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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  February 17, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the first time in more than a week. >> did it feel good to put them back in school? >> yes. good to get back in school and out of the house >> reporter: administrators and volunteers helped students get back into that routine. >> they were home for a while. >> everybody seems to be work it out. >> reporter: that proved to be no easy task. despite the two-hour delay, getting to school for the first day was still a challenge. both dundalk middle and rogers elementary sit on one road which is barely two lanes. the snow still causing a snarl of traffic for cars, buses and walkers. amanda has children in all three area schools. getting there this morning, she says, was an adventure. >> between here and the high school and my son is a walker
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the sidewalks weren't clear. the only choice is walk on york road. that's not ideal >> reporter: even parents and children agree after a week and a half in the house school was well worth the trek. >> baltimore county will remain on a two-hour delayed start while road crews continue to completely clear the roads. lottery leaders say sales were off by more than $4 million saw a 35% drop in scratchoff sales. no one could drive or even walk to the store to buy a ticket. but for one man who did make it out it did pay off. a man from baltimore county won $50,000 on a scratchoff ticket and a man from silver springs
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won $100,000. jack young presided over his first board of estimates meeting told. young is optimistic about the possibilities of the city. right now he said his main focus is balancing the budget and figuring out the cost for the snow removal. >> it is another thing that will add to our budget deficit. i'll sure we'll be looking at ways to be creative. hopefully we can get money from the federal government. in my opinion, i look at this as a nation did analogy -- national disaster for the state of maryland. >> he hopes to secure the federal dollars the house paid before the storm. radar track couple of light snow flurries across the area. was we look in the immediate baltimore area there is not a lot in the city. up to the north light snow crossing the northern part of
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i-95 toward northern delaware, as well. i want to show you temperature wise. we are barely above freezing now. we'll get into icy conditions. we are at a wind chill factor of 25 degrees. it has been a breezy and mostly cloudy day. 24 tonight. partly cloudy. breezy and cold. tomorrow we'll have a chance for a little more sunshine and 40s on the horizon. we'll show you which days looking to warmest coming up in a few. >> thank you. police in ann arundel county need your help finding an armed robbery. it happened valentine's day at the baltimore-washington medical center in glen burnie at the cafe inside the hospital. a clerk says the man walked at closing time, pulled out a knife and demanded money. once the money was handed over the suspect ran off. if you have any information call metro crimestoppers. an effort in annapolis to tougher the punishment for
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human trafficking in the state. the measure will make trafficking adult victims a felony, the same for trafficking children. right now human trafficking is a misdemeanor in maryland. >> sex trafficking is viewed as a misbenign nor. if there is any crime in maryland that should be a felony it should be the most serious crimes. murder and slavery should be up there. >> the bill will punish anyone who knowingly benefits from human trafficking such as brothel landlords. before getting that sun kissed glow for prom teens in baltimore county will have to get parental approval to tan. the county approved two measures last night to make
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patrons more aware of the risk of ultraviolent rays. one requires salons to post signs for parent's written permission. tanning issue is now on the books in harford county. thursday night at 11:00 we are going undercover to see if salons are playing by the rules. harford county is if first county in the nation to ban tans for miners without a doctor's moult note. are local businesses headed in line. thursday we'll tell you salons followed the recommendations the state bird is the baltimore orioles but what state soil? u.s. department of agriculture designated as maryland's state
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soil. maryland has 24 official state symbols including its state flag. now to a developing story. it looks like toyota could be expanding its recalls. the automaker is considering a recall of of the corolla subcompact. drivers complain they sense a loss of control similar to sliding on black ice. whencongress questions the -- [ no audio ]. one years ago today president obama signed a $178 billion stimulus bill. in a report on the anniversary of the bill the obama administration says it created of saved two million jobs in the first year. the administration belief that the remaining funds for the
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legislation will create or save another 1.5 million jobs this year. >> one year later it is largely thanks to the recovery act the second depression is no longer a possibility. >> there have been some problems with the stimulus bill. administration report found the 20 committee agencies involving $45 million are at risk for fraud, waste and abuse. so far the report shows more than half of the $787 billion has been put back into the economy. this is what it looked like inside the basilica this afternoon. now the latest on tiger
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woods. >> reporter: tiger is going to talk. after three months of not commenting about his numerous alleged affairs, golf great tiger woods on friday will read a public statement at p.g.a. tour headquarters will woods, according to his agent, will apologize for his behavior. in a statement his agent said quote, while tiger feels what happened is fundamentally a matter between he and his wife he also recognizes that he has hurt and let down a lot of other people close to him. woods has not been seen in public since november issuing two statements through his website admitting to trance gressions and is rumored to have spent time in a sex rehabilitation clinic in mississippi. woods took an indefinite leave of golf vowing out of tournaments.
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in today's statement woods agent said of tiger quote, he also let down his fans. he wants to begin the process of making a mends. tiger's public statement has the potential to become a media circus but it won't be. a small group of reporters hand-picked will be allowed to come in to tape tiger's statement but no questions will be allowed. another professional athlete with recent troubles is coming to baltimore. ravens signed daunte worth to a one year contract. he was recently released by the cleveland browns by being reinstated by nfl. he is suspended after pleading guilty to dui manslaughter in florida. layola greyhound look setting a new 6,000 seat athletic complex. meet jim and hear what he thinks about the facility.
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you know your juggling work, kid, girl scouts, laundry and football practice, we know you are so busy. so ladies we are going to give you the five medical tests that you cannot miss out on plus, an elderly woman is giving girl power a whole new meaning. what as she tries to beat the you know what out of this robber.
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there is a woman in massachusetts proving you are never too old to show a little girl power. the woman is a regular at her convenience store. she was chatting with the clerk when a robber goes in and goes behind the couldn'ter and start the count -- counter.
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the woman grabs something to start hitting him. he was caught by police moments later. all you lady out there listen up. we know you have a lot on your plate. when it comes to your health there are five things you should get tested for. we'll learn what they are and how these simple tests can save your life >> reporter: jana is like any college girl but couple months ago all that changed. >> i literally sat on the floor and cried. it was really scary >> reporter: scary because she got a call from her doctor saying something was wrong. the results from her pap smear revealed a problem. >> i went to my university health clinic for my most recent one and got a phone call that it was abnormal. it went from there >> reporter: turns out jana, a grad student and 24 years old
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had cervical cancer. >> fortunately because she was obtaining regular pap smears annually we were able to pick it up early in a treatable stage >> reporter: that's the key. early detection. that's why all women should get pap smears by the time they turn 21. >> initial pap smear should be three years after the first sexual intercourse or by the age of 21. whichever comes first. the reason is because most cancer cases caused by hpv which is a sexually transmitted infection >> reporter: the next test is the mammogram. women should also do regular self-breast exams. a good time in is in the shower after your menstrual cycle. >> after menstrual cycle is the best time >> reporter: next, check your cholesterol. heart disease is the leading killer among women. a simple blood test should be
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done once every five years starting when you are 20. women should also do a skin test. look for abnormal spot or moles that could signal skin cancer. women should visit dermatologist starting at 18 and get a skin exam for three years. the next test is typically thought of as a man's problem by women should get scanned for colon cancer. >> i'm so thankful they caught it now >> reporter: jana knows getting tested every year saved her life. she hopes others will do the same. the american cancer society recommends women should get pap smears annually until they turn 30. if everything stays normal they can get a test once every two to three years. again, we are talking about women's health issues all week. tomorrow is no different. starting tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. a look at the top five cancers affecting women and what you
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can do to prevent the cancer. that's tomorrow at 6:00 and more information tomorrow night at 5:00. it is quieter around the house these days. >> quiet weather means kids back in school. we didn't see a lot of sunshine today. i think we'll get a lot tomorrow. >> we'll take it. >> in the inner harbor temperature-wise we just struggled to get out of the low 30s today. 34 has been it. as we take a look at today you can see the clouds held tough all day downtown. break of sunshine or two but not much to be seen out there. pretty heavy cloud cover.
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let's take you into maryland's radar. we have seen a few flurries at times. had one report of light snow out of bwi marshall. you can see things have cleared out across the immediate baltimore area. as we take you in closer you can see snow across harford county extending into cecil county and the northern part of the eastern shore northward towards cecil. light snow to be had here and there. for most part it is quiet on the range. temperature wise 34 baltimore. easton 34. dulles 35. cold numbers but above freezing. it has been breezy today. we have seen wind gusts in the last hour up to 23 miles per hour it feels like 29 ocean city. 25 dover. 25 baltimore. cold stuff. snowfall wise not much out there. a few flurries for maryland. off to north we are watching
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snow in pennsylvania. more snow in the high country of southern west virginia. there will be accumulations in that direction. for us in maryland we'll continue to see a scenario where the snow will basically be well off to the north in new england. also, this is more of a lake- effect enhanced snow coming off of lake ontario and lake erie. it stays offer to the north. a dry, cold scenario. we'll stay in the chilly northwest flow. it will be breezy tonight into tomorrow. high pressure will slide across as we go into the next few days with more sunshine. temperatures 40 degrees later this week. forecast model just clouds tonight. 24. partly cloudy skies. breezy cold scenario. watch out for icy spots in the morning. thursday 38. sunny skies. we'll start out cloudy with more sunshine into the afternoon. a milder day into the upper
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30s. 25 tomorrow night. partly cloudy and chilly. take a look at the outlook. it has been a slow climb out of the 30s. i think we have a good shot at 41 degrees from friday into saturday and sunday. a nice weekend shaping up here. should get melting each day. watching some signs for the next storm as we go from monday into tuesday. looks like a wintry mix. we'll watch that closely. >> thank you, wyatt. well, layola university named jim beckett as the new assistant vice president and director of athletics at a press conference today. he joins the greyhounds from boston college where he serves as the associate athletic of development. >> our goal is the layola was to win championships. my breath was taken away when i saw the facility. we were driving up the hill and i said i think that's the new soccer lacrosse facility.
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he said it can't be. we pulled into the parking lot and he said wow! so did i. >> layola is ncaa double division school. the university will open a new 6,000 seat athletic complex march 14th. a toxic cloud forces people inside their homes. response from a company once the orange cloud started to fill the sky. the ultimate souvenir from this year's saints colts superbowl game. [ male announcer ] still have cable?
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go? they are piling up mountains of snow in baltimore city. we'll show you the town's new dumping grounds a gun was put in her face. trigger was pulled but nothing happened. we'll talk to the propressor whose life was spared by luck. are you still waiting for your w-2. find out why you are not the only one out there. those stories and the forecast is straight ahead. around the nation to understand we'll start off in pasadena, texas where this huge orange cloud is the result of an accidental leak. the company is investigating the leak. in miami saints and colts fans can now own the most authentic piece from this year's superbowl. the actual turf. you can order it from either team's ends zone or where the game-changing conversion
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occurred. it undergoes a prier is expectation process and placed in a glass case with a game-day picture and plaque. it is a small portion but the ultimate treasure of the historic game. the cost is $100. these two adorable cubs were born in the austin zoo in texas. what makes them so special? there are fewer than 100 lions on the planet. these cubs are the children of cleopatra and ceacar. the zoo is conducting dna tests to determine the species and hopefully boost the population of the endangered species. it has been empty close to two years. now the old store in white marsh is about to be filled. which store is moving in? >> answer is coming up in two minutes.
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baltimore city called in reenforcements to move,000 snow from city streets. good evening i'm roosevelt leftwich. calling it a matter for public safety the city is trying to reduce the amount of snow in the inner harbor. here is more on today's operations >> reporter: bulldozing the snow around buried cars and lawn chairs, workers here in southeast avenue as well as other intersections throughout the city, try to clear snow mounds, which threatened public safety in the aftermath of the storm. >> as the safety issue. you cannot make a turn. the mounds are so high you cannot see traffic >> reporter: so


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