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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  May 10, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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after that chilly wind that blew through on mothers' day we've got conditions this morning that are cold enough to approach a record. 33 was the record in 1983 for baltimore. we are mighty close now. frost is possible and it's a chilly morning with the freeze warning back in through western maryland. check out these conditions. this is in frederick county's middletown. 30 degrees this morning. brr. i spent about an hour yesterday just trying to protect our plants and just bring them into the garage so i had to feel that pinch and scrape the ice off my windshield this morning. you may want to consider if your car is left outside and you park and live outside the beltway you may have frost to scrape. but 35 currently and yes, that's above freezing but the car actually can get colder than the air itself. that is why you can have frost on the windshield. clear skies and we have the approach of 64 this afternoon on the thermometer. that will come with a sunny to partly cloudy sky and that
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breeze once again picks up 20 to 25 miles per hour. here's kim brown with the traffic. >> who knew you would have to let your car warm up on a monday may morning? roads are fairly quiet, no problems around the beltway, northeast corner here at harford road, traffic looking good in both directions. inner loop lane headed towards 95 looking good. no problems on the outer loop towards the top side. we have one crash working in howard county, that is route 1175 westbound at thunder hill road. 175. and 9no problems on 83 from shawan to 83. 6:01. we start with a developing story about president obama's choice for supreme court justice. he's expected to announce his nomination today, solicitor
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general elena kagan to replace retire justice john stevens. cationan would be the third female justice to serve on the court at the same time. a first in u.s. history. the announcement will happen at 10:00 this morning. in the east room of the white house. when you cross the street in baltimore county you expect to cross the street safely. in a few hours county leaders and the police chief will be announcing they have a stepped up initiative for pedestrian safety. linda so has more. >> reporter: the goal is to keep you safe especially if you have to get from here to the other side of the road. when there's a lot of traffic that can sometimes be dangerous. later this morning, 11:30, county leaders will be here at the liberty crossroads shopping center to remind everyone about pedestrian safety. the announcement is part of a stepped-up initiative. if you've ever traveled along liberty road from randallstown
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you know how dangerous it can be especially when it comes to pedestrians. we have video from 2005 of two separate incidents. one was a woman crossing the street during rush hour. and the other is a hit-and-run hitting a family. the county executive and the police chief will be here to talk about ways and remind everyone about the things you need to know to make it safe for you and your family to get across the street safely. linda so, abc2 news. 6:03. a veteran firefighter is out on bail charged with child pornography possession. police say an investigation started several months and now 54-year-old phillip hodge, he had child porn videos stored on his computer. they say he was also sharing the videos on-line. we tried to talk to hodge but he said he was not going to comment about the charges. neighbors and parents say it breaks the confidence they had
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in the one who was meant to save our lives. >> it's unfortunate. one of those things that does happen in our society, you know? it just kind of shows that peoples' values and ethics, we need to work on. >> a spokesman for the baltimore fire department could only say that hodge has been a firefighter for five years and he was training to become a paramedic. he's expected to appear in court next month. a celebration of this wonderful girl. and i thought they did a beautiful job in representing her. and what she meant to her school and to her family and what a tragic loss this is for everyone. >> family, friends and supporters packed the cathedral of mary our queen to say goodbye to yeardley love, she was killed last weekend and thousands poured out in support for her family. love's ex-boyfriend george hughley, charged in her death. the 6:04 now.
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you won't find david craig in his executive office. guthrie won't be walking the council chambers. sherrie johnson with a fifth and final furlough day in harford county. >> reporter: harford coast has been facing steep budget cuts, today's the last furlough day for the county. it's part of cult cutting spending. david craig cut spending enough to propose a 2% property tax rate decrease, comes on top 6 nearly a 2% cut last year when craig also sharply curbed spending. the harford county government will be closed today for the fifth and final furlough day for county employees this year as part of the 2010 budget. in addition to all harford county government offices the county's five senior centers, parks and recreation centers and the harford transit service will also be closed today. the offices will open for
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normal business tomorrow. as part of the fiscal year 2010 budget county workers received five furlough days for the current fiscal year which ends june 30th. 6:06. legendary singer lena horne has passed away. best known for her rendition of "stormy weather" she broke racial barriers in hollywood and broadway. in the 1940s lena horne was one of the first black performers hired to sing with a major white band and among a handful with a hollywood contract. in 1943 she won the role of selina rogers in an all black movie musical "stormy weather." she was 92 years old. 6:06. what puts you to sleep easier? elevator music or watching the orioles in a game like this? man. they were shut out in minnesota 6-0, brian mattis suffered his worst loss as a starter. the orioles had six hits and two were infield hits.
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the rest were singles. that's just plain boring to watch. the orioles finished the road trip 2-5, they are 9-23 on the year. seattle comes in tomorrow night. >> a ground ball to short. picked up -- and thrown to first. he did it! braden has thrown a perfect game. >> oakland as braden pitched his way into baseball immortality by becoming the 19th major leaguer to throw a perfect game. helped beat the tampa bay rays 4-0 yesterday. if you want to be informed and entertained then tune in today. mondays with larry. larry focuses today's column on braden's perfect game and how the as pitcher says he owed this game to his grandma. you can read "mondays with larry" at 6:0 . since we are your lacrosse station. 6:07.
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here is the line-up. johns hopkins travels to duke. loyola goes to cornell. maryland and hofstra and mount st. mary's and virginia. maryland is the number one seed and will host marist. navy travels to north carolina and towson plays that emotional game in virginia in charlottesville. salisbury and stevenson get first-round byes in division 3 play. can i say good luck stevenson? go mustangs. good morning. cornell, too. this is -- we've got a beautiful morning here if you like the cool air. the trifecta. i like the cool stuff but you may be scraping some frost off the windshield, 36 degrees now. we're very close to a record low in baltimore. about to bounce off the bottom but another cool day in store. more on that and chilly rain knocking on our door.
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we'll talk about it next. 6:08. let's check the roads with kim. >> the 95 corridor looking good from mountain road to 695. then wide open to the capitol beltway. we're still working a crash in columbia, more details about that and we'll check drive times around the area in a few minutes. back to you. 6:09. coming up next, the agency that is supposed to protect us from scam artists. >> stay with us. a new scam uses the ftc to try to take your money. how to avoid being tricked in our "scam alert." >> plus, not the mothers' day she hoped for. dramatic video of a family hostage situation. >> it's yoga week on "good morning maryland." today we're going to take you to a yoga class that is for the expectant mom.'re staying at this resort for free? how?
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6:12. they take scam artists down but even the ftc isn't immune to tricks. >> joce sterman has more on the
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ftc name being used to get your money. >> hello? >> congratulations, miss smith. your name was recently drawn as a winner. >> reporter: the kind of scam the federal trade commission has been warning about for years but the latest lottery scam making the rounds actually uses the agency's good name for a bad reason. [phone rings] >> reporter: scammers calling people claiming they work for the ftc and you won big money in a lottery or sweep stakes. just pay the taxes or insurance. but first, the agency wants you to know this is just a ploy to get your money. according to the ftc they may even use the names of real employees when they call and found a way to get the federal trade commission name to pop up on caller id but it's just part of the act. so even if the caller suggests the ftc is supervising the sweepstakes don't believe them. ftc employees will never call to ask you to send money. legitimate lottery companies won't either if you have to pay to collect your money the ftc says it's a
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scam. if you get a call that seems too good to be true just hang up. before this lottery caller gets a windfall from you. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> what happens if you get a call like this? you should report it right away to the ftc. we've got links and contact information on our scam alert page, just go to 6:14. it was 36 at 4:00. we went 37 at 5:00. now back to 36 degrees. where we drop another three notches. it's close to the record. sometimes we can lose a little drop like that around sunrise. the sun up over the eastern sky. 33 the record we're aiming for in baltimore. 43, much warmer on the eastern shore. the benefit of the winds coming off the chesapeake bay that modifies things in your direction. but it's down to freezing in
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york. we have widespread mid-30s just outside the beltway and it looks like there's patchy frost as well. this is what wegd expect on this day -- we would expect on this date. we're making up for the heat of last week. on the low end there's the record set in 1983, we'll get close to it. sun up 5:58. down 8:08. we should have a fair amount of sunshine but despite the little bit of frost the strong breeze will once again pick up this afternoon, out of the west/northwest, holding temperatures back below normal and probably stay eight to 10 degrees below normal this afternoon. next weather system back across the southern plains, this is going to race in our direction, bring clouds in by tomorrow morning. when it arrives it catches up to the cold air, we'll have a chilly rain tuesday afternoon. as we go in through today we expect sunshine, a few afternoon clouds and tonight's clouds probably arriving after midnight towards daybreak. rain comes in tomorrow afternoon, periods of rain continue through wednesday
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morning. then will push in slightly warmer temperatures. for today only 64 will do it as our 2-degree guarantee with sunshine, a few clouds, breeze, 25 miles per hour. tonight, we'll slip back to 41 with clouds arriving towards daybreak. the clouds mean business tomorrow afternoon with the rain, only 56. it will get better though after that. keep following that our wake-up window at the bottom of the screen. right now let's listen to kim brown for the latest traffic. >> still light volume around the area, it's fairly quiet as you make your way out the door. we have reports of a crash in catonsville, baltimore national pike eastbound at rolling road, no impact on the commute so far. looking good on the west side at frederick road, on the outer loop lanes, moving really well heading towards 95. that tractor-trailer moving up along the way as we look here, and liberty road, no problems towards i-70. drive times are looking good as well. outer loop on the top side from bel air to providence, five
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minutes. a four-minute ride 95 southbound from whitemarsh boulevard to the beltway. and outer loop, top side between the 83s, one minute. we have one crash to let you know about in howard county, that is route 175 eastbound at thunder hill road. police still on scene there. back to you. 6:17. there is a yoga class for everyone. in our community you can find any class that fits your needs. yoga for just men, yoga for seniors, babies, you name it. all this week at abc2 we're going to feature a new class every day of the week. this morning we start with a yoga class for two. >> hand to the floor. both niece to the floor. let's curl. >> reporter: charm city yoga, you see all sorts of poses this. looks like a regular challenging yoga class. take another look. see anything unusual? how about that baby bump? this is yoga for two, welcome to prenatal yoga. >> i always joke that yoga and babies are my two favorite
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things. it was my own baby that gave me this gift. >> reporter: heather brown started to teach this after she gave birth to her first daughter. she says yoga during pregnancy prepared her for delivery. >> i just thought i have to share this. i have to bring this to other people because it was just so -- it enriched my experience so much. >> when you're ready. >> reporter: for four years she's been helping soon-to-be moms get ready physically and mentally for child birth. >> it helps a lot. it helps me get my mind together, some of the biggest problems i think in the end is patience. >> reporter: lori is due any day and says this class really prepares her. >> i think that's the biggest obstacle, in facing child birth, the stories we cook up in our mind about what could happen and what could go wrong. i think this really helps me to focus back into reality and how everything's just going great and everything's fine. >> reporter: you can tell she did yoga before the baby bump but you don't have to be a
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longtime yogi. you can start it any time. this class has plenty of first-timers. >> i like the breathing. i like, it's not like aerobics where you're just totally washed out but it's still a workout. >> reporter: if you're wondering if this is safe heather says absolutely. >> yoga can be as gentle, restorative, soft, as you like it. it can also be as challenging and vigorous and intense as you like it. >> reporter: for some of the women they say there's a real sense of community in the class. >> even just a place for a couple of hours, to slow down and think about being pregnant or go through the day -- it's sort of surreal but you can focus on it in here in a safe supportive environment. >> reporter: if you're a soon-to-be mom looking to prepare for child birth, meet other moms or maybe just want to stay fit during this period of your life, just bring your bump and open heart and mind.
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charm city yoga has studios in fells point, mount royal and towson. they have a variety, not just prenatal, everything from beginners and beyond. >> very good. >> wait until you see tomorrow. >> what's tomorrow? >> airy yoga. >> where you hang? >> yes farks -- from the ceiling, pretty cool. >> you tried it? >> i did. it was fun. next, scary moments for passengers on a ferry as they head toward the dock and the boat keeps going. >> new information on the crash that injured dozens. >> it could be a sense of -- for some people. i think it's awful. >> the fights weren't just on the ice in boston. the sign that upset fans and made others kind of laugh. >> remember the i-pad giveaway starting this week. we're giving away two apple i-pads. to find out how to win one, just watch "good morning maryland," look for the daily
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code word and text it to 46988. you could win an apple i-pad. the contest lasts through friday. two winners will be randomly selected. rules, go to in our "moneyscope report" -- stocks soar as europe moves to stabilize its economy. markets are rising in europe and asia after the european union and international monetary fund pledged nearly $1 trillion rescue. the move designed to prevent the debt crisis from spreading to other countries. the federal reserve is also opening up a line of credit to europe to help fend off a broader crisis. in washington, there will be discussions of possible solutions to thursday's historic stock market plunge. regulators now believe conflicting trading rules between markets and not that typo may have contributed to the nearly 1,000-point dive by the dow. the problem could take weeks to fix. some encouraging news from the housing market.
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new numbers show late mortgage payments dropped to 6.77% in the first quarter of this year. that is the first decline after 12 straight increases. delinquencies are considered an important indicator of likely foreclosures and that figure is still higher than a year ago. chiefs of some of the biggest companies in for a huge pay day. most got their annual stock compensation last year when the market was at a 12-year low. stocks surged since then and 85% of the stock options given to ceo's are now worth more than on the day they were granted. in some cases the value has jumped 10 times or more. the summer blockbuster season gets off to a big start. "iron man 2" soared to the number one spot. "a nightmare on elm street," a distant second and "how to train your dragon" finished third.
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coming up on "good morning america," the latest trend in unemployment. one person, multiple jobs. how to make it work for you. after your local news. that's your "moneyscope report."
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6:25. frosty and close to a record low. we're in the low to mid-30s in many places away from the bay. by the bay you're protected by the chesapeake, holding temperatures in the 40s. we'll get to 64, mostly sunny skies and chilly breeze this afternoon but not as strong as the winds this weekend. gusts 20 to 25 miles per hour.
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low 40s overnight with some clouds towards daybreak. the clouds will give us rain by tuesday afternoon. we stay chilly, only 56. that's almost 20 degrees below normal but we'll get into the upper 70s by wednesday with afternoon sun, stray shower and 70s will take us into the weekend. 6:25. here's kim. >> we have reports of a two-alarm fire in baltimore city, frank further avenue and sinclair lane. fire crews and emergency vehicles on scene. you might want to avoid that intersection. jfx looking good from northern parkway to the st. paul street exit. that is five minutes. 95 southbound four minutes between the beltway and 895 split. then six minutes on 95 from the split to the fort mchenry toll plaza. as we peek at the cameras, no real problems around the area at liberty road, traffic moving nicely. 83 at york road you see traffic moving at a good pace. both northbound and southbound.
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bono went to the baltimore school for the arts and bought his sunglasses at lens crafters in the mall. all right. >> what is wrong with you? if you're having a birthday, tell us. send your tales to you might be saving money in harford county. >> but this plan makes it difficult for you to run errands. >> looking for business to do in harford county government today? you'll have to wait. i'm sherrie johnson, more coming up.
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