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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  February 19, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EST

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maryland. i'm linda so what lawmakers want to change about the current law. good news this morning, about a police trainee shot in the head during an exercise. those stories ahead on this tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. charlie is out today. lynette charles is here with a look at the weather. things are about to get interesting. you have the job -- the rain starts to pick up. around 8:00. western maryland, you will want to be extra careful. we will deal with, sorry i'm getting ahead of myself. sleet and freezing rain. dry right now. as we look towards the west, we can see moving towards hagerstown, around cumberland, we can see the mix. that pink color, dealing with sleet, freezing rain across the
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area. observation showing this is not hitting the ground as of yet. very dry air in place. we are going to have to moisten up the atmosphere. this is going on for today. we will begin to have the wet weather move in. towards the west, some of the blues coming in, snow mixing in. this is what we are talking about in western pa, points south for example you are heading towards west virginia, you are going to be in snow as well. all this will switch to rain as it makes its way towards us. let me show you the temperatures this is a big role, what is going on this morning. harford 32. we have the winds, variable now. switched directions, east at 4 miles an hour, as we step over in to sykesville, the temperature coming in 31 degrees , the winds will play a role in to the afternoon. our last stop this morning is annapolis, temperature above freezing right now, coming in 36 degrees. this is as you plan your day,
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we can see what is going on, on graphics, we will begin to see breezy conditions, 46 degrees by lunchtime, look at the temperature, 49 degrees, these temperatures will continue to go up, we are going to be dealing with rain. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >> the rain, wintery mix, it will have a negative impact in your commute. if you are heading around 8:00 this morning, take it slow, all the way in to the afternoon. a crash to tell you about, westbound lanes of route 175, snowedden river parkway, to 70, look here at columbia pike. everything is moving along. no delays heading west towards frederick or east towards 695. 95, route 175, no problems k traveling from elk ridge to downtown baltimore, that stretch will take you 12 minutes. looking at the other time saver traffic drive times, jfx, nice and clear, 11 minute ride,
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traveling southbound, from the beltway, downtown to east fayette street. 695, delay free around, now, on the west side, an 8 minute clip traveling the outer loop, 795 to 70. breaking news, police are investigating a triple shooting in baltimore county, one person is dead and we are getting new details as the morning goes along. sherrie johnson is live this morning with the latest at police headquarters. >> reporter: we have been on the phone talking to police, basically they are investigating 3 people were shot many middle river in the 2100 block of eastern boulevard, that's actually near martin state airport. look at this all new video shot overnight. you can see from the video, it was a active scene this morning, police tell us three people were shot, one person is confirmed dead. officers received a 911 call before midnight about shots
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fired when they arrived on the scene they found the victims lying in parking lot area. they were rushed to bay view for treatment. one person died from the gunshot wounds. police do not have a suspect in this case. homicide detectives are investigating and they were on the scene for the morning. i'm told that authorities have not released the identities of the victims. follow us on twitter and remember, be the first to know about breaking news, down lode the free app, by texting, wmar, to 46988. later today, we are expect to hear from the commissioner, anthony bats about what is going to happen at the traininged a academy. a trainee was shot in the head last week. he is in grave condition. firearm drills were moved to the end of the session. state police continue their criminal investigation in to this case. robert gladden's trial is
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expected to begin, the 15 year old, accused of shooting a fellow classmate on the first day of school at perry hall high. this month, a judge decided he can be tried as an adult. we will be in the courtroom following this case. follow us on twitter, we will put the updates out there as soon as they become available. a law is being debated affecting every dog own, your dog would be considered dangerous whether it's a shitzu or shepherd. >> right now the law singles out just pit bulls as inherently dangerous. lawmakers want to change that, a bill heads to the house floor for debate. it would declare dogs dangerous, if someone is bitten by a dog of any breed, they could sue the owner. the owner could defends themselves in court. the bill would make it easier for renters to own pit bulls and dogs, lands lords could be sued by the victim of a bite in the victim can prove the
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landlord should have known the dog was dangerous. >> any owner should be responsible for their pet, and make sure they use discretion when they are letting their pet off leash. >> last year the house and senate couldn't agree on a pit bull bill, why the court of appeals ruling stands singling out the breed as dangerous. this time, both sides say they think they have bills they can agree on. a committee has passed a version of the pit bull bill. linda so, abc2 news. talking about opposition to raising the gas tax, members of the house republican caucus will hold a conference at 9:30 this morning, they say it doesn't need to be raised. we will let you know what happens. drivers feeling the pain at the pump, a report shows gas prices skyrocketed, $0.42 over the past month. the national average is now $3.71 a gallon, that's a record high for this time of year.
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how much are you paying for gas? we want to know. heads to the facebook fan page, let us know what you are seeing new information just how extensive the investigation is, in to a gynecologist who is accused of taking pictures and video of his patients. the doctor was found dead yesterday of a apparent suicide. cheryl conner has the latest. >> reporter: the doctor got his maryland medicalfulness 1988. his career, a gynecologist, johns hopkins medicine, treating over 1000 patients, each one could be a victim on february 8th, he was fired, following allegations that he photographed and videotaped his patients. >> i had not heard about this. >> reporter: the doctor was found dead at his home in towson, police say from a suicide. investigators are looking back at his 25 year practice, and
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say some patients have been identified as victims. a police spokesman says extraordinary amount of evidence was found over the past few weeks. it makes you feel like you can't be safe, even going to the doctor's office. >> reporter: a employee turned over information to the security department, days later, the patients were notified, a hospital spokesman said quote, any invasion of patient privacy is intolerable, words can't express how sorry we are for every patient whose privacy may have been violated. >> you never know if they are being true to they job. >> reporter: police are trying town cover if a larger network of people is behind the illegal photographing and storing of patient images in the most vulnerable position. they are left without the main guy to interview.
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breaking news, out of yemen, dozens of people are dead after military aircraft plowed in to a building this is video from the scene and just posted on youtube. we are hearing reports that the pilot and handful of civilians are among the casualties. the chopper crashed in a residential neighborhood. the story is breaking. we will bring you the latest information as it becomes available. health experts are keeping a nervous eye on a virus. just ahead , the details on why they are concerned, what they know about it so far.
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looks lovely. snow lovers? winds are hammering north dakota, this footage was shot in grand forks. the wind is picking up the snow, you can hear it in the video. gusts expected to reach 36 miles an hour, and they did that overnight, certainly a mess as people wake up this morning, and i will and linda so and lynette charles is on the desk. >> wisconsin, they are seeing snow across the area. it goes to show you, how strong the system is. it's up north, down south across the gulf coast states. >> by the time it reaches,, windy, wintery mix. frederick, carol, for the mix. it switches over to rain.
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this is indicative of temperatures, i will show you that this a second. beforehand, let's talk about what is going on. i'm going to zoom in, to this. see what going on closer to us. this is already making its move in to maryland, a way from us, we have to moisten up the atmosphere, you have been hearing me talk about that. under mostly clear skies. we have to bring the moisture in the form of cloud cover and bringing it in, in a form of a wintery mix in western maryland, carol, frederick and that will switch to rain through the morning. time frame, i'm thinking, 8:00, 9:00, that's when you will see action in here, we will see a little bit of change be the forecast. this is what we are expecting at the surface , the cold front to move through the area. it is going to get blustery. let's talk temperatures, we are going to be dealing with a change in temperatures. we are 36 degrees cockeysville. 37 annapolis. centerville 37. along the eastern shore, we are above the freezing point.
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35 in easton, mardela springs 36. this is why we are thinking the temperatures will get warmer as the day goes on. we are thinking rain. cockeysville, look at the winds, 9 annapolis, we have a windchill out there. it feels cooler and those winds are really going to kick up as we head through the rest of the day. over to graphics, this is going on through time. most accurate future trend goes in to motion, showing us what happens in to 10:00, 11:00, switches all over to rain, we will dry out nicely as we head in to wednesday and also thursday, 49 degrees will be the high temperature for today, we have another crack at the wintery weather in to friday in to saturday morning. good news for those of you in howard county, a crash has been cleared from route 175, snowedden river parkway, we have problems in downtown baltimore. there is a crash on 895, it
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happened in the southbound lanes at child street. stick with 95, as we check in and look at 95, here in white marsh, nice and normal conditions. it's going to take you 15 minutes, southbound, from the beltway, all the way to downtown baltimore. as we check in and look at 695, harford road, no problems whatsoever, it's going to take you 11 minutes from 95 up to 83. inner loop clear down to 95, traffic is starting to pick up on the west side of the beltway, no significant delays as of yet, 8 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795, down to 70. that's a look at your time saver traffic, meagan, over to you. sit a company that you only call if your family has gone through tragedy. customers with ties to mailed say their grief was amplified by the bill big bills they
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never expected. >> losing someone you love to murder or suicides is unthinkable. the last thing families in the situation want to worry about is cleaning up what's happened. those who turned to a company are dealing with heart break and sticker shock. we investigate in to a crime scene clean up firm that works across the country. a family called them after losing two loved ones in a murder suicide. they and other customers signed contracts with no estimates, they got hit one expect edly high bills for thousands of dollars and dealt with threats of losing their homes because of the fine print. investigators show you alarming complaints. 12,000, 28,000 more, for work to clean up their own tragedies. what company is behind the
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complaints. joce sterman, abc2 news. health alert on a mysterious and dangerous sars like virus, first identified in september of last year. a dozen people have become sick and doctors say the virus appears to be hard to get. it's only showed up overseas but experts wouldn't be surprised if it appeared in the united states. remarkable story of courage to share with you this morning. several spinal cord injuries changed the life of a st. louis man. he is proving it did not shake his spirit. he was left paralyzed after falling off of a roof 3 years ago. doctors wort sure if he would be able to speak or breathe. he enjoyed painting and now creates his own masterpieces using his mouth instead of his hands. he says he is defying his
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doctors expectations everyday. >> i totally showed them up and did everything they told me i couldn't do. except for walking, yet. >> yet. i like his determination. he was recently accepted to the mouth and foot painting artist organization. this comes with a grant that will allow him to continue his work and help pay for it. >> new orleans is certainly a party town. it's home to mardi gras and jazz fests hosts to the super super bowl and now another big event happening in the crescent city.
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viewers sends in pictures, we post them to facebook. this picture was submitted by chris and torey reynolds. it generated comments on facebook. michael brown, i'm tough, i punched myself in the mouth. natasha, i could have sworn i had teeth. tammy, her caption was, will somebody teach me the sucking the thumb thing. i don't think i'm doing it right at all.
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i need pictures to use this week, email yours to pics, post it to my facebook page. thanks to chris and torey, sending in this great picture of collen. today on katie, headlines and hit makers, known as the man with golden sic man, clyde davis talks about the first time he heard whitney houston sing. here is a preview. >> you heard her sing when she was 19 years old. you knew her cousin, dionne war wick, you heard her sing in a club on the upper west side, she was singing back up for sissy houston, her mom. did you think, wow? this girl has got it going on. what did you think? >> i thought what you just said. i thought that this was, she was doing the greatest love of
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all in the middle of her act. that's the song i commissioned for the life of mohammad alley. i heard george benson do it. he had the young 19 year old girl was singing that song with a fervor and passion. it was amazing. so i knew this was a unique special talent. >> catch katie today at 4:00, here on abc 2, along with clyde davis, she will talk to usher, and former american idol winner, jordan sparks. that's happening at 4:00 today.
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students at the university of maryland eastern shore will learn about how one of their classmates was killed. why the university president wants all students and staff to attends the meeting this morning. a bail hearing held today for oscar. celebration literally blew the


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