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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  February 5, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EST

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many people cannot live without facebook. what happens to facebook after you die. >> the legislations keeping your page up and going, long after you have gone in to the great beyond. good morning maryland at 5:00 begins right now. now, good morning maryland. >> firefighters recovering after a building collapses on them , the latest on their condition and a lumberyard fire this morning. your child's ride to school is about to get safer. legislation holds drives accountable for being unsafe. >> time to celebrate the ravens victory on the streets of baltimore. the trophy is back in charm city, parading through the streets on this tuesday, february 5th. good morning, maryland, i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. we are headed down to the parade. so is lynette charles. this is a day where you say bundle up and enjoy it. >> have a fabulous time. i'm so excited.
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i have been waiting for this. we have been talking about the super bowl forever. we are cold. we could be colder. we are above average, look at ellicott, 31 degrees now. pilesville 28. in baltimore that temperature at 32, we are freezing there. as we check out on the most powerful radar. we see a few snow showers coming around frederick, along i-70 this morning, you might see light flurries coming down around yellow springs, bartlett, heather view, a slick travel there, all in all, we are dry everywhere else as we look at what is going on with the planner for today. the temperatures will bump up, we will be seasonable as we go throughout the day as we go in to lunchtime, coming in at 39 degrees, the high temperature will be at 42. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. good morning, we are starting to see snow flurries along interstate 70, everything is clear, here at columbia
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pike, you won't have trouble over to 695, if you are using the beltway, here is what the northwest corner looks like, old court road. traffic is along, you are looking at a normal 11 minute ride on the outer loop, 795, all the way down to 95. as we look at the ore time save traffic drive time, the east side, also going to be delay free, taking you 11 minutes to travel from 95, up to 83, no concerns 95 and white marsh, 4 minutes, southbound from the beltway all the way in to the city. baltimore ravens are bringing the celebrations here to charm city and we are ready. the parade kicks off today. sherrie johnson joins us now live with more on the victory parade. sherrie johnson you have a purple glow behind you. there is a purple glow here over city hall. take a look. it is so exciting.
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folks are getting ready, the stage is set with the risers in place. there is already banners that are hanging in front of city hall, everything all in place, getting ready for the big victory celebration. the ravens will be parading through baltimore, once again, the parade route runs here from city hall through the streets to m and t bank stadium. yesterday, crews were out here, they began setting up for this big event, that parade kicks off at 10:45 this morning, with an introduction from mayor stephanie rawlings blake, at 12:30 , the fans can attend the celebration. it's been 12 years but the city can finally celebrate a second ravens world championship. today the team will take to the streets to be able to greet the fans, thank them for their support, this gives the fan as chance to get up and close and personal with the players and
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also show them how much they support them. this is going to be a huge celebration. a lot of people have been waiting a long time for this. a big day for folks. this event is free, it will be held rain or shine as the fans celebrate at super bowl champions. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. the baltimore ravens tweeted out this photograph of ray lewis holding the lombardi trophy. he has his first up in celebration. the baltimore ravens are world championships as we will be celebrating today's. welcome to the ravens home with abc 2, you can join us for our live team coverage, it starts today at 10:30, we will all be covering the event. you can catch us downtown, watch us on television. you can watch us on the internet, we will be streaming the parade live at
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the crowd was rowdy and wild when the ravens won. people celebrated in the streets, some celebrating above the streets. coming up later, we will show you video of a guy, climbing a street sign and began doing pull ups. it does not end well, we will show you the video coming up in a bits that guy comes crashing to the ground, also one guy decided he was going to jump from a building to a tree. the video coming up later on good morning maryland. update on news for you, a fire at a lumberyard in west baltimore, the building collapsed, it was a close call by one of the men on duty. one guy is hailed a hire row. >> the firefighters were -- a hero. >> the firefighters got out in time before the building around them collapsed. the fire was intense, this video captured shows flames
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shooting through all sides in west baltimore. the fire required massive response. crews tried to bring it under control but called out in time before part of the building collapsed. >> the firefighter in charge made the call to bring the firefighters out. the downtown deli next door was heavily damaged in the fire, several apartment buildings were spared. linda so, abc2 news. your child's drive to school is going to become safer. school bus drivers who break traffic laws will be held to account for actions. council voted for this after a investigation finding the drivers were blowing through the red lights without officials knowing about it. the measure requires copies of
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every speed and red light camera ticket be handed over to the district, the council and the mayor. a lot of bets made leading up to the super bowl. we talked about it last week. >> for a local furniture chain, their bet cost them big bucks but the customers have a lot to smile about today. we will explain how lady luck shined on them. this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy.
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you'll be a perfect fit. let's get to work. it's ten minutes after 5:00, $600,000, that is how much jones second half 108-yard return for a touchdown cost.
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the store promised to eat the cost of any furniture bought between january 31st, and 3:00 p.m. super bowl sunday in the ravens ran back a kick off. some people are happy for two reasons. good thing for the ravens and furniture. the crowds were rowdy in federal hill. we will show you this from previously on good morning maryland. celebrating in the streets. this guy, he is going to party pump there. pull ups on the street sign, wait for it. i think what is worse, you watch his head, he hits the cross sign right there. does not end well at all. no word if he was taken to the hospital. he probably didn't know what happened to him. he was feeling pain monday morning and residual effects were carrying over to this tuesday. >> absolutely not something to recommend. guess what i just learned?
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it is national weather person day, people. the modest lynette challenges, i know you know it exists. she did one of these. >> happy national weather person day. >> thank you. >> it's about the ravens. i had the forecast. it is going to be a wonderful day. we had the temperature coming in 37 degrees, yes it's going to be chilly. we will be excited, we are not going to feel that. bundle up as you head out and about. double up on the sox. the winds north at 5 miles an hour, under a mostly cloudy sky. temperatures are above average, 30 hair ford. bel air. stevensville 34 degrees this morning. 38 cambridge. denton 346789 ga galena 30. satellite and radar, not a going on, we had the clip their moved throughs this was
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supposed to give us slick roadses it broke up, it hit the mountains and fizzled out. we don't have to deal with that this morning. we another clipper on the way. as we go through tonight,ly keep flurries in the forecast again. the most accurate future trend picking up on that as we go through the overnight. by wednesday, thursday, things start to die down, we will get more sunshine in the forecast for us. speaking of the forecast, this is what it looks like @)for today. 10:00, cold, 35 degrees, by lunchtime, 39, mostly cloudy, 42, 43, normal for this time of the year. the seven-day forecast looks like this, dries things out on wednesday and thursday. brings rain showers in the forecast for friday. look, 52 degrees by mondays, we will get a bit milder as we go through time. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. good morning , the ravens victory parade will shutdown roads in downtown baltimore.
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the parade will leave around 10:45. this affects commerce street, pratt, howard street, 395 north, closed at conway, blight affected for a list of the closures, go to, if you are heading to the parade, parking will be free, at the stadium. this is a live look, 395, traffic is moving along, you won't have problems getting through the tunnels this morning fox you are headed to the beltway, a live look at the west side, baltimore, things up to speed. no problems up to 795, that's a look at your time saver traffic, meagan and charlie, over to you. health news this morning, cutting calories is a great idea, tough be careful about mixing diet drinks with alcohol. study suggests the drinks may make you more drunk than regular mixers. úbeverages like food
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and digests it longer and reduces the absorption of alcohol. blackout may have caused more people to blackout during the super bowl. sunday's game was the longest ever, more of you ate junk food and drank alcohol. 4.5 million people calle in late for work. if you made to it work, don't pat yourself on the back yet. people physically in the office but checked out mentally are a bigger drain on overall office output. men who watch telephone and those who skimp on tv may have lower concentrations of sperm than guy whose watch less o. obesity and high fat diets are ] xlow sperm
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counts. listen, facebook, is great. at least when you are alive. use less when you are no longer living. what should happen to your pageç solutions in some states are debating whether you remain live on line. honey, don't use your sleeve.
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vo: for cold and flu season, there's clorox bleach.
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what happens when facebook,
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when you are no longer living. states are trying to figure out that. a representative introduced legislation to allow the executor of an estate control over the social networking pages of the dead. passage of the bill would bridge a gap in policies of sites regarding users. consumer reports are warning car buyers that turbo charge engines may not deliver the speed or fuel economy. turbo charged pumped air in engine. car makers charge more because they promise extra power. there is a new contract, but not before making the rounds on late night tv. where flacco threw out one liner for the world to hear. finds out where you can
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text beyonce live when good morning maryland continues in a few moments. we are dry right now. we had clipper after clipper move through. i will tell you when the next chance for a clipper moves in, coming up. no problems on 895, south, o'donnell. how the ravens victory parade and rally could affect your commute coming up on good morning maryland. the car on the left was filled up with
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low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left.
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. less than 24 24 hours after winning the super bowl, joe flacco was on late night telephone. flacco tells david letterman, the time has come for him to start talking contract with the ravens. he is about to become a free agent. he said he could come to his office and pound on the desk. now that he has a little bit of leverage, he can do that and get the contract deal that he
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wants. like all super bowl mvp's flacco went to disney world, here he is with mickey and mini mouse. his wife is pregnant with the couple's second trial. after a dynamic super bowl 47 halftime show, beyonce is getting ready to tow the would, kicking off the mrs. carter tow on april 15th making stops in a number of countries, ireland, holland and france. the tour begins june 28th, la, and be at the verizon center july 29th. a discovery cop firmed, remains found under a parking lot belonged to english king, scientists announced a skull is that of richard the third. dna tests confirm the bones belong to the king, the king
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died in 1485. standsoff lasting almost a week comes to a dramatic ends. find out what responders found when they stormed a bunker where a man killed a bus driver and holding the child hostage.
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trial of a man accused of murdering barns is turned over to the jury. a lumberyard fire wreaked havoc in baltimore. today you have the
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opportunity to welcome the ravens are with a super bowl parade fit for world champions. we will say thank you and well done. we hope you join us here on the air and life and on follow us on facebook and twitter, posting throughout the experiences. meteorologist, lynette charles, with a check of the forecast this morning. what can we expect. >> expect temperature wise, sky wise, mostly cloudy skies, dry, also we will be chilly. with all the excitement we will warm things up out there. dress in layers. temperatures in just a second, let's start with maryland's most powerful radar, a few know showers around frederick, along i-70, this is not hitting the ground, that's the problem, it's been dry outside. if you are seeing anything very light in nature, a few flurries, we will stay that way throughout t


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