy and a gun. it happened during an anti-drug school safety demonstration at an elementary school in california. police say a loaded gun, mounted to a police motorcycle, was on display and accidentally discharged when a student got ahold of it. >> the cops were playing with the kids handball. they weren't watching. the kid, he got ahold of the gun and he shot it at the ground. and he got startled by the noise, dropped it and started to run to the field. >> reporter: police say no students were hit by gun fire but three were treated for cuts and scrapes. it is not clear why a loaded gun
3:32 am
was on the police bike in the first place. a new search turned up no signs of a toddler missing nearly two years. 30 searchers including divers and k-9 teams focused an area that includes woods, logging land and a small pond. the 20-month-old alla reynolds was reported missing by her father in 2011. a violent sex offender has pled not guilty to a washington state case. his family is charged with harassment for threatening someone who asked him to be quiet. police in seattle are investigating stanley for the assault of a 16-year-old boy. moving on to lighter news this morning. to the world series and something of a comedy of errors. last night, starring the st. louis cardinals. in the first inning, they lost a guaranteed double play. that opened the door for the red sox to score three. then pitcher and catcher let a pop fly drop between them in the second. boston scored two more in that inning.
3:33 am
by the end, a total blowout here. red sox win easily 8-1 the final score last night. game two in bean town later tonight. >> meantime, they are bundled up there in boston for what will likely turn out to be the world coldest world series ever in fenway park. >> 27 degrees at first pitch. it is a wintry blast that is pouring in from the jet stream over the upper midwest where temperatures there and across the great lakes are 20 degrees below normal. many states have already seen their first snowfall of the season. it's not even halloween and we are talking about snow, man. >> later today, more of that lake effect snow will fall across the upper midwest and in to northern pennsylvania and upstate new york. sunny and dry across the midwest. showers for the southwest and more fog along coastal washington and oregon. >> temperatures will be much cooler along the east coast and in to the south. even orlando will be in the upper 70s. how will they make it? upper midwest will remain 10 to
3:34 am
20 below normal while temperatures in the west are five to ten degrees above normal. not bad. well, some of those chillier temperatures doesn't make this next story seem so unusual after all. it takes us to a christmas tree farm in wisconsin. >> they are saying merry late october while getting thousands of christmas trees ready to be sent across the country. they say they have to do it because stores want them earlier and earlier every year. >> over the next month, this farm will cut and ship 30,000 trees. they joke on the farm it is christmas 364 days a year. >> i think most people think that we have gotten out of hand with how early things have come along, you know what i mean? it is not even halloween and christmas trees and stores are open thanksgiving. can we just chill out for a minute. >> you have to wonder what came first, the egg or the chicken? who started it? do customers ask for more christmas things? is the stores pumping the idea in to everybody's minds?
3:35 am
is it the christmas tree people putting christmas trees everywhere and lights up? i don't know when it started. all i know is halloween, let's wait and take a breath, have turkey. have some candy, eat turkey and then talk about christmas. >> everything is too rushed. take a breath, eat candy corn and chill out for a minute. >> right. it is october and it feels like new year's is a week away. >> slow down. coming up a hollywood a-lister headed to divorce court. details in the skinny. don't touch the bump. touching a pregnant woman's belly isn't just awkward, it could be a crime. i guess i'm heading to jail after the show. you are watching world now's knew. stay with us. you are watching world now's knew. stay with us. >> announcer: world news now weather brought to you by consumer cellular.
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♪ all right. any woman who's ever been pregnant knows that other people, sometimes even perfect strangers, sometimes coanchors have an uncontrollable urge to touch the belly.
3:40 am
>> for some women, it's okay, it's all good. for others it is absolutely not. in pennsylvania, guess what? the law actually backs them up specifically protecting the right to private space. alex hoff of our station has more on this. ♪ >> reporter: there's some about the baby bump. >> i just get so excited. i think it is the neatest thing and i just, oh let me touch. >> reporter: the urge to reach out and touch is perhaps primal, evolutionary and often awkward. >> little weird. >> reporter: you see something happened top sasha seven months ago. it suddenly seemed all right to hug, rub and touch her at anytime. >> strangers, like you don't know me. why would you want to touch my belly? >> reporter: for some women it is a chance to show off the glow. for other there's a darker side. renee is a caseworker at the lourdeshouse maternity home where she learned that some women have more protect ty of growing mid sections. >> maybe somebody in an abusive relationship, maybe sexually
3:41 am
abused having someone come at them may set off some emotions. >> reporter: under pennsylvania law, subjecting a person to physical contact can be considered harassment. therefore if it is unwanted it is illegal. >> it depends on what type of mood i'm in. if i'm in a good mood i will let them. >> reporter: she doesn't mind the extra attention but urges others to be respectful of soon to be moms if a person asks to touch her belly chances are she will say okay. >> i would be as kind as i could and tell them to do the same also. >> i'm shocked you work in a building full of paid gossips and nosey people and you have not had an awkward belly touch. >> i think it freaks you out a little bit. >> it is your private space and how would you like somebody to come up and rub your belly randomly? >> what i do is on my weekends is my business. >> that's true. nobody wants to know what you don't your weekend.
3:42 am
i have not had anything like that where i have been in a mall and had hordes of people rushing to me to touch my belly. i can't speak to this but i understand your personal space being invaded. you don't want all of this. >> hey. oh, man. >> to each his own. coming up next, we know who will play the lead role in "50 shades of gray." >> "the skinny" is up next. don't go far. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from ou
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3:44 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny >> time for "the skinny." which this one of the biggest questions in hollywood, who's going to play the leading role in "50 shades of gray movie. they had somebody cast in for the male part and he dropped out. now they have someone else new. see if you know this guy, jamie dornin is replacing him in 50 shades of gray. the big movie coming up next year. he used to play a sheriff in "once upon a time" and a serial killer in a bbc story. he has modelled for calvin klein, christian dior and armani. he will probably not have a problem with the sex scenes this movie will require. does that pass your test there?
3:45 am
>> i like this very much. i do. i do. i do. i like the facial hair thing, too. i seen a couple of pictures. i did my research for the story. i have to say, some of the things he's modelled are very exquisite. >> our senior producer did extensive research in to this. >> yes, he did. >> he assured us. >> speaking of movies, there's someone who's been cast to play elton john in the elton john bio pic. he had a big role in the dark knight rises and lawless. he will be playing, the bio pic is coming at a theater near you. big casting decisions made in hollywood. congrats, fella. >> i don't know if it is because i don't either one of them, but they look alike.
3:46 am
like the same person. >> well, you know. >> elton john, sex freak. sad news out of hollywood, an a-lister getting a divorce. clint eastwood and his wife deena calling it quits after 17 years. inreconcilable differences. she is 48-year-old journalist and reality tv star. >> does she want somebody older, more mature. >> 83 was not cutting it for her. she is asking for full physical custody of their 16-year-old daughter. we have known this was coming. they announced their separation last month. we knew divorce was impending and here it is. we have their decision to split officially. >> at least clint eastwood has plenty of practices talking to empty chairs. he will get through divorce just fine. paulie d of jersey shore, we have pictures of his love child. this is not a surprise whatsoever. this girl goes by the name amanda marker. she had -- they apparently had a fling in vegas one night last year.
3:47 am
she is a former hooters waitress and the baby is adorable. paulie is wrapped up in a legal dispute because he wants to raise the kid and have custody. >> and she wants money. stay tune. raise the kid and have custody. >> and she wants money. you disgust me.
3:48 am
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and for a clean and fresh toilet with every flush, try lysol no mess automatic cleaner. ♪ princes who adore you snoits just ♪ just go ahead now ♪ >> a bit of royal pageantry. prince george, the future king was christened at his anglican church and this is rob's favorite story of the day. >> i love the royals. how did baby george do on his first pub public outing? he has already got it licked.
3:51 am
>> reporter: it was the glimpse the world was waiting for, baby george, third in line to the thrown. proud dad teaching him the age-old tradition of first royal ways, tiny hand lifted high, like other relatives have perfected over the years. after all, one day he will be the king of england. so well behaved on his big day, william telling the queen, quote perfect timing he's just gone quiet. he's already. so far so good. the royal christening steeped in tradition. in fact, since 1841, 50 royal babies have worn the came cap and gown from the queen herself and prince charles and prince william. in 2004, the queen thought it was too fragile. so she commissioned her treser to make an exact replica for future generations. as for george's god parents, william and kate choosing seven in total.
3:52 am
college and school buddies, royal cousin and diana's friends. involving his mother in their lives. a day of love, family and tradition wrapped up in one tiny bundle of joy. abc news, london. >> okay. my apathy for the royals is infinite. i think the kid is cute. it did surprise me they didn't put pip or harry on the list of god parents. >> i think that is interesting. they were there of course. they were holding court as everybody else was but a cousin on william's side is the god mother and a couple of godfathers. i think the thing that is breaking tradition here is there is only one god mother. i think there is seldom been only one. there you go. but the little dress skirt the baby is wearing apparently handed down over the generations, worn over and over again and it is adorable. >> and the queen had a new one in 2004 because it was so old. so fresh. >> there you go. we'll be right back. o. we'll be right back. >> announcer: from is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning -- school tragedy. a teacher is murdered. a student under arrest. the details about the trail of blood at the school that led investigators to the suspect. spy games. more complaints from america's allies, accusing the u.s. of tapping into leaders' phones. we're live in washington. caught on camera. a trooper saves a teen's life, thanks to a couple of highway heroes. cute and clever. halloween is still a week away. but we might already have the best costume of the year. and good thursday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson, filling in
3:56 am
today, for john muller. >> and diana perez. we begin with a teacher murdered and a student under arrest. hundreds of people gathered for a vigil to remember colleen ritzer. >> investigators found ritzer stabbed to death in the woods behind the school where she taught math. here's karen travers. >> reporter: this murder has left a community in shock. >> she was a very respected, loved teacher. >> reporter: philip chism is accused of stabbing colleen ritzer, a beloved math teacher at danvers high school, where she taught. >> they initiated a search for the teacher. and discovered blood in the second floor bathroom. >> reporter: ritzers blood was found in a second floor bathroom. her body was found later in the woods behind the school. danvers high school is in a new building, that's equipped with
3:57 am
130 cameras. there's surveillance video inside the school that shows chism hauling ritzer's body from the bathroom towards the woods, and what was a recycling bin. >> she loved to teach. she loved working with kids. they gravitated towards her. as much as they loved her, she loved them hundred times more. >> reporter: chism was silent as he was arraigned in court. he is currently being charged as an adult. just days ago, a student arrived at a nevada middle school and shot a teacher who tried to stop him. ritzer's last tweet expressed sympathy for that young community. >> she was a caring girl that had the whole world ahead of her. and to be taken so trajly, it's awful. we'll have more on the investigation on "good morning america." now, the white house is on the defensive once again over charges that the u.s. spies on leaders of other countries. >> this time, it's an
3:58 am
embarrassing situation involving one of our closest allies. abc's tahman bradley is joining us now from washington with more on this. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: rob, nice to see you back at this early hour. anger grows with each new report about u.s. spying. the latest from a german magazine, that america monitored the german chancellor's phone calls. some of america's closest allies are giving the obama administration an earful. they're angry over nsa snooping. german officials say they received information that chancellor angela merkel's cell phone may have been monitored by american intelligence. >> all i know is what the president told the chancellor. the united states is not monitoring and will not monitor the communications of the chancellor. >> reporter: but jay carney, said the u.s. is not monitoring and will never monitor. not that they never monitored. mexico and brazil are launching
3:59 am
investigations, to determine if the u.s. spied on its high-ranking officials. france, one of america's oldest allies, is also upset. its government demanded an explanation after reports surfaced that the nsa collected 7 million french telephone reports over a 30-day period. the obama administration insists it's trying to strike a balance between security. >> we in the united states are currently reviewing the way we gather intelligence. >> reporter: most of the reports of u.s. spying are based on leaks from ed word snowden, a former contractor hiding in russia. all nations conduct spying. but u.s. allies are shocked by the magnitude of the u.s. eavesdropping. rob? diana? >> tahman bradley, live in washington. i've had your phones bugged for


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