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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 25, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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this morning, super soaker. >> tropical storm debbie parked over florida and the gulf coast. already taking several lives. and set to unleash days of rain. we'll show you where it's headed next. it could be decision day at the supreme court. the fate of the president's health care law expected any time, in the ruling that could change everything. heart health. the weekend scare for alex trebek. questions about when he could be back on "jeopardy!" and a little mom jgenuity to get him out of trouble. good monday morning, everybody. i'm paula faris. >> i'm john muller, in for rob nelson. we begin with soaking rains along the gulf coast to mississippi. >> tropical storm debbie is barely moving this morning. about 100 miles from the florida
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panhandle. whipping up 60-mile-per-hour winds. it triggered this enormous waterspout off of jupiter, florida. several tornadoes are also touching down, including one that killed a woman near tampa. >> that's leaving entire roads under water. thousands of people hitting the beach yesterday. but swimmers were being warned to stay out of the surf. >> debbie is proving quite difficult to predict. but this morning, it's moving northeast. >> accuweather meteorologist jim dickey has the latest on the storm. >> debby, nearly stationary off the coast of florida. torrential rainfall. the tampa area. as much as o foot of rain. it's only the beginning. strong, gusty winds through the day, as well. waves, 8 to 15 feet. this storm very slow-moving. making landfall late tomorrow morning. the main threat of this storm continues to be flooding.
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paula and john, back to you. and from too much water to not enough of it. triple-digit temperatures are creating dangerous conditions in colorado, where eight wildfires are burning. a fire near colorado springs erupted saturday, and grew to more than three-square miles yesterday. 11,000 residents were told to leave their homes ahead of the fire. and the 2-week-old fire has destroyed nearly 260 homes. and battling nature on two fronts. we'll have the latest from colorado and the gulf, later on "good morning america." also in colorado, breaking overnight, a terrifying scene as a denver policeman is gunned down in the middle of a crowded city park. >> hundreds of families had gathered in the park for a free weekly jazz concert. the officer had been trying to break up a confrontation when she was shot in the head. in oklahoma, three workers still missing after a freight
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train collision in eastbound union pacific train and a westbound one crashed sunday morning near goodwell. the other conductor appears to be uninjured but shaken up. two new york area airports had to be evacuated over the weekend because of security issues. last night, a terminal at la guardia was briefly emptied after a small electrical fire in a machine. and on friday, a terminal at jfk was evacuated for about two hours after a metal detector malfunctioned. the clock is ticking towards the end of the current supreme court term. that means a ruling for president obama's health care law could come today. there's plenty at stake. tahman bradley joins us with mo more. >> reporter: the health care law is the signature law. and it's believed the ruling we're all waiting for was actually made soon after those
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arguments. here's some of the possibilities. the entire law could be uphill or struck down. or the justices could rule against part of it. one area that's possible is the so-called individual mandate, which requires most many earns to get insurance or face penalties. it could invalidate the expansion of the medical rule to the poor. the timing could be no more important as it comes four months from the presidential election. the white house has had a quiet confidence that the law would be upheld. but if the ruling goes against the president, it would surely set off fierce scrambling over the reaction. not to mention, john, some likely damage control. >> all right. tahman bradley in washington. thank you. turning overseas to egypt where democracy is in action right now. there's a new president-elect. he's mohammed morsi, the candidate backed by the muslim brotherhood. morsi's main problem is egypt's
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powerful military rulers. last week, they stripped the president's office of most of its power. morsi is expected to meet with egypt's military council some time today. global warming being blamed for rapidly rising sea levels along much of the east coast. researchers say since 1990, the atlantic ocean is rising four-times faster from cape hatteras to the boston area. they say climate change has turned the 600-mile stretch there as a hot spot for flooding. the outer bands of tropical storm debby, drop heavy rain from the florida panhandle to mississippi. hail and high winds around boston, new york, philadelphia and d.c. and nowers in the northwest. scorching heat from denver to dallas. triple digits in phoenix. colorado springs and dallas, 80s in the middle of the country. coming up, the massive
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refund coming to madoff victims who lost it all. then, the base car left by cops to capture criminals. and the downside of our digital world. are we really
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welcome back on this monday morning. a new settlement this morning in the historic bernie madoff ponzi scheme. clients of a new york hedge fund manager that put money into the
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scheme, will get a combined $425 million back. the clients include a new york charity and homes for the homeless, among many other groups. they'll get back about 40% of their losses. drivers are seeing more savings at the gas station this morning. dropping to $3.42 per gallon. and prices in the west, have dropped as much as 30 cents since the beginning of the month. drivers in alabama and mississippi, now paying the lowest prices. overseas markets are down because of growing doubts about the european union summit this week. tokyo's nikkei average leading 64 points today. hong kong's hang seng losing 82. on wall street, the dow fell 126 points last week. the nasdaq was up 20. it was a brave weekend at the movies. the 3d film from pixar, which is part of our parent company, disney, is the first feature
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with a female lead character. "brave" opened with $66 million in ticket sales. "madagascar 3" came in second. and "abraham lincoln scln vampire hunter" time in third. 2 maker of the blackberry smartphone is reportedly thinking about splitting its network division. and blackberry is partly to blame for our addiction to phones. a new study finds that nearly 60% of us check our cell phones at least once an hour. more than half check them in bed. 40% in the bathroom. and three-quarters of us panic when we can't find our phones. the onus falls on us. >> i blame it on the red light that flashes and calls your name. next on the morning news, the latest on our top story, which is tropical storm debby. and the sandusky verdict, likely to put him in prison for life. will the victims now go after
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she's got bounty. in this lab demo, one sheet of new bounty leaves this surface cleaner than two sheets of the leading ordinary brand. bounty. let the spills begin. recapping our top story. tropical storm debby remains in a virtual standstill, 100 miles from the florida panhandle. parts of the state have seen more than a foot of rain. debby is being blamed for the death of one woman. and a man is missing after being caught in the rough surf. wet highways for the morning commute, from the nation's capital up to boston. and a slick ride from northern california into the pacific northwest, as well as the northern rockies. >> and if you're flying, airport delays are possible in no miami, new york, boston, philadelphia, and washington, d.c. jerry sandusky's lawyers
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have begun laying a groundwork for an appeal in that case. >> and what about sandusky's husband, dottie? here's david kerley. >> reporter: she stood by her man, until he was taken away in handcuffs. dottie sandusky shed no tears as the verdict was read. only shaking her head at the jury. despite testimony from one victim that she should have heard him screaming as he was abused in her basement. >> this is not unusual at all. many people use denial as a self-defense mechanism because they can't bring themselves to face the fact that the person they love may also be a monster. and in this case, was, in fact, a monster. >> reporter: dottie sandusky's support of her husband, never seemed to waiver. taking the stand, critical of the accusers. saying she didn't know why the boys would lie. but then, she learned that her own adopted child, her son,
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matt, he, too, was victimized. >> she has to look at herself in the mirror and admit that her own son, her own adopted son, was being victimized under her nose and she did nothing about it. >> reporter: sandusky's attorneys have hinted at an appeal. even if they don't, this case is far from over. for penn state and dottie sandusky. >> i think criminally, she's probably in the clear. civilly, though, people are going to be suing jerry sandusky. and i would expect that that family will walk away with almost no money. >> reporter: so, as sandusky sits in a prison cell, dottie sandusky may find herself in another courtroom, facing victims who want compensation. david kerley, abc news, washington. lots of serious questions being asked why part of a shopping mall collapsed over the weekend in northern ontario, canada. emergency crews have stayed out of the structure because it's been considered unstable. they are expected to enter this morning. a section of the mall's roof
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crumbled, leaving a 40-foot-by-80-foot hole. police were hoping to catch a thief. and you're not going to believe who took the bait. this 11-year-old boy broke into the car after stealing a few items from the car. the boy, who could barely see over that steering wheel, he took his friends for a joyride. his partners in crime are another 11-year-old and a 10-year-old. the kids were charged with delinquency. this teenager in san diego finds himself in some trouble after getting stuck in a soda machine. >> wow. >> just trying to steal a coke, when his arm got caught and he couldn't pull it out. no one had the key, either. after an hour, rescuers used heavy equipment to break the machine open. his fine. he's being charged with petty theft and a little public humiliation. >> not what you want for your 15 minutes of fame, buddy. alex trebek is recovering
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from a mild heart attack. trebek has hosted "jeopardy!" for 28 years. he's expected to fully recover and return to the show when production resumes next month. now, some sports. tennis' third slam event of the year gets going today at wimbledon. there's coverage this morning on our sister network, espn, which also brings you your baseball highlights. >> randy scott here for your "sportscenter" update. we start in new york. r.a. dickey taking on c.c. sabathia. a little sac fly to right. curtis granderson will score. that snaps the streak without allowing an earned run. two runners on for nick swisher. that streak is all kinds of over. swisher's 11th home run of the year for a three-run job. dickey five earned.
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dickey waved home. we have a play at the plate. and watch dickey get tagged in the face. good thing the ball wasn't there, either. mets down 5-2. it's a 5-4 game. ruben hajada. top eight, same score, until robinson cano takes miguel batista deep. cano's 16th of the year. to the kings of ping. college world series finals. and steve spurrier watching the gamecocks. his parents are digging it. arizona on top, 2-0. konners spells his name with a account "k." then, dantzler grounding out. arizona wins, takes game one
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5-1. the wildcats could become the second team to go a perfect 10-0, in the ncaa tournament. south carolina stands in their way. 8:00 on espn. could be the last game of the college baseball season. >> go for a baseball game. >> yeah. >> nachos and hot dogs. >> you want the food. >> i like the game, too. >> i go with a hot dog. i go with a large, frothy beverage, that you might be able to figure out. >> you're talking about a soda. >> you have to go to the atm. it's not cheap these days. up next, a track and field snapshot. you're not going to believe. something that's never happened before. ever. and trouble for that bear cub right there. a suburban garage. until mom comes to the rescue. [ sneezes ]
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with 100% natural farm-fresh cream. no artificial ingredients. no preservatives. and no added hormones. ♪ better with a dollop here ♪ fresher with a dollop there ♪ ♪ wholesome in every way ♪ daisy, do a dollop ♪ daisy, do-do a dollop welcome back, everyone. time to check "the pulse," stories that we know, we're very confident, you're going to be talking about today. we're going to start with some bears that were just hanging out. >> it's pretty good. check out this little guy. seemingly stranded on the support of a garage door. amazi amazingly, without explanation, momma bear opens up the garage door. with one paw. the cub gets a little resourceful. and he uses a nearby ladder.
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check it out, to get down. we're told that they both just ran off. >> and somebody so calmly was videotaping this in their garage, too. >> i've been wondering about that. i hope they were inside. it looks like they were right there. >> they were right there, right in the face of danger. here's something that has never happened before in the history of mankind in the sport of track and field. talk about a photo finish. this is a dead heat in the women's 100 meters at olympic trials going on in oregon. >> unbelievable. the two runners are training partners. there's no procedure to break ties. the first-ever runoff will likely take place to see which of these ladies make the olympic team. >> that's allison phoenix, and -- >> the apprentice and the master. the writing on the wall for
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for handwriting. the average person goes six weeks without writing everything. and one out of three people hasn't written anything for six months. >> are we texting all the time? yes. blame it on technology. if we do take notes, it's done with a keyboard. and most people have trouble reading their own handwriting when they finally do write something. what am i writing? >> hi, john. that's not so bad, actually. >> i like cognitive on this. i like to write. instead of using my calculator, use my head. >> i use coffee. for some of you, your local news is next. for everyone else, point-sized singers with the very big voices. we're right back on "america we're rif a phck on "america at your car insurance company and no one's around to hear it, does it make a sound? [ meows ] or if a tree falls on your car and no one's around to answer your call,
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the supreme court's ruling on president obama's health care overhaul could come as early as today. arguments in the case were heard back in march. tropical storm debby is stationary this morning. flooding the gulf coast with rain as it sits 100 miles away from the florida panhandle. triple-digit heat is helping fuel eight fires burning in colorado. nearly 1,000 residents have been evacuated in front of a fire there. let's look at today's weather. showers for the northwest and from rapid city, to kansas city, stifling heat from denver to dallas. severe storms along the east coast, in d.c., philly, new york and boston. and finally, an incredible new documentary, capturing a children's singing group doing its on-the-money version of adele's "one and only." >> the kids are nothing short of inspiring. here's abc's david muir. >> reporter: she has a singular
4:28 am
voice. adele, singing at london's albert hall. her song "one and only," so many have tried to capture adele's music. the little voices that might have done it. an elementary at staten island, new york, p.s. 22. if you haven't heard them, listen to this. ♪ you've been on my mind every day with myself inside ♪ ♪ you're thinking of >> reporter: it's been a little over a decade now. greg brianburg has been inspiring his students. three-quarters eligible for free lunch. others struggling at home. here's what he told us a couple of years ago. >> a lot of these kids may feel like they're not succeeding in other areas. and then, they go to this place where they can totally be themselves. >> reporter: using modern-day music to give them a voice, to
4:29 am
give them something they know they're good at. ♪ it's simply be mine ♪ >> reporter: this student chorus, about to finish another year. ♪ baby let me be your one and only ♪ >> reporter: the lead singer, sharing the spotlight, that little girl right there in the middle. more than 46 million views on her own youtube channel. and a new documentary out, at the tribeca film festival. the tiny stars, join voices. david muir, abc news, new york. >> that's the power of music. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> have a great monday.


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