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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  December 28, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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dogfighting rings or the abuse cases. because that also is on the news and makes people aware that we are here and makes people want to help more. >> thank you for the kisses. >> reporter: people like lauren shott who saw this pit bull puppy on the news. just one of the dogs rounded up by city police after last week's drug and dogfighting bust. >> we saw him on the news and we're worried about him and decided it was time to try and get another puppy in the house. >> reporter: now joining the other 3,200 people who gave these dogs and cats a real home this year. an impressive clip that is constantly saving the lives of dogs and cats and giving others a fighting chance. >> absolutely. that's what it means. the more adoptions we have the more animals we're able to save because every animal that needs a shelter -- leaves the shelter means we have space for another animal. being adopted basically saves two animals.
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>> reporter: and this boxer puppy coming in today. one face replacing the next as barks continues to strive for bigger and better numbers in 2011. in downtown baltimore, brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> great face. they hope to get a jump on next year. the shelter constantly running deals on adoptions. for january certain adoptions will only be $1. $1 and a friend for life? can't beat that. we have pretty good weather. that was a decent bargain for us today. skies cleared up nicely. not a ton of wind though it was breezy. look at a post card shot, sunset baltimore. not a bad-looking late december evening. as we look at the satellite view, just a few clouds mainly out in western maryland. we should stay clear most of the night. hour by hour tomorrow, 28 in the morning. pushing up to 40 by noon.
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back in the low to mid-40s by tomorrow afternoon with plenty of sunshine around once again. and the days starting to get just a little longer, too. we talk about a significant warm-up for new year's weekend. we'll break that down coming up. let's talk about some of the big stories happening now. getting into and out of new york still a problem tonight. airlines cancelled 5,000 flights since sunday night. and three major airports reopened but travel experts say it could take several days to re-book all the people who have been waiting. a man who tried to rob the dunkin' donuts in laurel is dead after the property owner shot him. it happened this morning at the dunkin' donuts on laurel fort meade road in laurel. police say the man walked into the store, said he had a gun and said he would rob the place. the clerk shot the robber. who later died at the hospital. carbon monoxide claims two more lives in baltimore. fire crews were called out to the 1,700 block of guilford avenue in east baltimore this
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morning. after family members said there was no answer when they knocked on the door. two women died, three others including a 5-year-old had to go to the hospital in serious condition. still no word on what caused the leak. let's look around the nation now. we are going to start in miami. carbon monoxide might be to blame for the deaths of five teenaged boys. a maid found the bodies in one of the hotel rooms yesterday afternoon. investigators discovered a car parked in the adjoining garage, still running. the door leading in the hotel room wasn't completely closed. the teens had gathered to celebrate another friend's birthday. police in sacramento, california, out there searching for suspects who fire bombed a 102-year-old great grandmother. detectives say georgia traham was asleep when someone through a molotov cocktail through her window. a neighbor heard the crash and put the fire out with a garden hose.
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investigators suspect it was random. near san francisco a mother is fuming after she says and airline employee put her baby's safety at risk. it happened when the woman says a sky west flight attendant told her she couldn't put her baby in her infant seat during takeoff last week on a flight from colorado to california. she objected. she says the employee threatened to throw her off the plane. >> i was nearly in tears. i said my baby is not going to be safe. he said that is it. you're off this plane. >> the flight attendant told the woman the car seat was not faa-approved but the faa approved sticker showed she was right. she wants to see flight crews have better training when it comes to kids and car seats. west texas now, firefighters got a massive grass fire under control near the interstate 40 but not before it burned more than 900 acres. dozens of firefighters battled the flames whipped by high wind gusts of 30 miles per hour for more than three hours today. no injuries were reported and
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although two homes were threatened none was burned. police in howard county now need your help to try to track down a man who robbed and armored car. this happened around 1:00 yesterday afternoon right outside the giant in dorsey search village center. the robber pulled out a gun and took is a undisclosed amount of cash and took off in a nissan sent extra. police found the getaway car a few miles away but the robber was gone if you have information you're asked to call criminal stoppers at 1-866-7-lockup. and there is a $5,000 reward for information leading up to an arrest. a judge ruled that yardley love's medical records will remain sealed with the exception of information about a prescription. defense attorneys for yardley's ex-boyfriend george hughley, charged with her murder requested access to the files. and the records reveal love had been taking a stimulant called aterol and hughley's legal team trying to prove her death was
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caused by cardiac arrhythmia. the red cross is caring for six adults and infant who lost their home following a house fire in randallstown. the fire gutted the home on dovetail road a little before 11:00 last night. crews had to battle a lot of heavy smoke the family wasn't hurt. authorities are still not sure what caused this fire. we have some good news about the chesapeake bay. a new report from the chesapeake bay foundation says that the bay's overall health is improving. the blue crab population rebounding and more underwater grass is starting to grow. there's still a lot of work ahead according to the foundation. the overall grade only rose slightly from a d to a d plus. money. we know it's tight for a lot of us these days. many can't wait to get our tax refund. the program that h & r block is cutting out and what you won't be counting on this spring. plus, suv's became huge about 15 years ago. the cause behind the tradein
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frustrations for many suv owners.
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we had a mixed day on wall street. we had a continued weak housing market. the dow ended up more than 20 and the nasdaq was down 5 and
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the s&p 500 mostly unchanged. we have a consumer alert tonight. if you go to h & r block you will not have the option of relying on short-term loans backed by your tax refunds. the company's banking partner was forced by the feds to stop offering the loans. the economists say a lot of its customers use a refund anticipation loan or refund anticipation checks. ford motor company wants to bring back the popularity of the suv. ford is embracing it for its re-design of the explorer family hauler. the family that pioneered the suv trend. ford claims the majority of shoppers recognize the explorer brand and want people to think of a new car based model as being as rugged as the old truck. the problem is the rising gas prices. ford is trying to improve popularity of suv's and economists say with the rising gas prices it makes it nearly impossible for people to trade them in. the average used suv was selling for nearly 20% below the price listed last month in
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used car pricing publications such as the kelly blue book. we're just getting started on this busy tuesday. a lot of us received holiday gift cards. some may never use them. we have a web site that will offer you cash for them, but you'll have to pay a price to get rid of them. also, the mta is a big way for people to get around in the baltimore area. the plan they have to save you cash. to make sure you make it home ok on new ears eve.
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i may have worn the edges off your credit card during the holiday. the dismal economy didn't stop you from spending. john hendren with more on the spending fury we have not seen like this in years. >> reporter: call it a christmas gift from
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americans to america. >> i got a guitar. >> i got a lot of gift cards. >> reporter: holiday shoppers were buying. retail sales jumped nearly 5% from last year in the week ending december 25th making it the best christmas season in years. >> every store was packed. >> reporter: if 2009 was about stabilizing the economy analysts say 2010 is about taking a step forward towards growth. >> it's the first time in really a couple of years that we've seen sustained improvement since spending over a four-five-month period. you're looking at a recovering economy and better story into 2011. >> reporter: despite snowstorms that kept thousands at home. >> if there wasn't a blizzard i would be shopping. >> reporter: it's a gift that keeps giving even after the holidays. >> i bought myself stuff i didn't get for christmas. >> reporter: after christmas sales add more than 16% to total december sales. >> the days after christmas are still important retail days. >> reporter: there is a downside.
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this year's surging sales means slimmer pickings after the holidays. >> finding a good pair of jeans is tough. >> reporter: with less on the shelves analysts say don't expect the deep discounts you saw last year. bad weather across the nation might have just shifted sales from brick and mortar businesses to the internet. on-line sales surged even more topping 15%. john hendren, abc news, washington. you'll be filling down a few drinks for new year's eve, and when you do the mta wants to help you get home safely. miller lite is teaming up with the agents to offer free rides on all local bus, metro, subway and light rail routes all over the area. miller lite offered the ride for more than 20 years now while giving more than two million people free public transportation on special holidays. keep them in mind. many of us receive gift cards over the holidays. many of us won't use them any
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time soon. if that's your situation consumer reporter john matarese has a great solution so you don't weight your -- waist your money. >> reporter: now that the 2010 holiday season is ending do you have a drawful of gift cards? some for stores or restaurants you never visit meaning they will probably go unused. that doesn't have to happen. like so many of us, trista popper and amber patchman each received a wallet full of gift cards over the holidays and already know they won't spend all of them. >> some usually get unused. >> reporter: you tuck them away? >> yeah. forget there they are. >> reporter: rather than leaving them to collect dust and expire why not cash them in? an entire gift card trading industry has popped up in recent years. the web site swap a gift, plastic jungle and card avenue are the big three of card trading sites. here at swap a gift you'll pay $1.99 to list a gift card that
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you want to sell. listed at a slight discount and someone will take it off your hands. if you want an immediate sale without any haggling, plastic jungle, on the other hand, will buy your card outright for a small fee. i told plastic jungle i had a best buy card valued at $50. in seconds it offered me $30 cash. not the best business deal but sure beats leaving that card unused forever. viewers asked me if you can rush a gift card. no -- return a gift card. no. the only way to get full value from a gift card, use it at the store but if you can't do that you might want to try these sites so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. you're a smart guy. >> yeah. >> if i give you a best buy gift card for $50, you give it back to me, i give you $30 back, would you take the deal? >> probably not. unless it was expired.
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what have you got? >> for everyone who has been out and about this week with returns, exchanges, everything to do with christmas shopping, we've had a pretty decent air in baltimore but not so much up the road. you have seen the footage. check this out. huge mess. this is jersey. up in lindhurst. this is what they look like there, not far from new york city. they received 30 inches. two and a half feet. how's that? flights resumed at the three major airports up there in new york but i tell you, it's still a tough time for holiday travelers to reach their destination by car. up in this part of new jersey. it's kinds of nice to see us miss one. some people might route for it. i'm happy about it. in delaware they didn't miss it. this is our camera over the beach, still digging out. more than a foot down there. ocean city picking up close to a foot but the snow blowing around pretty good there and
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beginning to melt a little today. then back in dc, we're all clear but i just want to point this out. look at the river. we're iced up. it's been harsh weather through december and has frozen things up out there. tonight, chilly but not really frigid by late december standards. 39 now and winds west at 12. barometer on the rise. temperatures across the state including ocean city with the snow on the ground, mid-30s. 36 now. 39 easton. really no subfreezing weather just yet. though we know tonight that will change as temperature plummet. current winds let up too. that's another improvement today as that storm has gotten further away. we have seen the wind field less blustery at least. highs today not bad, 41 easton. 43 baltimore. we hit mid-40s in dc. there were 50s down towards central virginia. tomorrow i think we'll be back in the low to mid-40s. sparrows point back through hunt valley. pretty nice day with lots of sunshine. less windy tomorrow.
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some spots likely to get warmer. i wouldn't be surprised to see a few upper 40s here and there. our satellite and radar trend, nice and clear. should be clear tomorrow. sunny start. chilly start but again a good rebound temperaturewise under the sunshine. and less windy. that is certainly going to feel good. the breezy conditions of the night will let up as high pressure keeps pushing east and settles in tomorrow. what is next down the pike? well, we are watching a developing storm in texas. typically in late december that is not a great thing to say along the east coast. the difference is this time we know mild air will keep surging in toward the weekend if anything we get rain showers in here saturday night. that is new year's day into ravens sunday at least at first part of the day. we're optimistic the rain is out by game time. as we look toward thursday weather, basically just a few increasing clouds. overnight tonight, 24, partly cloudy, breezy and chilly. tomorrow, nice day again. less windy. that will be something you notice. back in the mid-40s.
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tomorrow night down into the low 20s. of course we've got the big military bowl coming. maryland tomorrow. pretty good-looking day for them. dc should find kickoff at 2:30, mid-40s. again looking toward the weekend now. 50 or so in new year's eve day. should be a great night out on the town. on saturday, 56. that is going to be a massive warm-up but we do cool off towards sunday into early next week. news around the world now. pakistani intelligence officials say a third suspected u.s. missile strike hit a tribal area near the afghan border killing nine militants. two earlier strikes today killed eight. on christmas day a female suicide bomber had a bomb made out of a -- a vest made out of a bomb and let it go off in a crowded aid distribution center in northwestern pakistan, killing 41 people. those living in india tonight are encouraged to stay alert after the country's home
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ministry issued a nationwide terror alert after receiving information of a potential terror strike by a pakistan-based militant group. police in india take terror threats very seriously after that three-day terror siege in 2008 that killed 166 people in mumbai. italian police in rome say they have uncovered a connection between greeks and italians who are very ticked off at the way the government is running. these are the people who allegedly sent packages to the greeks, swiss and chilean embassies and officers defused the bomb yesterday. the same group declared responsibility for two bombs that exploded at the chilean and swiss embassies just last week. that wounded two people. here's a look at what is coming up tonight or abc2 news at 6:00. carbon monoxide is to blame for taking the lives of two people and sending several others to the hospital. roosevelt leftwich is live with the latest on this deadly poisoning. plus, a new medical guys is giving hope to about 4 million americans suffering from a
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heart condition. that and more coming up. for a preview of what is ahead on "world news" at 6:30. >> coming up -- the blizzard now over but as you know the travel nightmare is not. the passengers who spent 32 hours on a plane. the skiing nightmare, the chair lift that broke from the sky. out west, another storm. coming up. if you have high blood pressure, like me,
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and get a cold... need a cold medicine with a heart. only coricidin hbp has a heart, right here. it's the only cold and flu brand that won't raise your blood pressure. coricidin hbp. powerful cold medicine with a heart. mother nature threatened to derail the trip of a lifetime for some high school musicians. in the philadelphia area a band director informed students that because of the snow they would not be part of this weekend's tournament of roses parade. the two planes which were to carry 166 students, well, both
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those planes are grounded. the band was just one of 12 in the country selected for the honor. the only one from pennsylvania. students had looked forward to this trip since october. they raised more than $500,000 to pay for the trip. >> we've been working so hard. we're so ready to just like go out there and show them what we can do. we can't get out there. it's really upsetting. >> the band's instruments were shipped out last week. will the students be able to play them? continental airlines says it's working hard to get the kids to california. if you've got a sweet tooth we've got great news tonight. chocolate could be getting healthier for us. that will make you stick around for abc2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. two people are dead, three others injured after a carbon monoxide leak at an apartment building. i'm jamie costello.
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with your 6:00 news. city fire got the call late this morning after family members could not get anyone to answer the door at this apartment building. it happened in the 1,700 block of guilford avenue. roosevelt leftwich joins us now live with more. >> reporter: right now authorities are still -- still haven't released the identities of the victims. they are also trying to identify exactly what was the cause of such tragedy. overcome with grief family members could do nothing but watch as first responders tried to find out exactly how this could have happened. people here just can't believe it. they knew something was wrong when one of the victims didn't show up for an appointment they never missed. >> like clockwork. she said 7:30 this morning, she was wrapping on the door, didn't get an answer. normally the young lady comes to meet her every morning. so she didn't get an answer. >> reporter: two women died when authorities say carbon monoxide fumes overwhelmed five people in an apartment in 1709 guilford avenue. thre


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