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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  October 2, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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visible are the monuments and museums among the national mall. thousands of out of town tourists and school groups turned away from the memorials. but a group of veterans from mississippi who came upon an honor flight to visit the world war ii memorial refused to be turned away and went past the barricades. >> it makes you feel good, to get the gates open for us. >> reporter: several republican members of congress came to offer support for the veterans. meantime more than 800,000 federal workers are out of work. every one of them park rangers to defense department contractors. overall more than $300 million a day is lost in taxes because of the government shutdown. roosevelt leftwich, abc 2. if you've been furloughed and use the train to get to work and don't want to pay for train trips to dc you're not using? marc train tickets are nonrefundable but you can get your money back on a weekly ticket. you have to mail it in on the
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friday the week before you plan to use it. they are nonrefundable based on the number of unused days. furloughed federal employees can buy or lease a new hyundai without pay for several months. federal employees will be home from work again today without pay. people who work in public health and safety are exempt. however, there are a few jobs that may also surprise you that are on the list. almost 3,000 airplane safety inspectors could be furloughed. people who inspect food imports for the food and drug administration are out of the office right now. so are federal employees who issue auto recalls through the national highway traffic safety administration. the shutdown could impact some of the weekend's sporting events. now you know it's getting
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serious. all athletic service competitions were suspended at service academies. the impact of the shutdown reaches overseas as well. visitors hoping to pay respects at the american military cemeteries outside the u.s. are being turned away. the american cemetery at normandy and 23 other overseas cemeteries will be closed to the public as long as the government here remains closed. good morning. let's look at temperatures, 62 degrees at bwi. really comfortable morning. westerly wind at 7, again dry atmosphere. dry air is going to heat up a lot quicker than moist air. that is why we think temperatures today will get in the 80s. 69 in 9 city now. 62 glen burnie. we're 3 to 9 degrees milder than yesterday. summer-like heat, no clouds to be found from the east side of the state to the west side of the state. sunny and 13 to 16 degrees
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above average. soak it up. more clouds roll in for the day on thursday. even more heat awaits as we go into friday. in fact you can ethat back down into the tennessee valley. it's all headed in our direction. more on that in a bit. by this afternoon you should be able to access the web site that lets marylanders choose health care coverage through a national program. enrollment began yesterday but there were problems on the state's web site. we're told the problems that the government said they anticipated should be resolved by sometime today. supporters of the law say it shows how popular americans are toward using the program. >> the biggest challenge we have today around america, the biggest challenge we have today around america is keeping the web sites up because of the volume. if this doesn't show the desire for health care i don't know what does. >> of course opponents of the new program predicted yesterday's web site glitches are just the beginning of continued problems. it was not easy, it was not
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always safe but a maryland man felt passionate enough about his mission to finish it despite the major hurdles. how he's being honored. we all know someone who has been affected with breast cancer. what about fathers, brothers, sons? a message for men. >> if you're getting an early head start, nothing to get in the way at 795 at owings mills boulevard. i'll show you the other main lines and the latest drive times.
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thank you for joining us. here's a look at what is happening today. closing arguments will begin in the case of a laurel man accused of trying to kill two people inside an ellicott city business. investigators say he confronted his estranged girlfriend and another woman in a salon last year. both women survived. he surrendered in march. yesterday he testified in his own defense. they tackled more than 10,000 miles, visited more than 30 major league ballparks, survived a hit-&-run crash. today jacob will receive a hero's welcome home. he raised money by bike to get cochlear implants for children. he will be honored this evening. engine 14 has been serving the people of baltimore for 125 years. as part of the celebration
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historic fire engines will be on display at the firehouse on hollands avenue. parents in baltimore county who has a child in a special needs program can get advice today on life after high school. it runs from 10:00 this morning to 1:00 in the afternoon at the oregon ridge lodge. good morning. let's look and show you temperatures across town that are around say 69 in the city, north and west a little cooler, into the 50s. 62 at the airport so we're really comfortable. we're laying the foundation for a temperature later this afternoon, we'll hit 85 degrees. normally we should be 72. so well above average. the record on this date, may come close by the end of the week. 89 degrees set back in 1986. high pressure in control just to the south of baltimore. that is bringing a southwesterly wind flow. so we get a southwest wind, that kicks all the mild air from the south to the north. then beyond that north of this warm front there's cooler air. in fact you can see it in the
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40s and 50s. well north of the state. you go south into nashville, memphis 73. that is the heat moving from south to north. you look at the map, this is why we're having problems this morning. the government shutdown, no observations here. but otherwise memphis with a high of 9 odegrees today. that is the mild air pushing in. by the way this is way above average. memphis 12, some parts 15 degrees beyond where we should be this time of year. this is tropical storm jerry, wave it goodbye. no issue to the mainland but there's a system we have to watch now over the caribbean. it's got about a 30% chance of development over the next 24 to 36 hours and our forecast models take it somewhere into the gulf of mexico by the weekend. that is actually a system that we may have to address going into early next week. it's 87 in town today. wow. mostly sunny skies. that is really mild. 60 for tonight, comfortably
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clear. the 7-day forecast, a lot of 80s on the board. 87 today, 82 thursday, ooh, chilly. friday 85. 86 for your wedding day saturday. >> yes. >> that is insane. >> beautiful day. >> hard to believe it's october too. >> unbelievable. if you're heading to town, jfx clear. 55 miles per hour, southbound to the beltway typical 11-minute ride from here to fayette street. fort mchenry and harbor tunnel are delay free. and no problems getting across the key bridge. outer loop is going to remain clear from 95 up to 83. that stretch taking just the typical 11 minutes on the northwest corner of the beltway in pikesville, no concerns whatsoever. inner loop hardly any traffic as you make the push to 8 3. outer loop, 11 minutes from 795 to 95. that is your time saver traffic. we're thinking pink all
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october at abc 2, for breast cancer awareness month. the women are not the only ones that need to worry about the disease it may be less common but as dr. jennifer ashton explains breast cancer is particularly deadly for men. >> i don't think to check for lumps in a breast. >> reporter: that is exactly what kgtv answer bill griffith thought until it happened to him. in 2004 he was diecious node with male -- diagnosed with male breast cancer. >> you can be masculine, normal in every way and it can still get you. >> reporter: breast cancer is relatively rare among males. though this year alone over 2,200 men will be diagnosed. of those, more than 400 will die. >> while a much less frequent disease in men it doesn't make it any less important to be aware of changes in your body. >> no doctor ever mentioned that to me. >> reporter: men should pay attention to these warning signs, a lump in and around the breast. changes in skin surface or
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texture. nipple discharge or differentling in of the -- dimpling in of the nipple. >> the main misconception is the idea that men don't have breasts so how could they get breast cancer? >> reporter: there are risk factors. a family history, certain types of liver disease, and genetic links too. if a man carries a brca gene mutation like angelina jolie his risk increases for breast, prostate and pancreatic cancers and melanoma as well. the odds he'll pass that gene on to a son or daughter? 50%. bill griffith who considers himself cured says - >> it is a little tough with the scarring even though it's not as bad as a woman would feel, i still -- i feel very uncomfortable. i never take any shirt off in public. >> reporter: a lesson for all men. get yourself educated, then leave those myths and stigmas behind. dr. jennifer ashton, abs, new
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york. the komen maryland race for the cure is in hunt valley, less than a month away we would love for you to join us. coming up october 20th, the date, mark your calendar. there's still time to donate, or register to run. go to 4:47. mike has more on maryland's most accurate forecast coming up. and we're keeping an eye on the roads. from 7:25 to 11:50, a renewed effort to pump up the minimum wage. and which maryland county do you think may be the best mace to live? we'll tell you.
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no there's another push to -- into there's another push to increase maryland's minimum wage now. however, a montgomery county council member wants to increase it by next year and keep the increases coming year after year. majors are thanking romance novellest nora roberts once again. her foundation has given a grant for the third year in a row to the library. this time it's $600,000.
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mcdaniel is an undergraduate in romance writing and graduate minor in popular fiction. if you're in clarksville you're in one of the best areas in the country. that is according to d>tcounty was put one of the top 10 places to work in the nation. since 2007 howard county added more jobs than any other county in the state. the web site considered median income, population growth, commuting time and available jobs. someone in our state is a new millionaire. if you missed the numbers they are on the screen. >> by the way the mega was 3 and there was no winner for the mega millions according to the lottery web site that ticket sold in our state. the jackpot is $189 - >> $189? that's it?
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>> $189 million. >> there it is. >> you can tell it was not me, i'm not feeling it. >> it's something i would win. >> i would guess you would not be here. you would be partying. >> the government is impacting maryland's most accurate weather center. we didn't get models. you know there's a problem when abc 2 is impacted. isn't that cool? it's one of those common sense deals. yes, the government impacting us at channel 2 69 in the city now. 62 glen burnie. it's a mild morning. these numbers running between 3 to 9 degrees milder than what we were yesterday morning. so that is laying the foundation for some very toasty conditions for today. high pressure to the south. that is bringing a southwesterly wind flow. look at the numbers, starting in the 60s from richmond to hatteras. let's go further south. nashville 71. 73 in memphis.
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that is the mild air moving in. how about close to 90 by the end of the week? we'll talk about that in a bit. if you are -- well, you're not traveling in baltimore county but for anyone who is heading out now on the roads watch for construction on 83. one northbound lane now blocked between middle town road and york road. no delays as you make the push to the maryland/pennsylvania state line. southbound 83 also clear. this is a live look at timonium road. once you get to the jfx no delays all the way down to east fayette street. 95 looking good at 395. no problems now traveling from the harbor tunnel thruway all the way to the fort mchenry tunnel toll plaza. that is just the normal six minutes. the beltway is up to speed, on the outer loop from 95 to 83. on the west side 11 minutes as well to travel the outer loop from 795 to 95. that is your time saver traffic. pit bulls are considered
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inherently dangous in maryland. that is the court's ruling but some are still fighting for the dogs. andrew levine of the baltimore county humane society stressed the importance of the pit bull law. he says too many pits are being dropped off at the shelter, no one is adopting them. he says he's pleased with how things went and is hopeful things may change in the future. this morning 29-year-old dennis freeman charged with first degree murder after a fight police say started over a woman. the deadly stabbing in the 3,600 block of benson avenue, investigators say he attacked his ex-wife's new boyfriend and despite emergency medical efforts on the scene he died from the stab wounds. coming up on "good morning maryland" at 5:00 -- if you're a few cents short of a purchase, do you get mad at the clerk? most people don't but we're accounting to show you what -- going to show you what one enrage customer did when he found out he couldn't leave with the cigar he wanted. it seems the message about the effects of uv rays on skin is
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not getting through. what a new study found.
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the maryland terps are getting ready for their biggest game in years. the 25th ranked terrapins faced eighth ranked seminoles from florida state saturday.
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the undefeated terps broke a record for the first time since 2010. monroe from jacksonville was in exchange for late round picks in the next draft. he must pass a physical. he's expected to compete with brian mckippy for the starting -- mckinney for the starting job. we're waiting to hear from terrell if he's fine with the comments about the super bowl blackout. he said he thinks goodell had something to do with the lights going out during the super bowl. in an interview that aired last night on laid out his conspiracy theory. >> he always has something up his sleeve. >> you felt roger goodell was responsible for the lights out? >> most definitely. i thought he had a hand in it. we walk out -- for the game and the linebackers are warming up on their sideline.
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we see john elway like -- hmm. i thought your commissioner was supposed to be neutral, not on one side or the other. he's supposed to be in the box. i saw him on the sideline and i was like, oh, i know what he's going for. >> he accused goodell of showing favoritism. mingling on the sidelines with john elway. who is that? it's amazing. that is ravens kicker justin tuck showing off another talent. singing opera in a dr. pepper web ad. he was a major in opera in college and can sing in seven different languages. you can enter to whip a dr. pep -- win a dr. pepper jersey signed by tuck. he's great with the young fans.
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>> interesting too, the flacco commercial coming out. we'll have to find out who is talking about, like ad is better. >> opera. overnight scare at the international airport in jackson. we're going to tell you what police found. >> "good morning maryland" at 5:00 begins now. the government shutdown bringing the president to maryland. what he hopes to accomplish during the visit the next few days. >> you may experience some technical problems if shopping on-line for health care coverage. when the problem is expected to be fixed, details coming up. >> it is wednesday. >> i know, i had to do that myself - >> it's wednesday. we know it's october 2nds. i do know i'm charley crowson. good morning. >> i'm megan pringle. what about the weather? mike is filling if -- in for lynette. she has surprises up her sleeve
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later this morning. >> it doesn't involve bringing food back? >> no. >> oh. good morning. let's look at temperatures across town, really comfortable. 68 in the city. go north and west of town, a few upper 50s as you get along, 70, otherwise manchester 61 and clear skies from the east side of the state to central maryland to the mountains it's really looking good. guess how warm it's going to get today? 13 to 16 degrees above our seasonal average high. more clouds will roll in by tomorrow but we're still going to get in the 80s for a good duration of the week. if not coming close to 90 in the city. as we go into the day this afternoon. look at the heat to the south, memphis 74. look at maryland's 7-day forecast. 87 today. that is crazy. i mean 15 plus degrees above normal. it's a little cooler by thursday at 82. we're back up to summer warmth by friday. 85 degrees. there is a rainmaker. by monday into tuesday of next
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week, but it may have a tropical connection. we'll talk about that inside the forecast, coming up in a bit. here's mark with traffic. >> 86, sunny, i'll take it for saturday. fortunately in anne arundel county nothing to get in the way. a normal 17-minute ride from route 50 to the 895 spur. as we look at 935 no problems -- 95 in problems no howard county. very calm ride to downtown baltimore. fort mchenry tunnel and harbor tunnel problem-free. no problems to get in your way. jfx, 54 miles per hour southbound at northern parkway. no problems all the way down to fayette street. here's the beltway just west of perring parkway, that inner loop going to be clear. and outer loop, normal drive time of 11 minutes to travel from 95 to 83. breaking news overnight. the jacksonville international airport was shut down for nearly five hours stranding
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incoming passengers on the police found two suspicious packages, one was deemed destructive and had to be deactivated offsite by a bomb squad. investigators are not saying much about the packages other than one was found in the terminal, the other in a nearby parking garage. the airport is back open. the associated press is reporting this morning president obama has cancelled his trip to asia, reports site malaysian authorities saying they received a call informing them of the canceled trip. the white house has yet to confirm the phone call. we'll keep you updated. congressional leaders are carrying on with the stalemate over the partial shutdown. tuesday the house of representatives were denied several times by senate democrats after sending piecemeal legislation over for consideration. >>


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