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tv   News  ABC  October 7, 2013 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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good morning, everyone. i hope that you had a wonderful weeken because changes are abound. we look at maryland's most powerful radar. right now we're mainly dry, but back off to the west we're seeing more rain work in here. it is pushing from west to east all morning long. if you are heading into western maryland, we have pockets of moderate rain this morning. heavier rain in west virginia. so that's what you have in store this morning. we will begin to get wet in central maryland. also, rather, we have a coastal flood advisory in effect until 11:00 this morning. that is for the areas in the blue colors. in terms of temperatures we are definitely on the warm side this morning. out and about, the only thing that you will need is the rain gear. we have dry and plenty of clouds this morningt that will continue with the rain falling from the clouds through the rest of the day. in temperatures of the
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temperatures. arnold, 72 degrees. we are warm and humid out there. the dew point is at 65. we are warm and humid, but we are also very breezy this morning. turn windy into the afternoon. and also the potential for isolated storms, or isolated tornadoes. this is what you can expect throughout the day. 76 degrees will be the lunchtime temperature, and the high temperature for today will be close to 80s. now, a check of the traffic with mike. hi, everybody. here we go. this is a tough one. we will look at this car fire at 95 southbound. so be aware of that. 295, this is a new one, southbound before powder mill road. this accident is off to the left shoulder. that's good news. this is of concern, 795 southbound at exit 7. this is a
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jam. we're really pumping the brakes. ask a live shot at 795. it is a crawl. so you know, how do you get around this, use reisterstown road, that would be the best route at this point. and middlesex road, we have another crash. and car versus a deer windsor mill. back to you. this year a 15-year-old -- a year ago, she was tawinged and shot in the head at point range by atle ban. a spokesperson is saying the teen was targeted because she was used in a propaganda campaign against the taliban. the taliban would target her again, if given the chance, just like anybody that opposes her group. she was 15 when the gunman jumped into her school bus in pakistan and shot her in the head. she survived and underwent
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brain surgery in britain. diane sawyer has an interview with the victim. that's coming up in "good morning america." the government shutdown enters the second week. there are signs that the united states is moving closer to the possible of the first-ever default in the nation's history. john boehner and jack lew traded blame on sunday, but provided new hint of a compromise. the house votes without concessions from president barack obama. and jack lew is saying republicans are playing with fire. and warns of the impact. saying that baltimore -- president barack obama is not backing down. here in maryland, 3,000 lockheed-martin employees may be staying home today. the defense contractor will have to furlough their workers because of the government shutdown. we have live this morning. >> reporter: there are more
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than 500 workers in middle river that work are lockheed- martin, however, 3,000 nationwide. they work inside of a federal facility that is closed. and others like in middle river their work is tied to a government agency that is down. they are encouraging employees to use payed vacation and sick time to get their pay and benefits. the number of employees can vary from day-to-day depending on what they do. lockheed-martin is one of the biggest suppliers of military hardware in the nation. this is a few days after united technologys who make the blackhawk helicopter decided to furlough 2,000 of their employees. gep, it is not known how many of the employees in the middle
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river area will be affected by this. 6:47. the u.s. is government is interrogated an early operative on the mediterranean sea. this is after a weekend raid in libya and somalia. al-libi is believed to have ties to the 1998 bombs of two u.s. embassies in kenya and tans kneesa -- tanzania. it is believed that he holds key information to al-qaeda dating back 20 years. the libyan strike coincided with a raid in somalia. al-shabaab claimed the responsibility for the last month segovia shopping mall. it is not sure whether or not their target was dead or alive. the death toll in italy will go up.
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500 african migraines were onboard when the boat capsized last week. right now, the number of the dead is 200. 150 people are still missing. many of them are likely trapped in the wreckage. again, they will continue to look today. despite the government shutdown, the supreme court begins a new term today. on it docket a crowded one, affirmative action, legislative prayer and abortion clinic protests are on the court's calendars. tomorrow they are expected to take up the issues of campaign finance reform. two weeks of hearing begin today in the case of the man accused of the colorado theater shootings. james holmes is accused of killing 12 and killing 58. james holmes pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. well, if you want to learn more about the harbor point
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development, tonight could be your chance. jim craft will be hosting a presentaon. the epa and the maryland department of environment will also be on hand to answer your questions after the presentation. anyone interested, they are encourageed to attend the meetings at 7:00 at the morgan stanley building. the indian nation will be having a public conference today. it is about changing the name of the washington redskins. today's event will feature congressional lawmakers and other leaders who joined the change the mascot campaign. this is the only meeting weeks after the change. the campaign prompted nfl officials to listen to the league on those who offended. the olympic flame will begin the journey in moscow today. putin lit the flame. however, the four month relay got off to a rocky start.
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when one of the torches went out. one of the runners went through a tunnel extinguishing the flame. a maryland state trooper remains in critical condition this morning. police are saying 24-year-old jacqueline kline was hit by a car helping another officer at a traffic stop. this happened around 1:00 on sunday morning. trooper kline was giving backup, helling another officer who pulled over a suspected drive drunker. the driver who hit kline stayed on the scene. comedy show in downtown baltimore turns scary. two security guards were stabbed. this happen last night. according to the witnesses a group got into an argument over their bill. the two security guards are expected to be okay. police investigating. two children are recovering this morning after an atv trash in hartford county.
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the 11 and 6-year-old were riding on the atv and the crashed into a tree. the 11-year-old was flown flown to shock trauma. neither of the children were wearing helmet. diana nyad shows no plans of slowing down, after be the first person to swim from cuba to florida without a shark cage. she plans to swim r 48 hours straight starting tomorrow. there is a pool in new york city. the swim is to raise money for hurricane sandy survivors. the national aquarium in baltimore will begin welcome 1700 new animals today. they are coming from a facility in washington, d.c., they are closing -- it is basically -- the octopus there and a bunch of other animals. so the rest of the animals will arrive over the next few weeks.
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so they have to go through abobservation period to make sure that everything is okay. all right. prime a check of the weather. lynette. this is one of the days people need be prepared before they head out the door. >> you are right. because we have the potential for severe weather. we are dry. so you might be thinking things are okay, but no the potential is there. we is the wet weather off to the west. this is heavy rain pushing into the area through the rest of the morning and also the afternoon. temperature wise right now, we're coming in at 71 degrees in greenwich rock, and heading up towards pennsylvania. ricers town is 70 degrees. these temperatures will stay warm throughout the day. it will stay very humid throughout the day as well. all of this is happening ahead of this cold front. you have the clashing of the -- air masses, that was nerve-
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racking right there. as we look at the cold front working its way through here b hind the cold front. we are going to be dealing with high pressure moving in. before we do that through today. isolated tornadoes, gusty wind and heavy rain for the area in the red coloring. now, maryland's most powerful radar goes into motion. and we can see the wet weather is coming in here this morning, but also still lingering towards the afternoon time frame so again, we need the rain, but not has once. no type of flood watches or warnings in effect now, but that could be a possibility into the afternoon as well. a dry day as we head towards tomorrow. but more wet weather will work in here towards wednesday. with the possibility of the severe weather, make sure that you download our storm shield weather app. that is keeping you ahead of
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the storm. the high temperature today, 79 degrees with the showers and thunderstorms lingering throughout the day. and cooler towards the middle of the week really. that temperature is where we should be for this time of the year. a check of the traffic with mike. all right. grab that jug of coffee. a gallon of coffee as well. 795 is a mess. this is southbound past exit 7. still working this crash. look at 795. this is a huge backup, this will take you down to owings mills. how do you get around this? you take reisterstown road. that's your best route. all right. 95 southbound past exit 46 south of the city. there is a car fire. they moved it off to the left lane, but there are sluggish speeds. and windsor mill. a car versus a deer, that is an issue. the beltway is looking good. it is starting to fill up.
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but the speed sensors are coming down. another check on traffic and weather inside "good morning america," guys. an out of control monster truck show shot into a crowd. one of the trucks at a mexico airshow killing 8 people and injuring 80 hours after a test detected alcohol on the breath of the driver. however, the governor is not saying if the level of alcohol violate as law. the driver is being held on suspicion of manslaughter. franchitti is hospitalized in fair condition after a crash at the grand prix of houston. and injured 13 spectators. the car scattered. three spectator has to be hospitalized. but the cars are built and franchitti has a concussion, and a fractured spined cord, no
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surgery. all right. , look at this video at camp pendleton marine base in california. crews are building lines around the wildfire that coached more than 4-square-miles and forced people to evacuate the base. it is 20% contained right now. there will be a lot more on this story and more on "good morning america" a few minutes away. if you are just waking up with us, there are school closings to tell you about in baltimore city. booker t. washington elementary school is closed. and renaissance academy high school, due to electrical problems. >> not weather related. stuff are going to report in to utah and mash elementary schools, but weather could be al factor as we make our way into this monday afternoon. and the storm shield app. >> yes. it is great. it will alert you in your neighborhood. it is a good thing to have on
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hand. but follow us on twitter. check our website, we will keep you posted today. >> all right. throughout the course of the morning, that 10 and half- hour, updates on news, weather and traffic. captions provided by: caption colorado, llc. 1-800-775-7838. . beautiful weekend. gives rise to a cloudy monday.
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good morning, america. dramatic crash on the raceway. the driver goes out of control. debris rains down in the stands injuring more than a dozen fans. dario franchitti breaks his spine. taking down a terrorist. on the run for 15 years. now captured by american special
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forces as s.e.a.l. team six ambushes. the beaker seen smashing the window of the suv makes an obscene gesture in court. an abc exclusive. ♪ and you're gonna hear me roar ♪ are you ready to roar? high schools across america streaming in hundreds of entry for our live concert event. we're down to five amazing picks. wait until you see the stories behind them, as katy reveals the first finalist this morning. only on "gma." >> hey, "gma." are you ready to make the announcement? and happy monday, everyone.
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robin off today. great to have lara to my right. sara haines to my left. welcome to you. two big exclusives this morning. john boehner sat down with me for the first time since the shutdown. he's not bunling an inch. neither is the white house. we'll see what he says about the bigger worry ahead. and a special first look at diane sawyer's exclusive first interview with malala, the young pakistani 16-year-old, called the bravest girl in the world. how she became globally famous after the taliban shot her and why she cannot, will not be stopped. >> diane is here to give us a first look at the story. so moving. so inspiring. cannot wait to get the rest. >> may just win the nobel peace prize as well. we begin with the stunning racetrack crash that injured more than a dozen fans and sent
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the driver to the hospital. ryan owens is there with the latest. >> reporter: a scary crash. not just for the drivers on the track. several fans ended up at the houston hospital behind me, along side a driver many of them had come the see at the track. and he's still here this morning following emergency surgery. >> wow, that is a huge crash! >> reporter: it happened seconds from the finish line. one car goes airborne, slamming into the fence that is supposed to protect spectators. it didn't. debris rains down on fans. here's how it looks from their terrifyingly close seats. >> debris flew inches from my head. it was a big chunk of tire. my family was shaken up. >> reporter: she wasn't hurt. 13 fans were. some pinned under the very fence. >> a piece of fence had landed
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to where lady was trapped underneath it. >> reporter: the most seriously injured, the man inside that car. three-time indy 500 winner dario franchitti. he suffered a concussion and fractured spine. his wife, ashley judd, tweeted on sunday she was on her way to houston. thank you for the prayers. i have only clothes on my backs a -- back and the dogs. we are on our way. in february, 28 fans were injured by flying debris at the daytona international raceway, when a car hit the catch fence. ironically, after that crash, none other than dario franchitti tweeted, it's time indy car nascar other sanctioning bodies and promoters work on an alternative to catch fencing. there has to be a better solution. a lot of the trac


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