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tv   News  ABC  December 8, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EST

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and that's a 989 millibar low a impressive storm racing away taking snow into northern new england and coastal rain and we look closer to home. at dry conditions sunshine and this part has been expected. you are supposed to go to school on time. 35 chilly with wind chills a little lower thanks to the gusty winds. the sun takes us through the afternoon with a high of 44. and you will be able to grade my forecast online at later this morning. let's sit back and listen to traffic with angela. we have got high standing water and gusty wind out there. in addition to debris we are getting reports of fallen trees at argone and loch raven boulevard so expect heavy traffic in the area. otherwise as far as volume is concerned it's ticking -- picking up on major roads. 795 heading towards the beltway a live look at 95 southbound at route 32. and also on the west side now starting to see the delays on the outer loop the outer loop lanes on the left side of the screen. that delay extends to baltimore national picas you pass --
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national picas you -- pike, as you pass liberty road. 5 minutes from shawan to the beltway. it's been called the ravens scammer after promising to deliver players to local schools. the problem is the ravens never showed and the schools were duped of thousands of dollars. corinne redman is standing by with details on the story we brought you last week could be closer to a resolution. >> reporter: could be. it could be. he's been under arrest so police were able to track him down last night and we see how it turns out. police say -- we brought you the story and federal officials were look for joseph gill. he has been on the run but he was tracked down in aberdeen. police say joseph gill seen here in his latest scam promised to deliver defensive back ladarius webb as a guest peeker -- speaker to talk is to students about bullying gill set up a seminar for fee of
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$400 but had no intention of delivering. he had no connection to the ravens and investigators tell us he pulled the same scheme at a middle school in queen ann' county and 20 other schools in other counties. abc2 news ran the story about gill last week and this week someone recognized the picture which helped police track him down to a motel in aberdeen last night. >> $400 from schools but when you hit 20, 30 schools recently, and he has a past of doing something similar to this scam. >> reporter: joseph gill is held on a warrant for theft out of queen anns county but is expected to be charged by other counties. corinne redman, abc2 news. clashes have broken out on k street in the nation's capital. they are calling it march on corporate greed. some from the occupy d.c. and others with a similar movement take back the capitol. police took issue with protesters and they began to --
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as they began to occupy intersections. police warned them to move and they refused and police arrested 62 people and some police are saying they were assault in the effort. make news around the nation we are getting more information on a deadly helicopter crash in nevada. pilot and four passengers were killed at a luxury sunset tour. a pair of suspected thieves made a grand entrance to a criminal scene crashing an suv through the front door of an indiana gun shop. for them, it was not much of a score. most of the merchandise was locked away in a safe. the damage to the store is estimated around 35,000 dollars. the rifle, handgun and silencer the two made off with, that's going to be around 10 grandch federal investigators are -- grand. federal investigators are trying to track down the crooks. a 17-year-old saved the day after his bus driver fell asleep e spun into action from his seat to gain control of the
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wheel after it appeared the driver nodded off. when i see his head go down and the bus go back to the freeway, i hop up and get up to the bus as fast as i can and if something would have happened if i have didn't get up i. know there would have been a big thing going on because he would have crashed and there would have been a lot more than it is nowthe 65-year-old-- >> the 65-year-old bus driver has an impeckable record. it was a close call for a bus load of kids and everything end up safely. the holidays are supposed to be a joyful time but for many couples, it brings nothing but stress. why researchers say the holidays can be especially hard on relationships. and thanksgiving may have come and gone but one dinner is making sure people has so much more to be thankful for every day. we will look when "good morning maryland" continues with what's new now and next on this thursday, december 8th. back in a bit. @ñ
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supposed to be a time year where everyone is happy but given the economy and the talk of shopping and gifts it can keep some people on edge. especially couples. now a survey found couples who make holiday shopping a teen effort are the least stressed but 69% of couples say they create a budget together but most women say they do the majority of the shopping. you may want to shop together for the sake of your wallet. couples say most stress is from getting gifts for in-laws. husbands shop for your family wives shop for your family that can make things happier. one diner in texas is now doing things to remind some people called the cowtown diner and they've program called happy tales and the messages
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from customers saying what makes them happy and thankful. they can eat and be thankful for the help of others. >> it makes my day when i am having you know not a great day sometimes. every one has them. i can go to the wall and read a couple happy tales. >> my husband james. >> i am thankful nor my close friends and my job. >> my two dogs. >> now the wall benefits area food bank for every positive message written. restaurant donates 10% of customers check to an area nonprofit. there's still so much more to come in the last 60 -- 16 minutes of good morning maryland including... >> reporter: two more accusers come forward. i will have the story coming up. >> reporter: and a new report on how the air force dumped cremated remains of service members in a landfill. how maryland is connected. i am sherrie johnson live in westminster with a look at weather conditions here. vil live report coming up.
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i know you don't see snow. we had some. we will show you where but 50- mile-an-hour wind gusts and as you probably could have guessed by an a list no snow but the sun is coming up. we will talk about the chilly day in a moment. >> reporter: and on the roadways justin, we have got high standing watter in a lot of place and wind warnings facetting your drive. a complete check of the roadways straight ahead -- warnings affecting your drive. a complete check of the roadways straight ahead.
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time for your abc2 news to go. good morning i am charley crowson. wind have been cutting through maryland so far this morning. but the snow freeing rain and rain -- freezing rain and rain swept through the area. we have live team coverage. sherrie johnson is tracking the latest in westminster and angela foster is watching delays of crashes on roadways but first the very latest from the meteorologist justin berk. >> i will deal with a lot of e- mail today. we take you to this shrewsbury mcflurry charley's favorite
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picture. up acruets border they got a coating -- across the border they got a coating to an inch and not on the roadways. this scene was expected near baltimore. unfortunately, for those of you that wanted snow you don't see it this morning. but look at this. record rain at bwi yesterday. 2.3 8 inches for the date. that's almost double the old record and the heaviest one-day rainfall total in any winter month a trace of snow at the airport but it couldn't stick around and wind gusting over 40 miles an hour. overall we are looking at this this morning gusty winds and mid-30s. up to 44 with sun. >> reporter: gusty winds and wind warnings on the bridges out there. also, standing water on a lot of places harford at 25th street. be treepped for a closed lane and southbound 795 an accident as you approach the beltway. looking live at the beltway, on the west side is where we are seeing the most activity looking over live 695 at
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liberty road, you see the outer loop delays on the west side. and for those of you making the drive through the glen bernie area on i -- glen bernie area at i-97. an accident approaching benfield boulevard. edge come circle middle and elementary schools will be closed due to no power. teachers are asked to report to professional development center. we have been track the storm as it impact the mid atlantic and northeast. but many of you are waking up to find a little snow. abc2 news sherrie johnson is tracking the conditions in carroll county. >> reporter: we arer. >> westminster that tapered off at around mid night. you can see evidence of the little snow there. it's icy where it's frozen up here, but you know, looking at the roadways, the traffic looks pretty good. it's moving pretty steadily and it's a chance to talk to state
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police and they tell me that they had no major problems or accidents overnight. but it was a different scene in hagerstown. a wintery mix of rain and snow poured down on the area. the snow was not sticking but at higher elevations like boonsboro snow accumulate. state highway plows lined the streets making sure the road were safe for drivers. i've been on the phone all morning with the state highway administration where they were busy with calls on flooding, high water, downed wires and trees. and right now, this morning, they are basically urging drivers to use caution. they say there could be some puddles and some isolated areas. so be a little cautious and slow it down this morning. reporting live in westminster, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. and don't forget check out maryland's most powerful radar and get hourly forecast even when we are not on the air. down load the weather apiphone
6:47 am again abc2 -- after an argument with a police officer chrissy polls is facing charges. her trial set for february. she was shouting obscenities after police came to her homesaturday after a report of a theft of her purse and phone and 800 dollars. this is video of youtube of a fire fight in afghanistan between marines and taliban force. this happened before thanksgiving. it's in the northern province where marines fought of an attack. the -- fought off an attack. it left one marine wounded. they gave their lives defending our freedom but cremated remains of troops has been dumb npped landfill.
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and linda so is here with details and disturbing story how baltimore and cecil county may be connect. >> reporter: a company out of northeast maryland may have unknowningly taken the remains to ion sen rated. air force hired private contractors to dispose of medical waste but never told them cremated remains were included. one of the contractors was med trace incorporated the company based in northeast maryland. they took the items from dover to a baltimore incinerateor. the washington post uncovered the story. record show the ashes of at least 200, -- 274 service members were dumped in a landfill. that's more than the military acknowledge. the practice of dumping the ashes was never formally authorized and the air force never disclosed the secret practice to high ranking officials. we are learning families who had given the military permission to dispose of the
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loved ones remains in a honorable way were never notified they were taken to a landfill. linda so, abc2 news. this is the hot topic on the web page this morning. your thoughts on servicemen and women and the ashes reportedly being dumped in a virginia landfill. our facebook fan page we want to know what you think about this. sen the -- some comments are posted overnight. let nice you think. the maryland board of physicians has implemented a ban on ortho peed friction referring patients for treatment on an mri or ct machine which doctors have a financial interest. the implementation is after nine months after a ruling by the state's highest court that went into effect and it's supporting decision by the court appeals before they could move forward with pushing for compliance with the law. as public interest for a group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, they announced new developments in action to allow voters to consider the tuition benefits for illegal aliens and
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students. now activists will no longer challenge those trying to place the repeal peel for the illegal alien policy on the november ballot. but the plaintiffs will continue arguing that the dream act cannot legally be subjected to referendum. injury sandusky is a-- jerry sandusky has more victims coming forward now up to 10. we have the latest on coach sandusky and what's going on with the case because the first argument was he was charged and released and now he is in jail. >> reporter: there seems to be no end for the scannedda facing former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky. ness jail after being arrested on two -- he is in jail after being arrest on two new charges. he is wearing a penn state track suit when he was taken from his home e was arraigned on new charges but unable to post 250,000 dollars bail. the two new accusers identified
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as victims 9 and 10 say they were molested or raped by sandusky over a period of years starting when they were young boys. it's believe the boys met sandusky through his charity the second mile which was for underprivileged children. sandusky's preliminary hearing is tuesday where eight accusers are set to testify. if he is able to post bail he will be ordered to wear a electronic ankle monitor and subject to house arrest. gray hair and wrinkles may be part of the job for the president and photos show the commander in chief looking like they aged years while in office. but a researcher says it only appears that way. they collected birth and death and inauguration dates of every president that died of natural cause and contends 2/3 live long then a the projected life span -- longer than the projected life span. tress may show on the faces, it doesn't affect the president's life span. five things to know on this thursday morning.
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top house republicans will meet trying to come to an agreement on legislation to renew the social security payroll tax cut and extend benefits for long- term unemployed. the hope is to bring something to the floor by next week. the 71st baltimore city council will be sworn in. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake lay tend and it will take place at ten in the war memorial building. the white house is making available two billion dollar -- 2 billion dollars to help start up businesses. an announcement is expected today in the latest use of getting around congressional republicans. plans to abe nouned for next -- announced for next year's half marathon. golden duesel that joined last year's raise has raised 25,000 doars for the cause and today they will unveil the plan he could run again. and the wives of ravens players will be playing santa today. they will help out the salvation army filling baskets with clothes, household products and toys from local families. the give away will be at sam's
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club on reisterstown road kicking off at 9:30. well, it's easy to just boot up the computer and buy a few gifts from your couch, but comptroller says don't do it. he challenged all marylanders to get off the web and go shopping on main street and said the holiday times are crucial for small business owners and those for state tax coffers. you will pay 6% sales tax but online vendors don't collect tax and the state loses millions in overall revenue. more than 2400 jobs will be created in maryland thanks to a renewable energy sources coming to the state. exelon and constellation will build energy source. they expect to complete the merger in early 2012. maryland's board of public works approved $17 million in construction grants for the a sewage plant. it's the largest source of
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nitrogen pollution. it will pay for upgrates cutting the discharges by 83%. the plant on the banks of the potomac and sewage plant serving that district suburban maryland and northern virginia. severe weather and tornadoes accounted for half the record 12 weather disasters that blasted the u.s. in 2011. the most memorable the tornadoes of tuscaloosa alabama and joplin missouri and also the massive flooding across the south and midwest. the price tag is around $52 billion and that is a third costliest weather year ever. number one, hurricane katrina. justin. >> no argument there. severe weather yesterday, in southeast virginia, with the same storm. you mentioned main street. here main street in bel air. charm city runners look at wet weather yesterday. it snowed for a few hours and didn't stick and waking up this morning, the sun trying to come up over dry streets. that's an any. you were disappointed -- irony.
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you were disappointed the snowflakes didn't overtake the warm, wet ground. but at 35 we are looking at what we expected to have a dry morning. if you didn't do your homework it's your fault. we told you we will have school today regardless of whatever fell or stuck or didn't. storms out of here but cold lan at 33. down into the 30s and near freezing near pensacola florida it's low 40s in orlando. that is deep cold air mass. storm is pulling out and the cold front is clear the coast in florida. the next weather system gathering for us is not a strong one but may provide cloud cover as it races across the nation next few days as this storm departs in a hurry. that's a 989 millibar low and that's impressive." good morning america" will talk about the snow in pa but that will go away with sunshine. and we are looking at the future trend bringing moisture up the coast and the next push of cold air could bring clouds and flurries in the his on
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saturday. today, we are back to reality. 44 after the low 60s yesterday. winds 15 to 25 miles per hour. and that will ease up as the day wears on the tonight down into the 20s. tomorrow 47. saturday, look for increasing clouds with 40s and lows in the 20s and staying in the 40s through next week. next storm system is wednesday. angela. >> reporter: on the road right now a lot of troubles to report standing water and incidents including the accident southbound 795 as you approach the beltway. also dealing with some delays now around 695 on the top side a bit heavy. on 95 at maryland 175 you are looking good heading towards the capital beltway. but as we mentioned on the west side of the beltway as well as the top side of 695, as you can see here lots of delays especially on outer loop lanes. >> now an update on the closing we told you about. edge comb are clough closed but staff is asked to report to mlk on green spring avenue. staff go to mlk elementary on
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green spring avenue. now back off to good morning america and we will see you óo
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