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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  March 20, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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jonathan: now on news 5 today, a kentucky hiker dies after falling from a clip. the details about the victim and why it was a tough recovery mission. plus the high school basketball team headed to the semifinal game involved in a crash. what officials say caused the accident. richard: we're stirring up a great tradition in the tri-state. what do we need? >> we need some bread. richard: bread just ahead, jonathan. jonathan: don't forget the garlic garlic.
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so has the sun. you won't feel the change in season today, but you will in a few. meteorologist jennifer schack will have the details in your most accurate forecast. it's sunday, march 20, 2016. 1800s water tower silhouetted for you as you're watching news 5 today. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] jonathan: good morning. welcome to news 5 today. thanks for joining us on this sunday morning. i'm jonathan hawgood. meteorologist jennifer schack, i always thought the water tower in eden park looked like a calf cavalry stand. jennifer: standing guard. jonathan: notice the turbine just started moving when we went to it before. it was totally still. now it's got wind. there it goes. now it stopped.
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and we've got a pretty beginning of the day. it's going to be a better day than yesterday because we won't have as much rain. jennifer: and a lot more sunshine. jonathan: still cold. jennifer: still cool. in terms of cloud cover, we had quite a bit of cloud cover when the rain stopped. today, we'll have scattered clouds, but more sun. temperatures the same. mid 40s today. it will feel better because it's the first spring morning, our first spring afternoon. spring began earlier this morning at 12:30 a.m. welcome to spring. yet. temperatures are in the 20s. we're dry in the wlwt radar. mostly clear skies right now. still waiting another 40 minutes until our sunrise for the morning. 20s for the eastern parts of the 275 loop. we have a spot or two still around 30 degrees out there. but wind chills, when you factor it, it feels like the 20s. there's a north breeze between
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satellite and radar, a swath of clearing around our region. cloud cover in eastern ohio trying to build in. rain showers in indiana sinking south. we're in between with a quiet sunday morning, leading to more sunshine this afternoon. a cool couple days before the warmup and spring storms to talk about. details ahead. a 22-year-old dies after falling during a hike at a nature center now we've learned she was from northern kentucky. identified the hiker as mary stewart of kenton county. stewart fell while hiking at the raven run nature sanctuary. the facility is currently closed due to the accident. crews say stewart slipped and fell to her death saturday afternoon. it took rescue crews nearly an hour to reach other body. cliff. once stewart's body was recovered, they say a boat they rescuers and the victim on board. an autopsy is expected to be an indiana high school basketball coach had to be airlifted to the hospital after a team bus carrying 27 players
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a busy interstate. the griffith high school boys basketball team of northern indiana has headed to the state semifinal game in lafayette saturday when the crash happened. look at this picture and video montage. another driver spilled her drink on herself, causing her to sideswipe the bus. the bus rolled and landed on its side and its roof. part of the roof is smashed in. traffic was backed up nearly ten miles as officials investigated. >> the vehicle obviously did roll over. there are injuries to students and several of the adults, multiple people were transported to local area hospitals with varying degrees of injuries. jonathan: the school district says the coach is in stable condition. all other 26 people on the bus, including 20 students, have been treated and released. it's amazing how crunched that bus got. the griffith community will hold a prayer service at a park later
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a traffic warning tonight for drivers in warren county. you starting tonight, there will be lane closures on interstate 71 north and southbound at the socialville foster road bridge in deerfield township. at 8:00, there will be single lane closures. that will be followed by double lane closures starting at 11:00. there will be short-term full closures tomorrow at midnight night. they'll run through friday. all lanes will reopen by 7:00 in the morning. this is to replace the bridge with a five-lane bridge, including a bike path. an estimated 10,000 cars use that bridge every day. the full construction project will take most of the year to complete. today is palm sunday, which means the return of a century old tradition in cincinnati at the sacred heart church. wlwt news 5's richard chiles is live this morning in camp
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richard, good morning. jonathan, good morning. thing wonderful for folks. >> we love it down here. absolutely love helping them. sacred heart is a good church. our organization is a great organization. we love giving back to it. richard: 105 years of this wonderful tradition. the sauce has been simmering for about 105 years. >> it's been simmering for more than 24 hours. richard: you talk about the great tradition. everybody knows the recipe. but the wonderful work you do, it's just 12 dollars for folks to dine in. it's just a wonderful camaraderie starting at 12:00. carry-out starting at 10:00. folks already in line. >> not surprised at all. they go around the block a couple times, especially on nice days. richard: i can't pretend much longer. i've got to dip. the sauce is wonderful. you talk us up, tell us about getting involved in it. >> i got involved with a bunch of other folks down here.
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tony was at purcell a year behind me. i have a number of classmates here with me. tony dilbert and -- richard: great guy. my buddy, rocky larosa. gino, everybody fantastic. jonathan, my mouth is full. that's good sauce. >> go for it again. jonathan: no double dipping. all right, richard, thanks. jonathan: thanks. honoring those who make a difference. this weekend, a couple created their own version of a food truck downtown. it wasn't for tailgating. saturday, charley steinborn and his fiance, laura overton spent $200 of their own money on food and served up food and drinks for the homeless. he hopes his pop-up service on third street inspires other people. protesters literally taking to the streets to try to stop donald trump. we'll tell you about the incident in arizona and how trump responded.
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candidates ahead of tuesday's primary. and only one game stands between xavier and the sweet 16. we'll have the latest on how the team is preparing to take on wisconsin coming up. and our live look outside. citycam 5. a little further back got that color coming in on the right-hand side with the electric light in the middle. pretty shot for your sunday morning.
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jonathan: welcome back. louisiana state police are investigating a deputy involved shooting in tammany parish. officials say a deputy shot at a person in a vehicle after a car chase. the unidentified person died at the scene. state police say there were other passengers in the vehicle that were not injured. no deputies were hurt in the chase or the shooting. another scene of protesters trying to put a stop to a donald trump rally in arizona. protesters blocking the main highway that led to his campaign rally. there's a report of another protester assaulted at a trump campaign stop in tucson, which comes on a day when four out of five candidates hit the campaign
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chris pollone has more. reporter: in tucson, arizona, violence marred another donald trump rally. video shows a man kicking and punching a protester led from the arena before local police stepped in. it came during an event constantly interrupted. >> there's a disgusting guy, puts a ku klux klan hat on. he thinks he's cute. he's a disgusting guy. reporter: earlier, trump spoke to thousands near scottsdale. protesters there blocked the road leading to the rally by parking their cars in the middle of the road. the frontrunner ignored them, taking aim at republican insiders. >> you have the establishment. they don't know what they're doing. they have no clue. reporter: bernie sanders, also campaigning in arizona saturday. >> attacks against people in a very personal way is not what this country is supposed to be about. reporter: john kasich tried to stay above the fray while campaigning in utah. >> i will not take the low road to the highest office in the
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i will not do it. utah, ted cruz, donald trump's chief rival, who thinks the new york billionaire is not a real conservative. >> donald has been supporting liberal democratic politicians for 40 years. reporter: the gloves are off, literally and figuratively. but will any of it slow trumps path to the nomination? chris pollone, nbc news, new york. jonathan: both parties will vote in arizona and utah on tuesday. it's also the caucus day for democrats in idaho. for all of your commitment 2016 coverage, you can stay up to date on the mobile app and online at happening today, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will appear on "meet the press," talking with chuck todd about the latest from the supreme court, including president obama's recent nom mation of merrick garland for supreme court justice. catch "meet the press" on wlwt after us at 10:00 in the morning. in addition to senator
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speaking with senator harry reid and ohio governor john kasich. let's talk local weather with jennifer. jennifer: a dry start for sunday morning. wlwt radar, a clean sweep this morning. yesterday, we had rain and wet snow to contend with. dry locally. there are a couple of blips on the radar near louisville, a couple of snowflakes and raindroplets into parts of central kentucky. we've avoided them so far this morning. they're sinking to the south and southeast for a change. so we have an area of clearing overhead right now. the cloud cover in ohio trying to invade a little bit more to the west and southwest. not making it in for us so far. it's been in between splitting the two systems. overhead for us, it's been a quiet night, leading to mostly clear skies and cold conditions this morning. we're down in the mid 20s, dropping oof drop ing off another degree or two.
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those are air temperatures. wind chills are actually low to mid 20s in spots. some of our weather bug network locations feels like 19 in butler, county. 23 in bethel and 21 in lebanon. so a colder start this morning. especially coming out of the nice temperatures from last week. but we will, in time, get out of the cold spell and have those temperatures be warming up as we head into the week for next week. 28 right now. a wind chill of 21. north wind at 7 miles an hour. temperatures this afternoon will be like yesterday afternoon, but we'll have a lot more sunshine with them. partly cloudy skies through the stretch today as we warm up. we stay about ten degrees below average. highs today in the mid 40s under scattered clouds. our system to the west will sink into southern kentucky. cloud cover in ohio, not quite going to make it in. we end up with just our surface wind out of the north, allowing the temperatures to stay below average today. temperatures in the mid 40s this afternoon. the north wind persisting tonight and to start our monday. so we haven't broken free of
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highs on monday will be in the upper 40s. we'll have scattered clouds around tomorrow. another quiet day expected. but you want to note the warm front that's building out across the plains. it's not going to have a big impact on us for monday quite yet. some of us may in the southwest counties tap up to around 50 for a high tomorrow. but it's going to be tuesday, that warm air will invade the ohio river valley and we're talking temperatures warming from monday to tuesday, about a 15 degree jump in high temperatures. today, we're at 44. another cool day. mostly sunny skies in the morning. partly cloudy for the afternoon. it will be a chilly start tomorrow morning. the coats, a couple of jackets possible this morning. keep them out for tomorrow morning as well. then north wind will start to switch out of the west tomorrow afternoon. but we're still on the cooler side. 48 for monday and partly cloudy, a dry day. dry for most of the week. the warmer, mild days will be tuesday, wednesday, thursday. a nice stretch with temperatures above average. it comes to an end thursday when a cold front arrives.
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rain, thunderstorms along the front look like a potential. we'll watch the timing for when the front comes in, but the models wanting to bring it in more for the day or evening instead of the overnight. thunderstorm chance and then cooler air behind it, heading toward easter. temperatures dropping back with highs in the 50s friday and saturday. jonathan: thank you, jennifer. one game to go for the musketeers before they make it into the sweet 16. george vogel has more in morning sports. george: xavier will be looking for a spot in the sweet 16 tonight. welcome back, everyone. the musketeers taking on the wisconsin badgers. elise jesse is in st. louis and talked with the musketeers at the scottrade center yesterday. elise: it's going to be a top game to watch sunday night. xavier and wisconsin, two of only nine teams to go to the sweet 16 five times in the last eight years. larry austin, junior, told me an accomplishment like that should reflect highly on the coaching staff. >> they're great coaches and we
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and do what they say. elise: with such a quick turnaround between games and an unfamiliarity with the upcoming opponent, xavier uses a simple strategy. each assistant coach is assigned to one team and they make sure not to overload the players with information. >> wisconsin is the same way from what i understand. so this time of the year, the players have heard so much. it's been a long year. you don't want to make it any longer. you want to keep their attention. >> at the end of the day, it's about playing hard and getting after it and coming out with more intensity and energy. elise: wisconsin likes to play the classic, big ten style of basketball. they like to be physically tough from start to finish. that won't be a problem for the musketeers. they love playing physical basketball. just one game stands between xavier and another ticket to the sweet 16 for a second straight year. from scottrade center, elise jesse, wlwt news 5 sports.
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bracket. xavier is in, the winner of the notre dame game plays the winner of the xavier game. x and wisconsin tipping off tonight, scheduled to be right around 8:40 p.m. elsewhere in the ncaa tournament, indiana and kentucky played yesterday. hoosiers get the win. it is indiana heading to the sweet 16. that game didn't hurt my bracket one way or the other. it was shot yesterday and the day before and the day before that. . i only know one guy that had stephen f. austin over west virginia. and also had middle tennessee beating michigan state. jonathan, i don't know how you do it year after year after year. jonathan: i don't. i didn't even know stephen f. austin was in the tournament, george. a week-long event raising awareness about an important issue. an in-studio issue with a local organize here can answer your questions about poison prevention. a live look outside.
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hope everybody over there mt. adams is feeling great on this sunday morning.
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jennifer: today marks the start of poison prevention week. joining us, jerry weisenhauer from the poison prevention center. you take a lot of phone calls and field a lot of stuff. >> the poison center takes over 400 calls a day. and we get the calls from the community when someone thinks they may have been exposed to something toxic and they're afraid something dangerous may happen and we're on the other end of the line to help them. jennifer: it's a common problem, especially -- is it more specifically for families with young children? do you find that the most common problem that people call for? >> in one way, yes. 50% of children will require the services of a poison center by the time they reach the age of 5. almost 50% of our calls come from adults. jennifer: what are exams pels of those? >> most commonly, prescription
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being exposed inappropriately to prescription medication. children get into something that mom or dad or grandma has lying around the house or possibly an adult who gets confused or maybe picks up the wrong bolts and takes the wrong thing. something like that. jennifer: you also brought in a couple of examples we're going to show. i have young kids. it's hard to remember to put protection on every single drawer that might have something and there are things that kids get confused, right? >> exactly. it's important to remember that child resistant closures are only child resistant. they're not child-proof. these are examples of medications in the same bag with a piece of candy and the look-alikes. the red one is a piece of candy and a nasal decongestant. the pink one is a piece of candy and an antacid. it's important to keep things in
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we get that often in the days of big bucks retailers where people buy a large quantity of something and repackage it to make it more convenient to carry around the house. they forgot about it or don't tell anybody. someone picks up something that isn't meant for ingestion, but, you know, they think it's something else. jennifer: what would be your number one piece of advice for families with young children and how to prevent the scenarios. >> the main thing is to keep things in the original caner, use child resistant closures whenever possible, keep things away from kids. locked cabinets are a help. kind of be aware of what's going on with your kids. it's a piece of plastic has a child resistant encloesh is no substitute for supervision. be aware of what's going on. if anything happens, call us immediately. jennifer: are you 24 hours? >> 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. we have qualified medical professionals standing by to help anyone who calls us. jennifer: thanks for coming up to help kick off this week and
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precautions and keep everyone safe. the drug and poison prevention week begins march 20, through mar 26. if you have questions, reach the information center at children's hospital at 513-636-5111. jerry, thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you. jonathan: still a lot more ahead on news 5 today, including cincinnati's top choirs battling it out. the event happening today and the groups competing to make it to the finals. thinking about. the ohio river on its bend there. a light blue for your water
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but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. jonathan: r. jonathan: now on news 5 today, an ohio man arrested for kidnapping a teenager he met on a social media app. a warning police are sending to parents. richard: the original italian dinner at sacred heart church getting under way. look at that amazing sauce. jonathan: it's chilly right now, but we'll have prettier weather as the week progresses. meteorologist jennifer schack will tell us all the details. it's sunday, march 20, 2016.
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jonathan: good morning. welcome to news 5 today. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm jonathan hawgood. this is meteorologist jennifer schack. hello. jennifer: good morning. jonathan: citycam 5, great view, great angle of the licking river. this minute. coming in to meet the ohio. jonathan: we are the town opposite the mouth of the licking river and that's what losantiville stood for. used to be known as losantiville losantiville. before general arthur st. clair renamed cincinnati in the 1800s. roebling suspension bridge looks gorgeous. jennifer: that's what i was thinking. pretty day. jonathan: a better day because it's not going to rain, but chilly. jennifer: it will feel better because the sunshine. the winds should be weaker than yesterday too. so all in all, a better end to the weekend. this morning, it's a double
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two jackets in the morning. two light jackets is better than the big, thick winter jacket that makes you feel like we're in winter. that's been my method. whatever your choice, it feels like the 20s right now. a couple of spots with wind chills in the upper teens. grab something on the way out this morning. you'll probably need a layer or two this afternoon as well when the temperatures top out in the forties. right now, mid to upper 20s for current temps. wilmington is at 25. the wind chill is cooler. no fog for the morning. ten miles. notice the clearing lining up right overhead for us. a great start to sunday morning should lead to partly cloudy skies this afternoon. dry today, but we have spring thunderstorms to talk about this week as temperatures warm. we'll have that coming up. jonathan: jennifer, thanks. just in, emergency crews have been called to a home in newport because of a fire. it started at a home in the 500 block of thornton street.
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when firefighters arrived, they say flames and smoke could be seen coming from the home. the family made it out okay. the crews got the fire knocked down quickly. the cause is under investigation. funeral arrangements have been set for a 4-year-old boy police say died after being put in scalding hot water. austin cooper's funeral is set for tuesday at hare riggs funeral home in middletown. franklin police have charged the boy's stepmother, anna ritchie, with child endangering. she admitted to putting the boy's legs in scalding hot water as punishment. the next day, his father found him dead. a minerva man arrested for kidnapping a girl from missouri is being held on $500,000 bond. 41-year-old eric shotwell went before a judge on saturday, kidnapping, two counts of rape and one count of assault. police say he and the teen met on the social media media website, say hi, earlier this month. picked her up and brought her back to ohio. once at his home, the teen told
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she texted her mother, who called the police. >> keep an eye on your kids. being safe with social media. jonathan: the teen was treated at akron children's hospital. now children's services is back home. the fbi is also investigating. >> education, education, education. you can't fight something if you don't know what you're fighting. jonathan: a cincinnati mom teaming up with the heart foundation to fight the heroin epidemic with hope. donna karmosino organized the rescue after helping her son with recovery. they offered scholarships to
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and help for families. a proposed change to ohio's smoking ban could allow some smoking indoors at private clubs. state senator bill seitz from cincinnati sponsored the bill. supporters say it would mirror other smoking ban states. they allow smoking in private cigar clubs. currently, private clubs can allow smoking if they're not attached to other buildings, don't have employees and are nonprofit. the new bill would remove those restrictions. clifton residents are one step closer to having a grocery store. saturday, the clifton market held a construction kickoff. clifton has been without a grocery store since back in 2011, when the keller iga closed. since then, members of the community have been raising funds to bring a grocery store back to the area. clifton market will be a full service upscale grocery with up to 80 employees. >> it's the heart of the community, a great place to come
7:35 am
other and food. jonathan: developers expect the construction build-out to take four months, followed by two months for fixture installation and inventory stocking. today's national ravioli day. it's not clear when that holiday celebrating the stuffed pasta started, but a local church has been using the dish to bring in crowds and raise money for more than a century. they'll be 220,000 ravioli deep today. richard chiles live in camp washington for the original italian dinner. richard: jason sperry and i have been in the kitchen all morning. you can smell the glorious aroma wafting through camp washington. 23,000 meatballs, 220 hand rolled raviolis. 500 gallons of sauce.
7:36 am
share. >> sounds good. richard: how many years have you been doing this. when did you get in line? >> we're 11 years in. what time is it now? i've been here 20 minutes. 7:15. richard: we've been watching the line grow. we pulled in about 5:00 a.m., and there was already somebody waiting in line. of course, the first carry-out doesn't go out of the kitchen until 10:00 this morning. dine-in starts at noon. but you get a chance, and folks, it's a great tradition at sacred heart. the sons of italy enjoying the meal. you can see people bring their tupperware with them, packing up to take plenty home for the weekend. tom, what are you getting? >> i've got ravioli and spaghetti dinners. all kinds of people throwing orders at us. i'm picking up for a lot of people. they ask me, why do you come here? because it's good. richard: because it's good. jonathan jonathan, i can attest. jason and i have double dipped today.
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we'll bring home leftovers. jonathan: thanks, richard. would you turn the other cheek forever young >> today, cincinnati's top choirs battle it out at cincy sings. it's the semifinals of the singing competition arts wave started in 2014. the groups from great american insurance group and macy's customer and credit services have got guaranteed spots in the final since they won last year. today's sing-off will be at the aronoff center downtown at 2:00. the final competition is set for april 13th at music hall. the sixth suicide bombing this year in turkey has killed five people. we've got details surrounding the attack, including the two american citizens killed. and president obama's historic visit today. his trip to cuba and what it means for cuban-american relations. and your live look outside. citycam 5.
7:38 am
of the sun rising. pink there mixed in with the gray on the cloud bank.
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jonathan: welcome back. two dual nationality israeli americans are among the dead following a suicide attack in istanbul. five people were killed and several dozen wounded in the attack. it happened on the main pedestrian shopping street in the city. it was the sixth suicide bombing in turkey during the past year. no one has claimed responsibility so far. an historic visit for president obama. he's set to visit cuba today. the capital city is undergoing a makeover. much of the city's buildings look familiar, similar to washington, d.c. because of anti-american sentiment, many of the buildings were hardly used. president obama will be the first sitting president to visit the island since 1928. he will stay there until tuesday. new this morning, thou sabds of christians gathered in st. peter's square to attend a palm sunday mass with pope francis. he mourned what he called the indifference of people to take on refugees. palm sunday is the official
7:42 am
sunday before easter. it commemorates the entry of jesus into jerusalem. the thomas more women looking for back-to-back national titles. we'll talk about their latest victory and their next appearance on the court. plus, two puppies ready to win over your heart. the animals up for adoption this morning. jennifer: and a beautiful sunday taking shape. we have afternoon sunshine, but it will be a cool day today. so when will temperatures warm now that spring officially started? we'll have the full week forecast coming up. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved toprelieve both itchy, watery eyes pand congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can
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when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase.
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jonathan: welcome back. a dry sunday morning. there have been a couple of flakes and rain showers down by louisville. so far for us, nothing. we had clear skies overhead. this system is sinking south, not into our direction. clouds in eastern ohio trying to edge back our way. but not quite making it. so we've been mostly clear. and that will lead to lots of sunshine to start the day. the colder temperatures as well. we're down in the 20s area wide.
7:46 am
it feels like the low 20s and upper teens at times. the weather bug network with cooler spots. butler, kentucky, earlier a wind chill of 19. the wind chill at 21. the north wind not helping us out. that cool air from the north satellite and radar showing snow showers in illinois, moving south. it will arc toward central kentucky this afternoon. we stay partly cloudy. temperatures this afternoon should end up pretty close to afternoon. a lot more sunshine today. on futurecast, the north wind persists five to ten miles an hour today. partly cloudy skies ahead. sinking showers, not a problem for us today. temperatures in the mid 40s, ten
7:47 am
it's going to be a cool but dry one. hon day transition. temperatures trying to edge up some. highs in the upper 40s. we have a dry day with sub expected. we may see a spot or two. peak at 50 tomorrow. direction. a warmup across the plains. that warm front is not going to impact us much for monday, it will overtake us come tuesday. that's when we see a warmup. a look at temperatures across the region. we have one more really cool day today, in the mid forties. we start to come out of it tomorrow. highs for monday, upper 40s. note there is some warm air out there across the plains and it will surge the warm air tuesday and we see the mild temperatures surge up into the ohio river valley. i think we'll make it into the low 60s by tuesday. it's going to be a warmup that will last a couple of days. the warm air building across the plains will keep building our
7:48 am
a pretty nice midweek will take shape. 44 for the high today. a light north wind. a chilly start tomorrow morning. if you need jackets or a coat this morning, for monday morning at least. monday afternoon, 48. dry with sunshine. tuesday, we make that jump 15 degrees for the high temperature as the warm front comes in. mild temperatures tuesday, wednesday and thursday. that's the extent of the warmup. thursday, a cold front comes in with showers and storms, cooler temperatures behind it as we head to start next weekend. jonathan. jonathan: every sunday, we show off stray animals ready to go to good homes. with me, jen and bob with the stray animal adoption program and little guys available for adoption. thanks for coming in. let's start with the kitty. >> it's a cat, cat. he's a big boy. as sweet as he can be.
7:49 am
he's three years old. marcus is a lover. he's warm your lap. you pick up a book, he'll find your lap. sit down to watch tv, he'll find your lap. he's a sweetheart, a great big boy. jonathan: a big head. he's a norwegian forest cat? >> that means they're just nice and fluffy and furry and soft. he's patient and docile as can be. let's show off your beautiful face. marcus will be at saap station with other kitties and cats ready for adoption. jonathan: martha layne collins boulevard. we have a couple of pups. >> we have elaina and ava, bull
7:50 am
they'll be medium sized, between 35 to 55 pounds. between the mixes, they'll be easily trainable. so if you're looking for a good, family dog that's great with kids -- >> two good trainable breeds? >> very much so. they love to be in the house. they'll be medium activity dogs so you don't need to be a jogger to adopt them. they'll be fine with normal daytime walks and play out in the yard. they'll also love to fetch. so they'll be great dogs and with the children, they're going to get along very, very well. jonathan: how have they been with you? are they friendly, funny? do they get at each other? >> they were part of a litter of eight born in our home. they've been very good for us. they're very entertained by leashs and by little squeaky toys. >> i like the streak of white on this one's nose. where will we find them today. >> at saap station from 11:00 to
7:51 am
>> thanks for coming in. jonathan: if you'd like more information, call 859-391-1234 or logon to and click on the as seen on section. now here's george with sports. george: we told you about the big xavier game tonight a little earlier. now let's talk about this big game. a battle of heavyweights. kentucky and indiana meeting in the round of 32. welcome back, everyone. you could see either one of these teams making a run to the final four. but with the way the bracket was set up, only one would reach the sweet 16. the east region out in des moines, iowa. tyler ulis, the bomb for three. farrell goes to work. the pass to thomas bryant. the hoosiers advancing past kentucky, 73-67. so indiana moves on to the sweet 16 and will meet number one seeded north carolina. all right. high school basketball. the new cath boys were down in rupp arena, hoping to nail down
7:52 am
the thoroughbreds taking on lexington dunbar. wire with 16 points. but darius williams had 20 points and 11 rebounds for dunbar. he gets the tip here. a fine season coming to an end for new cath, 55-47. dunbar. the thomas more women were in columbus playing in the division 3 national semifinals. sidney moss was feeling it last night. it was a battle. 74-64. thomas more will play for a on april 4 in indianapolis against tufts university. again, the xavier game tonight. going to tip off right around 8:40 against wisconsin. the winner moves on to the sweet 16 in philadelphia. elise jesse is in st. louis. she will have a live report at 6:00. live report at 11:00.
7:53 am
tonight after the late news. so it's going to be like the elise jesse show all day, just like it's, well, it's the jonathan hawgood show here in the morning. jonathan. jonathan: only paw you're here, george. after the break, a final check of the top stories of the morning and the tri-state's most accurate forecast. a live look outside. citycam 5 has the sunshine splashing around. two rivers in your view. and a sunday straight ahead for you.
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the garlic double steakburger meal. reflect. the taco salad meal. zen the original double 'n cheese steakburger meal. oh! the $4 menu. where all meals are under $4.
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jonathan: welcome back. let's get a final update on the morning's top stories. a 22-year-old hiker from northern kentucky has died falling during a hike at a nature center in lexington. mary stewart of kenton county fell to her death while at raven run sanctuary. rescuers had to rappel down a cliff. cliff. an autopsy will be performed later today.
7:57 am
basketball team was headed to a state silver game in lafayette saturday when their bus was side-swiped. 26 people on the bus, including 20 students have been treated and released. starting tonight, lane closures on interstate 71 north and southbound at the socialville township. at 8:00, there will be single lane closures, followed by double lane closures at 11:00. there will be short-term full closures tomorrow at midnight. all lanes will be reopened by 7:00 in the morning. this is to replace the socialville foster bridge with a five-lane bridge. today is the original italian dinner at sacred heart church in camp washington. saturday, volunteers hand rolled more than 23,000 meatballs and 220,000 ravioli for the feast. more than 600 gallons of that luscious, thick sauce has been prepared. plus bread, salad and dessert.
7:58 am
up at 10:00. dine-in begins at noon. jennifer schack's stomach has been rumbling. jennifer: we've done the story every year. every year i say i'm going to go. so good. jennifer: who doesn't love italian. who doesn't love sunshine? jennifer: sunshine today, mid 40s today and tomorrow. a couple of cool days. a mild midweek. a couple of dry days into midweek. thursday, a cold front coming in looks like it will bring a good amount of rain and thunderstorms with it. then cooler temperatures behind it. but not as much of a cooldown. we're headed in the right direction. jennifer: my daughter, gee gee
7:59 am
8:00 am
meet spaghetti and meatballs or good morning. all-out brawl, violence breaks out at a donald trump criminally in rally in arizona. at least one arrest. this morning the man is speaking out. >> what was going through my mind was put your arms over your head because this political movement has gotten to the point where you may get beat to death inside of a rally. >> trump's campaign manager wading into the crowd to grab another protester. this as the race to stop the billionaire becomes more frantic. we're live on the campaign trail this morning.


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