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tv   News  ABC  February 18, 2013 6:30am-7:00am EST

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you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. a famous flea market in our area is raided. what police were looking for when they went into the north pointe flea market. the man accused of slapping a toddler while on board a airplane is facing federal charges and the 19 month old mother -- the 19-month-old's mother is spending out. and we have a live look of downtown baltimore. you will want to bundle up because it's cold out there. but, it's dry. abc's most accurate meteorologist has details on how it could change into a nasty winter mix. it's monday morning. thanks for joining us this morning. president's day. hope you had a great weekend. i am megan pringle. charley is off today and let's
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start with meteorologist lynette charles and things are changing and it won't be pretty tomorrow. >> things will be changing throughout the overnight and tomorrow morning. let's start off with temperatures because we are cold. we should be at 25 and we are coming in below that. throwing in the wind and we are colder than the teens we are seeing and in a lot of spots we feel single digits. so you have the temperature fix and let's go to the radar and show you what's going on because we are nice and dry right now. we have all sweeps on and scanning the skies. not a lot to scan for today. dry throughout the day and we get plenty sunshine in here and the clouds will move in. so plan your day going over tographic a. cold start. 25 degrees at 8 and then by hunch time today at 35 degrees. and by the afternoon, we are talking about 3, 4 and the temperature coming in at 38 degrees a few more clouds out there but the key is we still
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will be dry. lets check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: we are dealing with accidents in the city. we have a crash at street and another on rogers avenue at wayne avenue. in catonsville another accident you will need to be aware of. this is right on hilton avenue at ridge road. for those heading out to 695, as whoa check a in and look live at the west side, traffic is moving along no delays at baltimore national pike. and for those of you up in hunt valley, this is the harrisburg expressway at shawan road, everything is nice and clear and it will remain that way into the city. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. #:32 -- 6:32. local democratic parties nominated an activist to replace hattie harrison in the house of delegates. the central committee sent neah harper's neigh to the -- neah harper's name to the -- nina harper's name to the full
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committee. harrison passed away at 84 years old. a developing story this morning. we are expected to learn more about a raid that happened at the north pointe flea market. it happened on saturday. police went in and was look for cds and fake brands like polo timberland and apple products. more than a dozen vendors were accused of selling fake products. police say the raid was on individual vendors and the flea market not shutting down. for a story that gained national attentionch the mother who says -- attention. the mother who says her 2-year- old child was slapped by a fellow passenger on a flight. sherrie johnson is here with the latest on the investigation as the parents are speaking out about what happened. what are they saying. >> reporter: it's something that makes you wonder who would think about hitting a child. but that man is facing a federal charge and child's parents are speaking out. an idaho businessman lost a job after allegedly slapping a
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toddler on a delta airlinesflight. as of sunday joe hundley is no longer an executive in i'do at a aerospace company. they detail an alleged assault on a flight to atlanta. jessica bennett and her son sat next to hundley and she says he reeked of alcohol and continued to drink on bore the flightch the child was fuss -- flight. the child became fussy and before landing thed to leash's mother says he used a racial slur and demanding she quiet the child and he slapped the boy in the face near the eye and the parents call -- the actions feignous and want something to be done. >> he wail down that way -- it came down that way at jonah's eye. when i look at his face his eye was swoanl and bleeding. swollen and bleeding. >> reporter: hundley's attorney says no one should rush to judgment but jessica benth's attorney says that among the
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witnesses on the flight was a federal air marshal. sherrie johnson abc2 news. a passenger who was on board the triumph has filed a lawsuit against the carnival cruise lines. casey describes the last days as living in what she calls a floating toilet. the ship lost primary power after the engine room caught on fire. it took nearly five days to tow the ship back to alabama. carnival offered 500 dollars a free flight home and free refund and a credit for another cruise. the people spoke and they listened. make are's mark bourbon is reversing the decision to cut out the a alcohol in the bottle of the whiskey. last week we told you they wanted to lower it from 45% to 90 proof to 42% 84 proof and that was because of a supply shortage.
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as if you running 26 miles was not enough a south florida man did it while dribbling two basketballs. he is known as dr. dribble and he says he ran to raise money for a miami based group that helps foster kids. and he makes that run even sweeter by getting into the guinness world record of the fastest marathon completing dribbling two basketballs. so congratulations to him. [ music ] & a san francisco musician goes out in a blaze of glory. mario played his last tune on an old baby grand piano on a cliff overlooking the ocean after setting the piano on fire e was giving concerts there for two weeks but the city said he didn't have the proper permits and he went out with something pretty memorable. a child survives a high- speed chase and it's caught on camera. stay with us this morning. we will show you the video
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you've got to see. we will at the you how the -- tell you how the 5-year-old is doling. -- doing. they have a motto that they established that has parents shaking their heads. clear -- shaking their heads. here you go little man.
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from garrison forest school good morning maryland. >> good morning to you many we start right now with entertainment news. word this morning forest whitaker was frisked inside a manhattan deli falsely accused of shoplifting. it didn't turn up with anything and his publicist calling it- appropriate and upsetting esays he didn't file a complaint at the request of the work here feared for his job. it 6:40 and we want to go back to the breaking news we have been following all morningp you are -- morning.
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you are looking live at tampa florida as firefighters are battling a massive fire at steel recycling plant. the fire broke out around 4:15 this morning. officials say there's a diesel and ammonia tanks that are a concern. and firefighters are foaming and spraying the area as we speak to try to keep the fire away from tanks and they wait for bull dazer heading to the scene do break up a burning pile of metal. follow us on twitter and facebook on because as soon as breaking news comes to us, we will send it to you a live rook from tampa where they are -- look from tampa where they are battling a fire. steel amown why and -- ammonia and a tearchg. a -- tearchg. student was -- tank. a student was stabbed to death over the weekend. >> reporter: coming up, the victim's cussin and brother tell us what happened moments before the killing. >> first it was the dent
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ceiling and then the fiscal cliff and now sequestration. what this term coming out of dc means for you, your family and bottom line. >> and we have a dry president's day but change is on way. i will have details coming up. >> reporter: well, everything is up to speed on 695 west of york road and towson. we are dealing with several accidents in baltimore city. all the details coming up on good morning maryland.
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you are looking live of downtown baltimore on this monday morning. a quiet morning and you can seenot too many cars on the streets. it's president's day and many people have the day off on this monday. good monday morning, thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. charley has the day off but we are working to get you out the door this morning. so we will start with meteorologist lynette charles with a check on the forecast. >> yes. we are dealing with cold temperatures out there this morning. although we will be dealing with the sunshine. not going to do too much to warm us up. temperatures in arnold at 20 degrees. the wind out of the northwest at 4 miles an hour. we feel like the teens in
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arnold. make sure to dress accordingly. then ijamsville where we are starting out in the teens. wind out of the northwest at 6 miles an hour make you feel like you are in the sippingel digits and the last stop perry hall 18 degrees more of the same. wind out of the northwest at 3 miles an hour. and look at the dew point the air is dry. so, make sure to have the extra lip balm for today or you will have chapped lips. we will deal with dry level and eke show you that. dry weather will continue this morning. this afternoon and then later overnight into tomorrow morning that is when we will see a change in the forecast. and speaking of the forecast, a switch over to graphics so i can show outplanner. and we can see plent -- you the planner. we can see plenty of sunshine at 8 continuing into lunchtime. a few more by 3. the high temperatures at 38 and clouding up by 7 this evening, but it's dry nonetheless. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. we are dealing with several accidents several in baltimore county where there's a crash in
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catonsville on hilton avenue on ridge road. more problems in baltimore city. west 28th street and another at north rogers avenue at wayne avenue. the jfx is clear and heading out to 695 checking in and looking at the west side, baltimore national pike, traffic is moving along. no delays all the way around. and as far as 95 is concerned, here's a live look at 175. no delays from howard county to downtown baltimore. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan over to you. 6:47 this morning police are investigating the death of another maryland student that happen at university of maryland eastern shore. police say the student was stabbed by a group of men. and abc2 news sherrie johnson is here with the latest. what can you tell us. >> reporter: there's a lot of unanswered questions and it's still very tough for the family members and this morning, family and friends are mourning the death of 21-year-old edmon st. clair. he is a junior buy -- edmond
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st. clair. he wanted to be a doctor and what love for music. was killed on the university of maryland eastern shore. he and his cousin tried to console his mother. st. clair's younger brother says was driving a car on campus when edmond approached a group of men. there was an altercation and st. clair was stabbed to death. homicide investigators for maryland state police are look for three suspects. the witnesses say they didn't recognize the men but police think the stabbing followed an ongoing dispute. >> what made them pull out a knife for one person? it was no need. he had everything going for himself and you stab him in his heart. you know what you are doing? >> reporter: the university put out a statement saying the emergency notification system was activated immediately. police are working with a vague description of the suspect. police are not sure if the suspects were students on campus or not. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. news time 6:48. authorities say he is a cold-
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blooded killer and his family says this was all a terrible accident. today olympian oscar pistorius is due back in court possibly for a bail hearing. he's been in jail since being arrested in the death of his girlfriend last week. reeva steenkamp was found with multiple gunshot wounds in his home. her funeral is tomorrow. a developing story. it was not too long ago that we could not escape the term fiscal cliff. now it's sequestration. and get used to it because you will hear the word a lot. linda so is live this morning with more on what it means and people i know want to know what does it mean for them and how will it affect them? >> reporter: you're going to see drastic cuts that could affect your child's education and military and how long you wait in line to get through airport security and it's part of that scaled back version of the fiscal cliff that congress pass at the beginning of the year. at the time congress agreed to postpone across the board
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spending cuts by two months. now the deadline or what's referred to as the sequester is less than two weeks away. and if they can't reach a deal by march 1st massive cuts aimed at reduing the deficittality 1.2 trillion dollars over -- deficit at 1.2 trillion dollars over the year will go no effect. >> we can't cut our way to investing in education and research and development. we have to get back to a balance and i think the american people understand that. >> reporter: right now it looks like both sides are far from a balanced solution. linda so, abc2 news. one school motto has many people asking a lot of questions. when you walk through the door of charles continually in indianapolis you are greeted by the word college or die. these words may seem a little harsh for some but school administrators say it's all about motivation. most of the kids who take
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classes here live at or below the poverty line so schools chancellors call the higher education the difference between opportunity and oppression. >> every kid who walks through the door we make a promise we are going to find a way to get you to a selected college or university. >> that's part of the tradition the school post every college acceptance letter received on the wall. small children are getting into deep trouble lately and parents say it's because of a newtown connecticut shooting. apparent claim teachers have been -- parents claim teachers are hypersentive following the massacre. the school officials suspend or threatened suspension in maryland as well aspens vain yeah, and -- as well as pennsylvania and massachusetts over pretend weapons having some asking about the zero tolerance policies and whether or not they could be revisited. we want to know what you think. has schools become too sensitive following the sandy hook tragedy. like the abc2 facebook fan page
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and give us your thoughts. new video to show you a dramatic crash that happened during a high-speed chase. a police cruiser was blocking an intersection in iowa when the suspect's car slammed into it at 130 miles per hour. the police car was empty. the driver in the other car died but police were shocked to find a 5-year-old boy laying on the floor crying. his condition is unknown but family members say the child is going to be okay. 6:52. many government offices and schools have the day off today in honor of president's day. tonight governor o'malley will deliver his speech to commemorate the birthday of george washington in annapolis. you probably noticed gas prices keep going up and up and the average price for a gallon of regular right now is at 3:67. the average here in maryland is 3.71. seeing the price jump so high
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in february is unusual. here's -- shall. your summer barbeque could cost more. the price of beef is going up possibly as much as 10%. cattle herds are at the smallest in six decades because feed prices are more expensive. for the third time this year airlines have failed to rally around each other to raise ghost being airfares. dealt -- raise domestic airfares. delta raised fares and backed off on friday. no other airline matched the increase. today is the last day to get a tax break on certain energy star products. it's the end of the shop maryland energy weekend. to encourage people to purchase energy saving alines you can find a list of all the deals on the comp trol are's website or a link to ours on before you head out this morning, let's go over to meteorologist lynette charles. i suspect in the forecast, a hat is in there. >> a hat and gloves and mittens and scarves and it's cold out there this morning. check out the temperatures.
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parkton is at 17 degrees. more of the same heading into aberdeen. baltimore is at 18 and we are looking at 21 in pasadena. shadyside 20 more in denton and cambridge at 25 degrees. we have the winds now out of the northwest at about 6 miles an hour in baltimore. 5 in chestertown and 8 in denton. so we have a wind chill. it feels like we are at 10 in baltimore this morning. bundle up. foals like 11 in denton this morning. as you -- feels like 11 in denton -- denton this morning. look what we have. a beautiful start to the day. look at it. it looks awesome but you don't want to step out to kent island because it's cold. havre de grace a beautiful sunrise. as we go through time, we will see changes in the forecast. let's show you the graphics that's going on for today because at the surface, we can see we do have high pressure in control and then it will begin to move out of here as the next system approaches from the west to the east. this is the one that's going to
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be bringing us a mix in the morning. it's going to be an icy mix. we are not talking about snow but sleet, freezing rain across the area. abc2's most accurate future trend shows you the wet weather working its way in here. we have the snow he and rain but it's a nasty mix for us tomorrow morning. we will have -- we will keep you update on the situation and have more change for the better as we go through time. today, the high temperature at 38 the it will be cold and less wendy. by tonight, that's when the icy mix starts overnight into tomorrow morning and here's the check of the seven-day forecast as conditions will continue going into wednesday and thursday. and then by friday night into saturday, just like the past friday night and saturday, we will have another wintery mix on our hands. so be careful. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have a tractor trailer fire under investigation in har forecounty and it's -- harford county and it's on garland. traveling on 95, there's nothing in your way traveling
6:56 am
from bel air to white marsh and it remains clear from white marsh to the fort mchenry tunnel. a crash in the city at 28th street. using 83 this morning, as we check in and look live north of the beltway no delays. 11 minutes traveling from the bestway to fayette street. 695 is in great shape. this is the case all the way archbishop. no problems. pretty calm president's day. we want to go back to the breaking news before we leave you. that is live picture as the sun is rising in tampa. get a better idea of how much smoke is in the area. we are told firefighters are working the scene right now bringing in bulldozers and heavy equipment because of the concern the fact it's a steel recycling plant there are diesel tanks andmet 5á8 products and amown yo -- metal products and ammonia that could be flammable.
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