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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  February 21, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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a ten car derailment in elkton, we have a live report this morning on the breaking news. a 3-year-old is dead after being hit by a car. we have the latest on this tragic accident. also this morning a pig day in annapolis, some of the session's biggest issues heading to the floor for a vote. how the state's laws could be changing on this thursday, february 21st. "good morning maryland," i'm charlie crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle. right to the weather because yesterday was ugly. >> it was cold out there. cold start to the day. >> we have a very cold start to the day, the temperatures much colder than what we had yesterday and then the winds once again for today. but still we will have the
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breezes at about 8 to 15 miles an hour as we go throughout the day. right now temperature-wise coming in 23 degrees in arnold. more of the same in bel air this morning. baltimore coming in at 22. and we do have the winds so we feel more like we're in the teens as you head out and about this morning make sure you do bundle up. over the graphics and i can show you what's going on on maryland's most powerful radar right now. not a whole lot. this is the calm before the storm once again. we will stay dry and also more sunshine in here earlier than we did yesterday. you're waking up around 7:00 this morning temperatures coming in at 23 degrees. we will be breezy. 28 degrees by 10:00 this morning and by lunchtime, we're looking at 35 degrees. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. we are starting the day off with a crash in harford county on 59 right along the southbound lanes at route 24. one lane is blocked at this time. if you are traveling on the harrisburg expressway, there's nothing to get in your way from
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hunt valley all the way down to the beltway and it will remain clear as you do get on to the jfx and head downtown. here's a live look at 695 in parkville. everything up to speed. no delays from harford road all the way up to 83. at bullet mar national pike traffic is moving light ironing, just a seven -- along, just a seven minute ride right now from 75 down to 70. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. we have breaking news out of elkton, maryland this morning. a train derailed early this morning. >> that's about an hour away if here and linda so is live this morning in elkton and linda what's the very latest on where you are today? >> reporter: well, firefighters with the singerly fire department were the first to respond to this derailment. we're outside the fire department right now. the derailment happened about two miles away from here deep in the woods off of singerly road. this was shot by the
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photographer eric kneelson tonight. acsx train heading to north carolina had derailed and ten cars came off the track. this happens at around midnight. two of the cars were carrying sulfuric acid. a hazmat crew was called as was the maryland call of the environment. they found there was no leak. for several hours overnight, route 213 singerly road was shut down in both directions but the road is now back open. things could have been much worse had the cars leaked. linda so, abc2 news. breaking news from the story we first brought you last night. a 3-year-old is dead after being hit by his own family's car. it happened in in audrey lane.
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the father stopped jumped in tried to stop the car. >> the father who was not in the vehicle jumped inside the vehicle to attempt to regain control of the vehicle. which at some point the 3-year- old male fell out of the vehicle and was struck by the vehicle. >> it's driving, i mean -- like i said the kids come out here and play but i didn't think nothing like that would happen. >> the father was holding his 2- year-old daughter and dropped her when he jumped in the car. she is expected to be okay. news time right no 4:34. a lot going on in annapolis today. if you own a dog or a handgun you will care about the issues. that's because both will be in front of lawmakers today. abc2 news' sherrie johnson is here to explain what's at stake. >> reporter: today is a big day in annapolis. some of the session's biggest issues will be up for votes, a senate panel is expected to vote on new gun legislation we're talking about the sweeping gun control measures proposed by governor o'malley. this is the kickoff to what is likely to be an intense effort to change the bill.
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among other things the bill would ban assault weapons. now supporters will propose changes on anything from eliminating licensing provisions to changing the definition of an also today in annapolis the house will weigh in on the pit bull legislation. brought to the floor on tuesday. the bill would remove the inherently dangerous tag from pit bulls and apply it to all dogs. animal advocates from across the state will also gather in annapolis for a humane lobby day. they plan to urge lawmakers to protect dog owners and families from the dangerous court of appeals ruling on pit bulls. that runs from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in annapolis and also watching a proposal to repeal the death penalty. lots going on in annapolis today. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. news time now is 4:35. today who's going to take over for john leopold? the council is expected to make their decision tonight during the meeting. 16 people applied for the job
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including former maryland first lady and acting county executive john hammond. we have an update to pass along to you this morning on the investigation into that gynecologist accused of videotaping his patients without their knowledge. about 300 women have called a hotline that was set up for patients of dr. nikita levy. he was a gynecologist at johns hopkins hospital for 25 years but was fired at the beginning of this month. this, after allegations surfaced that he was secretly videotaping his patients during their exams. levy was found dead earlier this week in his towson home. police say that he wrote an apology letter to his wife before wrapping a plastic bag around his head and pumping it with helium. former parents can contact police. it's -- also from last week baltimore city police may not have been allowed to use the
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rosewood center last tuesday. an too far trainee was shot in the head. the state department of health and mental hygiene didn't know the training was going on on that property. baltimore city police are conducting their own independent investigation. it's 4:37 right now. if you're just waking up and you haven't steps outside, consider yourself warned. >> you have been warned. grab the heavy coat and gloves and toboggan. lynette it is -- >> toboggan? >> the bene, the boggan it's cold outside. >> like you said you need the warm clothes in the closet this morning because you can see the actual temperatures in the 20s basically everywhere. we're at 21 degrees in new york this morning. 23 in baltimore. easton 26 degrees more of the same in d.c.. 23 frederick and hagerstown. more of the same in winchester. but we have the clouds. once again this is going to be the big story. because they are sustained now at about 5 to 15 miles an hour. this will be the scenario as we go through the rest of the day.
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so easton now sustained at about 13, 10 in baltimore. so we have is. with. we are feel -- windchill. we are feeling like the teens from baltimore to easton and single digits in york this morning. it is very cold. now let's check out what's going on at -- in the clouds. in the upper atmosphere. because what's going to happen is we're going to get some snow in here and we're going to get some sleet no here. not right now. just dealing with some clouds but we will get some sunshine in here for today and then i pull out and this is the big mess that's in the middle of the nation as of now. this will trek towards us as we head towards the weekend and i'm going to talk more about that coming up but right now back over to megan and charlie. the countdown is on the lawmakers don't reach an agreement the impacts of sequestration will be far reaching. >> how the automatic budget cuts could be affecting your children coming up in a bit. >> snow, in arizona of all places. look at this frigid temperatures in parts of the midwest. it's all part of a winter storm moving across the country. are we going to see any snow?
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charlie wants to, he wants to test the toboggan out. we have abc's most accurate forecast coming up. >> megan and charlie nothing to get in the way of 695 at providence road but we have a crash on 95 up in harford county. all the details coming up on "good morning maryland." >> and you are taking a live look in downtown baltimore. great way to start the day. stay with us. there's much more coming up.
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it is 4:41. thank you for joining us this morning. taking a look at the stories making headlines around the nation. another looming deadline that would impact thousands of workers right around corner. >> it's coming up in eight days, automatic cuts across the board for spending taking effect and law makers in washington if they don't reach another agreement. >> now there are 130,000 federal workers in our state if the southwest ration goes into effect on march 1st their salaries could be cut to 20% due to furloughs. meantime according to the pentagon the workers
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responsible for crucial military functions would be forced to stay at home one day a week without pay. >> but it's not just the military employees who are going to feel the pain. 84,000 children who attend dod run schools will be affected if their teachers are furloughed as a result of sequestration. now the possibility of automatic budget cuts means that children in government funded programs could also be out of the classroom. that's because some head start programs would lose their funding, without head start children from low income families wouldn't get the preschool education. >> my concerns for sequestration would be who to cut, when to cut, how to cut. it would be very difficult for us to determine who doesn't get the service and who does. >> well, the adults who teach these kids would also be out of work as well. well, today government officials, gun controlled a vocals and law enforcement officials will attend a conference on the federal response to gun violence. this is in response to the sandy hook school massacre back in december of 2012.
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the conference would take place at western connecticut university. vice president joe biden is expected to deliver the keynote address and talk about the president's gun control proposals. he will be joined by the parents and students killed at sandy hook elementary school during that massacre. this morning, investigators are still trying to figure out what exactly caused a massive explosion at a popular restaurant in kansas city, missouri. a huge fire broke out at j.j.'s restaurant on tuesday evening. we told you about this story yesterday. then there was a blast at the restaurant and the restaurant was leveled. well, jimmy france owns that restaurant for 28 years and ten of the restaurant employees were hurt and one is feared to be dead because they don't know where the guy is. this is video that shows the exact moment you may have just seen it right there where the explosion happens and you can see the traffic waiting at a red light. just before the fire. witnesses say that they started smelling gas more than an hour before the explosion. the incident could have been much worse. however, some of the employees and patrons say that they were
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told to evacuate minutes before. news time now is 4:43. in baltimore we're used to freezing cold temperatures and snow this time of year. >> yeah but those living out west particularly southwest don't really see this every winter. the video we want to show you out of arizona. people there are getting a rare opportunity to play in the snow. just outside of tucson, snow- covered dove mountain. the golf course there that forced the pga to cancel the championship event. now meantime the midwest which does see snow is preparing for what could be the worst storm since 2011. snow and ice is expected to fall in more than a dozen states. >> got to be honest. i got home yesterday, grabbed olivia. went in to watch the golf tournament the match play going on. get there to the live coverage and the golf course is covered in snow. >> not used to seeing it there. tucson is in the south. so that had to be a surprise to people there. >> exactly. that's a rare event that's happening there. and also we are going to be in for some of that messy weather as we go through the weekend.
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i'm going to detail that? just a minute. now let's start out with temperatures this morning because this is our story as well as the breezy conditions once again. so good morning westminster at 20 degrees. 21 catonsville and edgewood at 25. and we're going to see the 20s from elkton even goldsboro at 23. cambridge coming in at 25 degrees right now. we do have winds gusting up to about 23 now in edgewood and 22 in catonsville and 34 cambridge right now. bundle up as you head out and about because we feel like we're in the teens from edgewood on down to catonsville at 11 and even westminster. another cold day on tap from beginning to end. let's switch over and let me show you what's going on right now. radar satellite combination. more sunshine in here earlier than what we saw yesterday. what we're waiting for is the mess across the middle of the nation now. we will be seeing the spin. you see that counterclockwise spin right there? across the four corners regions. that's the actual low. this will begin to trek across
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the nation. and before it does so it's going to drop lots of snow across the middle of the nation. southern parts now we're talking about if mississippi valley. they will -- the mississippi valley. they will see severe weather throughout the day. we're going to be in for it and this is the track friday night through saturday evening. it moves its way along and we're once again waiting to see the exact track of this and how much cold air will wrap into this area of low pressure. that's going to determine how strong, how much snow if that is possible, but right now we're just thinking the onset of it is a wintry mix across the area. abc2's most accurate future trend not picking up on a whole lot right now. through time this is what we're going to wait for. an ugly raw day into your saturday. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. definitely a cold start and we do start the day off with a crash on 95 up in harford county. it's blocking one southbound lane right now at route 24. not causing any significant delays though. you won't have any problems
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getting down to white marsh. if on the beltway, no -- on the beltway no problems to report from parkville all the way up to towson. here's in pikesville at green spring avenue. not too many cashes out there at all -- cars out there at all. no trouble getting up to 83 or traveling the outer loop down to route 40. 234 hunt valley conditions nice can clear here on the harrisburg expressway. 21 minute ride right now from the maryland and pennsylvania state line down to the beltway. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. well, wal-mart is one of the biggest retirals in the country. we know that. however they are often criticized because they pay low wages. >> the report one group now plans to unveil this morning and the light they hope to shed on the night for a living wage increase provided by the world's largest retailer. >> oscar preps in full swing in hollywood. coming up we're going to hear from one local producer who can say been there, done that. >> also they're planning a tour this summer and rumor has it m&t bank stadium could be on the list. the road trip that could bring
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justin timberlake and jay-z to baltimore.
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headlines around the world this morning, a new twist in the oscar pistorius case. the lead investigator in the murder trial is now facing attempted murder charges of his own. pistorius is back in court this morning for the third day of his bail hearing. 26-year-old is accused of murdering his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. now the case has taken a new turn. police are saying lead investigator who was on the stand for much of yesterday is now facing seven counts of attempted murder dating back to 2011. reports say that he and a number of other officers apparently fired at a mini bus carrying seven people. he's expected to appear in court in may. the final arguments in oscar pistorius' case is scheduled for later today. some new rules with electing a new pope to replace pope benedict xvi. the vatican spokesman says the changes could mean that cardinals involved in the voting process could start
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earlier than march 15th. with the current law, cardinals have to wait 15 days after the pap acy becomes vacant before they can allow eligible cardinals to arrive in rome. speculation mounted that pope benedict may announce a new law allowing the conclave to start on march 10th. time now for five things to know for you on this thursday morning. a new stamp honoring civil rights icon rosa parks will be unveiled in baltimore later today. congressman cummings and other state leaders will join the postal service for that unveiling. this will take place at the museum scheduled for 11:00. plaque history month amtrak is holding a celebration at penn station starting at 11:00 this morning. passengers will see exhibits and learn the unique contributions of african- americans to the railroad industry throughout history. wal-mart workers and their supporters will unveil the profits the retail giant makes in an event in catonsville. a new report will be released.
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the group will meet at the wal- mart at the corner of rolling road and baltimore national pike. the rave have plans -- ravens have plans today. later today members will hold a press conference to talk about the improvements in the work that's going to be done at m&t bank stadium. we'll keep you posted on that. justin timberlake and jay-z may be coming to town. they call him jt. poise today make a stop this summer. they are scheduled the play the stadium some time in early august. according to a number of sources. now since the o's are going to be on a road trip from august 5th to the 15th, the window for that opening for the concert is perfect for that time period. we're eight minutes away from 5:00 right now. the academia wards are just around the corner. one local man will be watching this year knowing what it feels like to receive a coveted oscar. weber produces documentaries and he travels around the world telling stories about different people and different cultures. well, back in -- 2010, he won
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an oscar for his documentary called "music by prudence." >> they sat on stage and the award goes to "music by prudence" and they named the producers and the producers went down. as my phone is vibrating from all my friends calling to congratulation, i'm sit -- congratulate, i'm sitting there in the kodak theater ying to myself what now? >> oh, the weber went on to produce 11 more documentaries and he says this year he plans on watching the oscars here in baltimore with some close friends. you can catch the 85th annual academy awards right here on abc2. they air sunday starting at 7:00 p.m. and for the latest oscar news and everything you need to know to get prepared for the big event, you can head to our website. and check out our oscars guide. new video for you this morning. a massachusetts man has found the perfect use for all of in snow being dumped around new
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england. he decided he was going to make an igloo. not just any igloo, this one has a television, a couch and a lamp. also doubling as a hand warmer. he's constructed an umbrella of four by fours on the top to make sure it doesn't collapse. he decided to turn it into good use and says he has no problem at all hanging out in there. >> i can get on board with that. >> up right not crawling around. >> it's literally a man cave. >> a snowman cave. >> you'll go on and on. i need to take the lead on this one. >> no, no, no. >> settle something for us. a toboggan -- >> a sled. >> really? >> yes. >> hold please. what does that say? toboggan cap. >> a close fitting woolen cap often has a tapering tail. >> you know what that's called? affirmation. >> whatever. i'm so sick of it right now. waist gong on with today? 38 degrees, that's the temperature that we're going for. yesterday we came in at 38 degrees as well. so we have another cold day on
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tap. the winds aren't going away. still going to be breezy and feel more hike we're in the 20s just like we did yesterday. this is what you can expect and bundle up. by tonight that temperature at 25 degrees. and increasing clouds and once again it's still going to be very cold. and then we'll start to see change in the forecast as we head to tomorrow. so a high tomorrow coming in at 39. we'll stay mostly cloudy through the day. and then we'll have that wintry mix moving in into the evening. seven day forecast looks like this. this is the wintry mix into friday evening. saturday all rain and it's going to be a very raw day. just a miserable type day. we dry out nicely for the second part of the weekend. sunday looking good. monday looking even better. and our next storm system rolls in here on tuesday. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. >> charlie doesn't know what he's talking about. >> i have to agree with you. it's a sled right? >> thank you. definitely. >> well if you are traveling up in harford county we are unfortunately dealing with a three car crash right now on 95
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blocking one southbound lane near route 24 but as you can see, not causing any backups whatsoever. you will be in the clear once you do make your way down to white marsh as well. just 14 minutes right now traveling southbound from the beltway all the way into the city. now if you are traveling on 695, as we head over to parkville and take a live look here at harford road, everything will remain up to speed. no delays on the inner loop down to 95. and that outer loop is going to take you just 11 minutes to travel from 95 all the way up to 83. now as we take a look at the west side of the beltway. it's going to take you 11 minutes on the outer loop from 795 down to 95 there. so overall, pretty good commute so far. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. parents trusted him with their kids. >> this morning is very popular swim coach is a now facing a judge. what he's accused of doing to the students that landed him in hot water. >> plus the benefits people over 65 are getting from one of the most popular social networking sites, sweep explain just ahead. a-- we'll explain just ahead.
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bar mitzvahs are a big deal in the jewish faith and one soon to be 13 yield is getting the -- 13-year-old is getting the word out in a knew creek way. >> rather than mailing out the save the date cards daniel bloomen decided to put together a rap video for all to see. take a look. >> welcome to atlanta where the players play, homing you can make my bar mitzvah day. 13 years since i was born and the party won't stop until sunday morning. >> now i want to go. >> the video features landmarks around the hometown of atlanta and also includes some atlanta celebrities like mayor reed. deejay frank ski and rapper neo. i wonder if he's going to be wearing is toboggan. >> or arriving on one. >> we are both having a debate right now. you can go to our facebook pages. go to mine and agree with me. >> go mine -- go to mine where the definition is. >> via google. i'm


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