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tv   News  ABC  October 4, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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down. president obama got involved too taking his message to rockville where the commander in chief appeared to be in campaign mode. >> the longer this goes on the worst it will be. >> the president lashed out at republicans demanding to vote on the bill funding the government. the trshry department is warning of a economic catastrophe if congress fails to raise the debt ceiling allowing the government to borrow money to pay bills. stock market slid further with the dow dropping nearly 700 points in two weeks. house republicans insist however that they are work to get the government running again. working to get the government running again. >> because there's an assistanceon no negotiations and no talk we are here. >> house members voted to reopen parts of the government including national parks and cancer research but they continue to demand at least some changes to the health care law before full rye reopening the government. so dem-- senate democrats say
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that's not good enough. also this morning, because of the shut down we won't get monthly jobs reports later today. it happens around 8:30 on the first friday of every month officials with the department of labor say they are too shorthand odd get information out with no word on when or if the report will be released. analyst predict the countries unemployment rate for september is around 7.3%. happening today, a special event for the animals. archbishop william lorie will bless the animals at the maryland spca. this is part of the first time the archbishop will visit the shelter. st. francis is the patron saint of animals and the saint for whom pope francis is named. coming off a loss the bills the ravens are looking to turn things around this weekend in miami. joe flacco flu a career high -- flew a career high 5 interseemingss and the dolphins are 3 -- interceptions and the dolphins are 3-1 coming off a monday night loss to the
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saints. ravens are 2-2 but remember miami is playing on the short week and game is at 1 in ami sunday afternoon 1, 2, 3 interceptions two more to go. we don't need to see that on sunday. >> no. >> 4 we will be right back. why choose land o' lakes butter in half sticks? it's pre-measured. fresh tasting. and it's only from land o' lakes.
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fema had to bring back furloughed workers to prepare for tropical storm karen that is speced to hit the gulf coast this weekend. 86% of fema staff was furloughed. no word on how many people were brought backtracking the back, tracking the storm and you've been watching this. itth spa gety models are -- spaghetti models are concentrated. >> we use that term because they look like strings. we have the models on and when they are tightly packed they are in agreement and we can see what's going on as it comes towards us. models tightly packed so we are in good agreement we will get in the moisture from karen. now this will be making landfall sometime on saturday along the gulf coast here. from there it will track inland move up toward the northeast and head towards us by the
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beginning of next week. so much need moisture is on the way. but not today. we will stay dry and we can see maryland's most powerful radar. not putting down anything as the kid head out to the bus. there are more concerns with the foggy conditions this morning. but in terms of temperatures, well, we are nice and mild. look at that. 68 degrees as they head out to the bus stop. 85 heading home. but that temperature coming in around 85 degrees so we are going to feel warm. 62 degrees as we head towards tonight. and partly cloudy once again a mild start to the day. and as we go into tomorrow, 8 of de-- 86 degrees partly cloddy. summer feel will continue through the weekend and as we head through the next few days that's what you can he can spcts. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. let's check the traffic now with mike.>> reporter: let's go to essex lynette. let's do it. 7 02 at hyde park road not tying up major roadways. looking good on pulaski and let's go to the jfx along
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towards pulaski and gay street dealing with pretty good speeds. there's congestion into the city. otherwise, the morning commute thus far is looking pretty good. so if you go now please go. because as you know it's friday and these things tend to change. we will go past cold spring good on the north and south bounder lanes. this is 695 -- southbound lanes. this is 695 looking good. 83 northbound past exit 33 we have overnight construction that will wrap up but that's not affecting the speed from the maryland pennsylvania line down toward 695. here's some of the travel times this morning at 95, southbound between 895 and harbor tunnel throughway to the fort mchenry tunnel taking 6 minutes. if you are hitting up 695 between 95 and 83 on the outer loop that should take you 11 minutes and on 695 between 795 all the way down towards 95 the outer loop is taking you about 11 minutes. we will be
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on good morning queen anne's county schools are on a 90ment day as a result of the fog. queen anne county public school 90ment delay because of the dense fog lynette has been
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talking about. this is one of the strangest effects of the government shut down on display. guard at the fed alprison in wisconsin show up for work but are not being paid. the paychecks are on hold until the government reopens. but an odd twist inmates who work in the prison they are getting paid. theyth president of the union representing the prison guards says it's cause for concern. >> we are what they consider exempted employees and those employees have to come to work. we are exempted from furloughing so we don't get time off but we have to come to work and we are not getting paid until the government passes the budget. >> in 1995 the got shut down and lasted 21 days. he is hoping it would last that long this time and says guards can't go three weeks without being paid. we have heard from lawmakers veterans and american people and this morning a unique perspective of a 3-year- old missouri boy weighs in on the political fighting and has quite a voice and he is pretty
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vocal so listen. >> they are going crazy get the act together. >> hey, short tweet and to the point the shut down is crazy get your act together. that is tyler's mom says the family is not directly affected by the shut down she sympathizes with those who currently are. 25 million that's how much baltimore police spend in overtime in the last fiscal year. but it's all necessary. and abc2 news investigators joce sterman is here to explane why some of the changes to the department could eliminate the need to keep officers on extra shifts. >> reporter: we found hundreds of baltimore police officers taking home tens of thousands in overtime costing the department millions each year. and the leader of the union that represents those officers believes big changes in the bpd could save money and better serve those who serve and protect. tonight at 6 why police union leaders say a 30-year-old crime app is a big reason officers work so much overtime in the
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city. our investigation found at least 100 make more than 40,000 dollars a year in ot because they are often drafted to work when the department is understaffed it's an issue at top say they are working on. >> one of the things we need to- - >> that's joce sterman reporting and will have more tonight on abc2 news. we want to take you to and show you some of the graphic outlays we have for you showing you exactly how surprising some of the wages are. the graph right now has mayor stephanie rawlings-blake around 160,000 dollars a year. but a number of police officers are earning more than the city's top leader and you see by contrast some of the city's supervisors and some of the city workers and some clerks carpenters not making nearly as much. this lends itself to what joce's report is. some of the top 30 salaries baltimore pd employees the top
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30 salaries made 1.7 million dollars in overtime. but as she was saying union leaders for city police say it's necessary. if you want to drill down and get more on the story and we have a link for you there. you can go check it out. a tragic day care story that will give mothers chills a mother mourning the loss of a 9 month old baby killed by the caregiver. abc2 news investigators are digging into find out how a day care provider was given the option to stay open even after this young child's death. that story is next thursday after the abc hit scandal. mission barbeque opens to a brand new restaurant in canton on monday. from 5 to 9 tonight, you can stop by for a sneak peek of some of the favorite menu items like baby back ribs and north caroline pulled pork and jalapeno and cheese sauce. tonight's event will be a fee but it benefits the wound warrior project following a live rendition of the national
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act up and ribbon cutting ceremony on monday the doors will swing open. fells . festival kicks off and attendees can sip beverages beyond the beer garden for the first time in decades. to be able to fully roam freely you have to buy a special cup for 5 bucks and you can dry at a bar pour it into the cup or walk around for the event. it will run through sunday. to me, can i be honest. >> yes. >> that's a recipe for problems. >> all right. >> it's going into the streets. >> the weather will cooperate so temperatures coming in the upper 60s in a lot of spots from ellicott city to westminster and stevensville and as we step out sun shades will be needed because we can see the saturdayel lie and radar not picking up on a lot of the rain. not even a lot of the clouds. we have the clouds at the ground this morning. so, what i mean is we have patchy fog out there. dense in some spots so you want to prepare for that.
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give yourself enough time on the roadways and back off towards the west and to the north of us we are dealing with showers this morning. and also some thunderstorms. but high pressure is in control of our weather and we are in this warm sector. that's the area between that cold front and the warm front so we are really going to warm things up. we are going to get humid as we go throughout the day as well. traffic will -- tropical storm karen is a player in our game heading towards the beginning of next week. the winds sustained at about 60 miles an hour. it's moving to the northwest now at about 9 miles an hour. but it will take a more northeastern jog as it begins to make landfall. we are talking about that landfall somewhere along the gulf coast and this will be sometime saturday, saturday evening, and then it works towards us the mid atlantic heading towards monday and tuesday and possibly lingering into wednesday but a cold front will be coming in with that so we will get plenty of rain across the area. let me add much needed rain. abc2's most accurate future trend not picking up on that for today or tomorrow. not even sunday. sunday should stay dry towards
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the evening we might see a little change in the forecast. but today, lots of sunshine mixing with a few clouds. temperatures for a high coming in at 58 degrees. so make -- 85 degrees et. -- degrees. twoat us. and -- tweet us. let's get the check of the traffic. >> reporter: are you on twitter. >> yeah. >> reporter: what is it. >> my twitter is just here. >> reporter: oh. not a personal-- >> not a personal one. >> reporter: come on. >> sorry. >> >> reporter: i will talk you into it of the good morning. south and east of the city, looking good this morning. this commute is looking pretty nice. we will look at 95 at c hemet sico -- chesico. looking good. 695 baltimore national pike looks good. lynette says there's fog on the roadways. be careful. low beams be smart speeds down to a reasonable level. 95 southbound exit 74 construction related delays.
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95 northbound past exit 33. all construction related delays and into the city howard street between north avenue and west chase street overnight construck tying things up in baltimore city. another check on traffic and weather together coming up in less than 10. charley over to you. baltimore county wants to make sure you are protected against the flu. tomorrow they are holding several super saturday clinic throughout the county pikesvill community center. the free vaccines ray veil first come first -- are available first come first serve. we are back in a bit. beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today.
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all right welcome back. we know we are familiar with the lizard in the geico commercial but the camel is stirring up trouble. chances are you seen him walk throughout office super exciting asking one important question. >> leslie guess what today is. >> it's hump day. >> woo hoo >> that hump day phrase is funny but it's causing problems in one middle school in connecticut. administrators say it's going too far. the superintendent says some students are using that phrase so much that teachers are complaining about it being
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disruptive. the school banning the phrase hump day. >> everybody is walking around the hallways and saying it's hump day like in that weird voice. >> i don't think that it's that big of a disruption if people are doing it in the hallways. >> it's silly there's bigger things to take care of in middleschool. you don't want the kids to be disruptive. >> uh-oh. >> some parents say they will be happy when the camel and hump day and the phrase dies down. it's not exactly what the engaged couple wants to do. scrambling the last-minute to find a place to get married. coming up this morning at 6 the national cathedral now offering some options when it comes to your nuptials. details as we continue.
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you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> it's friday october 4th the good morning maryland i am charley crowson let's get to meteorologist lynette charles and check the friday forecast. >> all right charley. it's friday. and maryland's most power powerful radar is dry not much change in the forecast for today. but down the road we will start to see changes. right now, jessup at around 63 degrees as we go through union bridge more of the same and in davidsonville coming in at 65. the rest of the day we will stay warm across the area. no need for the rain gear once again. let's check the traffic now with mike. >> good morning. >> reporter: hi. here we are friday together.
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of course we are talking about fog lynette and she did -- and most of the east of the city dealing with a lot of fog. 95 at 395 the split and all about congestion and construction related delays. we will give you a list of that coming up in a little bit. new details on the terrifying car chase and shut down at the nation's capitol that started when a woman tried to drive through the barriers of both the white house and capitol building identified as 34 year old myriam cary and tayman bradley has latest on the details and what do we know this morning. >> reporter: it's too early for that. >> all right. we are having some audio difficulties right now with tayman bradley. >> reporter: 47 minutes of chaos in washington a high- speed chase and lock down of the u.s. capitol. police say 34-year-old miriam
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cary is responsible for the frightening moments. police descended on her home look for clues. karrie's family -- cary's family members she was suffering from postpartum depression enough for hospitalization and they visited her childhood home. >> didn't seem like there was a problem. >> reporter: the lock down in washington started at 2:12 and the driver of a black sedan rams into a barrier outside the white house. police swarm the scene but the driver pulled away. before shots are fired. >> shortly after they arrived i heard the gunshots and the car tear out. >> reporter: and chase up pennsylvania a and the driver stops at base of the cap to. everyone ensighted capitol was told to shelter in place. other than -- some were walking outside when they were told to hide their identities. >> they told to us taker pen off we wear the pens around and they told me to take the pen off because i could be a target. >> reporter: the driver tries
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to flee and police fire into thevehicle killing the woman. inside the car no weapons but something much more alarming a one-year-old baby who was unhart. two officers one from the capitol police and one from the secret service were injured in the chase. >>th break men and women who stopped the threat are not being paid. they won't see their money until the government shut down ends. tayman bradley abc news capitol hill. >> teen coverage continues from roosevelt leftwich from a man who was there at the time what is he saying about the event. >> reporter: when the building like the capitol building goes on lock down thousands are affected. one of the people affected is the man who owns this business. steve cook is president of northeastern supply and was inside the rayburn house office building meeting with a congressman at the time while on the outside the driver of
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the black car led capitol police and secret service on the chase to the capitol building. cook says everyone had to shelter in place while authorities sorted out what was going on outside. >> we move from the outer office to a inner office and shut the doors and blinds down doors clock. >> was not afraid i felt very secure and they got it under control quickly. >> reporter: now cook says he meets with the congressman once a year or so to talk about the your ice -- issues affecting his industry. reporting live, roosevelt leftwich. the government shut down continues forcing thousands out of work. meanwhile elected leaders are being paid. and they are blaming each other in the ongoing stalemate. trshry department thursday -- trshry department -- treasury department warned of catastrophic cop wednesdays of this congress fails to raise the debt ceiling. presiden


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