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tv   ABC2 News Sunday  ABC  May 20, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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now abc2 news at 6:30. >> good evening. tonight a message of inspiration and strength from a woman who lost so much. her son's death led the headlines for months and trayvon martin's mother came to share her personal story. ♪ >> reporter: they are talking about strength and has invited sabrina fulton, trayvon martin's mom to speak about her personal journey on the three month anniversary of her son's death. >> [ applause ] [no audio]. >> i believe that i'm here before you today and i'm able to speak anniversary i'mable to
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stand up straight and hold my head up. >> reporter: she has had the opportunity to talk multiple times and she wanted sabrina toe know baltimore is with her. >> there have been so many murders and so many actings of senseless violence. last week was mother's day and she has modeled for america what is means to stand in strength even in the face of grief. she wouldn't discuss the trial. she just wants to thank baltimore and dr. jamal brian for his trying times. >> we have the support that is here in baltimore. there are christians that believe and support us, as well so it just warms our heart to know there are people here
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in baltimore that support us. >> reporter: this is the first time miss fulton has visited baltimore. she is happy what they have done for the family in these trying times. tonight baltimore city police identified the man shot and killed by an officer this weekend. the 31-year-old was shot saturday at a children's party. according to police he was asked to leave. when he became upset and started throwing things. when police arrived he struggled with an officer who both fell through a glass table during that struggle it continued until the partner shot him. he has been with the department since june 2010. that officer is now on administrative duties. >> wheelchairs make it easier for the disabled to get around,
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but not this morning. one caught fire with a 72-year- old woman sitting in it. the handle moves up and for the and back and down to be plugged in. the fire department was called to the glen square senior citizen building around 6:30 the woman in the chair and neighbors watched the rescue. >> they were bringing her out sitting her in a chair in the hallway for paramedics to come take her to the hospital. >> the woman had minor burns. the fire went to two alarms. the spokesman for the fire department said he never heard of a wheelchair fire like this one before. >> this is all that is left of a burned out road home. investigators say there was a molotov cocktail in a barn doned home in east baltimore. when firefighters arrived this morning, there was fire on the first floor and smoke on the second and third floors. one person was injured.
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the cause of the fire is under investigation. the only man ever convicted in the 1988 bombing of a panama make can flight 103 is dead tonight. the crime has never really been found but just that one man was brought to justice so it seemed. it leaves the mystery as deep as ever. >> reporter: before 9/11, there was pan am flight 103 blasted from the skies over scoot land on december 21, 1988 by a bomb in a suitcase. 270 people died. 189 americans, mostly students home ward bound for christmas. after along investigation, he was indicted. the libyan intelligence officer was shielded by his government but in 2000 he was finally handed over for trial. he was convicted and sentenced to 27 years.
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from the beginning he swore he was innocent. in 2008 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. scottish authorities freed him to return home. >> he went home. he got to die in peace around his family. my brother did not. he got blown out of the air at 31,000 feet. outrage followed among families of the victims and suspensions his release was part of an under the table deal with libya. he was given a hero's welcome when he landed in libya. anger simmered when his last three months dragged out for three years. we may never know the facts. gadhafi welcomed him back, died in a coup. rulers said they would not investigate at this time. some say he was just a scapegoat. >> for now at least those
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victims include the truth. sherrie preston, abc news new york. they are march through chicago. some are calling for the dissolution of the military alliance but the crowd is mostly filled with protestors and they have little to do with the discussions taking place among the dozens of nato leaders being hosted by president obama. >> they announced support for same-sex marriage. civil rights group spoke out in california saying marriage equality should be declared a civil right even between same- sex couples. they said it is deeper rooted than the 14th amendment guaranteeing equal protection for all. it comes days after the president announced his support
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for same-sex marriage. and now to severe weather in the midwest. check out this storm. chasers were on the hunt this weekend when they captured tornadoes in nebraska. high winds and debris just flying everywhere. also, some severe storms hit the wichita area. funnel clouds over kingman and golf ball size hail in some areas. the storm uprooted trees and fortunately, no one was hurt. that storm system is going to give us wet weather. it dropped 25 tornadoes out there. here is a beautiful shot looking downtown. you can see just a few clouds out there. more clouds out to the east. take a look at temperatures. 66 insulse bury. that is with the clouds in place. they are pushing off toward the north and west during the evening hour. dry right now, but you can find
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showers over ocean city right now. there is an area of low pressure. we're increasing the rain chances and bringing in more humidity as we head into tonight. 70s for the rest of the evening, a few clouds, a warm evening overall. it is a whole mess of whether going on. this is a tropical storm right now. we're still in may. hurricane season not coming until june. there is the system where we showed you dropping tornadoes and wind damage. this comes together for our weather this week. we'll talk about that in a little bit. kelly. >> a california company is recalling more than a ton of chopped red onions. they said the recalled onions were distributed to retailers in 14 states and canada. they were not sold here in maryland. they feel they could carry the listeria bacteria. listeria can cause high fevers and severe headaches and potentially deadly.
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all the onions are from may 14th, 15th and 17th so look for those used by dates. >> the cdy is wanting all baby boomers to get vaccines for the help titus c. hepatitis c causes liver diseases including liver cancer, leading cause of liver transplants. more than 2 million hepatitis c baby boomers could be living with the virus. >> next, another surprise in the search for a missing 6-year- old in arizona. her father remains under the microscope. today someone spoke out in his behalf. we'll tell you who and why. >> the military family has come up with a way to fill up the void of their dad and father
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while he is away. we'll show you what they are doing. >> clear skies will turn into a lot of clouds. we have a whole mess of weather to talk about. that is next on abc2 news at 6:30. ♪
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save with a shake. now to yet another twist in the case of missing six-year- old. questions have been swirling around her father after police said he was no longer allowed to see his other children but her mother is speaking out and defending her husband. here is more. >> my husband loves those boy ks, loves my daughter, is a great husband. >> reporter: she defendnd her husband banned from seeing their children as the family and police frantically look for the six-year-old daughter. his concrete wall between him and his family. >> at the end of the day when
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he comes home, everybody's questions will be answered. >> she hasn't come home for nearly a month. >> we have to report a missing child. >> he made this 911 call in late april reporting she was missing and said she was taken from her bedroom, her window screen removed. he made a public plea for her return. >> we're looking for you. we love you. we miss you so much. >> reporter: one week ago, child protective services placed the ten and fourteen- year-old sons in the custody of the mother, that he may be connected to isabel's disappearance. >> when you put anyone under a microscope, you see things that don't look right. that may have happened in this case. >> reporter: they cannot rule out her parents but they said the family has been cooperative
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from the beginning. for the first time they are calling this an abduction. she is turning to her community organizing this visual to keep her story alive. >> i know in my heart she is out there. it is just taking longer than i hoped it would. >> the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> what a beautiful evening out there. this was around chesapeake bay, a few clouds before the big push of clouds came into the area. a beautiful day there, sunshine started your morning. you can see the clouds drifting in. we'll go quickly to mostly cloudy skies for everyone into the rest of the evening. get ready for that. >> a live shot. what a beautiful shot. it is going to be a beautiful evening, very comfortable into the 70s. eventually getting into 70s. we're in the 80s.
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as we go into tomorrow afternoon, there is a big change. more humidity and that will trigger showers and storms across the area. >> dover is checking in at 70 north and west. fredericks and hagerstown. out of the northeasterly direction 17 to 14. that is creating a bit of an issue into the chesapeake. we have small craft advisories and even rough surf advisories for ocean system. 71 to 65 for your overnight lows. it turns muggy into tomorrow morning. then scattered showers and storms will be the threat for tomorrow afternoon. a lot of clouds in the area. a couple of showers tracked out near ocean city. this big bulk of moisture will stay. you may get clipped as the system moves through. one offshore will pivot in.
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cold front out to the west that will enhance the rain tomorrow. see this system? that is a tropical storm. tropical storm alberta with winds of 40 miles per hour. it will push offshore, but that will increase the chance of rough surfs especially at dover beaches. this is a week if you're taking a vacation, keep apprise of that situation. that storm will slide offshore. future trend, clouds in place for the overnight. we'll hold the chance of rain. a couple showers developing and there could be an em bednarik thunderstorm. that could cause flash flooding concerns. be aware of that. this system is going to create a lot of moisture into tuesday. we're expecting the chance of scattered showers and perhaps a thunderstorm. this is how this model, one particular model shows how much rain could fall. it could be a half-inch, an
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inch of rain. for the overnight we'll go down to 71 degrees, mostly cloudy. showers are out there. tomorrow around 74. cloudy skies and showers and storms out there. we'll take a look at tomorrow night's forecast, 63, mostly cloudy with showers. the seven-day forecast, humidity is back with us kelly. she goes hair alert. it will get very humid and we'll have storms. 78 tuesday. maybe this pattern will break down into wednesday with the temperature around 82. there is indications now by next weekend, big memorial day weekend, we could push to 90 degrees. >> we have to get through that ugly stuff. come to visit us and that is what you bring. >> this happened the last time i came, too. weird. >> we'll work on it. >> thanks. >> the smiley family has a
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reason to smile at dinner now. they have a way to miss family members a little less. we'll explain when we come back. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options.
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a military wife and her sons have a dinner guest over every week to mark the time while their dad is deployed. they call it dinner with the smileys. here they explain how it works. >> my husband is a navy pilot and he left in november for a 13-month deployment. i have three boys who are 11, 9 and 5. the kids said that it would be sad not to see dad at his feet at the table because we all by habit sit at the same place every night so i told them well, we don't have to be sad. we don't have to be lonely. we can invoice people and we can fill dad's seat with friends and family and my son invited senator collins. he asked if he could send an
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invitation. she came to dinner january 3rd and she was our first guest. then the boys got it in their head they could invite anybody they wanted because the senator came. >> r 2d 2 was one of the first guests we booked. star war fans no may 4th is the unofficial star wars day. >> for other guests had done i wanted to do something a little special, a little unusual. >> i had no idea he was going to do that. i noticed it was dad. >> yes, it was crazy. >> what? >> wait, what is going on? then -- then i was oh, my god, it is dad!
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i'm serving people lasagna, spaghetti. there are a couple times we went out to restaurants and so there is nothing fancy at all and my house is never clean. it is truly real life exactly as we would be eating dinner if we didn't have someone there. it is more about the company and the conversation. >> the white house contacted us and said that they loved this project and that they would love to be a part of it and so my son sent a letter to the president and the vice president and invited them to dinner. my son said in the letter, usually we invite one guest and tell them to bring a guest but we will make an exception if you want to bring your wives and your children. it is important not to put your life on hold. a lot of people say wait and celebrate birthdays and graduations and holidays when he comes home, but for the kids they don't understand that. their life goes on even though they miss their dad. >> that is a great story. we'll be right back.
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out of time, but we'll be back at 11:00. have a good day.
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