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first windy and now i'll let you know when you can see the first signs of snow. how you can avoid having to pay for an education that isn't even yours. we begin tonight tracking more snow. for now the skies are clear and cool, and winter weather is headed our way. . >> temperatures keep dropping. there's still enough breeze to give you a wind-chill factor. even by february standards, we're feeling it out there. take a look at the numbers. you can see 21 in baltimore, but still room to fall tonight.
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22 in easton. as we look at the overall wind speed, it's still 10-15. so it feels like single digits. cambridge 12 above, about as cold as it gets in winter in maryland. our next weather maker already developing out to the west. pretty heavy snow west of chicago, and this system headed our way. we'll talk about the window of time it will arrive over your super bowl weekend straight ahead. we know more about a death at the aberdeen proving grounds. george lazaro junior died during a routine dive. the cause has not been determined. the army says it is investigating. tonight begins 30 years in
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prison for a maryland man who ran an online child porn bulletin board. he's from baltimore and was convicted after a four day jury trial in indianapolis. prosecutors there say he helped run a site where child porngraphers shared images and video. this is his second conviction. a guilty verdict in 2010 was overturned on appeal. there has been an arrest in connection with the owensville stabbing we first told you about last night. police say he stabbed his roommate after the two got into a fight. the victim lateran into a business for help. a job posting will go in the paper next week and the position advertised and interviews will begin.
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at least one person who watched the trial unfold believes leopold was only thinking of himself when he resigned. >> the indictment wasn't enough, but it seems the guilty verdict is. john leopold had pressure to resign in march. on tuesday he was found guilty on two counts of misconduct in offers. three days later he resigned. >> this county has been humiliated for so long, and we need a fresh start. >>reporter: a spokesperson for the former county executive said he had someone else deliver his resignation letter on friday afternoon. we have a copy that says he acknowledges the serious errors in judgment and that it was a compelling and humbling experience to sit through the trial, but stopped short of an apology. >> why don't you say you're sorry and admit your mistakes. >>reporter: joan harris has her own road to travel with a civil lawsuit against him claiming retaliation. members of the county council
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are ready to move on, but at least one can look at the good in leopold. >> john leopold during his time when we had a very difficult fiscal time served the county in that situation very well. >>reporter: he did support a bill that was to get him out of office before he resigned. >> the bill will actually be withdrawn now. >>reporter: he'll be able to keep his pension since he resigned. joan harris believes stepping down may put him in a more favorable light prior to sentencing. >> i believe that it might have been an attempt to pull some kind of sympathy or look what i did, i stepped down. >>reporter: so a new county executive could take his seat in the next month. the chairman says he and other delegates have thrown their names in the hat. any councilmember who runs can't vote on the position.
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. investigators are trying to find out what touched off a fire that killed two little girls in myersville in frederick county last night. a three-year-old and her six- year-old sister were trapped inside, and despite the best efforts of firefighters, they couldn't get inside in time. their eight-year-old sister is being treated in dc, and the father is also in the hospital. the child's mother was treated and released. anne arundel county, a woman found in a wooded area there in laurel yesterday morning. authorities think she drowned when the camp site was flooded. a teenager is dead and another seriously injured after
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a shooting in edge wood last night. the shots were fired at a park near the windsor valley community. >> my daughter heard moaning and popping. when the police came up to her, she told them that she heard the moaning over on this side. >> the 17-year-old died from his wounds and the 18-year-old was taken to shock trauma and is expected to survive. anyone with any information that could hepa lease lead them to the gunman can call the sheriff's office. the defense will begin its case on monday of a man accused of killing a woman. john's own neighbor testified that on that morning he saw
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johnson struggling to move a large and heavy blue plastic tote from their apartment and told the court that he asked johnson if he needed help because it looked like he did, but johnson said no. johnson is charged with murder in barns' death. folks at the marriott waterfront are at it again. they lit up the place to pay tribute to our ravens. their laser light show ran from 6-9 tonight featuring ray lewis' world famous dance and other ravens highlights. when they win on sunday night, the hotel will play another bigotry beaute exactly when the game ends. we want to know what you think. when you think baltimore sports, what comes to mind first? you've been sounding off on facebook. some people even say that depends on the time of year. that makes sense. sound off on our facebook page
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on bourbon street is packed and alive, invading the big easy. we're taken to the heart of the jazz scene there. >> bourbon street is always crazy, but tonight it's covered in a purple haze. >>reporter: new orleans is rocking. it may be the longest pre-game celebration on record. >> the pre-game tomorrow night, sunday and the game. >> tonight it's going to be wild and tomorrow night even more wild and sunday night excitement. >> i've got a really wonderful woman. >>reporter: this couple is down here for their honeymoon. football comes first with this
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family. flying all the way from dubai. >> he went when he was four years old and at ray lewis' first game and he's going to be at ray lewis' last game. >>reporter: these ravens fans acted right at home. >> if we win, life is good. >> it's new orleans, bourbon street, the super bowl. everybody is having a good time. how about those ravens [cheers and applause] >> in the spirit, abc2 is
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teaming up with the saint bernard project. while we cover the super bowl, you can help rebuild homes in new orleans. well, another well-known baltimore man is making a trip down to the super bowl. a former police officer says he's taking his son kevin with him to the super bowl. he was shot in the line of duty back in '87 and has several medical problems because of it. he's lost his ability to smell, taste and sight as well. he can't watch the game, but he's going to feel it. >> i go to the games with my son, kevin. i bring a radio with me, and what i do is listen to the play by play and then obviously with the energy and enthusiasm and electricity of the crowd, it's very, very enjoyable. >> very cool. his story was turned into a book and even became a part of
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the inspiration behind the famous show, "the wire." the nfl is already looking forward to the next season. the commissioner delivered his state of the nfl speech today, and in it he highlighted the major areas he wants to focus on, first player safety. testing for human growth hormone and eliminating hits to the head were also on the list. >> it's the person doing the striking, i think we're going to have to continue to see discipline escalate, particularly on repeat offenders. >> expects the testing for human growth hormone to start next season. >> if your child plays sports, you need to check out our story online on concussions. the latest from alabama
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where a young boy is being held hostage for a fourth straight day. how they're getting him important medicine and what people are saying about the bus driver who gave his life to save the other children. on the weather front, more snow headed our way for part of the weekend. we're going to nail down the exact hours you can expect the white stuff straight ahead. later, what the government is doing to get your children to eat a little healthier
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. four days held hostage, a five-year-old being held captive in a bunker 4 feet underground in alabama. >>reporter: the agonizing polite of a five-year-old boy named ethan continues in southwestern alabama. he's believed to have autism
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and is a prisoner, held captive by this man, a 65-year-old james lee dykes. authorities released his picture on friday. >> it's an innocent kid. he's crying for his parents and grandparents. >> above the bunker a swarm of deputies standing by, dropping medicine down to him through a pvc pipe. >> please continue to be patient and continue to pray for a safe conclusion to this incident. >>reporter: they're trying to gain trust with dykes. the hostage drama began tuesday when dykes stormed a school bus and snatched ethan. >> he wanted two children between the ages of six and eight. >>reporter: and he might have taken more children if the bus driver has not fought back, opening the back door so the
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other kids could escape before dykes shot him to death. >> he showed the love for them kids because he gave his life. >> to be able to stand between the children and this man, he died a hero. >> the funeral will be held on sunday. a rough first day on the job for secretary of state john kerry who took over the position from hillary clinton. hours after a suicide bomber attacked a turkish embassy, he had a new situation to deal with. a ban that kept women from serving in thousands of combat jobs has been lifted. 31% of them say they're interested in getting into combat. some of them could be in new
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front line positions later this year. a record number of households are dealing with college debt and on top of that more middle-aged americans are paying student loans. those aren't for their own education is the surprise. >>reporter: they have the best of intentions when it comes to saving for their kids' college. >> it's hard to save when you're paying a mortgage and utilities. >>reporter: so when they went off to school, scholarships didn't cover it. they took out lots of loans. $120,000 worth of debt. >> it cost as much to borrow to put our children through college than it did to buy our house. >>reporter: they're part of a
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growing number of americans facing massive loan amounts to help their kids cover college costs. >> debt from the graduate education, cosigning on private student loans. >>reporter: the amount borrowed for parent plus loans through the federal government has doubled in the last decade with an average balance of $34,000. more parents than ever are borrowing for their children's education, and the average amount of debt is growing. >> the only form that doesn't have an aggregate limit. >> before the credit crisis, about half of all private
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student loans required cosigners. in the aftermath, today more than 90% of new private student loans require cocineras. >> he tells students and parents to only borrow what you need, not the loan limit, which is not always necessary. now maryland's most accurate forecast. >> got to do it on the super bowl weekend. new orleans, 53 degrees right now as the ravens get ready to get it done this weekend down there. i have a time lapse to show you from the big easy today.
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take a look. a lot of air traffic in the skies over new orleans today. here we go, getting ready to do our thing. back here in baltimore, 20 degrees, dew point at four. manchester, snow on the football field up here in northeastern carroll county. if we go a little further west, there's weather on the map. the clipper system slowly diving southeastward heading toward the mid-atlantic the
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next couple of days so we'll look for some of the snow in here starting tomorrow night. the window between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. sunday morning, primarily the snow showers lasting a little later sunday morning. look at these winds, west 10- 15, which drops the wind-chill factor, feeling like single digits. not record breaking cold, but not far off. we're bring this in about 8:00 tomorrow night, snow showers firing up. roads could get a little slick. contact, even though it's light. it tapers off to mainly flurry action the next morning. there will be a coating to an inch on the ground sunday morning. late in the day sunday we should go above freezing which will allow temperatures to melt off a little bit of the light snow. cold for the first half of the
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weekend. i don't think we ever go above freezing saturday, then the snow saturday night. sunday we'll warm up temperatures a bit. again, we stay nice and clear tomorrow. it's the next system that we're keeping an eye on saturday night and sunday morning. overnight 15, partly cloudy, less breezy at least tomorrow. snow starts late in the afternoon and evening and snow showers picking up overnight tomorrow night, tapering off slowly sunday morning. your super sunday there. i think as we go into the afternoon and you travel to the super bowl parties, light snow tapering off through the day on sunday. a few degrees above freezing will help melt anything on the paved surfaces. temperatures going to struggle o to get out of the 30s. another chance for snow tuesday
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night. >> i hate snow. february is american heart month, and tomorrow kelsey helping bring awareness to the problem of heart disease. join her at the mall for a heart health fair. there will be cooking demonstrations, heart screenings. they start at 11:00 a.m. and run through 12:30 and a fashion show begins at 12:45. good place to be. ook perfect on you, catherine!
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sex only burns about 21 calories, contradicting claims that it's a vigorous fat burning workout. the national institute of health funded study says that most claims about the calorie burning potential of sex is based on one hour increments, but the study worked off an average time of six minutes, but there were a good six minutes. another study on cleaning out your ears will probably be published soon as well. >> there's jogging and sprinting and different versions of everything. >> yoga. before we get too far, the seven-day forecast, look for light snow saturday night and into early sunday. probably only about an inch or so of accumulation. cold weekend, and check this out. a live shot of new orleans if i can get it to come up.
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to the right, the superdome. can you feel the energy? >> warm down there too. >> around 60 degrees. >> sounds good. go ravens. we'll be back right after this. there is no mass-produced human.
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they're bottling and selling
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air, like the smell of victory. >> i'd like the smell of victory. >> i just want a good battle, hard fought game. we'll see what happens. >> that's for us right now. you can always get the news online. >> go ravens, baby
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this is dylan right here, this is dylan, and this is his big brother hayden. dylan's only five, but he's already been through two surgeries for brain tumors. and he just went through his second round of chemo. and this is their mother, dawn,
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who runs this loving and happy home. she too struggled with tumors. but that doesn't slow her down. her love of family comes first. their dad, phil, works two jobs, repairing copiers, and on weekends delivering newspapers. but the bills keep piling up, and the heating bill gets pushed off. when you learn about their difficulties, it just breaks your heart. when we asked the biggest oil companies to help families in need, only citgo, the people of venezuela, and president hugo chavez responded. thanks to them, citizens energy is able to deliver millions of gallons of fuel to families just like the berios. i'm joe kennedy. if you need help staying warm, call me at 1-877-joe-4-oil. because no one should be left out in the cold!


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