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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  October 11, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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per formansz. >> heck, machete cue with all the sinmatic knew nunsz. the story? president char lirks e sheen to mexico to fight a maniacal car dealer. with a cast including mel gibson and lady gaga as a truck-driving asas sin. if you want to live, you have to become strong. pop culture. hotter than a zombie fooeever o
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the hot list. >> i'm going to be eating my kids hall weenl candy. >> well, don't decide because we've got our list of the hottest kosz tombs this year. >> why are you dressed so scary. >> it's halloween. we train all year for hall weenl. >> debbie, the owner of kos stums super shop easily. >> what costumes fly out the door every year. >> batman. batman is the super of all super heroes. >> for 12013, here's our list. first, practice your duck call. >> i'm sorry, wrong reality show. it calls for everything camera,
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a beard and you're set. next best pop culture wez costu the menu from despicable me. it's the mr the merrier. next on the list, learn the line. and a very little outfit with the ridiculous miley cyrus. >> the last costume, anything breaking bad. dress up as walter white. breaking out the best costumes of this year.
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>> viral isz. >> first up, tiny speed race other. it ee it's not just officer kids. this one may be for aadulthoods only. go down the track, it's speeding up faster and faster. is this a new dust step track? finally, it gets up to 205 miles per hour. next, something pink. the slomo guys are taking their cameras up close to paint on top of speakers. they turn the music up and watch the paint dance. lastly, a crabby fight. check out this adorable bull terrier puppy play around with a little crab.
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the crab is understandably scared. but maybe the fur ball is trying to give him a high-five. puppy play time on the viralist. >> oh, fall. the time of year when you're so inspired to deck rate, you dream of them but end up with this.
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"the list" is online. get caught up and clued in at >> i love this story. a popular site for moms is about to test its popularity with wall street. taking a look at some big, big savings on kids clothes. connor, what's the deal? >> i am definitely not the target customer for i don't have kids. i don't know what makes a frock
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twirl-worthy. i've never heard of most of the brands on sale. but i started paying attention to the site after the anounszment nounsment that it will be the first to get an ipo. in the last few years, a number of sites have come up. they all serve different demographics. the strategy is basically the same. high insight like gill has clued a bit recently. it's easier. recently announced around of layoffs. but people keep making babies and babies keep glowing. a customer-based loyal shopper who use the site to pay their children. the retailer claims to work with
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over 10,000 brands. they appear to have some fanatical followers. >> zulilly is looking to raise $100 million with dhtheir ipo a plans to focus more on its mobile experience. it's clear the big foe cuku0 daily deals for mom, baby and dad. soon, we'll see if wall street thinks the company is a good deal, as well. >> on top of shopping, there's something else we all need to buy every fall. a pumpkin. we've got some tricks on how to jack up your pumpkin creativity. it's pumpkin time. if you it cut a bigger hole on the top inside, scraping the
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guts out will be way easier. >> if you're not handy with a knife, use a drill or cookie cutter. >> looking to transfer a design to your pumpkin? print up a stencil and trace it with a thumb tack. if you're going to free wheel your design, use a dry wet erase marker. knowing your boo boos are fijsble will unleash your creative. here's a hack to keep your pumpkin looking young with a coating of floor cleaner like mop and glow.
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it's like botox for pumpkins. pump out your beer with a pumpkin keg helping you have a grr pumpkin with pumpkin life hack. >> question, what dv cartoon played every fall referred to the "great pumpkin"? >> scooby-doo? >> it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown.¢s >> which means you might be good at playing trivia. we've all played along with this or this. game shows featuring trivia questions have been on tv for years. but people just aren't into it. you see trivia taking over bars and rest rants.
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to coopers north in baltimore, they come in costume and they come ready to win. >> machiavelli. >> john chaplain is the host and referee. >> there are teams that will fight tooth and nail to get to first place. >> you have to have a good name. >> i was young and i needed the money. >> have fun, keep the serio seriousness at home. >> you need to have somebody who knows something about science, about science fiction, for that matter. you need to have a history buff. you need to have a movie guy. >> players say this is a brain workout. >> i think it sharpens my brain now. now, i started answering the questions. and i have faith in my
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intuition. >> there's no google, no texting. >> all of your friends are already here. for "the list, i'm jake peter. from trivia to late night. we can find you the day's best in the news. if we default on that, they need to take your craft by kids. >> i can take this picture, bring it over here and take this lady who's been evacwaiting from a hurricane zone and put it over here. >> it's incredible. move around in images of devastation with a flick of his controller. it's like he's playing wii tragedy.
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>> this will be a huge benefit to the 14 million people in l.a. who suffered from glaucoma. >> the great hall weenl costume in the purple crayon. >> give them mouth to cookie.
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so, um, do you want to come up for a coffee? yeah. 'kay... uh... good. so... so, uh... you make yourself at home and i'll be... yeah. right back. sure. (gasp) oh, i th... i thought we were... (deep inhale) (coffee grinder whirring) ooh... with authentic, expertly crafted roasts and legendary brews, eight o'clock is the coffee for those who put coffee first. this is nice.
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i am matt galant.
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>> and the rate you did start. and this day.
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>> and so much. >> october is breast cancer awareness month. and the boot breast cancer cat has found a relaxing way to kick the stresses of treatment. >> and i am a physically active person. that is how i got breast cancer. >> cancer slowed her down. but she decides to work out and give cancer the boot. >> i actually felt muscles that i hadn't felt after exercising. >> the four-week wellness boot camp helps patients and survivors get stronger through yoga. >> and everybody just got to start one way. >> we're survivors, we're working through our treatment. >> now, you're caught up and clued in to what's happening around baltimore. mimmick i can mayo. >> spiced lates. candy corn. the taste of a -- we save
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. i'm matt balant. >> asking a very important question. seriously? >> it's a fall tradition. you put on your cozy sweater, slip on your uggs and order a pumpkin spiced late. >> starbucks. you guys are going to be best friends. >> walking through this crisp fall air feeling the leaves crunching under your feet. it's hard to believe you're
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living a lie. your beloved starbucks pumpkin spiced late. have a late ingredient. but pumpkin isn't one of them. the daily mail plastic lid off this story is people were understandably upset. >> okay. that was greek mad. but it conveys the general mood. maybe we're still rattled from the recent double stuffed oreo scandal. >> double stuffed or owes do not have double the stuff. mega stuff oreos aren't so mega either. >> candy corn. could you come here a second? a little bit closer. just between us. you've gotten -- for 100 years, but come on, you aren't anyone's first choice candy. butterfinger. there's no butter. i'm assuming no fingers. the man is tricking our treat. but we don't seem to mind. starbucks has sold over 200
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million dsls over the past decade. a group called real food for kids lobby to convince the virginia public school to swap out its hamburger patties which contain 27 additives for actual 100% beef. the group won. but this week, the cafeteria went back to the robo burgers. turned out the kids rejected the real thing. we're so used to fake. real tastes wrong. amounium treated beef tastes like burgers and space-age lacerated pumpkin flavored sir up is how we celebrate the harvest. seriously. >> and it's the weekend. the patriots and my red sox are playing and this mile is 100% authentic. no sweeteners added. thanks for watching the list. here is what we are working on for monday. >> looks like a girls night out, but it's more than just drinks and laugh administer -- laughter.
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these ladies are saving lives. you're invited to the mammogram party monday on the list. >> well hello there tv land. i'm kevin pereira, and this is "let's ask america". the show where you can sit in your underpants and still win $50,000. people across america are on their webcams, and they want to play. so let's see who we've got today. first up from oklahoma is charity. he's from columbia, missouri. it's steve. and from california it's luke. and she's from philadelphia, pennsylvania, it's sofia. welcome to the program, everyone. this is how it works. very simple. we ask americans their opinions on all kind of crazy topics.
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you have to correctly guess the answers and you can win $50,000. let's get into it. the first question is worth $100. here's the two possible answers. appeal to reason or appeal to emotion. what did married men say they're more likely to do when arguing wh their wives? appeal to reason or appeal to emotion. >> let's go to philadelphia, pennsylvania. say hello to sofia. how are you? >> doing great. how are you? >> doing very well. excellent job with the safety first. i love the helmet. >> always. >> this show can get out of control. what's your story? >> i recently moved from new york city to philadelphia, p.a. i love cycling. >> well, let's get you some cash
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for $100. appeal to reason or appeal to emotion. let's see it. sofia says you got to appeal to the emotion. the correct answer for $100 is appeal to reason. luke, charity and steve get $100. don't worry, sofia. our next question is worth $200. the two possible answers are relentless heat or giving mouth to mouth to a dude. what do male life guards in florida say is the worst part of the job? relentless heat or giving mouth-to-mouth to a dude? all right. we're going to tap into orchid california and say hello to luke. how are you, sir? luke, tell me about yourself, man. >> aye been a football player my whole life.
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played in college. let's have some fun. >> i love the indoor/outdoor grill. >> you just crack a window. it's fine. >> i love it. you've got 1xz) bucks. let's get you 200 more. everybody, is it the heat or mouth-to-mouth to a dude? sofia says mouth-to-mouth. charity and steve say relentless heat. what did you guys think? they're split as well. the correct answer, relentless heat. charity in place with $300. the next question of this round is worth 300 bones. a cruise around the world or another grand kid. what gift did grandmothers say they would most like to receive from their children.
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is it a cruise around the world or another grand kid? time to meet miss charity from oklahoma. how are you, charity? >> hi, kevin. doing great. >> charity, tell me about yourself. >> i'm a kindergarten and first grade reading teachers. these are the reading tools that we use to teach kids to read. as you can see, i've got paint in the "p" and i've got a little surprise, kevin, in the "k" pocke pocket. >> well, charity, it's a pleasure to have you on the show. let's get to everybody's answers. is it a cruise or the grandchildren? three say another grand kid. put a bow on it. luke says it's the cruise.3ñ the correct answer with 76% of the vote. luke, you went your own way. you think it will


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