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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  October 23, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this is "world news." and tonight, breaking news. the rescues under way right now in turkey. it is a race against time after a deadly earthquake. new images coming in as people are pulled from the rubble alive. the lines in libya. libyans wait to see gadhafi. not to pay respects, but to make sure he's dead. in this country, the mystery deepens of the disappearance of that baby in kansas city. tonight, our exclusive look inside that home. what it could reveal. the rare and risky decision. what these parents said yes to, in an effort to save their baby's sight. tonight, the moment they learn whether it worked. and who's laughing now? are men really funnier than
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women? tonight, reacting to the new science. you decide. good evening. and it's god to have you with us. we do begin here with those new images of devastation just coming in after a deadly earthquake in turkey. a disaster that flattened buildings and sent people fleeing into the streets. the quake, a powerful 7.2 struck in the eastern part of the country, near the border with iran. right now, there is a frantic search under way to reach victims trapped. at least 88 people have known dead. but there are fears tonight that that toll could soar into the hundreds. abc's alex marquardt is in turkey this evening. >> reporter: it hit just after lunchtime. as walls shook, thousands of panicked people rushed into the streets. many couldn't get out in time.
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at the epicenter, rescuers picked through peoples of rubble several stories high, pulling survivors from the twisted debris with their bare hands. "we're hoping our friend has survived." today, anguish was visible across a region stretching hundreds of miles. in ercis, 55 miles north of the epicenter, at least 80 buildings have collapsed. and in van, the largest city in reports come in from remote villages from the iranian border. turkey sits atop several major fault lines but a quake this strong hasn't been felt in over a decade. in 1999, two magnitude seven quakes in northwestern turkey killed 18,000 people. tonight, the frantic search and rescue effort is ongoing and will continue throughout the night.
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back to this country now, and your voice, your vote. the hot button issue of abortion. with the gop candidates scrambling to paint their opponents as flip-floppers. here's abc's david kerley now. reporter: the gloves are off, with republicans accusing each other of changing positions just for a conservative audience. it all started when herman cain was asked about abortion. >> it ultimately gets down to a choice that that family or that mother has to make. not me as president. not some politician. not a bureaucrat. it gets down to that family. >> reporter: that doesn't play with christian conservatives. and rick perry pounced this weekend. >> it is a liberal canard to say i am personally pro-life, but government should stay out of that decision. if that is your view, you are not pro-life. you are pro having your cake and eating it, too.
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>> reporter: cain has tried to clarify his statement and is on the defensive. >> life, from conception, no abortions, no exceptions. >> reporter: but it's not just cain. while in iowa, perry also attacked mitt romney, who when running for governor of massachusetts supported abortion rights. >> being pro-life is not a matter of campaign convenience. >> reporter: these iowa christian conservative voters can decide the january caucuses, the first presidential contest. abortion is a key issue, which is why perry, michele bachmann and others are taking on cain. >> you can't have all of these flip-flops in our nominee. here in iowa, people want to make sure our nominee is 100% pro-life. >> reporter: all this bickering could actually split the conservative vote. and according to analysts, that is good news for mitt romney. he's not spent a lot of money or time in iowa. some are wondering now, could he win iowa? david? >> david kerley, thank you.
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and now to iraq, and two days after president obama announced that all u.s. combat troops in iraq will be home for the holidays, secretary of state hillary clinton is forcefully defending the withdrawal plan, the same time she's sending a warning to iran not to get involved in iraq. clinton told abc's christiane amanpour no one should doubt america's resolve in iraq. >> aren't you concerned that some of the gains are at risk? >> well, remember, it was president bush who set the timetable in motion but agreeing with the iraq kips that all troops would be out by the end of this year. so, we're going to be precept in iraq, supporting the iraqis and continually discussing with them what their needs are. and no one should miscalculate our commitment to iraq, most mrorly, iran. >> secretary clinton on "this week k week" this morning. i want to bring in amy walter. great to have you with us. we already heard republican
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candidates going after the president on the decision this weekend. i want to get your reaction here on the backside. >> leon panetta, the secretary of defense, communicated we were going to have a presence in iraq going forward. that was part of our objective and this president has failed to deliver. >> you don't tell the enemy what your timetable is going to be. >> and so, amy, even with pochling showing the vast majority of americans want americans to come home from iraq. as a republican candidate, how do you go after the president on this one? >> well, you're right, david. it's a delicate dance here for republican candidates. but the number one concern right now is winning a republican primary. and you don't do that by giving the president credit for anything. it doesn't matter if that was taking out bin laden or awlaki, it doesn't matter on any foreign policy or even domestic successes. republican candidates right now need to show their contrasts with president obama, not the things they have in common with him. >> even with the foreign policy victories, colonel gadhafi just in the last week, republicans and this white house also knows
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that regardless of foreign policy, this is still going to come down to the economy and jobs. >> that's exactly right. in 2008, president obama won his primary, thanks in part to the iraq war, to his opposition to the iraq war. but 2012 is going to be defined by the economy, plain and simple. >> amy, thank you so much. meanwhile, across the country, speaking of jobs, no weekend off for act by wall street protesters, now in their second month of demonstrations. 130 people were arrested in chicago when they defied police orders. in cleveland, meanwhile, about a dozen arrests when a park permit for demonstrators expired. overseas tonight, the occupy london protests made history, forcing st. paul's cathedral to close because of security concerns with the crush of tents. on wall street, and anyone in this country with a 401(k) will be watching closely, a nervous eye on europe as the trading week begins tomorrow. european leaders meeting in
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brussels could not come to a deal today on europe's debt crisis. they do promise their next session on wednesday will deliver results. but again, everyone watching that closely. and back in this country, people in parents of oklahoma are picking up the pieces today after being hit by severe storm overnight. hail as big as soft balls was repo reported, and wind and rain tore off roof tops and power lines. a texas man has been identified as the victim of a shark attack and there are fears the same great white might have killed two other men recently off the coast of australia. officials say 32-year-old george wainwright of houston was killed by a shark in the waters after perth. it is almost three weeks now since the mystery that's gripped much of this nation. what happened to little lisa irwin, the kansas city baby who vanished from her crib, triggers a desperate search. abc news is the only network to gain access to a crucial location in that room, the parents' bedroom. matt gutman is in kansas city tonight. >> reporter: this is the first
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look inside the master bedroom in baby lisa's home, where cadaver dogs detected the scent of a human corpse. cindy short, the family attorney, gave abc news a tour after a police search this weekend. >> had the dog in here and it allegedly alerted. you might notice as you walk around that there's no carpet taken from this room. >> reporter: short noted from the little evidence taken, it wasn't clear why investigators spent 17 hours here. >> and it almost seems as if that was more for the public's benefit than for the benefit of doing a thorough search in the house. >> reporter: deborah bradley admitted she was drinking from this wine box the night her daughter disappeared. her shifting timeline and comments have aroused police suspicion. among the most concerns, she was afraid to look outside for fear of what she would find outside. two separate eye witnesses saw a
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suspicious man carrying a naked baby in the middle of the night. at 2:30 a.m., new exclusive surveillance video shows a man at the top left of the screen, who seems to come out of the forest. but so far, police have been unable to connect all of these dots. >> the police, obviously, at least at some point, believe that perhaps mrs. bradley had something to do with baby lisa's disappearance. >> reporter: for the moment, the seesaw of suspicious against baby lisa's mother seems to be tipping away from her. but entering the fourth week since she disappeared, police still have no person of interest, no suspect, and so far, not a trace of baby lisa. david? >> matt gutman, thank you. ever since the bp oil disaster, people who live along the gulf of mexico warned this could be coming. we have not forgotten them, those who showed us more than a year ago the oil that had seeped into the waters where they make a living, showing us the oysters, the shrimp.
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they tell us now, this is one of the worst shrimp seasons ever. abc's yunji de nies reports from the gulf. reporter: in 40 years of shrimping, peter gerica has never had a season this bad. >> the quality of the shrimp's not there. the abundance about there. >> reporter: a few docks down, wilson martin says he's catching a quarter of what he usually pulls in. when you're pulling up these nets, what are you seeing? >> oh, nightmares. it's terrible. really bad. it's all fish and no shrimp. >> reporter: so what's to blame? shrimpers here all point to last summer's massive oil spill. at the time, we saw first-hand those birds covered in sludge, who had to be scrubbed by hand. but there was no way to scrub if wildlife below the surface. and now researchers have discover what they believe are mutations in one of the smallest fish in the gulf -- the tiny killifish. >> they act as a good canary in a coal mine. tracking this species through time is going to give us a good
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idea of the effects of the oil spill in nature. >> reporter: on the left, the gills of a healthy killifish. on the right, the brown you see is not oil, but a potentially deadly mutation. for now, no one has been able to prove a direct link between the bp oil spill and the damage to the killifish or to the crippled shrimping season. other factors, an extremely dry summer and massive freshwater flooding could play a part. whatever the reason, the result is the same. these boats are all docked. without those shrimp, what happens to all those boats? >> oh, wow. a lot of boats for sale. lot of boats for sale. >> reporter: yunji de nies, abc news, new orleans. >> staying on the story from the gulf. still ahead here on "world news" this sunday night, this might be no laughing matter the new research in. are men or women funnier? and later here tonight, what would you do? the risky decision two parents made for their brand new baby.
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gadhafi destroyed all the country's institutions. top, we know there are 7,000 prisoners of war in custody. the new government says they will grant amnesty to all of those who did not commit war crimes. this will be tricky, and inspite of that, the mood today was jubilant. here's abc's jeffrey kofman in tripoli. >> reporter: good evening, david. we are witnessing history here, after decades of brutal dictatorship and months of bloody revolutionary war. today, libya declared itself a free country. there's a lot to celebrate, but there's also a lot of hard work ahead. libya is free. the outlawed national anthem is back and sung with passion as libya's interim leader declared this liberation day. "we have become united brothers as we have not been in the past," he said. this is celebration, but it is also relief. relief that gadhafi is gone.
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while so many rejoiced, others flocked to misrata to view a gruesome spectacle. the bolds of the dictator and his son. moammar gadhafi is being deplayed in a meat refrigeration locker. these people are not here to pay their respects. >> this is the end of the dictator. we're so happy to see. that. >> reporter: just how the dictator died remains controversial. this new video shows gadhafi was certainly roughed up, if not executed. an autopsy today confirmed he died of a gunshot to the head. that is a bigger issue outside libya than it is here. death means the country can move forward. but it will not be easy. the rebel militias that vanquished gadhafi's forces are not eager to give up power to a united army. large parents of the steps of misrata and sirte were destroyed. and while today the streets are remarkably calm and safe, gadhafi left this oil-rich
6:18 pm
country with only the most basic of education, health care and police. there are 7,000 prisoners of war, but no courts to try them in. they will have to build everything from scratch. but that is for tomorrow. today is about celebratincelebr. tomorrow, the clock starts ticking on the move to democracy and elections. the interim president said today, they want to build a democracy based on islamic or sharia law. it's not clear exactly how they'll do that or what it will look like. david? >> jeffrey, thank you. and jeffrey, as you know, right next door to libya, history in tunisia. millions of tunisians filled with pride lined up to vote in the first democratic elections there. among those casting the ballot, the mother of the fruit vendor who touched off a domino effect in the region, so oppressed he set himself on fire in protest. so, today, she called it a moment of victory for her son, saying he died defending dig any ty and liberty. and when we come back here
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6:22 pm
but first, howed they did the study. researchers asked a group of men and women to write a caption for a cartoon. and then, all of them, without knowing who wrote the captions, had to rate them. both the men and the women voted more often for the ones written by men. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: but no need to drink. researchers say the results were very close. likely plenty of women asking for a recount. i think it's safe for me to keep on going. and we do move on to a poignant anniversary today. it was on this day ten years ago that steve jobs introduced the ipod. of course, it turned out to be a revolution in music. and we learned new details about what made steve jobs tick from his biography due out torment. it turns out that jobs took the biographer to his childhood home to show off the fence his father built. he said his dad loved to do things right and cared about the look of the parts you couldn't see on the fence, the hidden parts. a trait he later applied to everything he invented and
6:23 pm
designed at apple. that biographer, who met with steve jobs dozens of times, he gives his first interview tomorrow morning right here on abc's "good morning america." when we come back here on the broadcast tonight, the risky decisions two parents made, just so that their newborn baby could see. but would it work? jenna shared her recipe with sharon, who emailed it to emily, who sent it to cindy, who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson.
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and finally tonight here, the power of medicine and of a parent's love. in this case, a new mom and dad faced with a risky decision and a race against the clock. doctors told them they had to act quickly. for this louisiana couple, she was precious the moment she arrived. little georgia kate. but they also remember that moment when the brand new baby opened her eyes for the first time. >> it was a cloudy almost like a film and i look at the nurse, i said, something's not right with her eyes. >> reporter: at first, doctors didn't know what they were looking at. >> that was probably the worst three days of my life in the hospital. it was just the scariest, you know, just had no clue what we
6:27 pm
were going to do. we knew what we were facing, the doctor said, she needs core knee y'all transplants. >> reporter: she couldn't see. doctors diagnosed her with peter's anomaly. only 3 in 100,000 babies have it. born with the cornea and the lens in each eye attached to one another. just nine days after she was born, doctors at texas children's hospital in houston were convinced that the only way to fix this was a corneal transplant. >> that clock begins ticking at hour one. it takes awhile for the brain to really learn to use the eye. >> reporter: because doctors say in the beginning, there's a small window of time before a baby's eyes and brain start working together. that usually starts at 6 weeks old. doctors said they needed to do the transplant immediately. so, they did. and when the baby came out of it -- >> she's good. >> it was like a light switch. when we took that patch off and
6:28 pm
she just could not stop looking around. >> reporter: and this was georgia kate just this weekend, days after getting the final stitches out. mom and dad say they've been making a spectacle of themselves when they're out with their baby girl. >> every time she looks and smiles, we're like, look, look, she sees it! and other parents are looking at us, like -- okay. >> all of us pulling for georgia kate. diane sawyer right back here tomorrow night. good night.
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