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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  October 8, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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keep your phone on. thank you. there's a lot of damage to the sidewalk. it's ben pairing parkway. of course we'll be on the sewn and bring you the latest. cheryl conner. >> weather wise decent day. a few clouds, the closest rain toward virginia beach. we think that will begin to change. in the meantime high temperatures held down below 70 degrees even in the heart of the city thanks to the cloud cover and thanks to a cool north breeze that has been pooling in some chillier air. so getting cooler overnight down through the low 50s we'll fall. a brisk start to your morning and then the chances for rain begin to go up.
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we'll talk about when our peak window for rain s it's a long window. that's coming up. three soldiers have been arrested in connection with the stabbing of another soldier. >> it unfolded at the joint base of lewis mcchord. >> outside joint base lewis mcchord, growing anger over his death. outrage, the man accused of taking his life is a fellow soldier, too. >> you betrayed your country. at some point you served your country. >> reporter: friends say he was celebrating his last days in uniform saturday night when a group of five men drove by shouting a racially charged term, prompting him to respobd.
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>> he spoke up after he said cracker. >> reporter: police say the men backed off seeing the machine were fellow soldiers. one of them, jeremiah hill returned. he bear hugged him and pushed him to the ground. he admitted to the stabbing. >> he asked him what a and to your hand. well, i stabbed and killed a guy over the weekend oar loor three soldiers, including hill, are behind bars. investigators are searching for a motive but now say race was in the a factor. he was an operationalist special -- operational specialist. he was so eager to enlist in the army that he graduated from high school early. a controversial e mail sent by a georgia tech attorney has a
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member in hot water. it offers advice on how to see dues women using alcohol. it uses the term luring rape bait. women on why -- on georgia tech's campus were troubled by what was written. >> this changes people's reaction. this isn't okay. >> the ceo of the attorney said in a statement the email is extremely inappropriate and does not represent the fraternity's values. the student who sent the email has been suspended by the attorney. georgia tech police are investigating tonight. we have or than a dozen high school students suspended over the american flag. the students say they wanted to show love but the superintendent believes this went too far. the teens drew on doors and windows and scattered small flags.
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it happened as a prank during the homecoming week. >> we really do care about the country. >> one of the students is fighting his five-day suspension saying it could hurt his chances of and happening scholarship. the school said this is reviewing -- reviewing the incident. what's the secret to stopping the cries of a colicky baby. >> 90 days. that's what it takes. find out what models are headed for extinction and if your ride is one of them.
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you want to stop colic in a baby? try foods with probiotics. it enhances the good bacteria and may alleviate gas, bloating and diarrhea. researchers looked at 12 studies involving,000 in-- involving
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2,000 infants and they looked at how effective it was in helping colic. >> go and talk to your pediatrician or pediatric dietitian to make sure this is an appropriate propped for your -- product for your child. >> there are lots of reasons your infant can be fussy. so before starting it, you'll want to talk with your baby's doctor. >> let's look at maryland's most powerful radar, all clear. we think things will change. this coastal low slowly continues to drift slowly to the north. you see quite a few clouds. part of this is the remnants of tropical storm karen. some of it is wrapping into the
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coast aloe. it comes down to how close will this be to maryland versus further out to see. more on that. first, an severe weather alerts, freeze concerns in new york. other than that it's a coastal advisory for some high sea's off of maryland and virginia coast, down into norfolk as well. we have enhanced wave action out to the south. manchester today. it's interesting when we look at it state wise. some blue sky at times, some sun breaking throughout this way. yes, when we go all the way east of the city southeast into annapolis we find generally gray skies here at the naval academy. there you go kind of a contrast depending on where you were. a live look at dundalk and ccbc.
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64 degrees. sunset earl and -- earlier and earl -- and earlier. tomorrow will be a good day for running. humidity, at most, moderate. with temps that low, you won't notice it. uniform temps in the 60s. the humidity begins to creep up tomorrow. that's a significant factor for us. that higher moisture level over the eastern shore could help precipitate more rain in that direction. right now the closest rain on radar is just to our south and east. you can see it setting up here. there's that coastal system, a different perspective. the heaviest rain, right off the cape hatteras area. there's a sharp cutoff. you're getling heavy rains to greensboro and raleigh durham. it depends on how tightly this
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hugs the coast. cool north winds coming in tonight and tomorrow. tomorrow we'll stay relatively dry. we'll look at future trend. it is a low moving blob, large blob. again, it's a function of how close it gets. rain chances higher toward the beaches, toward the eastern shore. you have a better chance of rain thursday into friday and easton than in westminster. it's a matter of how close to the coast you are. tonight down to 48 with a few clouds. tomorrow 65. variably cloudy. it will be cool. the next few days running cool. base of the cloud deck we'll put the chances for rain in there. higher chances to the east because that coast aloe will be churning to our east. rain chances maybe peak thursday, begin to taper off slowly friday and saturday. right now we dry things out in time for the game on sunday.
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again, in terms of heavy rain, maybe thursday is the day we could get heavy rain. it looks like on and off type stuff with a wave of showers going off the coast. that goes away and waits for the next wave. stay tuned. it's all with about how this thing wants to drift. we remember what happened last october. it's been nearly a year since hurricane dispeaces hit new jersey -- sandy hit new jersey. this is diana nyad. the money she raises will help people recover from the storm. >> i remember the ford pinto and the chevy vega. >> what other cars could make their way into your station. >> saying good-bye to cars. the dancing stars and who's extent on "dancing with the stars." highlights from last night's
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your car could be an endangered species. what cars will be instented. >> reporter: dealers are looking to get rid of 2013 models but there are a few that will be gone for good. like the chevy nova or pontiac aztec. we present a special tribute to the fallen cars of 2013. with only four model years of production we still don't know you. are you a sedan, suv?
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you started at over $50,000. you are a crossover but it's time for you to finally cross over. the chevy avalanche made news, a sports utility truck. always the ugly duckling you're survived by the silverado, and tahoe. in the matrix, toyota has announced there is no matrix. you lasted long are than most people thought. the oracle has spoken and you are not the one. you're cute, too cute. you never con vnsed people to drop luxury car money on a tiny hatch back. good-bye. after a big loan from the energy department to create a plug-in hybrid sedan, this vehicle never
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revved up. you know what they say about karma? the cadillac escalade. a men ni van. it had a family. too sad. good-bye weird cars. may the roads rise up to moat you. >> you can catch more stories like this on "the list." watch it week nights at 7 followed by let's ask america. >> coming up at 6:00, a company that's part of warren buffett's empire, how the scripps national investigation got results. >> and the nfl players aren't the only ones wearing everything. we'll take you to local fields.
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woke four of "dancing with the stars." >> three couples ended the night in first place. somebody had to go home. george pennachio has a recap of all the action. >> valerie and -- tristan. prince harry took on the challenge of "dancing with the stars." she danced for four weeks, loving her latest adventure. >> this was great to be here. this is big time. this is a lovely, wonderful, joyous celebration. i feel the love. i feel tremendous love since i announced the condition. and when was that?
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march? i'm still here. so what am i complaining about. >> she has reinforced perspective. that's something usually lost. >> he saw the level of the dancing. if we're judging dancing, we have to. it can't be popularity oh, i loved her as rhoda or the poor thing has cancer. you don't want that, do you? i don't. >> it has become a very competitive season. three teams tied for first place. elizabeth burke and amber danced with an ininjured knee. >> i wish i had the picture to show you the syringe in my knee. jack osbourne, leah remini and
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sasha farber with brant daugherty getting triple seventh -- sevens. >> in los angeles, george pennachio for abc news. >> coming up at 6:00, some of the youngest football players wear pink to raise breast cancer awareness. >> abc2 news at 6 starts right now. >> three people charged with human tracking. >> new information about denied claims from a major insurance provider. now they're paying moshings a --
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more, a story you'll see here. >> the latest on the controversy on capitol hill tonight. let's go right to the breaking news. >> i'm kelly swoope along with jamie costello. we'll tell you about a water main break that's causing some roads to be shut down. cheryl conner is in parkville with the latest. it looks better than it did earlier. >> reporter: it does look better. we just talked to a woman who lives right off putty hill avenue. she didn't know what was going on. she was cleaning, got in the shower and thought i got dirty until she realized that brown color was coming from her faucet. that's what a lot of people are saying. if you look at the road it's mud. let's show you that video because it's pretty amazing. the water, as it came out of the ground was shooting close to the tree top. we were here about 4:00 when this first started.
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the 2300 block of putty hill avenue. still shut down and it probably will be for much of the night. what crews are doing now, they're making sure they will not hit other utilities as they try to repair this water line. they're making sure that they clan get underground. once they do that, then they will come back up and repair the roadway. apparently the sidewalk had some damage as that water again was shooting from the ground. the department of public works said if you do live in this area and you're experiencing some of the ground water, he says to let the water run and also take that off, but anyone i've talked to in this hear is not ready to start drinking the water or take a shower. they're all going out to dinner at this point. it's a 24-inch water main break and crews will be on the scene.
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the roads will stay shut down as we go throughout the evening. we'll keep our eyes on it and bring you the latest. we're live in parkville, cheryl conner, abc2 news. >> you can get alerts of all the rake break on your phone and twitter. just follow us at abc2 news. a local woman is safe after escaping from a man she called her pimp for two years. it was the first of two human trafficking calls. >> now three people are in custody tonight. katrina bush has the latest. >> reporter: craig anderson think -- faces human trafficking with more charges on the way. he forced a 24-year-old woman into prostitution. >> she's been forced to be a prostitute for the last two years. >> reporter: the woman managed to get to a sykesville fire station for help.
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she identified anderson as the man who took her to different states forcing her to have sex. >> it's a website called back and it's becoming more concerning for law enforcement. it's a coebbs dense that each of the individuals in separate situations, that website was used in both cases. >> reporter: there's a second victim police found photos of on that same site, another, a 24-year-old woman who made her way to a gas station. >> the woman reported she had been kidnapped from rhode island where she lived and the two suspects lived there as well. she was forced into prostitution in multiple states. >> reporter: although it's difficult to warn women with this -- about this time of crime, it's best to take a proactive approach. in howard county, katrina bush, abc2 news. >> police say tonight both of
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the women are being well taken care of and is being referred to appropriate services. >> friends and family romaine optimistic about jacqueline klein's progress. we have the latest. >> reporter: trooper klein's best friends say small steps are milestones. >> more than two days after state trooper jack quip lynn clone was critically injured, loved ones are holding out hope. >> i'm not a very spiritual person but it's a miracle she's alive. it's a miracle that doctors are so optimistic. >> reporter: she better knows her as jackie. they met when three were six. they've been insep prabble ever


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