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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  August 12, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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when 46-year-old jaconda wagner hit her with a club. he sprayed her with pepper sprai. wagner was arrested and charged with assault and animal cruelty. forbes said this is not the first time she had a problem with dog walkers in the neighborhood. august is back in baltimore, but we could have stormy weather. we have team coverage with mike masco. first, let's go over to wyatt everhart. no complaining, wyatt. >> i don't think so. i -- we have sunshine. maryland's radar is all clear except for a couple of isolated showers on that maryland state line. interesting. upper 80s across much of central maryland, bel air, perry hall,
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90 in the city. 89 in glen burnie. new boundary on the way that will bring the threat for showers and storms in as we go into your tuesday. overnight hour by hour gght muggy. chance for showers after midnight becoming light -- likely. for more on the setup, let's head out to meteorologist mike masco. feeling like summer outside. >> it is. it's a nice breeze mismg up the atmosphere but you can feel it's stickier than where we were. the next interest of interest is going to move in our direction. we think the rain showers could bring a lot of rain in a short amount of time. this will linger. maybe a clap or two of thunder.
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should be aware of tomorrow morning's commute and going no into maybe the first part of the commute. rain could be an inch to inch and a half from the north eastern section of the state up to philadelphia a good general half an inch of rain across the entire state overall. we'll watch the potential for severe weather. there's enough sunshine that goes to work. we could see thunderstorms that may have limits just as heavy rain and small hail. canadian high pressure builds south. guess what, below average temperatures for the mid-week. wyatt will be back. wait until you see the overnight lows. that's going to cup up in a little bit. now to the latest on the breaking news we brought you here on good morning maryland.
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a florida villa fell into a sinkhole. we have the latest on a building that started collapsing right beneath them. >> reporter: in just a matter of minutes, an idyllic central florida resort became the scene of chaos. >> we felt shaking and glass was breaking. >> reporter: guests described the horror as the three story villa began to collapse into a massive sinkhole. >> someone was sitting in the tub and the tub just lev tated. >> reporter: all of the guests were able to get out safely. no one was injured. he was on duty for five muts. >> i happened to be at the right place at the right time. >> reporter: florida is the number one spimpg hole capital of the u.s. they form when lime stone
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underground is eaten away by wart. without the support of the lime stone, the ground above can give way at any moment. one florida contractor said that sinkholes are a big business there. >> we underpin anywhere from 30 to 40 homes. >> reporter: metal rods are used to bracket a home. it's not cheap, anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000. today guests at summer bay resort are still in shock. authorities are investigating what caused the sinkhole. officials said 48 three-story units har total loss. karen travers, abc, washington. and a pileup in virginia. both ans were shut down for hours after a crash yesterday evening started a chain relax that left cars on top of cars and several people hurt.
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crews worked all night to get all the debris out of the road. officials said none of the injuries were life-threatening. much better traffic news for those who have been suffering through the closure of the stoney creek bridge in anne arundel county. the road has been reopened after five weeks being closed for repairs. during the closure drivers were forced to take a very long detour around the 56-year-old bridge. >> abc2 investigators broke the story about sports 55 and we have not let up. it's a uniform business that is wracking up complaints. we continue to hear from people all over the country. we spoke with a former employee who talked daily with the customers. >> it's not my fault, but i just feel real bamentd i feel real
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terrible. >> tonight at 11:00, hear more from that former employee about what was really going on and what he said the owners did to him. the fallout continues after a fan through a banana at jones in san fran. after the game jones was fired up on twitter. this is what he tweeted. i want to thank whatever bleep threw that ba nan na. throwing a banana at an african-american player is considered a racial attack. it has happened before. the giants issued a statement reading, in part, we were extremely disappoint. the giants have a zero tolerance policy dense this type of behavior. the giants say they've been investigating but have not been able to identify that fan yet.
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the terrifying ordeal is over for that 16-year-old who was abducted. we have more about the troubled past of the man accused in the kidnapping. floodwaters rushed in so fast that it swept away cars like toys. one man tried to make a run for it. >> here's a story we brought you months ago following superstorm sandy, cars flooded out by sandy being sold on the market.
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16-year-old hannah anderson has finally been reunited with her father. we have the latest on her
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terrifying ordeal. >> reporter: it was a chance encounter that led to the rescue of a kidnapped teen. >> i seen a lot of fear in her eyes and didn't like what i seen in his eyes. >> reporter: two couples out horseback riding, and he sensed something was wrong. they said hannah was wearing pajamas and the two were headed in one direction but were going the wrong way to get there. >> they came a long ways in rough country with back tacks. those sacks looked brand-new. >> reporter: after seeing the amber alert they called police. dimaggio's car was found under brush. he was given every chance to surrender before he was shot
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dead. in a bizarre coincidence in 1989, james dimaggio, sr. was accused of breaking into a home and taking a girl. dimaggio's dad committed suicide august 10th, the same day the fbi was killed by the -- dimaggio was killed by the fbi. >> i just want to give her a hug because i have granddaughters. i can imagine how happy they are to have her back. >> reporter: reporting from new york. not only did dimaggio kidnap hannah but the one time family friend killed the mother and 8-year-old brother. their bodies were found in a burned out home in san diego. family members of whitey bulger's victims will get closure. he was found guilty in a string of crimes, many committed while
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he was supposed to have been an fbi informant. he could get life in prison at sentencing. that will not happen until november. check out this video. a woman's life was literally hanging in the balance as she dangled helplessly from a balcony in china. she was sitting on the window sill five floors up when she slipped. a rescue crew was able to get there and get both of them down. a visit to a pet shot turned into an opportunity for a crime. catch the man looking around with hissed to already. the second man stuff add pug puppy dog down his pants and walked out of the store. then he came back to the dachshund cage and took one of them, too. >> it's shocking i was standing
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three feet from him and didn't see it. >> police are hoping someone will recognize them from the surveillance video. a couple of scattered shower activity in delaware and toward areas in the eastern shore of virginia. limited activity. one robust storm for the delaware beaches if your travels take you there. friends at the beach are dealing with the storm. otherwise, things are clear. no severe weather alerts. there have been flood concerns toward southern west virginia and that shame boundary headed in our direction with perhaps some significant rain into the early part of the day tomorrow. so we'll be watching that carefully into the day tomorrow. just have your storm shield weather app downloaded and it will automatically alert you
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based on your physical location. take a look at the wuferght -- weather, partly to mostly cloudy. hazy, hot and humid. that's what we got going on in baltimore. bright sky here, hot and hazy. current air temp right on the edge of 90 degrees in because the. dew point of 60, sunset coming up at 8:05. it's summer like and will remain so. chances for showers and storms go up through the day tomorrow and eventually clearing. we are thinking the mid-morning range could be the most active. dends on how fast this boundary slides through. 2 at the beaches -- 82 at the beaches. 87 at d.c.
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look at the heat index. more like the low 90s now. we're talking about the heat index briefly but tomorrow those numbers will only briefly heat up as the showers and storms come. we'll knock that heat index right down into the 80-degree range by wednesday. you'll feel some relief. in the meantime, tomorrow showers and storms on an intermittent basis. we should get a secondary round into the afternoon, especially for the eastern shore handle marva. after that we were will clear out nicely. right now just a few passing clouds. all the real active weather toward lexington, cleveland and chicago. a couple of fronts coming our way. the bottom line is this. there's drier more mild conditions to our north that will eventually be working their way in by mid-week. for tomorrow there will be shower and storm activity through the day. as we check out the tropical view we'll do that in the next half an hour and show you an
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area of interest. tonight 71, possibility of a thunderstorm by daybreak. showers and storms through the day. the next couple of days we improve things pretty quickly into the day on wednesday and thursday. drier weather will be our story. really nice days ahead. if you're wise enough like some people to take off days at the end of the week, then you have some good weather coming your way. >> unlike us who will be here. you know, at least one man is dead in one of the worst mudslides in colorado history. it started with flash flooding that turned entire streets into rushing rivers or terrifying mud dpi water, sweeping cars away like they were nothing. some of the video was amazing. >> the only way to describe it is unbelievable. it's a terrible situation
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unfolding in colorado has drivers are being spent away by the massive floodwaters. take a look. the unbelievable strength of these deadly floodwaters captured on camera under a foot of mud and debris, authorities found the body of 53-year-old john collins and a woman swept away left clinging to a tree. watch 70-year-old glen dotson, who's surrounded by water contemplating whether to flee his vehicle. instead, help went for it. >> lots vive mud and water came right at me. >> the next thing i knew the cars were flying past me. i had a pickup barely miss me. >> reporter: luckily he was pulled to safety. >> when you see someone in dire straights, you take care to the
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full amount oar are new as colorado cleans up, there's the threat for heavy storms. while this has produced phenomenal flooding, they produced much needed rain in oklahoma, kansas and west texas. >> we continue to watch for the potential for more flash flooding rains. months after hurricane sandy devastated parts of new york and new jersey, still come problems, this time in the form of used cars. hundreds of thousands were under water. now that they dried out they're being sold on used car lots. while they may look fine on the outside, the air bags and other safety systems may not work, so you definitely want to get this checked out. moms and dads put a lot of thought into picking out the
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perfect name are in their baby. a judge is telling one mom she needs to change her son's name. how the case got into the courtroom in the first place. >> and why a -- and myths around pregnancy.
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it's tonight's hot topic. what to name your child? that's a deeply personal decision a judge is taking that power away from a mom who decided to name her son messiah. the controversy started because the mother and father couldn't
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agree on a last name shorks they headed to court. instead of making a decision on the last name, the judge took issue with the now 7-month-old's first name. >> it's a title that has only been earned by one person, and that one person is jesus christ. >> everybody believe was they want. i shuz be able to name my child what i want. >> the mother is appealing the judge's decision and said whether it's legal or not, she plans to call him messiah. if you want to get in on the conversation, just head to all right. coming up we're busting some of the myths of pregnancy. a new look take has look at the dos and don'ts for moms-to-be. >> stomach ache could be part of growing up but a new study shows they could be a warning shine for some bigger health problems.
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>> and a new online game lay louse players -- allows players to slap former secretary of state hillary clinton. who's behind it and the upprore among women and women's rights groups. >> a hot, hazy and humid like. it's all coming up on abc2 news at 5. stay with us. [ male announcer ] you know what's so awesome about the internet? it gets more and more entertaining every day.
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and here's the kicker... 0% apr for 60 months. and who got it? this guy. and who got it? this guy. and who got it? this guy. that's right... [ male announcer ] it's the car you won't stop talking about. ever. hurry in to the volkswagen best. thing. ever. event. and get 0% apr for 60 months, now until september 3rd. that's the power of german engineering. taking a look at our top stories, finding ways to restore confidence in the anne arundel police department. the findings, hire a permanent police chief, which has already happened. better pay for higher ranks and better way to promote officers. a 14-year-old girl is recovering after being shot by a drive-by shooter. she was playing football in the
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street when someone drove by and opened fire. she was shot in the leg and another woman was grazed. the teen is in stable condition condition. anyone with information is asked to call 410-396-2433. >> this woman is accused of going to after a dog walker with a golf club. police say the man used pepper spray on jaconda wagner. she was arrested and charged with assault and animal cruelty on an animal. a according to -- according investigators, this isn't the first time she had a problem with someone walking a dog. we've seen decent sunshine. however, has we look ahead, we think things will get more active. take a look at the radar, crystal clear, but things begin to change into the morning
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tomorrow. the threat for showers in the near morning and showers and storms as late as the early afternoon. tuesday, things will clear out, by tomorrow night. here's a look at the setup, mid-70s overnight and the chance for showers and storms cranking up. we'll have much more coming up. all new at 5:30, major changes to the way laws are enforced in the u.s. on the national level a softening of drug sentences. on a local level a controversial stop and frisk program in the big apple would have violated the civil rights of thousands. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder unveiled reforms saying longer prison terms are not making things safely. >> we need to make


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