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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  October 8, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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sure that we gave the city the benefit of the shopping. >> reporter: and some of the ben rites are realed. benefits are realized. target and all the other stores will be opening up and then there's other stores that are under construction and should be opened up within the next few weeks. now the mayor and a lot of other folks will be here to celebrate the grand opening with an official ribbon cutting near the first mariner tower at 4 today. reporting live roosevelt leftwich. a young father is dead and 20-year-old may spend 10 years in prison for texting behind the wheel. police say that the simple text message caused elizabeth meyers to cross route 3 and hit and kim another man. a 39-year-old named jonathan roberts who was on a motorcycle. the crash happened back in march. but the state's attorney's office gathered enough evidence to charge meyers. >> there was an eyewitness who
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saw her with her hand on the whole and the other hand with her phone raised up and texting and that he also evidence -- and there's also evidence phone records that she was texting at the time. >> john roberts was from virginia and killed in the crash. meyers faces 6 charges including text messaging while driving and according to online reports, a trial is now set for february of next year. the teenage hit by a car and left forked it along liberty road three weeks ago is out of shock trauma. 18-year-old michael hatfield has long way to go. ness rehab learning to walk again. the woman police say hit him and left the scene is in custody this morning. but in new jersey. her name is tanya brown and she is from west virginia. she is going to -- going to be brought back to carroll county where investigators say the public helped them find brown. hatfield has long way to go in his recovery. he has a head injury shattered left leg and four breaks in the
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right leg. >> a state trooper is in critical condition. 24-year-old jaqueline klein was hit by a car after she stopped to help another officer who pulled over a driver. this happened on route 100 early sunday morning. this morning, her friends will visit her and bring bagels from her favorite babyingry in new jersey -- bakery in new jersey. fellow officers and friends say it's kline's strength and determination that will help her pull through. >> there he a pit in my stomach. it's stuff to wake up to that news -- tough to wake up to that news even if it's swog you don't know. >> she is a ball of fire -- someone you don't know. >> shes a ball of fire. she leads the barracks in every stat and is always willing to help out. >> the driver who hit klin. remained on the scene and so -- kline remained on the scene and so far -- scene and so far no charges have been filed. susan berk an attorney for the alleged victim in this case
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wanted the court to remove michael miller from deciding whether the case goes forward. she says that miller is angry at her client for making the case public and biased against her but the judge says it would be unprecedented for a federal court to intervene with an ongoing navy investigation in a separate court system. police identified the man who set himself on fire at the national mall and later died as 54-year-old john castino from laurel new jersey. his injuries were so severe police had to use dn a and dental records to identify him. he poured gasoline on himself and set himself on fire passing joggers put out the flames using their own shirts to try to help but he died at the hospital on friday night. just more than two billion dollars has been lost by the end of today the 8th day of the shut down. the president is upped the pressure on john boehner to hold a vote on a clean bill that would extend government
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funding. >> the reason that speaker boehner has not called a vote is because he doesn't apparently want to see the government shut down end at the moment. >> the speaker says the funding bill can't pass unless republicans get the changes to obama care they are demanding. now a vote counts indicates that's not the case there's enough votes to get the measure passed with 217 needed for the bill to pass all 200 house democrats plus 17 republicans have now said publically they would vote to refund the government with no strings attached to the president. today 7,000 department ofveteran affairs workers will be furloughed. they lost ground on reducing a backlog of disability and pension claims. the officials say more than 2,000 claims a day were going down from backlog at 18,000. a generous donation is coping kids at head start in the programs even if the
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government shut down. a philanthropist pledged up the 10 million dollars for this whole program. and they are saying this is to help kid with head start. so again this is one of the programs that was threatened by the government shut down. we are talk about programs in georgia south carolina florida and south carolina and missouri that were closed at the end of the first week and will reopen thanks to the donation. a live look outside this morning. this is the inner harbor. a cool start lynette. >> you said it. especially chilly this morning but also we are dry. we are going to dry out today from yesterday's rain but more rain is on the way. i will tell you when that arrives coming up. >> reporter: good morning. i am mike masco 95 south and northbound looking pretty good. just construction delays and we have an accident in baltimore city. we will talk about that on good morning maryland. >> reporter: in today's tech bites. [audio not understandable] e company confirmed they will developing a line doff vice was
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police plex -- device was flexible scenes. -- screens. [audio not understandable] the iphone 5s and 5 c have been on sale for a couple weeks and there are reports about iphone 6 several reports claim the next generation smart phone will have a larger 4.8 inch screen. and at&t will be offering a smart watch design just for the kids. the phillips display is like other smart watches about preapproved contracts and gps tracker to let their child know if they left the safety zone. make it a great day. i am john mueller.
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it's going to be welcome change come the end of the school year. five baltimore county schools will get new air conditioning many county council approved 17.2 million in funding for ac for the schools in middle river, parkville, pikesville windor mill and wood lawn it will binstalled next spring.
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120 schools have air conditioning and or spec to get it. nearly four -- expected to get it. nearly a four square mile fired on camp pendleton is smoldering. fire oif he can-- officials expect full containment. it forced temporary evacuation to send 230 people and patients at a hospital. that fire broke out on saturday. you are looking at video from that day. and they can tell their kids they hiked to work in the snowstorm. and it's true. meteorologists at the national weather service in south dakota worked tirelessly through record breaking blizzard over the weekend without getting paid. they even have been deemed essential during the government shut down. however they have no idea when the paychecks will arrive. that's dedication lynette. >> exactly. but we have to keep people safe and that's what we do at abc2. satellite and radar not picking up on mig in terms of the wet weather. but we do have the cloud out there this morning. all that wet weather coming in
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from the south. this will begin to work its way in here going towards tomorrow and some of that moisture still courtesy of karen as we go through today and high pressure is going to try to move in here and it will do so that's why it's going to keep us dry but again we are working with this disturbance to the south of us and this is what's kicking back clouds as we go throughout the day as well. i am going to call it a mix of sun and clouds. we will be cool today and we will be dry. let's stick with the cool theme right even chilly. 48 degrees right now in ellicott city. it's 55 in rock hall and shady side coming in at 51. 49 in fallston and good morning northeast at 50 degrees easton coming in at 53. abc2's most accurate trend goes into motion. not a whole lot for today but there's the wet weather that will work the way in here from the south to the north tomorrow. and not as much rain as we saw yesterday but still more welcomed rain is on tap and that could linger as we head towards your thursday and possibly friday. this afternoon temperatures coming in right around 69 degrees. and make sure to send us a
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photo. just tweet it at abc2 weather and we will get that and put it on the air. as we work towards the weekend, we start to dry things out and it looks good heading towards the game on sunday. let's check the traffic now with mike. >> reporter: all right. let's look and bring you all carroll county and sykesville and river road. there is an accident. it's away from the major roadways but that's a localized event and brooklyn pennington avenue and aspen street another accident. that's south of the city limits. 695 at green spring. looking pretty good on outer and inner loop of 695. downtoward the jfx at cold spring this looks good north and southbound on 83. jfx and maryland pennsylvania line not seeing delays. 95 southbound past exit 74 related construction delays. 59 northbound near the pulaski highway at exit 61 more construction related delays. drive times, 95 southbound right between the fort mchenry
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tunnel to 695, that should take 7 minutes and taking 695 on the outer loop, right between 795 and 95, that is an 11 minute drive megan. a new report suggest that many states are lacking effective strategies to curb prescription drug abuse. this despite the fact prescription drug misuse is responsible for more deaths than heroin and cocaine combined. the study released by trust for america's health evaluated each state and several strategies that have shown promise in fighting against prescription drug abuse. those include prescription drug monitoring programs and laws that require special education for medical providers who prescribe things like pain killers. many states don't have the programs in place. more women who face breast cancer in one best are exploring the option having both breast removed. it has doubled in the past 10 years when it comes to removing a breast without cancer. data from 100,000 women old he
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than 30 years shows that the average procedure boosted life expectancy by 6 months. this is your station for the susan g. komen race for the cure. if you haven't signed up it's not too late g to abc2 news-- go to his story was so memorable and made some people cry. we are talking about 8-year-old jack hoffman. you may remember him diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 5. he is a lifelong nebraska football fan you remember the video of him running 69 yards to score a touchdown with his corn huskers. he brought thousands of people in the stadium to their feet cheering for him as the team's leading rusher this morning we have amazing news to tell you about jack's cancer. it's now in remission. good news this tuesday morning as you head out the door. 6:19. we will be right back.
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a 4th motorcyclist has been arrested in connection with a motorists pulled from his car and beant. he is charged with gang assault and unlaw fen imprisonment. you've cerne the video many times. dozens of angry bikers surrounding a suv hitting and spike the tires after
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confrontation. the driver steps on the gas piling into three bikers including edwin whose wife says he is paralyzed and she doesn't know who to blame. >> i wasn't there. i mean i. can't blame anyone. i can understand why he was scared but at the end of the day, my husband parked his vehicle on a kick stand to get off to try to help the situationand tell everyone to move on and get with it. >> the driver of the suv e-- s- uv was pulled from the vehicle and beaten while his wife and two-year-old daughter watched. his wife says they drove off to protect them. two off duty undercover police officers riding with the motorcyclists are questioned by internal affairs. don't mess with this store clerk. we have got surveillance video. the moment the suspect pulled out a gun on the clerk inside the convenience store in new york the clerk didn't miss a beat. he pulled out a machete and
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chased the robber out of the store. no one was hurt and the man didn't get away with any cash or anything else. police are offering a reward for anyone who can help fine the attempted thief. new york city family is begging for help to find their 14-year-old son. you are looking at surveillance video of the last time the boywith autism was seen. it shows him running out of the school if queens on friday afternoon. >> it's been heart breaking and i need to find my son because he needs his family. and you know he cannot fend for himself out there and this is the hardest thing to have your child disappear and you can't bring him home with you. >> the teen's mother says he is supposed to have one-on-one supervision at all times but no monitor stopped him when he wan route -- when he ran out the door e has a tim and can't verbally communicate. the girls are picking out a
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botel to enjoy with dinner on a girl's night out. watch what happens as they go down the aisle. the shelf comes tumbling down -- two customers tried to stop it but gravity takes over. it topples over and everyone jumped in and tried to find any glass that were not broken to salvage it and run out the front door. made up the last part. the panda zoo cam remains. 14 newborn pandas were taken outdoors for the first time to enjoy the sunshine among the 14 baby pandas, 4 were twins. there you go. were back in a bit.
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you're watching the station that works for you. now good morning maryland. house took to the internet signing up for health insurance but a fraction actually had success. the latest on what's going on with the health care exchange in maryland. >> a live look outside this morning. the sun will be up soon but will it stick around for the rest of the day. that is live picture of clouds pretty cool looking out there. >> great start to the day good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle and it's a cool start to the day. you might wonder how long to i need the jacket. >> you need a jacket this morning into the afternoon a sweater but we are much colder than yesterday. let's start off with temperatures in glen burnie at 51 degrees. and bel air is at 48 right now. and emetsburg at 51. the wind are out of the north light to calm this morning. as we go into the afternoon they will pick up a bit and we are talking about 5 to 15 miles per hour. in terms of what we had
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yesterday we are actually about 25 degrees cooler in baltimore at this time yesterday. we talked about 70s upper 60s not the case for this morning. and as we go throughout the day, the wet weather that's a big change for you today as well. we won't see any of that. we have a few cloud out there this morning all that courtesy of a area of low pressure to the south. and that is kicking back clouds. but also we will have high pressure building in from the north and west for today as well. that's what's going to be keeping us dry. we might have clouds around but we will stay dry throughout the day. at 8:00 the temperature will be at 54 degrees. still chilly and sun and clouds will be through here as we go towards lunchtime. 66 is the temperature. and our high today only at 69 degrees. now, if we have more clouds sticking around and stubborn the temperatures might be cooler than that. as we go through the afternoon. let's check the traffic now with mike. >> reporter: good morning. we will go towards 70 this go around because we have a new crash that came at 70 westbound
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near route 32 near west friendship. abe ware of that this morning. otherwise, if you take a look at the span of east and westbound heading towards the east, not seeing big delays. speed sensors are ideal between 60 and 65 miles per hour. that is live shot 695 north of exit 1. starting to slowed up-- starting to load up the roadways. a lot of volume on the outer loop but not seeing any kind ofbrake lights. take a look at 95 from havre de grace towards 695 speed sensors around 55 miles per hour. a crash in carroll county sykesville at river road. be aware of that. and baltimore city pennington avenue at aspen street there's a crash that came at 45 minutes ago. we will talk more about the traffic and weather coming up in a little bit. for now back to megage. -- megan. today marks a week for marylanders being able to sign up for health insurance and it has not gone as well as the
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state hoped. as of noon yesterday, more than 174,000 had visited the maryland health website. 13,500 managed to get through the process of creating an account. and of those just 326 have actually enrolled in the plan. >> this is not the simplest program to put together. there are a lot of different components and in the end you don't know until you have a lot of people using it. >> the head of the state's health department and health and mental hygiene would not say exactly what went wrong with the whole program but he did say that the work is continuing around the site around clock to get the software updated in the next coming week. today anthony brown will announce his first major policy proposal of the campaign to become the next governor of maryland. that proposal will focus on reforms to improve early childhood education and help children achieve the full potential. brown will introduce the plan at patterson park public
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charter school set for 1 this afternoon. brown is going to make the latest endorsement and get one soon too. house speaker from maryland michael bush is speced to throw his support behind lieutenant governor brown. he is cried eted -- credited bush with being a mentor. bush plans to announce his support coming up thursday. brown faces douglas gainsler and heather miser for the june pry parry for maryland's governor. this morning police need help identifying three suspects who they say robbed a man at abus stop in west baltimore. look at the screen because we will show you. police say this is who they are looking for the three guys in the case. the men used a knife and gun to rob a person so anyone withinformation about the three men is asked to call police as soon as possible. the woman accused ofg two b bernie and trying to hit another is in custody. 47-year-old jamese queen is
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faces charge sheept targeted the same bink in glen bernie on september 13th and then again on the 28th. she got away with nor than a thousand -- more than a thousand dollars in both cases. a fight over an unpaid bill turned into a stabbing that left two security guards injured at the baltimore comedy factor. kenneth corps and some of his friends were leaving after -corporal were leek after they got into an argument -- were leaving after they got into an argument over an unpaid bill. when he was escorted off he stabbed security officers several times. the security guards are expected to recover and are out of the hospital this morning. some will say this is long overdue but the man of honor would be humble and one of the all time great football players and hall of famer lenny moore gets a street named after him. resource drive in randelstown will be lenny moore way. that


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