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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  February 1, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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and called 911. michael karens is dead. 18-year-old cousins was shot multiple times. state rested in the barns murder trial, called a witness who se he saw the suspect struggling with a tote days after barns was reported missing. the neighbor asked johnson if he needed help and johnson told him no. weather weis, cold and windy, a little bit of clearing late in the day. clouds and little bit of snow actions this morning. winds, west, 15-25, right now, that really keeping the windchill factor down. we had peak wind gusts today's in the mid 40s, gusting to 47 47 baltimore. the current aired chill, what it feels like, one above westminster, 11 above edgewood. 12 above in kept island. this is brutal stuff. it looks like a winter like weekend around here with the chance for more snow, got all
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the details in a couple of minutes. unless you have been living under a rock, it's purple friday. i got my purple pride on. >> the hair is quite catching. >> when i wear purple, bad things happen to the ravens. i want them to win. >> it's not just any purple friday, no, we are two days away from the super bowl. the ravens have been at work in the big easy all week, endless interviews to practices later than usual in the day to get ready for the late start on sunday night. we are getting a early start celebrating on what we know will be a big win sunday. kelly is live. [technical difficulties]
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if you are going talk about southern louisiana, talk about the hurricane. we have your beers and spit. rich you guys are ready to make the hurricane should the customer want it. first start off with ice. we got our rum. got to have the rum. >> ba cardy. >> yes, orange juice, pineapple and a little bit of grenadine. >> that gives -- red flavor. it ties together. top it off with an orange. you got rich here rs he will make you your hurricanes, guys. >> what is you name, sir?
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>> nick. that is yours. we will be life throughout the night, getting ready at come by and say hi, join us, as always, super bowl 47, time to go ravens, give it up one more time. live here, charley crowson, abc2 news. this reminds me of a birthday party for you. >> charlie, bring us back hurricanes. more ravens fans are arriving in new orleans, for the super bowl, we still have two days to go before we get to kickoff. as christian shaffer tells us, that is plenty of time for those fans to get nfl experience of their own. >> the first thing you have to understand about the experience, is that it is huge. they call it an interactive theme park built inside of new orleans massive convention center, 850,000 square feet of
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running, passing and kicking and since it's new orleans, there is music not to mention super bling, and this. >> this is really cool, a lot of people can't do it. it's a good opportunity. >> fans line up to have picture take within the lombardi trophy. >> it's pretty likely, they have had an amazing season, especially the playoffs. they can be a hard team. >> reporter: there is a demonstration of how the footballs are made , the wilson company, flies employees from the factory in ohio to the super bowl every year. >> everything that you see here at the nfl experience is what we do in the factory. the same people made the footballs that are you are going to see on field on sunday during the super bowl. >> reporter: they have to wait until after the afc championship to start making these , the ravens and 4ers names are on each of the super bowl ball. ravens and 49ers have been given 108 of the custom made
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footballs and extra ones for the kickers. each team chooses half, 54, submitting those on sunday. ravens fans, darryl and felecia, here since tuesday, darryl scored a perfect ten in the dance contest by mimicking ray lewis. or so he claims. >> you are not going to show the folks at home right now? >> they had to be here. >> next time, darryl. i decided to give the quarterback position a try. since i'm cutting the video for the story myself, we will say the pass went in to the net. christian shaffer, abc2 news. >> i suspect creative editing there. as christian and the others are covering the run up to the super bowl, we have been working with the st. bernard
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project, rebuilding homes for families trying to recover from hurricane katrina. if you are interested in getting involved, help, head to for nola. there is information about the project and a link to donate. choose ravens nation, in the program designated section. the super bowl is an enormous holiday, especially las vegas. >> bet on everything worldwide. consider this, $100 million is going just on the coin toss. also bet on whether it will take alecia keys more than 2 minutes, 10 seconds to sing the national anthem. what color will be the gatorade dumped on the coach's head. whatever it is -- you can bet on it in vegas. bet or no bet, there are a lot of ravens fans who have certain rituals they follow to ensure a win. i don't wear purple.
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everything from purple underwear to purple margaritas, hopefully not in the same cup. head to to see the comments and add your own pregame ritual. you don't have to just watch the super bowl, you can be a part of it. we can tell you how your ipad or smart phone can get you in to the game.
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we are live for abc2 news purple pep rally. folks are having themselves a good time, enjoying themselves 110%. ravens get ready to take on san francisco 49ers if the super bowl. joining me is brian. you are one of the branch
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managers. how psyched are you that the ravens are getting ready to go to the super bowl? >> it's incredible. not everybody gets a chance to see this and do this. >> what is the prediction? >> 30-10. >> ravens winning. >> ravens. >> we are expanding in the area. trying to make a -- >> reporter: going on here. the dow jones closed above 14,000 for the first time in five years. nasdaq rose nearly 37 points to close at 31.79. sp rose 15 points to close at 15.13. all the stores have sales on big screens this weekend,
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advertisers are concentrating on small screens when it comes to commercials for the game. karen has more on how the fans are interacting with the ads before the game like never before. >> reporter: super bowl advertisers have gone from the small screen, to the smaller screen. two super bowl advertisers left the vergt verdict on the spots. doritos pitted spots against each other for a shot at appearing during the game. the winner of the coke chase between bands of cowboys, show girl, voting on line or using twitter for each team. updates will take place across all of the media platforms and votes tallied through the end of the game. toyota super bowl campaign asked twitter and insta gram
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users to post photos with wish granted for a chance to win a spot in the game day ad. the pregame ad is part of an on going hash tag campaign that asked fans in san francisco and baltimore to make social noise to win free snacks. taking a different approach, target, not traditionally a super bowl tv advertiser with the almost 4 million-dollar price tag for a 30 second spot. retailer has gone for a mobile app, snack bowl, fans can play, during timeout. people love their iphones and got the bills to prove it. data released from a consumer research firm shows iphone users pay the most money for their phone bills. 60% of iphone users pay more than 100 bucks a month for service. the number drops 10% for android users. a five year old boy held hostage in a under grounds
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bunker. find out what police are doing to end the standoff. the pastor who tipped 10% is feeling the heat after the waitress posted the tip on line.
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all right, maryland's most powerful radar, it's clear. that's a good thing, a clear night tonight in to the day tomorrow. things will change again late saturday in to early sunday. especially the overnighttime frame, we look for snow, more in a second. first current conditions, bwi frigid. 25 degrees, dew point 3. air is dry. the winds are extreme. a chap stick kind of a night if you are headed on the town. all right, take a look at the weather today, manchester, snow on the football field.
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light dusting of snow, earlier today. in fact, not just in manchester, back to that for a second and you can see that, maybe we can't. winds from the west, 15-22. brutal windchill factor, that's going to continue. the gusts are up closer to 30. these winds are just going to continue to howl through the rest of the evening here. the gusts have been bringing the windchill factors down to the teens at times. when you add the wind, this is 8 above, hagerstown. 12 above, baltimore, and 15 above in easton. that is one frigid february night for you. across the yeah, that early morning snow system, that's gone. put a little more snow than what we experienced in maryland and southern new jersey. that kicks out to sea. that won't hold up long. a new clipper diving south will begin to arrive in to the baltimore area by saturday afternoon and evening.
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round of snow showers, first wave saturday, second wave, wrap around this thing in to sunday morning. we could get a couple of inches of powder potentially, around a 1 inch average for the city. areas north and west could get more. it's going to be a white wake up on sunday morning. weather will improve through the day. the chill is going to be with us throughout the weekend. we will moderate sunday, the cold air pouring in to the night out of the canadian prairies. the gates are open to canada. that's going to get the cold air flowing in. cold air across the great lakes generating the snow machine again. that next disturbance, developing and forming across the northern plain states, this system, which doesn't look that impressive will dive south, we think intensified a little bit over the appalachian to the west, look for snow from the system, beginning late saturday. tonight, 15 degrees. whatever little bit of snow is left, where you live, is not going to go any tonight.
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brutally cold. tomorrow, we are below freezing. once it starts snowing, it will stick well to any surface. could be slick tomorrow night with the snow showers, on and off throughout the night. blasting in to sunday morning. we begin to clear through midday sunday. clearing in to the afternoon. in the meantime, dealing with the light snow, late saturday and early sunday. as we go beyond that, things look cold by early february standards in the upper 30s with another system diving south in to our area, tuesday in to wednesday. a few inches possible and maybe another system on friday. we are in the patents it's an active pattern, cold pattern, none of the snow storms that are particularly huge or powerful but enough to be a nuisance, sunday morning. >> keeping you on your toes. now to another deadly incident at a u.s. embassy
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abroad. >> explosion claimed two lives in a critical area of the world that has diplomats on high alert. >> this is what the state department is calling a terrorist attack. >> reporter: state department is calling it a terrorist attack. after 1:00 p.m. local time in turkey, a bomb went off a security check point at the u.s. embassies one person was killed, a guard at the gate. a citizen was wounded according to the u.s. ambassador there. television showed damage to part of an outer tbeat house, adjacent to the main building at the embassy. department officials said the u.s. is working closely with the turkish national police to assess the damage and casualties and will begin an investigation. >> it is a terrorist attack, we don't know who is responsible or the motivations behind the
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attack. >> reporter: security at u.s. embassies and come pounds have been front and center since the september 11th attack. four americans were killed in libya, including the u.s. ambassador, chris stevens. >> the embassies are picking up security. very difficult to defense against suicide bombers. >> reporter: turkey is a key u.s. alli in the region, located in between europe and the middle east. u.s. embassy is heavily fortified and other embassies are located, including germany and france. the suspected suicide bomber, didn't get past the initial check point, inside the compound. this attack could have been much worse. the hostage situation in alabama is in its fourth day, 65 year old jimmy lee dike shot a school bus driver and took a
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kindergartener in to his underground bunker. undergro#nder. ker. >> everybody is tired and getting frustrated and saying we need to get this thing over. the most important thing is s@z9 taking our time and waiting for the best outcome. >> the boy being held is described as mildly autistic and needing medication. it is a sad statement about the times we live in , the drills to practice how schools will react are a common thing. if you are going to stage one, you want to warn people. a district in new mexico did not. it went through a fake lockdown without telling students, parents or the police for that matter. students were terrified hiding under desks making plans to escape and calling moms and dads in panic. >> i felt scared. >> the school district admits they made a mistake, saying
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students should have been told it was a drill. coming up at 6:00. a shooting in a popular edgewood park leave as teen dead and another seriously hurt. the latest on the investigation. if you need to buy your facebook friend a birthday gift , there is a new way to give. use a facebook gift card. we will have those stories and more coming up at 6:00. we gotta sell the car. where would we even start?
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this is going to cost a waitress her job. >> i don't understand why.
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>> reporter: if how much to tip leaves you stumped, wait until you hear the story of the waitress, the pastor and the receipt. >> reporter: pastor bell was part of a party of ten, eating at an applebees in st. louis, pastor did not appreciate the automatic 18% gratuity charged to large groups, she put on the receipt i give god 10%, why do you get 18? signed it pastor. >> that was too much for the waitress who posted the receipt on the website. >> i took a picture because i thought it was comically immature. >> reporter: the pastor wasn't laughing once the receipt went viral and posters started calling her. >> hypocrite pastor. >> reporter: chelsey wasn't serving the table. she heard about the receipt from the actual server. >> the server calls me and said
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you are not going to believe this. >> reporter: the 18% gratuity was taken out of the credit card. she wrote 0 in the space for additional tip but says. >> i put $6 on the table. >> reporter: when the i give god 10% receipt became news, the pastor called applebees to complain. >> they wanted me fired. the server fired. my manager fired. >> reporter: chelsey was fired, now instead of worrying about getting tips, she could use job hunting tips. applebees acknowledged chelsey's dismissal, saying our guests personal information including their meal check is private, neither applebees or franchise sees have a right to share the information publicly. the pastor has had a change of heart. >> it was a lapse in my judgment. i apologize for that. >> i am sorry that i violated your privacy and posting your signature. >> would i do that again? no. i would not ever do that again.
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you offended me. you offended me and our server. >> reporter: what would jesus tip? on that subject, god is not tipping his hand. >> what did you learn? >> not to be writing nothing on the receipt. >> new york. >> that whopping $6 on the table after 152, $200 bill, lot of money there. the chimps at the zoo are not leaving tips but making predictions for the super bowl winner. >> find out which team they picked on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. verbal fever is tyking over from baltimore down to northerly, counting down to the big -- new orleans counting down to the big game. on


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