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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 18, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. this is saturday, september 18th. this morning, palin takes iowa. the former v.p. nominee gives a fiery speech at a key republican dinner, in what is likely to be the first state to vote in the 2012 primary. is this the first step toward a presidential run? hurricane alley. karl blasted mexico while hurricane igor heads straight for bermuda. packing some serious power. we're live with the latest. why did she do it? the mother and father of a woman who lied about having acid thrown in her face, address the question everybody's been asking. why did their daughter do this to herself? and dancing hands. forget the flying feet of "riverdance." how about the flying fingers of irish hand dancing? ♪
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and no, that was not the two of us doing hand dancing. >> i've been worried all morning that you're going to propose some sort of -- >> i want to. the hour's not over yet, dan. they actually used to perform for "riverdance." this is a new dance craze they're starting. they're going to be joining us live. >> they've gone rogue, post "riverdance." >> emotionless faces. did you see that? >> i did. >> we'll talk to them, later. also, we have serious news. including new details about what happened when the mother of natalee holloway, went inside a peruvian prison to confront the man she believes murdered her daughter. joran van der sloot's lawyer is calling beth twitty's surprise jailhouse visit an ambush. we'll have the latest on that. this is a story that touched a nerve with our viewers. lit up the message board. you saw the video of a father storming on to a school bus and threatening the kids he thinks is bullying his daughter. a lot of people weighed in on this. we'll be talking more about what
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parents should do in these sorts of circumstances. >> he's apparently looking at jail time. >> yeah, he is. he came out and apologized. but there's a lot more to this story, as well. you heard about overnight, big news from hollywood. lindsay lohan, the struggling starlet admitted she failed a drug test. that means she could be going back to jail. r out.s on twitter all night, we'll tell you what she has to say about that. we begin with pol3-ayes n io it's eato bki a but sarah palin is stirring speculation that she white house in her sis. she fired up the crowd at a fund-raiser. and in washington, another gop rising star was drawing comparisons to palin at a conservative summit. that's where john hendren is this morning. good morning, john. >> reporter: hi, bianna. good morning. i'm here at the values voters summit. i'm here at the values voters summit. will be out in forc they're here to hear mie huckabee and mitt romney. but palin opted for iowa,
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instead. and that has a lot of people wondering just what she's up to. is she testing the waters for 2012? >> todd says, i guarantee you, if anybody spots you in the tennis shoes, the headline's going to be, "vanity fair," they're going to say, palin in iowa decides to run. >> reporter: with sarah palin headlining a gop fund-raiser in a key gop state, the white house thinks so. >> normally this time of year, you go to dip your toe in the water. my guess is that she's going to dip that toe. >> it may take folks shaking us up, shaking it up, to get there. >> reporter: in iowa and at the conservative values voter summit in washington, palin tops a new roster that has conservatives fired up. >> it's our recovery fall when we take back the house and senate on november 2nd. >> reporter: then, there's the tea party's newest phenom. >> they call us wacky. they call us wingnuts. we call us, we, the people. >> reporter: she has palin to thank for pushing her over the finish line in the delaware
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primary. and perhaps for paving the way with a certain folksy style. does she remind you of anyone? >> yes. she reminds me of sarah palin. >> i see a resemblance of sarah palin. >> sarah palin. >> sarah palin. >> reporter: the party's rising stars and prospects played well on the standing-room-only floor. >> the energy level's much higher this year than other years. >> if anybody doesn't understand this is the year of the conservative, they're asleep. >> reporter: as republicans embrace their new stars, president obama found himself stumping where no democrat should have to campaign. >> we need you to do this for candidates all across the country. >> reporter: in connecticut, which hasn't put a republican in the senate since 1982. today, at this conservative summit, people will hear from conservative crowd pleasers. people like newt gingrich. but perhaps more important are the voices of the voters in the audience. i talked to several of them, dan. they say we'll hear from them in
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november. >> john, thank you. that's john hendren reporting this morning. let's stay in washington and get insight from two, political pros. republican robert traynham and democrat karen finney. >> good morning. >> thank you for getting up with us this morning. we appreciate it. let me start with you, karen. is sarah palin running? >> obviously, in the primary season, she's had influence on the process. she is enjoying success in the process. she likes to get paid. >> robert, is she running? >> i don't know the answer to that. truth be told, i don't think she knows the answer. but she's doing everything she can to position herself, that if she chooses to run, she has the staff and resources in place to do so. >> well, staying with you for a second. if she does run, do you think she can win? >> in the primaries, i think she could. there are really three states that determine who the republican nominees are going to be. iowa, new hampshire and south
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carolina. if you look at the demographics in those states, sarah palin has a significant ground force. the real question is whether she can win in the general. she is a forced to be reckoned with. there's no question about it. >> karen, is this a candidate that the obama white house would like to face or fear facing? >> i think democrats learned a long time ago when they were hoping that ronald reagan would be the republican nominee not to try to guess or foreshadow. again, i don't think sarah palin's seriously running. i think what she's doing here is trying to stake out a base in the party, which she clearly has. and be a political player. >> robert, while palin appeared in iowa, we had this cattle call going on in d.c., which is going to continue through the weekend. the values voter summit. is there anybody in the field, a large field of potential republican presidential candidates, that stands out to you? >> not really. i mean, the only person that pretty much is putting his big toe in the water right now, and arguably could have a chance at
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this, is mitch daniels, the republican governor of iowa. of indiana. he is someone that definitely strikes me as a deficit hawk. he is someone who clearly talks the talk of a lot of social conservatives. but truth be told, the field is wide-open. we have about a dozen republican candidates. everyone from newt gingrich, to mitt romney, possibly sarah palin. rick santorum, haley barbour. and they recognize that obama is vulnerable right now. >> karen, there's so much energy on the right right now. but some democrats, including people in the white house, seem to be verging on gleeful when it comes to the rise oaf the tea party. the logic seems to be, some of the people have said such extreme things in the past, that they're going to be easier to beat. is there complacency potentially setting in? >> no. i hope not. and i hope we learned our lesson from the massachusetts senate race. that was a big wake-up call. and i think even lisa murkowski's race should be a wake-up call to anyone who is an
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incumbent, that you can't take anything for granted. you have to do the work and show up. that being said, i think what democrats recognize, is while there's so much talk about the enthusiasm gap, what we've seen is really republican enthusiasm, folding in against itself. not necessarily against democrats. which suggests that during the general election, we don't know how the tea party candidates are going to fair. if democrats can turn out the vote, things might turn out differently than everybody's predicting. >> robert, what's your state of anxiety or lack thereof right now? with the tea party being huge in the primaries. the primaries are now over. are you worried that the tea party phenomenon could hurt the party going forward? >> i'm not sure. this is a healthy conversation that republicans are among amongsee he and soul of the party. agree with karen tha should never take anything for granted. and you can look at arlen ter you can look at arlen rimrss
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they. bob bennett in utah. obviously, lisa murkowski in alaska. but i disagree with her. this is not rly afo > >> this is -- karen. this is a conversation that e aicanavin let's take a look at this. the democrats should be very happy right now thride obama ended the iraq war. that comprehensive health care reform has passed. that the cumr tion o and ay,re v unhappy right now with the so, the truth be told, there's some real issues within the o so, the truth be told, there's some real issues within the o to address. s ngast but unfortunately, we have to cut this off. annhave to cut this off. >> daniel. >> careful how you do it, dan. >> she's actually sitting next to me. that's dangerous. robert and karen, thank you very much. bianna, to you. >> all right, daniel. thank you. we'll turn to what has been a busy start to the hurricane season. a monster hurricane named igor is closing in on bermuda.
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it's the biggest storm to threaten the tropical paradise for years. anden ou david kerley islivus i good to see you, david. bianna. they're used to big storms here. but it looks like igor i direct aim at this island of 21-square-miles. and this has been a strange week. three hurricanes in the atlantic at the same time. residents here and especially tourists are taking igor very seriously. especially after they saw what one of the hurricanes did to mexico. central mexico wakes up to a massive cleanup job after karl slammed ashore. hitting veracruz by 90-mile-per-hour winds. peeling roofs off homes and buildings. up to eight inches of rain, causing massive flooding. mudslides that killed two people. but this is the picture that worries bermuda. with igor coming, the tourists are going. home. this couple's one-year anniversary vacation lasted just 24 hours. >> when we got here, they were closing the hotel and boarding
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everything up. >> reporter: down on the waterfront, some had to run to catch this giant cruise ship, headed back to new york, after seeing the first signs of igor. >> we got very lucky. >> the waves were a little rough yesterday. but it was awesome. >> yeah. >> reporter: and the more than 60,000 residents left behind are taking no chances. >> everybody's definitely concerned. and getting ready. they're getting ready. >> reporter: many in this crowded british territory remember hurricane fabian seven years ago, which killed four, washed out the airport road and left millions of dollars in damage. it's been more than a decade that we've seen three active hurricanes in the atlantic at the same time. >> sea surface temperatures in the atlantic are at their highest levels on record this summer. and we've seen five, major hurricanes so far this year, which is an unusually high number. >> reporter: and this is a massive, massive storm. hurricane winds, 100 miles out.
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and tropical storm winds, 350 miles out. it looks like it's taking direct aim here at bermuda. one government official says this may be the worst this island has ever seen. should be coming in the next 36 hours. >> all right. david, stay safe for us out there. thank you for joining us. we're going to turn overseas rre we're going to turn overseas at least two people were killed in rocket attacks. in the northern part of the country, gunmen stormed polling stations. nick schifrin has the latest from kabul. >> reporter: polls here in kabul out lose denlenee the capital. but there are already concerns about low turnout. all of the people behind me observers here to ty to fraud. there's very few voters. to be a voter in afghanistan, is to take your life in ya abdul was one of the few voters we met here. like everyone, he dips his finger in purple ink to prove he's voted. and places his hand-marked
8:13 am
ballot in a plastic box. tell me, why did you vote? voting is our right, he says. and members of parliament provide a bridge between the government and the people. voters are choosing among 2,500 candidates. in kabul, there are 20 candidates running for every seat. some young. some religious. some rich. zawa narari is the daughter of a religious leader and was educated in england. >> you know, some people are really brave to go and vote. and i think we should encourage that. >> reporter: being brave, despite massive intimidation. during an interview in eastern afghanistan this morning, insurgents attacked a polling station. u.s. troops responded. three people were injured. for candidates, armed policemen has been a requirement. five of fawzia gelani's campaign workers were kidnapped, lined up and executed. u.s. officials hope this election produces a parliament that provides a check on afghan president hamid karzai. but we won't know the makeup of that parliament for weeks, if not months. this will be a long process of
8:14 am
counting ballots and responding to allegations of fraud. the final results aren't due before october 31st. >> you really do see what people go through to get to the polling stations. all the violence. makes you appreciate what we have here. >> absolutely. >> it's hopeful to see people out there making their way to the polls. >> indeed. now, for the day's other news. ron claiborne. good morning. >> good morning, daniel and bianna. good morning, everyone. pope benedict is going ahead with a state visit to britain this morning, despite a terror scare. british forces arrested six men of plotting to attack him. abc's lama hasan joins us now from london with the latest. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning, ron. those six men are still in police custody. and they're being interrogated. so far, they have not been charged. officers have raided several homes and businesses. but they've not found any weapons or bombmaking materials.
8:15 am
now, police received a tipoff about a possible threat to the pope's visit on thursday night. so, on friday morning, armed officers quickly moved in and arrested these men at gunpoint. these men are thought to be of north african origin and aged between 26 and 50 years old. they were arrested just as they were about to start work on friday morning, and two miles from where the pope is staying during his visit. the pope was reportedly told about the arrests. and he was described as being calm. and he continues with his historic visit to britain. at a mass this morning, ron, the pope addressed the issue of sexual abuse within the catholic church. and he said that he apologized for the unspeakable crimes committed by catholic priests. ron? >> thank you very much. lama hasan reporting from london. and toyota has settled a lawsuit over the fatal crash that brought national attention. the problem of sudden acceleration in many of its weeks. four people were killed in the 2009 crash in san diego. investigators believe an
8:16 am
improperly installed floor mat caused the gas pedal to stick. the problem led toyota to recall millions of vcles notanno finally, one lucky escape for a baby in turkey. a 1-year-old crossed a busy highway when its mother fell asleep. motorists waved to keep other motorists from hitting the child. the mother woke up and rescued her baby. very lucky. first look at the headlines. to daniel and bianna. >> that video is harrowing. >> scary, isn't it? >> very. >> lucky, indeed. >> yes, as the mother of two, strapping, young boys. that thing wants to make you hold them tight. mary, good morning. >> good morning, everyone at home. it's been confirmed. new york city saw the ninth and tenth tornadoes in history. nine and ten, since 1950. this was thursday, after a storm just ripped through there. an ef-0, hit brooklyn, packing 80-mile-per-hour winds. and over in queens, ef-1, packing 100-mile-per-hour winds. then, there was a macro burst,
8:17 am
which is just a strong string of winds. there's 14,000 people without power, if you can believ thanks so much. more on your saturday outlook a little bit later on in the show. dan? >> thanks, mary. we have new details now about the face-to-face meeting between joran van der sloot and natalee holloway's mother. how did she get into that prison in peru? and what did they say to each
8:18 am
other? jeremy hubbard is on the story. >> reporter: joran van der sloot's angry attorney is now sounding off about the surprise confrontation. he is convinced dutch tv paid off a top prison official to get beth holloway-twitty inside for the on-camera confrontation. >> i think joran van der sloot was shocked when he saw her. she was in a room. he was brought into that room. she demanded, in a sense, that she wanted to see him. >> reporter: she reportedly asked van der sloot about natalee holloway's disappearance. he refused to answer. she left. the incident comes days after a dutch tv interview from inside that prison, aired on nbc's "dateline," in which van der sloot seems to blame the holloway case for making his life miserable. >> so many things have happened because of that case. people bothering me, lying to me, you name it, anything else. i have a lot of anger because of that also. >> reporter: earlier this month, van der sloot admitted to a dutch newspaper, he tried to
8:19 am
extort $250,000 from natalee's mom, in exchange for the location of natalee's remains. i wanted to get back at natalee's family, he said. her parents have been making my life tough for five years. followers of the case say those interviews may be what compelled holloway twitty to confront van der sloot. >> i think anything to want to stare in the eyes of the person that she believes murdered her daughter. >> reporter: van der sloot is in the prison, awaiting trial for the may 30th hotel room murder of stephany flores, exactly five years after natalee holloway's disappearance in aruba. and aruba is where holloway-twitty is this morning. she flew back to the island yesterday, continuing her quest for answers in natalee's death. for "good morning america," jeremy hubbard, abc news. >> she wants closure and will do anything to find out what
8:20 am
happened to her daughter. >> hard to blame her. coming up, the parents of the woman who faked an acid attack say they are heartbroken. we'll hear what they have to say about the hoax and why their daughter did it. also, lindsay lohan in trouble again. she tested positive for drugs, just weeks after getting out of rehab. she announced it all overnight on her twitter feed. what does it mean for her and her career? and daniel can't wait for this. you heard of the mexican hat dance. how about the irish hand dance? we'll ask these alumni of "riverdance" how they pulled this one off. it's tearing up the internet right now.
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coming up soon on the show, lindsay lohan, she's in trouble again. she went on twitter last night. announced she has failed another drug test. this probably means she will go back to jail. also, we've been talking about it all morning. the irish hand dancers. you see them. they will be joining us live. teaching us their moves. how they went from "riverdance" to dancing with their hands. >> they can teach us.
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♪ what do you do when your career as a "riverdancer" is caput? you revolt and become a hand dancer. you're looking at one of the hottest videos on the web. it was made by these two traditional irish dancers. we'll talk to them from london this morning. we'll ask them about their hand dance. and how it feels to be viral video stars. they brought in their special piece of wood because whatever we have in our office in london -- >> was just not good enough. >> it wasn't making the right noises. >> apparently, it only took them five days to learn to do that. >> five days. but years of prior training. good morning, america. he's dan harris. i'm bianna golodryga. it's saturday, september 18th. also ahead, we're going to talk about the video that has so many of you outraged. a dad storms on to a school bus
8:31 am
and threatens the children he says were bullying his daughter. he now faces jail time. but you lit up our message boards in support of him. we'll have an update and talk about what you do if your child is being picked on. plus, everybody is talking about lindsay lohan this morning. i printed out her twitter feed from overnight. we'll talk about what she has to say. the fact she has failed a court-ordered drug test, just weeks after she got out of jail. she wrote about it, powered her heart out all night. we'll tell you what she had to say, coming up. we begin with the washington state woman who made up the story of being splashed in the face with acid by a stranger. her stunned parents are speaking out about the bizarre case. and mike von fremd has the story. >> reporter: bethany storro's parents say they are heartbroken by what their daughter has done. >> nancy and i are deeply sorry. we're going through a very tough time. >> reporter: many were planning on attending a fund-raiser today for bethany.
8:32 am
and some now say they feel duped, after learning it was all a hoax. >> it makes me sick. i don't understand why she needed attention that badly. >> look, it's a tragedy on all levels. >> reporter: in a dramatic news conference from the hospital, bethany blamed an african- h attack. >> once it hit me, i could actually hear it bubbling and sizzling my skin. >> reporter: experts report people seeking notoriety for self-inflicted wounds is al common. 72% of self-injury is from cutting. 35% from burning. in 2008, a volunteer for the mccain presidential campaign made up a story about an attacker scratching a letter in her face. in 2004, a woman in paris, falsely claimed she was marked with swastikas. >> for a brief moment, they inflict this pain. they feel a release. they may get attention. and it makes them actually feel better for a short period of time. >> reporter: in bethany's case, she pulled off the hoax for more than two weeks. >> as to the question of why she
8:33 am
did this. there were no signs and we don't really know at this point. but it's our hope that the medical community can find the answers. >> reporter: they say they're doing their best to help their daughter recover both physically and emotionally. >> she has a long road ahead of her. but she's on the road. and we're going to walk it with her. >> reporter: bethany's loved ones, now truly understand just how much help this troubled, young woman really needs. for "good morning america," mike von fremd, abc news. >> that really is shocking. when that story hit, we were all outraged. and she went on to say, she wore sunglasses. she was lucky she did. police were skeptical about that, given that the attack took place at night. but it's devastating. >> you have to feel bad because she's going to have to live with the consequences for the rest of her life. let's get the news now. sorry. go ahead. >> good morning, bianna and dan. good morning, everyone. in the news, bp's blownout oil well in the gulf of mexico could
8:34 am
be declared permanently dead today. engineers are pumping it full of cement to seal it for good, five months after it began spewing oil. a new mexico couple has been charged with trying to sell nuclear secrets to an fbi agent posing as an agent for venezuela. the couple worked at the los alamos national laboratory. and they were arrested in a sting operation. lisa murkowski is mounting a write-in campaign to keep her job. she lost the republican primary to a rival backed by the tea party. national republican leaders say they will not support her. finally, a woman from massachusetts bagged a giant gator. look at the size of that thing in south carolina. she caught a 13 1/2-foot alligator that weighed about 900 pounds. maybe it's a rubber gator, supposed to look like a real one. we'll find out and look into that and tell you next week. that's a quick look at the headlines. now, to marysol for the weather. >> thanks for that, ron. good morning, everyone. let's turn to virginia beach. for those of you trying to get
8:35 am
the last licks of summer in, be wary. rough surf will be an issue this weekend. down in virginia beach, 6-foot to 12-foot seas. and the rip currents will be treacherous, as well. the culprit, as we mentioned all morning, hurricane igor. churning in the atlantic. going to take a hit on bermuda by monday. it's a category 2. packing 105-mile-per-hour winds. it's 600 miles to the east of the east coast. but it's such a massive storm, it is causing rough seas clo thanks so much. this weather report has been brought to you by avon. dan? >> mary, thank you. again this morning, we're talking about lindsay lohan. and again, it is not something positive.
8:36 am
she tested positive for drugs in a court-ordered test. she went on twitter last night to say she is still, quote, a work in progress. any progress she makes now may happen in jail. meg oliver has more. >> you're a mess. do you think anyone wants to work with a drunk? take it from me. they don't. >> reporter: less than a week after poking fun at her substance abuse problems during the mtv music awards -- >> have a great show. >> reporter: lindsay lohan is in trouble again. late friday, she went on her twitter account and admitted she failed a drug test. she tweeted, regrettably, i did, in fact, fail my most recent drug test. and if i am asked, i'm prepared to appear before judge fox next week as a result. lohan was released almost 3 weeks ago, after serving just 13 days of a 90-day sentence, for violating probation in a 2007 dui case. she was ordered to attend weekly counseling sessions and pass random drug tests.
8:37 am
this was certainly a setback for me, she wrote last night. but i'm taking responsibility for my actions. and i'm prepared to face the consequences. those consequences could include more jail time. this all comes as the troubled star was trying to jump-start her career. she is reportedly in talks to host "saturday night live" this december. substance abuse is a disease, which unfortunately doesn't go away overnight, lohan tweeted. i'm working hard to overcome it. and i'm taking positive steps. meg oliver, abc news, new york. >> and lindsay's saga continues. coming up on "good morning america," a father goes too far when he confronts a bully. we got some advice on how to react when your child is bullied. plus, give these two a hand. i'm sorry. that was a very bad cliche. their video is all the rage on the internet right now. we'll talk to them about how they came up with this hand dance. ♪
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well, a lot of people are talking about that father in florida, angrily confronting some kids he said had been bullying his daughter on the school bus. but rather than provoking outrage, there's been outpouring and support and sympathy for the dad.
8:41 am
still, police say that's not the way to go about things. and the dad is now facing jail time. yunji de nies has more. >> reporter: james jones storms his daughter's school bus. out to confront her bullies. >> i'm gonna [ bleep ] you. this is my daughter. and i will kill the [ bleep ]. >> reporter: jones says the boys have been teasing, hitting, even throwing condoms at his 11-year-old daughter, who has cerebral palsy. >> everybody sit down. everybody sit down. >> reporter: the mad dad also threatens the driver. >> if anything happens to my daughter, i'm [ bleep ] and everybody on this [ bleep ]. >> reporter: jones was arrested, charged with disorderly conduct and disturbing a school function. he faces up to four months in prison. upon release, he stood by his actions. >> my daughter is not going to be hazed and beatup and touched on. okay? >> reporter: jones' attorneys says the father of two has no criminal record. and that the bullying was so bad, his daughter is on suicide
8:42 am
watch. >> this is a new school for her. she just started middle school. and it has been unrelenting torment. >> reporter: hundreds of "good morning america" viewers weighed in on our message boards. while most don't agree with his methods, the vast majority support this angry dad. thank god for awesome fathers like the one that defended his daughter. you go, dad, echoes, anothermorgan. sad day when a parent standing up for his child is the one punished. but m. griffin says, sounds like he's the bully. shame on him. jones will have another opportunity to face his daughter's alleged tormentors. if he decides to press charges, police say those seventh graders could also be heading to court. for "good morning america," yunji de nies, abc news. and joining me now to talk more about this is child psychologist, dr. michael bradley. thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> it is troublesome to watch what that father did on the school bus and watch the video. but there's also a lot of
8:43 am
sympathy. we heard from these parents. parents always say they will do anything to protect their children. what comes to your mind when you watch that video? >> i would have wanted to do the same thing. i think. i'm irish. i want to go in there and beat up the bullies. it doesn't work. i wish it worked. it doesn't. it's much more complex than that. our job as parents are to protect our kids in that situation. that involves helping them feel a sense of control, a sense of respect. and teaching them how to handle these situations because we're not going to be there on the bus with them the rest of their lives? >> what should the father have done? he should have talked to his daughter and not the teachers or the bus driver? >> the research is clear. when we jump in and do that, the kids feel worse. they feel less control. and they feel they can't handle themselves. they feel they helpless without the bodyguard there.
8:44 am
you have to sit down with the kid and say, what should we do about this? consult with the kid so she feels like she's smart. she has some control. and she'll be able to handle this in the future. >> we know that the daughter has cerebral palsy. in a circumstance like that, do you also solicit the same advice? >> more so. first of all, cerebral palsy does not mean somebody's emotionally or intellectually setback or challenged at all. they can be perfectly normal, in intellect and feelings. we have to even more so work with kids with challenges on this because they're more often targets. they're easy targets. and because of their challenges, they feel less control and power in their lives. so, we have to help them feel that they themselves can control their environmeand t >> we spent so muca daughter other children on the school bus. a lot of them said twere scared and frightenedt the father was saying tem. children like those that were on the bus?
8:45 am
>> that's the key to bullying. you know, it's not so much the bullying and the victim. it's the bystanders. where were the other kids, watching this go on? the poor kid getting tormented. where were the kids? were they enjoying that? did they think it was funny? or can they step up and say, that's not funny. when we go after the bystanders and teach them, and they start to speak up, that's when we solve the bullying problem in our schools. >> should parents bring this up with their children? or should they wait for children to discuss this? a lot of kids don't want to tell their parents what goes on in their daily life. so, how does a parent know when something is crisis mode? >> assume that your kid is being bullied, has been bullied or maybe is the bully, or is a bystander. raise it early and often with the kid, especially if they're the bystander. what should you do? do you have an obligation to the people on that bus and say that's not fun. knock it off. >> hopefully the story will have a lot of parents having the
8:46 am
discussion with their children. we appreciate it. coming up on "good morning america," if you're happy and you know it, daniel, tap your hands. the virus not smile, even though re ♪ townhouse flatbread crisps. they're perfect for snack time, party time, any time. ♪ new townhouse flatbread crisps. the everyday cracker with the specially-crafted taste. as a va doctor, i have more time to spend with my patients. and that's the kind of attention our veterans deserve. ♪ (announcer) learn more about careers with today's va at but it's also rich in powerful nutrients that help cleanse and purify your body. cranberries are the ninja fruit. wh-wh-whoa! ocean spray -- tastes good, good for you.
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♪ we love a good viral video around here. and this one was going around the office this week. it's gotten more than 800,000 views on youtube. >> so, we wanted to meet the minds and the hands, of course, behind the this video. suzanne cleary and peter harding are joining us from our london bureau this morning. good to see you, suzanne and peter. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> we have to first address the elephant in the room. how did the dancing hands become such a big hit for the two of you? and how did this start up?
8:50 am
>> well, the two of us, peter and myself, are irish dancers. we've known each other for a long time. since we were like 15. when we would go to competitions, when we were kids, we would practice on your hands before we got to the competition. so, we thought it would be a great thing to show the world. >> we teamed up with a film director, johnny reed. he suggested that we do a little video together. and we did. everybody really likes it. so, we're really happy. >> whose idea was it to come up with the sublime stare on your face? >> it's a lot of irony and humor in it. we wanted to blank out and do the hands do the talking, really. >> there's a lot of work that goes into the coordination, as well. how long did it take for you guys to come up with this act? >> well, this particular performance, we've been practicing it for two weeks before. but obviously, we've been doing it since we were kids. so, it was a lot easier to come
8:51 am
up with it than anybody else, i think. >> so, if bianna and i want to come up with a dance like that, you're saying it will take longer than two weeks? >> with a bit of practice. >> yeah. >> maybe. >> did you have injuries? slapping hands or thumbs? anything like that? >> absolutely. i got a splinter this morning. so, not happy with that. i'm injured. >> well -- we're glad you're willing to play hurt this morning because we want you to give us a live demonstration. >> yes. can you take us away? >> definitely. absolutely. of course. >> here we go. that's the cue. ♪ ♪
8:52 am
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♪ they have their blank stares on here. but we caught them smiling not a long time ago. i feel that's a victory of sorts. >> are you ready, guys? >> you're on your own. >> come on. somebody? anyway, i tried.
8:56 am
>> i like how ron's objection is that we haven't practiced yet. >> ready? >> we'll practice. we'll do a little dance. thank you for watching the show today. we want to thank our irish hand dancers. we promise, they smiled before.
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