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tv   News  ABC  February 14, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EST

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hear from the man carjacked by the accused l. a. cop killer. teachers buy supplies for their classrooms but they can get a bigger tax break if some state lawmakers have their way. suing over a bad grade. why a former grad student is now filing a $1.3 million lawsuit for getting is c. plus. we'll take a look at that on the valentine's day and a good morning to you maryland. i'm charlie crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle. by the way happy valentine's day. we have a live shot later on this morning. if you haven't done anything yet it's not too late. don't get in the dog house. it's early in the morning. linda so is going to help people out. >> lynette charles is here right now with a check of the forecast. we got some snow as promised and as you said, it wasn't that bad. >> exactly it wasn't that bad. then another round of it towards the weekend. we'll talk about that a little later. but let's get you out the door on this valentine's day. the storm is gone from yesterday but we still do have temperatures that are below freezing so we have some slick spots on the roadways this morning. take it easy as you step out and about.
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we're at 30 timonium. monkton at 31. more of the same in man chest they are morning. also bel air. joppa at 29. still 34 in easton. we're at 32 in the airport right now and baltimore city at 37 degrees well above freezing. frederick at 32 degrees and visibility also an issue. we have patchy fog out there this morning. we have some school closings -- actually school delays out there this morning. and some of it could be because of the fog or it could be because of the icy conditions. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. well, we have an update on the school delays. carroll and frederick county schools will open two hours late and you could run into icy patches out on the roads and unfortunately we have several accidents to tell you about up in harford county. a crash on the bel air bypass near route 24 and another accident in joppa right on route 152 at philadelphia road. more problems in edgewood with another accident right along the westbound lanes of route 40 and edgewood road. now if you are traveling on 95 no concerns whatsoever. but we have a crash on 695 it's right on the outer loop at
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richie highway. as we check in and take a live look at the beltway here at baltimore national pike. no significant delays as of yet. if you are traveling on 97 in anne arundel county, here's a live look at ben field boulevard where we have a crash along the northbound lanes. you can see it's not having much impact. there's also an accident along the westbound lanes of route 100 at telegraph road. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. police say the man hunt for the alleged southern california cop killer christopher dorner is over. a body found in the charred remains of a cabin where he was holed up tuesday is believed to be the remains of the suspect. the detectives are now waiting for a positive id on the remains but they're saying the man hunt for the fugitive that's now responsible for at least four murders, two of those victims fellow police officers. wednesday, the husband and wife taken hostage by the man believed to be dorner spoke to reporters about those harrowing moments they came face-to-face with the suspected killer. >> dorner jumped out of the
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snow at me. gun drawn. big long rifle. he pointed his gun at me and said i don't want to hurt you. >> after a dramatic series of events tuesday afternoon, police trailed the man believed to be dorner to a cabin in big bear lake, california. after a shootout with deputies that left one dead and another injures, that man barricaded himself inside. police reported hearing a single gunshot before that cabin burned to the ground. now while sifting through the rubble yesterday investigators found human remains and christopher dorner's wallet and id. the sheriff's department there has identified that deputy who was killed by the gunfire as detective jeremiah mccay. he was 35 years olds with a 7- year-old daughter and a 4-month- old son. dorner is also believed to have killed three others all with ties to various police departments in california and as always updates on twitter and facebook and all right thanks. after five days stranded at sea with few working bathrooms, food shortages and spotty cell
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phone service the passengers of the carnival cruise ship triumph are finally expected to dock today. many have told the awful stories of flooded bathrooms and having to use plastic bags to go to the bathroom. the reps have disputed most of the claims saying they are really trying to make the conditions -- to make the conditions on the ship as comfortable as possible. the company is offering a full refund and other concessions but some say that is not good enough. >> i promise you none of my family members that are on there will probably ever ever take another cruise. >> no one here from carnival is happen hi about the -- happy about the conditions on board the ship and we are obviously very, very sorry about what's taken place. >> three tug boats are pulling the massive ship through the gulf of mexico and it's expected to dock in mobile, alabama late this afternoon. we'll keep you posted on that. and also happening today, u.s. senate democratic leaders plan to vote on chuck hagel's confirmation as secretary of defense. this is clearing the way for him to become president barack obama's new pentagon chief
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despite opposition from some republicans. hagel is expected to have enough votes to get past the senate filibuster and be confirmed as the top pentagon official. he needs 60 votes to make that happen. president obama is due to take part in google+ and the hangout where he will answer questions on his state of the union address. selected participants will ask questions about his address to congress and you can also and questions via the white house's youtube channel. the hangout will start at 4:50. well, if you're a teacher some state lawmakers want to help you out. they want to give you a bigger tax break for school supplies you buy. the bill would allow teachers to write off as much as $500 for school supplies they purchase out of pocket. right now you get $250 from the federal government for those supplies. but the state doesn't have any such offer. similar bills failed in 2003 and 2004 and 2005 because they were deemed too expensive. a former graduate student in pennsylvania is now suing her school over a bad grade.
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megan sew filed the suit against lee high university over a c. plus she was given in chemistry in 2009. she says the grade prevented her from continuing her program of study. a lawsuit accuses the school of sexual discrimination and breach of contract. sew is seeking $1.3 million in overall damages once again for receiving is c. plus. we do want to remind you there are some delays coming in pretty slowly this morning. carroll county schools and frederick county schools on a two hour delay. we'll continue to update them as we get that information available. >> also get that information on twitter by looking for abc2 news. >> also clear your calendar for today because you are invited to not one but two weddings. >> yeah you're not going to hear the words i do when this breaks down and there may not be much kissing or the conventional style kissing. all right, pets headed down the aisle coming up. >> details on that straight ahead. and two days of nonstop rain has caused a lot of problems in
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parts of southern georgia have been soaked by heavy rains during the past few days and take a look at this video. a massive sink home opening up in a city park near albany. it swallowed trees and a fence and neighborhoods in the area had to be evacuated. here our weather isn't so much of a story. we did see some snow. we just want the let people know carroll county and frederick county two hour they the morning. >> exact -- delay this morning. >> exactly. and it's off into the atlantic as of now but also because of the fog. we have patchy fog out the there this morning that will decrease as we get the northwesterly winds filtering in that's going to dry the air out. and as that sunrises things will start to improve. but as the kids head off the school today. they can expect that fog to be out there. temperature coming in at 33 degrees and by this afternoon, we'll see much more sunshine with that high coming in at 47. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook.
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good morning. good morning lynette. well, we are dealing with many accidents trouble in anne arundel county where there's a crash right now along the northbound lanes of 97 just passing route 32. and another accident westbound route 100 at telegraph road. and more problems on 695 where there's an accident on the outer loop at richie highway. in harford county, we have a crash near route 24 and another in edgewood along the westbound lanes of route 40 at edgewood road. but fortunately in the area 95 nice can clear. no delays heading down to white marsh: that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. following breaking news this morning out of south africa where a high-profile olympian now being questioned over the death of his suspected girlfriend. >> we've got now information to pass along to you this morning. police say she was found shot in his home. we have the latest on the investigation straight ahead. >> valentine's day, such a great holiday for women. for obvious reasons. i'm linda so. but what about those men in
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denny's has entirely new coffee, from the beans to the machines. try it for free on february 14th. thanks for staying with us on this thursday morning, breaking news once again out of south africa. a developing story where
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olympic sprinter oscar pistorius has been arrested and charged with murder after a woman was shot dead in his home in the capital city. you'll recall that he was a double am pow tee known as the blade runner who competed in the london games and quickly gained global notoriety for his accomplishments. police say he was taken into custody after that shooting earlier this morning at his home inside a gated complex. the associationed press is now reporting that when police arrived they found poor medics on the -- par mings on the scene try -- paramedics on the scene trying to revive the woman. this was a live look at the home in the city. the woman who many outlets are reporting was his girlfriend died at home you are seeing right now. police have not yet confirmed the identity of the victim. that was now changed. we want to amend that now. her name has been released. it is reva steencamp. she was known as a south african model. she was the face of say crop for that -- avon for a country and she was a rising star in
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the world of fashion and modeling. a number of south african immediate yo outlets are -- media outlets are also reporting that pistorius may have mistaken the woman as an intruder and then shot her. but police will only confirm they found a nine millimeter pistol at the scene and in return have now taken the 32- year-old sprinter into custody and arrested him. he's going to appear in court later today and megan, pistorius made history at the games last year when he became the first double amputee runner to ever compete in the track and field games. we're going to be updating the story for you on facebook and and on twitter. i sent a few tweets out a few moments ago and once again oscar pistorius has been officially charged with murder in the death of his girlfriend. thanks so much. five things to know on this thursday morning. the executive expect of the nra is going to respond to the president's state of the union address. you may remember president barack obama talked about toughening gun laws following the shooting in newton, connecticut. this valentine's day is
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also a day to bring awareness about violence against women. the v day organization encourages groups to come up with creative events like this from india to call attention to the global problem. and president obama continues to take his state of the union on the road. he's going to be speaking at a rec center in georgia. obama will discuss proposals to focus on strengthth strengthening the economy -- strengthening the economy for the middle class. a same sex marriage bill is being voted on in illinois in valentine's day. it will then be considered by the house after the senate passes. if it passes the governor is going to sign it. and whether you love thin mints or samoas it might be easier to track down the favorite cookies this year from the girl scouts. they are introducing an app to help you find the nearest sales and locations near you and you can also use credit cards to purchase the cookies. thinks have changed. about 110 million roses are going to be sold and delivered in celebration of valentine's
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day in a three day period. >> that is today. and if you haven't done anything yet, don't worry because linda so is working for you. she is going to tell you what you need to do so you don't have to sleep in the dog house. >> okay linda one thing about that. it might cost you a little more to stay out this year right? >> reporter: yeah, well they tell us here that a dozen roses all throughout february have been $99.99. that is for the high quality, the ones that are going to last you longer. we're here at rutland beard florist of ruxton. allison, thank you for joining us this morning. so those -- roses aren't going to go up like double today are they? >> oh heavens no. oh no no. they've gone up enough to reflect the additional cost of producing a one day holiday crop. >> reporter: okay real quickly, why do they go up so much during valentine's day? >> the biggest thing is, it's a one day holiday. but to get all these roses for a one day holiday in february,
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they have to prune the bushes in december. which means they lose their christmas crop. so the growers have lost a lot of income. they have to make up for it -- this is how they make up for it. >> reporter: absolutely, the previous hits we were talking about what you get for the women. what about men? do men really like flowers? >> oh men love flowers, they may not admit it. but you send a man flowers and they are going to -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: i like that look. and you probably want to send them something that isn't so pink and feminine right? you're working on a manly arrangement here? i'm working on something much more manly here. >> different colors, i've got ornamental kale here which is just way cool. i've got some fragrant hyacinths. i have some interesting leaves in here. this fancy leaf. and this wonderful gardening dusty miller. and then what i'm going to do
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to make it look more valentiney. i'm going to add some tulips to this to bring up the red. >> that's very nice. >> reporter: i think charlie, he's a guy he might like that. charlie do you like that? >> that will work. sure. >> would you like flowers on valentine's day? >> i would gladly accept flowers on valentine's day. i am trying to be the un-guy. >> there you go linda bring some back for charlie. >> i have a daughter and trying to get many touch with my more feminine side. >> manly man flowers for charlie. we're working on it. >> all right linda we'll check back with you in a little bit. good advice because you don't want to forget the sweetie. also bring a gift now because you're exclusively invited to the weddings of tippy and fuchsia. you can also hang around for the wedding for king julian and alana. >> shelter dogs and sheltered cats respectively because they are up for adoption at the baltimore humane society. and they do this every year.
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they have a pet wedding. >> here's video from last year event. that ceremony starts at 2:00 at the humane society of reisterstown. they're also promoting their lonely hearts club which showcases pets that have been at the sheller for longer than a year. megan you said you could watch this -- >> all day. >> all day. >> but i'll tell you who's like tearing up over the nuptials right now. lynette charles i see you, you're looking so like longingly -- how did they meet? what's this story behind this. i know you like that story. >> velvet may have a little mate hanging out there somewhere. >> i love it. i could look at that all day long. buff i have to watch the temperatures. so let's talk about that right now. because we are dealing with temperatures that are at freezing or below freezing in a lot of spots this morning. and this is of concern because we have the storm move through last night and we have slick spots reforming on the roadways this morning. so be prepared for that and give yourself enough time. 32 in baltimore right now. easton your temperature has gone down from the last time i
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saw this. so 33 right now. last thyme you were at 34. as we check out what's going on at the surface, well, we have that system off into the atlantic as of now. but we do have high pressure that will be building in replacing that just for a brief period of time and then we'll go back into unsettled-type weather. as we check out abc2's most accurate future trend it goes into motion and dry day with sunshine on tap for us. and then things start to go downhill as we go through tomorrow. by the evening we have a chance for some rain/snow mixing in once again backside of the system more snow. but it looks like it's not going to be a lot of accumulation just like the past storms but here's what you can expect on your valentine's day. that high temperature coming in at 48-degrees and we will get clear and mild as we go into the afternoon. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. well, valentine's day traffic is a mess right now. we are dealing with several accidents. a major crash on 97 shut down the northbound lanes at route 32. you will want to use richie highway instead. another crash southbound at new cut road. as we check in and take a live
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look here at 695, where you can see traffic is moving right along. but we have a crash on the outer loop at richie highway. no delays from parkville up to towson. if you are using the jfx to fete downtown just a normal 11 minute ride on the southbound lanes from the beltway all the way down to fayette street. no delays through the tunnels. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic stay with us, there's much more come up on "good morning maryland."
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okay, so valentine's day is not just for couples. it's also the day to show the people who you care about the most just how important they are to you. >> absolutely. >> kind of like you. >> thank you. happy valentine's day. and listen to this. 25 kids were interviewed about affection. what they love and even dating. >> it goes to a movie. >> costco. >> hobby lobby. >> we hike. >> yeah. >> costco is my favorite. >> chick-fil-a. >> good date. all right well the kids were even asked when they would get married and most of them said no. they were not going to get married.
5:57 am
some said after they graduate and others had no idea. fortunately they have a lot of time to think about it. pretty cute video to pass along this morning. >> i think the chick-fil-a milkshake. >> that's what you got out of that story? >> that was my takeaway i'm sorry. listen when your baby is screaming and crying sometimes the only thing to do to get them to be quiet is give them a pacifier. >> it's a miracle tool for a lot of parents but how sanitary is your child's pacifier? this is an incredible story. you may think twice before giving that kid the pacifier. we'll explain why in just a bit. you need to hear in. >> texting while driving is a major concern for lawmakers across the country. now one legislator in california is looking to toughen the laws of texting behind the wheel even more.
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