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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 20, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, the hunt is over. >> all of the animals from that farm in ohio have now been accounted for, including nearly 50 that were shot and killed. but could all of this have been prevented? and then, probation revoked. lindsay lohan was handcuffed and taken out of her latest court hearing. is the troubled actress heading back to jail? and do-it-yourself dad. the father that kept a promise for his little girl on her wedding day. good morning, everyone. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm yunji de nies. all of the escaped animals from that ohio preserve have now been
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accounted for. most were killed by police. a lucky few have found refuge at a local zoo. >> now, there's many questions about how this bizarre situation was handled. abc's john hendren is joining us from washington with more on this story. >> reporter: good morning. terry thompson's animal farm began in 1977, with a baby lion named simba he bought for his wife. it ended yesterday, in a massacre of animals one deputy said they were forced to carry out to protect the public. all but a handful of the exotic animals were dead. >> the black bear then did turn in my direction and ran directly towards me. i fortunately was able to draw my duty pistol, fired one shot, killing the animal instantly. >> reporter: six others, three leopards, a grizzly bear, and two monkeys were taken to the columbus zoo. the last fugitive, a monkey that
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might have had herpes, became the last supper for a dead tiger. they were deliberately released in a final act of spite by terry thompson, just released from prison for a gun felony. his wife, seen here hiding from cameras, left him a few months ago. thompson then killed himself, leaving his newly-freed lions, tigers and bears to terrorize suburban ohio. >> there's a lion on mt. perry road and gratiot. >> i've just seen a wolf. >> i seen one. looks like a jaguar or wolf or something. >> reporter: conservationists and law enforcement officials blame ohio law. >> in ohio, under current law, it's legal for someone to have a tiger, a lion, a green anaconda, an alligator, a crocodile. it's because ohio is the wild west when it comes to private ownership of exotics. >> reporter: deputies say they had no choice but to gun them down in a brutal suburban
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safari. one conservationist said it's like noah's ark wrecked in ohio, leaving dozens of animals to be buried on a farm where critics say they never should have been. yunji and rob? >> the case is so bizarre. the farm owner had trouble with authorities in the past. what kind of trouble? and can you tell us how he was able to keep all of those animals? >> reporter: well, ohio law is really lax, as you heard in that story, as to what kind of animals you can have. there's restrictions on bears because they're supposed to be there. the other exotic animals there's few restrictions on. nevertheless, a judge had ordered him to remove all of the animals in 20 days. he was cited in the past for neglect and abuse. the irs had a lien on him for $40,000 in back taxes. he went to prison on charges of holding illegal guns. rob and yunji? >> abc's john hendren. that really is remarkable. he hit a rough patch in his life and led him to this. he wanted some kind of violent
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ending. >> we saw earlier, we heard reported that he was an animal lover. a kind man, according to some people who lived in that community. others say he was not so nice. you're getting mixed reports there. it's hard to believe an animal lover would decide to end his life in this way. >> it is. we'll have the latest of the case on "good morning america" later this morning. stay tuned for more details as this developing story continues now into a second day. shifting gears, now. police and fbi investigators have wrapped up a major search of the kansas city home where the little baby disappeared. they were seen taking away bags of potential evidence from that house in kansas city. >> police refused to say what they found inside the home. 10-month-old lisa irwin was last seen nearly two weeks ago. and more disturbing details are coming out of that captivity case in philadelphia. two brothers of the alleged wring leader, linda weston, are now speaking out. weston was in charge of her younger siblings after their
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mother died. >> she preyed on family and strangers alike and forced them to do unspeakable things. >> she would force my brothers and sisters, like my younger ones. she would force them to have sex. she would have sex with my other brothers and sisters. she would say, look. they can have babies. then, we can get more money. it can be a brother and sister in her care. >> the brother said they did not go to police because they were terrified of their older sister. calling her evil is being nice, said one of the men. police in burbank, california, spent a frantic afternoon looking for a 14-year-old autistic boy who wandered away from the airport there. the boys' parents put him on a flight to salt lake city. but the jet developed a problem and had to return to the terminal. cameron james smith walked away, boarded a shuttle bus and ended up ten miles away at a restaurant in west hollywood. now, on to politics and a new poll that shows republicans have still not come together behind any one candidate.
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30% would choose mitt romney for president. while 26% would cast their ballots for herman cain. rick perry has fallen to 13%. polling only adults, romney came in close to beating president obama. and turning overseas now, where secretary of state hillary clinton has now arrived in afghanistan. she is scheduled to meet with president karzai and other top officials later today. u.s. officials say secretary clinton will press the afghan government to resume talks with the taliban. that effort, though, was dealt a major blow last month when karzai's appointed liaison to the taliban was assassinated. government forecasters are increasing their outlook for the winter season. a lot of people are waiting to see how bad it will be. today's announcement will cover the excessive heat and drought that gripped the south this year. climate experts will discuss the recent reeommergence and impactf la nina.
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>> last winter was rough. even in the south. >> ice forms down there. >> be kind this season, please. for weather around the country. a wet and windy day from the great lakes to new england. periods of heavy rain around chicago, detroit, milwaukee, cincinnati, buffalo, as well as bangor, maine. breezy for the east coast. and sunny skies return to florida. morning fog in southern california. and showers from seattle to spokane. >> 67 in boise. 77 in sacramento. and 92 in phoenix. mostly 50s across the midwest and plains. boston climbs to 70. and baltimore, 65. 58 in atlanta. 68 in new orleans. and a nice 78 in miami. >> sounds nice in miami. coming up after the break, actress lindsay lohan had another day in court. why this one ended up with her in handcuffs. and why you should be prepared to pay sky-high prices for holiday airplane tickets. and game number one of the world series is in the books. we'll have the highlights, coming up.
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worries about rkets are off europe's debt crisis. tokyo's nikkei average fell 90 points today. hong kong's hang seng is off 484. but in london, the ftse actually opened higher. and on wall street, the dow was down 72 points yesterday. the nasdaq index slid 53. it will cost you more to fly for the holidays, especially if you continue to wait much longer. all of the major airlines have raised their fares this week,
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even the discount carriers. fare comparisons now is the time to buy for thanksgiving. and early november is the time for christmas and new year's. >> the knew we like to hear near the holidays. a big lawsuit settlement over mortgage security complaints. citigroup has agreed to pay $285 million. the ftc accused the financial giant of defahding customers by imbedding the value with fault. the federal reserve says the economy in most areas of the country is actually improving just a little. much of that is due to consumer spending, particularly for autos. the report warns that in some regions, retailers are reluctant to build up their inventory going into this holiday season. a fourth wireless company will be offering the apple iphone soon. but it's not t-mobile. c. spire was known as cellular south. t-mobile isn't commenting.
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but it's known that apple drives a hard bargain with carriers for the iphone. >> more choice there. when we come back, the latest, damning testimony in the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray. also this thursday morning, the controversy that is brewing around superstar's rihanna's the controversy that is brewing around superstar's rihanna's brand-new music video. have yr while sunbathing? why not? have you ever climbed a rock wall in the middle of the ocean? or tried something really wild? why not? it's all possible in the nation of why not. royal caribbean's floating nation where you're free to do anything you want. which may be nothing at all. royal caribbean international. visit today. helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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take toast. spread with i can't believe it's not butter! add jacques. he's french. oui. ♪ oui like. [ male announcer ] fresh butter taste with 70% less saturated fat than butter. [ kim ] you can have it all. the windy city is certainly living up to its name. some high wind warnings are in effect for chicago until this afternoon, with gusts expected to hit up to 60 miles per hour. the city is also under a lake-effect flood warning, as waves hover around 25 feet high. >> wow. that stormy weather drenches i-80 and 90, from chicago to cleveland. i-70, across indiana. a wet morning commute on i-95 and 91 in new england. drivers face high winds on i-40, from tennessee all the way to north carolina. wet on i-5 around seattle. >> and if you're flying today, airport delays are possible in
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chicago, detroit, boston, new york, philly and cleveland. well, there were some surprising, new developments in lindsay lohan's long legal drama. never-ending. >> long, indeed. the troubled star was hauled out of a courtroom in handcuffs after her probation was yanked by a pretty angry judge. diana alvear is joining us from los angeles with the latest. hi, diana. >> reporter: holy drama in the courtroom. lohan seemed to assume she would have an easy ride. but not with this judge. she was all, do not pass go and go directly to jail. this was not the happy ending lindsay lohan was expecting. >> i am revoking her probation. >> reporter: the clearly-startled actress was handcuffed and led out of the courtroom by deputies. it happened so fast, she didn't even have a chance to take her chanel purse. it was evident just minutes into the hearing that judge stephanie stautner had had enough. once she learned that lohan had not completed her 360 hours of
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community service at a woman's center, despite traveling the world to attend fashion hows and events. >> nine scheduled community service appointments were just blown off. probation is a gift. and there's something called looking a gift horse in the mouth. >> reporter: lohan's attorney fought to portray her client as a caring, conscientious woman. the psychologist saw positive developments. >> miss lohan has reached a tourning point in her progress, in her accountability and her maturity. >> reporter: the judge also criticized lohan for saying she found her service unfulfilling. >> if that is what the sentence is about? supposed to fulfill the defendant? or is it supposed to be rehabilitative and punitive? >> reporter: the drama didn't end with the handcuffs. the actress was forced to resort to a bail bondsman to pay her bail. if judge ordered lohan to complete at least 3 hours of community service at the morgue. by the time of her november 2nd
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probation violation hearing. what will she be doing? sweeping floors, cleaning tables and even toilets. rob? yunji? >> all right. thanks, diana. it was another day of some scathing testimony against michael jackson's doctor. as the latest expert witness slammed him as, quote, clueless. the anesthesia expert accused conrad murray of violations. he said murray should have rejected the singer's demand for propofol. and he called murray's failure to immediately call 911, quote, utterly inexcusable. here in new york today, the nba owners and players will negotiate for a third-straight day. they are still divided over revenue sharing and the salary cap system. the lockout has already caused the consolation of two weeks worth of games. if there's no deal by this week, more will have to be canceled. now, from the guys not playing to the guys playing for it all. here's the crew at espn news and highlights from game one of the world series. >> good morning. i'm sara walsh.
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the fall classic got under way in winter-like conditions wednesday evening. game one of the world series. first lady michelle obama, taking in the action. rangers and cardinals. top of the first. chris carpenter on the mound. albert pujols, the bad throw. but carpenter, saving the play. great defense there. tagging first base for the out. luckily, he wasn't stepped on. bottom of the fourth. two on for lance berkman who doubles down the right field line. that's off c.j. wilson who is winless in his last six postseason starts. two runs score. cardinals up 2-0. top of the fifth. runner on first. one out. mike napoli deep to right off carpenter. that's a two-run blast. this thing, tied up. in the bottom of the sixth, alexei agan doe in relief. allen craig, the fly ball to right. cruz came up just short on the
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play. cardinals up 3-2. craig pumped. to the ninth now. jason motte pitching to adrian beltre. beltre grounds out to third. he's thrown out. he never ran to first. take another look. beltre may have hit the ball off his foot. he would argue. but to no avail. so, cruz batting next with two outs. he flies out to left to end it. cards take game one, 3-2. the game one winner has won 12 of the last 14 series. game two thursday night in st. louis. remember, for all your highlights and scores, check out "the highlight express," starting every night at 11:00 eastern on espn news. >> thanks, sara. the colors were as loud as the laughter, as hundred s clows descended on mexico city. >> it was a laugh-a-thon, aimed at promoting world peace.
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for 15 minutes-straight, they laughed, chuckled and howled and cracked up. the clowns say it was the personal call for peace and a world without violence. i think we all can get behind that goal. >> big smiles there. up next, "the pulse," why all you need is a wallet full of good deeds to eat at bon jovi's new restaurant. and the music video starring apple's personal assistant, and the music video starring apple's personal assistant, siri, that has now gone viral. m. there's so much information out there. what's good for you today, is bad for you tomorrow. i had no idea what to choose. until i found pronutrients -- a new line of supplements from centrum, who i totally trust. omega-3 supports not only my heart, but my brain and my eyes too. probiotics helps with my digestive balance and my immune function. and fruit & veggie has antioxidant properties. new pronutrients from centrum helps make nutrition possible.
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all right. welcome back, everybody. time for "the pulse," the stories you'll be talking about today. we start with rihanna's latest video that just came out. it's getting a lot of buzz. >> it sure is. the video's for her new song, "we found love." and it seems to be out graphical, with her leading man, bearing a resemblance to chris brown. >> in addition to racy sex scenes, the video is ritled with smoking and pill-popping that some critics are saying is totally inappropriate for rihanna's many young fans. she's been pushing the envelope a lot lately. >> yeah. this reminds us of justin timberlake's video. >> "cry me a river." and rocker bon jovi is opening a charitable side. the soul kitchen provides gourmet quality meals to diners
4:24 am
a little down on their luck. >> those that cannot pay for their dinner can earn their dinner for value tiering. but the customers that can pay, can leave money in envelopes on the tables. very cool idea. and i guess it had to happen eventually. people used to fall in love with their secretaries. now, it's their virtual assistants. musician, jonathan mann, for one. >> mann recorded this love song with his apple iphone 4s and its assistant, siri. he posted the duet on youtube. listen up. ♪ will marry me let's just be friends ♪ ♪ will you marry me we hardly know one another ♪ >> he did some -- he had some real-time responses. but he took a little creative license there. >> with the virtual assistant, i think you have to. we the forgive him for that. for some of you, your local
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news is next. >> and for everyone else on this thursday morning, we'll be right back with the do-it-yourself dad that made the promise of a lifetime on his daughter's wedding day. stay with us. ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. ♪ it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via® ready brew. we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via® taste promise. look for it at starbucks stores and where you buy groceries. if you open up a charge card account with us. [ male announcer ] identity thieves never stop coming up with ways to steal from you. they can open up an account in your name and go on a serious spending spree. do you have cufflinks? mm-hmm. gold ones? [ male announcer ] not on our watch. we're lifelock. go to and learn how our patented billion point database can help protect you.
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talk to your doctor. see if you can change "i want" to "oh, yes i can!" welcome back to club "atm." finally for this half hour, a
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father's promise fulfilled. a construction worker in california told his daughter that one day, he would make her wedding dress. >> so, he put aside his hammer and nails for a sewing machine. and the results? well, here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: and so, down the aisle they went, the bride and her dad and the dress that he made for her because that's what he'd always said to his girls, all three of them when they were growing up. let me make your wedding dress when the time comes. and for the youngest, danielle, that time came at last. and yes, the dress, it was by dad, erin lucian. and all he had to do was read a book. because the thing is, he'd been making things all his life. he's in construction. but a dress? this was going to be a first. he used bedsheets to work it o and looked at youtube videos and asked for advice and shipped the sheets to danielle to do fittings online. and what a risk for her, right? but she trusted. >> i knew he's very creative thinker.
4:29 am
and he would put 110% into it. so, i let him go for it. >> reporter: and he translated to dressmaking what he'd learned building houses. >> when you have plywood doing roofing and you're on a steep incline, you have to put supports and stuff. so, i did that with our silk. >> reporter: and then wedding day dawned. and danielle, whose father had suggested buying a backup dress, had not -- >> because nothing is more memorable than your own father making your wedding dress. not many people can say that. >> reporter: only to learn her dress wasn't quite finished, with two hours to go. >> i still had an adjustment to do on the sides of the dress. and my daughter says, don't worry about the wrinkles in the back. i said, no, when you walk down the aisle, everybody's going to see it. >> reporter: and just like the label he sewed inside, any flaws went unseen when they went down that aisle -- >> i was real proud. surprised she wore it. >> reporter: erin already saying, next time, next daughter, he just may bake the wedding cake. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> what a wonderful story there. >> first nominee for dad of the year. >> absolutely. >> very


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