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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  October 7, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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the tearigated. because it is believed that he could hold key information on al-qaeda dating back 20 -- years. this is with al-shabaab. navy seals ran into heavy fire and had to pullout of the operation. not sure if their target was dead on alive. a maryland state trooper is in critical condition this morning. jacqueline kline was struck by a car on sunday morning. trooper kline was providing backup, helping together officer who pulled over a suspected drunk driver. those who know kline best call her hard working and a great friend? >> i had to be here for her, by
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her side. that's what i have been doing. >> the driver who hit kline stayed at the scene. police found now evidence he was under the influence. a comedy show in downtown baltimore turns scary. two security guards were stabbed. it happen ladinos -- night as the show up winding down. a group got an argument over their bill. the two security guards are expected to be okay. as of right now, police are investigating. baltimore county police are investigating shooting in parkville. a man was shot on saturday night and is expected to survive. it happened at if 7100 block of darlington drive. despite the shutdown, the supreme court begins a new term today. on the docketed a number of issues. affirmative action, legislative bear, and abortion clinic protests are on the court's
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calendar. tomorrow, campaign finance restroom. again, the supreme court is in session. all right. 6:06. the ravens are a work in progress. they are not playing as well as last year that lead to a ,super bowl xlvii win. rice had two touchdowns. later this is rice from two yards out. all right. that makes it 13-13. flacco did have an interception late, but baltimore was able to rally behind the foot of tucker, breaking a 23-23 tie. and then a last chance made by miami. this pass -- not bad. not bad at all. 57-yard attempt. the kicker wanted to get it up there. wide left. the ravens win. 26-23. 3-2 on the year.
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next week, rodgers and the packers are coming at m&t bank stadium. > all right. now, this is the inner harbor? >> the is nice out all right now. the calm before the storm. we have the winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour out of the south. they will be gusty.
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thanks for joining us on this monday morning. we have school closings to tell you about in baltimore city. they are both closed today because they have electrical problems. we have been told that staff should report to utah elementary. so keep that in mind. so again, two closings. people in wayne, nebraska are picking up the pieces after this, a tornado ripped through their friday night. damaging homes. flattening two hangers that
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airport. and causing damage to an industrial park. sunday the governor there took a first hand look at the damage he walked through the community. peak winds from friday's tornado reaches 170 miles per hour. people in south dakota are dealing with a different situation. they are digging out after a powerful winter storm hit them this weekend. take a look at this. this is waul, south dakota. heavy snow and winds make it impossible to see the roads. it left behind massive snow drifts. 30 inches of snow fell in rapid city. rain was the problem in kentucky, major downpours and flooding. 6 inches of rain fell in 2000 hours. water creeping into homes and car -- many people are waiting to start the cleanup. and a fire breaking out at the camp pendleton marine base
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in california. the video is from saturday. crews are billing lines around the wildfire that scorched 4- square-miles forcing people to evacuate the base. the fire is said to be 20% contained. a brush fire sparked a massive backup in the san francisco bay area. flames erupted not far from the bay bridge, crews were battling the fire from a ground and a boat. the california highway patrol shutdown part of the bridge. it is now reported the fire is out. all right. once the sun goes down, head outside tonight. what is that called? arachnid, the meteor shower will sweep across the sky. these are best seen in the evening. you may also see them after the sunsets tomorrow evening. that display is not expected to be as large. it kind of sounds ominous.
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>> it is ominous. today, we are talking about severe weather. the potential, the slight risk for that. satellite and radar picking up on heavy rain towards the west. west virginia this morning in the thick of things. if you wait for it, we will see the welt weather as well. this is accompanied by a cold front in the area. showers have broken off ahead of the cold front. isolated showers this morning. light in nature. wet weather and heavy rain towards the morning and afternoon. ahead of the cold front it isworm and humid. with that, we are pretty much going to be seeing the potential for severe weather as we go in through the rest of the day. the storm prediction center has us in a slight risk. we have the potential for an isolated tornado, gusty winds and heavy rain. our biggest threats today. temperature wise, we are warm.
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68 degrees right now. now, in terms of the future trend, good morning, everyone. what time is this coming in, right? well, again, this morning we will start tosy the rain, but the heaviest rain towards the afternoon. also, this is a tropical air mass that is coming in here. remember karen? that pretty much fizzled out, but we have the remnants and the moisture getting in here. we are humid today. and good news to deliver. not all bad, tomorrow we will dry things out a bit and see more sunshine in the forecast. that's going to be short-lived. and towards wednesday, more rain moving in from the south to the north. so keep the rain gear around. in the meantime, more importantly, what you need to
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do is download or storm shield weather app. if the storms due turn severe, it will keep you updated and ahead of the storm and safe. that's what we care about. 79 degrees is the high temperature for today. as we work through the seven- day forecast, we cooldown nicely and dry out as we head towards the weekend. now, a check of the traffic with mike. all right. we have problems. 795. really pumping the brakes now. this is prior to exit 7. we have a wreck. this is really. we're seeing a backup from church road to butler road. so to get around this, try to use reisterstown road if you can. look at this, this is 795 locked up. so be aware of that. they are not moving southbound 795 at this hour. and another accident, this is steamers run road in essex a
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crash there. and annapolis, towards rule 665, a crash away from, from i- 55. this is 695 at the baltimore national pike looking good. starting to load up the roads right now. guys? the nationals largest youth organization, palm warner and u.s. hockey are forming an alliance to tackle concussions. they will partner establishing the best practices for diagnosing and treating youngathy lets. members will share their findings and pool resources for study and coordinate programs to educate athletes and their parents. you can learn more on live look outside right now. lynette has your weekend covered all morning.
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now, control monster truck shot into a crowd of spectators at an mexico airshow. killing eight people. a test detected alcohol in the breath of the driver. but the governor is not saying if he violated low. the driver is being held on suspicion of manslaughter. the track made a pass at two cars and then at higher speed before piling into the crowd. fran cheated is hospitalized following a crash at a grand prix of houston. it injured 13 spectators. carl daniels was filming the final lap and behind the barricades next to the track. it shattered the car of franchitti. and shattered it in front of
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daniel. >> the barricade shattered in front of me. there was no time to move left or right. the car exploded into pieces. >> franchitti was awake and alert. he was taken to the hospital. he is being treated for a concussion and a spinal fracture and a fractured right ankle. three spectators were hospitalized. 6:22. you go to sin city for a bachelor party or a wedding. one 9-year-old ended up there by himself. you hear this and wand how is it possible. the boy went through multiple security checks at the minneapolis-st. paul airport without a ticket. the plane left and he was stopped and questioned in nevada. this morning he is in froactive custody. people in newtown connecticut voted to tear down
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sandy hook and demolish it. it is expected to be torn down within a year. the referendum asked voters to approve the $50 million project. they hope to have a hoof a new school open in january '16. a oregon bartender got the ticket of a lifetime. she also scans tickets for winters. one of the regular players tips her was last week it was $17,000. >> i automatically handed him back the ticket i was like, i'm sorry. i can't take it. he had me sign it and say that you are the only one that can cash it. >> the man wanted to remain anonymous. she will use the money the buy new couches for her home and save the rest. >> listen, she might have a fabulous life. but barbie has to obey the law.
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she was parked in the wrong place. and the real police got the volved running the tiny car to the right house with a ticket. it was a bright original ticket. abandoned vehicle. and the citation was made out to the jeep's owner, barbie, but autumn is saying she was too busy to park her car properly. the police did end up letting her off with just a warning. all right. heading to break. a live look outside.
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