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tv   News  ABC  September 2, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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a judge hands out the max in the case of the crofton beating. does the mother agree with the punishment? and the accident on padonia road. what police say caused it. beale tell you, coming up. and linda so is monitoring the details of the california wildfires this morning. >> "good morning maryland," i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. let's look at the weather with meteorologist justin berk. busy. >> good morning to you. 5:30. so much going on. we have the big hurricane that is sitting in mexico. we've got this earthquake out in indonesia. of course the fires. a brand new tropical storm in the atlantic. so stay with us. lots of stuff covering in the next 30 minutes. west friendship in howard county, 48 degrees, a little bit of fog with humidity at 100%. lisbon 48. up to 54 at the pax value middle school in jessup. that takes care of howard county. the rest of us pretty much from the upper 40s to mid-50s.
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officially 54 baltimore and mid to upper 50s when you're right downtown or by the bay. but that record of 50 still within reach over the next hour to hour and a half. as we head through the afternoon looking for sunshine and our two-degree guaranteed high temperature back up to 78. we've covered everything in earth science. let's check the roads with kim. >> this is traffic science. 95 southbound a little heavier volume than we're accustomed to at this hour but things are moving pretty smoothly down towards the 695/895 split. we don't really have any problems to let you know about at the beltway or tums. however, rowd one in howard county, corridor road, a crash remains on scene. we definitely have watermain breaks, westbound westminster pike at glens falls road, left lane blocked. putty hill between fowler and grove, we had a watermain break this morning, so use caution there. jfx at 41st street, traffic looks good. back to you. it's 5:31. baltimore city police looking
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for as many as three suspects after a double shooting right here in west baltimore. it happened in the 1900 block of north fulton avenue late yesterday afternoon. one man died but the other is recovering. police say it appears both men were the intended targets. the man who police say opened fire in a hamden neighborhood this weekend hitting two people including a pregnant woman has been arrested. 18-year-old william hyde of baltimore has been taken into custody in north carolina. both victims have since been released from the hospital. once he's back in baltimore police say he would be charged with two counts of attempted murder. one of the teens charged with the fatal beating of a crofton teen last may pled guilty to manslaughter. >> tre robinson was just 14 when he and another teen beat christopher jones on his bike. in court yesterday he apologized to the jones family saying killing christopher was never his intent. the judge gave robinson the maximum sentence, rehabilitation in a secure
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juvenile facility. jones' mother, jennifer adkins thinks justice was served. >> i know he killed my son and i know that he played a big part in his death but he's still a child and i feel for him inside and i really do hope that one day i can forgive him. >> will you? >> working on it. >> it will be up to the department of juvenile services to decide how long robinson will be in the secure facility. the second teen, javel george, is also charged with manslaughter in this case. he's being charged as an adult and his trial could begin october 15th. some exclusive video to show you, sources tell our our overnight photographer pete "on the street" o'neill that this accident is a result of a woman who was texting while driving. no one was seriously hurt but she did damage to parked cars. no word on what charges she could face. maryland's ban on texting while driving goes into effect in less than a month. it will be on the books on
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october 1st. so keep it in mind. 5:33. the fierce-moving wildfires have been cutting through the state with one of the largest near l.a. >> linda so has been following the details. she has the latest. >> reporter: since our 11:00 newscast we found out there's been significant progress against the huge wildfire near l.a. the weather has played a key role. more humid air and cooler temperatures have allowed firefighters to partially contain the blaze. the flames have spread nearly 200 square miles in a week and have destroyed more than 60 homes. 4,000 homes that sit near the station fire just north of the city are under a mandatory evacuation order and people in 2,000 homes in the city of l.a. have been told to leave. but some have been allowed back home as firefighters were able to contain 22% of the fire. the battle though, is far from over. >> i do not believe we've totally turned the corner on the fire at this point in time. there's still a lot of hot spots out there.
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>> reporter: you may remember early last month when the maryland department of natural resources sent 20 members to alaska to battle wildfires but were rerouted to oregon instead. we have not heard yet if they will be called to fight the fires in california. linda so, abc2 news. here's a look at what is happening today, september 2, 2009. a detention hearing is scheduled for james von brunn, the 89-year-old maryland man accused of killing a security guard at the u.s. holocaust memorial museum. plus in montgomery county, residents will hold a vigillal woodside park to honor senator ted kennedy and those suffering under the current health care system. if you thought the health care debate was over, think again, steny hoyer had a meeting in waldorf, charles county. things were going pretty good for him until a woman spoke, from st. mary's county.
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she wanted to know why the government wants to get into the business of caring for her children who she says she already pays a premium for. >> i think you would find this plan one that would give your son and daughter more confidence. i really do. >> no, sir, we don't. my whole family does not believe in this bill. we want the government out of our business. now. [cheers] >> the maryland democrat was met by a crowd ready to debate the issue. he assembled a panel of experts to discuss the plan and for the most part the crowd was receptive. your favorite whitney houston song of all time? >> "i will always love you." i know it's not an original of hers but she sold it. >> she's back. guess what? whitney houston is back with a brand new album and she's performing in just a few you hours. on "good morning america." also, some of us have a lead foot. the speed camera locations in baltimore county would like to see in place.
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would you mind singing that for me? >> no, i like whitney houston singing it. >> 54 degrees now. come back inside. listen to? >> mark jones. maybe he'll sing for us. >> step up. >> no. good morning. the commute is good now if your ride is on the metro subway. no delays there. but light rail is running about 20 minutes late. out there on the buses, look for the number 53 to be diverted at northern parkway and reisterstown road. number 15 diverted at saratoga and greene due to a watermain break repair. if your ride is on marc, good to go, no delays or problems on the camden, penn, or brunswick lines. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. this is more than look. i made it say, "booger." ...i-can-get-him-a- math-tutor" button. (announcer) if others run out,
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let's look at the weather with justin berk. >> good morning. 5:40. temperatures down into the lower 50s. for most of us. now, for those of you downtown check this out. we are currently looking at 63 degrees from the inner harbor at the maryland science center. the insulating effect from the chesapeake bay waters and of course the urban heat island effect. once you get outside the
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beltway it drops off in a hurry. dundalk 59. joppa 54. bel air, owings mills 52. 50 in westminster with 40s from ellicott city out towards mount airy and frederick. we've got ourselves basically clear skies and a quiet scene and we are checking out a day that is going to bounce off the low 50s into the upper 70s this afternoon. 78 our two-degree guarantee. and in just a few minutes we'll have the latest on tropical storm erika. 5:41. let's check the roads with kim. >> the beltway is looking good. and we have moderate-to-heavy volume on southbound 95 approaching the 695 and harbor tunnel thruway split. no problems at the bw parkway either. however, in the city, we're getting reports of some fire activity, gay street betweenlanville and chester. you will probably have to go around that. expect a detour. westbound westminster pike after glens falls road, there's ongoing utility work there. putty hill between fowler and
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grove, they had a watermain break, so expect crews to be there working and lane closures as well. as we look at the jfx at cold spring lane, traffic is light and moving smoothly. now let's get an update with sherrie johnson. >> some good detective work lands a racist behind bars. i'm sherrie johnson. how he was caught in a most unlikely way. guys remb, wee sor stem. rss wn.a...
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a rain case in harford county centers around a dna sample and a man who may not have been convicted if it had not been for what he did in front of investigators. abc2 news sherrie johnson is here to explain why the defense is now appealing. >> reporter: it's like something from "csi," using the latest technology to capture criminals. a harford county man was locked up after he agreed to sit down with law enforcement to talk, and the case took a new direction. glenn raynor was convicted this summer and sentenced to 100 years in prison. in 2006 he broke into his former home and raped the woman who moved in after him. prosecutors say he left behind blood and other dna evidence but the case went cold until
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the victim told police they should take a look at her home's former owner. raynor agreed to be interviewed as the sweat left behind in his chair matched dna found at the scene of the rape and raynor was convicted. >> clearly he was nervous, he was sweating a lot. there are other behaviors he exhibited during the course of that interview that rose the suspicions of the police. >> the issue would be before the appeliate court if we take the appeal on that issue. >> reporter: raynor's defense attorney plans to file an appeal this week. the prosecutor says police did everything right and she believes this conviction will stand. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a look now at some of the other top stories abc2 news is working on. police are still looking for the man they say robbed two women at gunpoint, sexually assaulting one of them. police released this video showing a robbery from july. they say he went back to the bank of america in the 1900 block of joppa road a month later. so anyone with information is asked to call metro crime stoppers now at 1-866-7-lockup.
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time now 5:46. delaware state police say one of two georgetown police officers who were shot has died. patrolman chad spicer died of wounds he received tuesday. corporal sean bingman, also shot, is in critical but stable condition. the two officers were shot by at least one suspect last night. around 6:45. two suspects are in custody but a third is still on the loose. firefighters are making progress against a huge wildfire in the edge of los angeles. this is video from overnight. the station fire is now 22% contained. the u.s. forest service officials say they feel better but are not willing to say they've turned a corner. 6,000 homes remain under mandatory evacuation orders. also around the nation -- a former manson family member who stabbed actress sharon tate to death more than 40 years ago and is now terminally ill faces her 13th parole hearing today. >> susan atkins has terminal
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brain cancer. earlier this year she was paralyzed over most of her body and couldn't even sit up or be moved into a wheelchair. madonna wraps up the sticky and sweet tour this week in israel. the legend who had dinner with israeli politicians also plans to visit sights regarding kabbalah which she practices. no word yet on new tour plans. and whitney houston hopes she's on the verge of a big comeback. a bunch of fans gathered at a concert in new york city yesterday. thousands flocked to central park to see her put on a free show. if you couldn't make it, no problem. watch "good morning america" this morning. where whitney performs four songs including her new single from the new album "million-dollar bill." 5:48. at the top of the hour we told you about a 7.4 magnitude earthquake in indonesia and
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tsunami warning. it's been lifted. that is good news. if we get damage reports we'll let you know or stay tuned for "good morning america." locally, we've got clear skies and hint of an easterly wind. watch the clouds the last couple of frames race on shore. they've got fog and sea spray across the beaches of delaware and maryland. locally though that may have added just enough humidity to keep us from the record low of 50 but we're close in baltimore at 54. we'll update the top of the hour. we've got the cool air mass in place. the coolest of the air this morning, and will start to modify a little bit. this old frontal boundary will try to make a lift back to the north and could throw a shower our way come tomorrow night but we are generally looking back towards the tropics an we just jumped all the way here. we'll show you the satellite image in the next half-hour. tropical storm erika was actually 60 mile-per-hour winds. looks like it dropped back to 50, moving at the west at 4 miles per hour. 1,500 miles from miami but by sunday to the north of the
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caribbean island of hispaniola, dominican republic and haiti there. probably approaching the bahamas and could actually make some sort of attempt for the east coast as the last few storms danny and bill had done. we'll continue to watch this leading on into the weekend and early next week. as far as we're concerned today, 78 degrees, mostly sunny skies, it will be an absolutely gorgeous day. you'll just need a vest or light jacket. and tonight we're back to 55. not as chilly. tomorrow 79 but i think we'll have a shower tomorrow night or friday morning. then friday, saturday, sunday, aiming for highs in the lower 80s. that is a little more tolerable. i think we earned it, into the weekend. the beltway is looking good. both loops of the beltway on the east side between whitemarsh boulevard and perring parkway running without problems. at 95 southbound, southbound lanes on the far side of the screen, we have building volume as you make your way down towards the 695/895 split but no there is or problems -- no real delays on problems at
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this time. fire activity on gay street, they may have the intersection closed. westbound westminster pike after glens falls road, left lane continues to be blocked. and putty hill between fowler and grove, crews are working on the watermain break there. back to you. slow down and listen to this. baltimore county council got an earful about the speed cameras. >> the council members heard from you last night about the plan to put the cameras in the school zones. here's abc2 news roosevelt leftwich. a lot of you are saying there's got to be a better way to do this. >> reporter: the speed limit here is normally 35 miles an hour. but when there's school it's 20. those who live around parkville high would like to see people respect that. >> i don't really think it's a money grab. ( indiscernible ) >> reporter: would a ticket really make people obey the law on this stretch of the road? some say the speed camera wouldn't solve the whole
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problem. >> they don't need them after school is out. not to me they don't. like i say they are going to give people a ticket for going one or two miles over and i think that's a money grab. >> reporter: work zones would also be covered by the speed camera deal. supporters say that would help cut down on the number of fatalities and injures suffered by workers. however, all the safety arguments opponents say are nothing but bunk. county police want to put 12 speed cameras around schools only that have particular problems with speeding and crashes. >> in the last three years over 1,790 automobile accidents, 32% of those result in personal injury within a half mile of our schools. we need to use smart technology to improve public safety. >> go to page three. >> reporter: at a public hearing opponents say they were really interested in -- if they were really interested in safety they would put a cop there. >> we are asking more police officers be put into school zones enforcing traffic laws and deterring much more serious offenders.
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>> reporter: supporters, however, say that the police proposed speed cameras for 12 miles over the speed limit doesn't go far enough. >> we post the sign speed on school areas, down to 15 miles per hour. anybody going over 20 miles per hour in a school zone has to rethink how they drive. >> reporter: baltimore county council hopes to bring the measure up for a vote before the end of the month. in towson, roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. though summer is winding down the corvette caravan says not so fast. they are just warming up. >> coming up new at 6:00 -- the newest flavor at ben & jerry's. it tastes good and makes a political statement. we'll be right back. (announcer) back to school means back to busy mornings.
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so so this corvette caravan is on a cross-country ride. they made a pitstop at a chevy dealership in central wisconsin. their destination is the corvette museum in bowling green, kentucky. the museum is now celebrating its 50th anniversary this week by showcasing a $3 million expansion. >> it's a combination of the look, the ride, the horsepower and american-built.
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>> we get enthusiasm from the truckers and other people who have cvs who are saying, where is it going? >> bowling green is where the corvettes are assembled. they hope to arrive by tomorrow. >> i bet it turns a lot of heads. prince, whitney houston and a little culture club coming up at 6:00. >> nice. let's look outside before we head to break. 51 degrees at bel air elementary school. we'll be right back. this is one way of getting vitamins and minerals. this is another. new total blueberry pomegranate cereal gives you 100% of the daily value of 12 essential vitamins and miners. plus the bold new taste of blueberries and pomegranate with crispy whole grain flakes and crunchy oat clusters. total, a truly delicious way to get vitamins and minerals.
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>> sweat off the chair during a police questioning that was enough to convict a man of rape. >> it's been orange and smoky for over a week. any


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