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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  March 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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lisa: on your wednesday, the rain is moving out and warmer temperatures are moving out with it. good morning. it is 6:00 a.m. i' m lisa cooney. mark: i' m mark hayes. let' s check the forecast with randi rico. the rain was short-lived? randi: it was getting weaker as it rolled from louisville to cincinnati. most places got no rain. we are seeing the impact. that was a cold front, and our temperatures are about to fall. we have temperatures nearly at 70 degrees in portions of mason county. compare it to connorsville in s. most places will be in the middle 50' s by 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. 64 at cvg, but the wind is
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the moment, but we have seen strong storms move in our direction and dissolve south of cincinnati. all that is left over is a couple of sprinkles in adams cherry fork. on schedule by 6:00 a.m. the wind will be with us throughout the day. and wind advisory until eight county. it is more widespread along the i-70 corridor. windy conditions right now, s. 60 by lunchtime. sunny skies for the second half of the day, the wind howling at 15-miles-per-hour to 20-miles-per-hour. 66 this afternoon. kyla: we are rolling right along . heavier volume right now, which is expected.
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re seeing at the cut and the helm. a few brake lights heading toward the bottom of the hill in the northbound directions. you know to give yourself extra minutes at the cut in the hill on 71/75. looking good at colerain and beekman. piling up on the eastbound side. this time of the morning is when we see that kind of activity. 75 at union center brake lights pushing southbound. we are not seeing accidents or significant delays. your travel times will pick up, but nothing out of the ordinary waiting for you. mark: breaking news. from north korea, the american tourist who attempted to steal the propaganda banner from a restricted area of his hotel has been sentenced to 15-years of hard labor. the 21-year-old student from the university of virginia was
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the north korea supreme court, charged with subversion. shock and concern, that is the concern that witnesses had after seeing an suv go over the bridge during rush hour. lisa: they have found the car, but there is no information about who should have been inside. aim griffin is along the combs-hehl bridge. good morning. dan: good morning. it was a shocking scene for drivers. witnesses described the red suv as being halfway across the bridge when it was involved in one of four crashes influent to the river. investigators found the suv using sonar. search efforts have ended for now. it is unknown how many people were inside the suv and how many may have died, or if someone survived.
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of crashes involving 12 cars across the combs-hehl bridge. witnesses described what they saw. >> there is nothing you could do about it. it was the most helpless feeling you get half. praying and hoping that we would see the suv, or someone emerge . nothing. and made you appreciate your life more. dan: we know the boone county water rescue team is focused on getting the car out of the water last night. they were trying to figure out who was inside the vehicle and how to get them out. this morning, campbell county officials are expected to give us an update on what happened. we will work to get that information to you as soon as we get it. dan griffin, wlwt news 5. lisa: police in springfield
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overnight stabbing in the 1900 block of bluehill drive. the police called in the canines at 12:30 this morning. a male victim was taken to university hospital after he was stabbed in front of her residence. no word on the victim' s condition or a suspect. >> i have to thank the people of the great state of ohio. i love you. mark: governor kasich is loving the results. he talked donald trump in ohio, and is hoping this is the start of a winning streak. andrew setters as what this means for the kasich campaign. andrew: it means that the kasich campaign can go on. it was a make or break primary. with a victory last night, a decisive victory, his campaign will continue.
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tossup, but he wound up winning by 11 points. his first primary win and it is a winner take all contest. at his victory party he' s stood in front of a banner that said " as ohio goes, so goes the nation." he hopes that is true. he told the crowd he will not take the low road to the white house, but we' ll keep looking forward and is looking forward to beating hillary clinton in the fall. >> we can go to washington in the first 100 days and fix these problems with a shock and all agenda that can pass. i think that we can rally the people in washington. i will remind them that before we are republicans and democrats, we are americans. andrew: his victory may not be the most significant for his campaign, but are what it does to donald trump, depriving him
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more difficult for him to win the nomination and a delegate race outright. mark: on john kasich was celebrating, senator rubio was suspending his campaign. he lost florida to donald trump and was forced to admit that he would not be on the winning side of the nomination fight. >> it is not god' s plan that i be president in 2016, or maybe ever. today, my campaign is suspended. the fact that i have even come this far is. mark: marco rubio has announced he is not seeking reelection this fall to his senate seat. lisa: donald trump had multiple wins, including the big race of the night in florida. he also won north carolina, illinois, and missouri -- which was tight with ted cruz.
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sanders in florida, north carolina, ohio, illinois. missouri is close, but nbc is giving the wind to clinton. the next primaries will be march 22. former house speaker john boehner will not go to congress to represent ohio' s eighth congressional district. mark: warren davidson of troy came out on top to replace john boehner. lisa: republicans and democrats faced contested races for the senate. rob portman is the winner on the republican side. former governor ted strickland will be facing him in november. he beat out p.g. sittenfeld. mark: hearing a dispute over ohio' s voting laws.
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of absentee or provisional ballots. advocates for the homeless and the democratic party say of there are new hurdles for minority voters. the state says that laws are reasonable and nondiscriminatory. new details from kansas city after the police used pepper spray on two people during a donald trump rally. lisa: the meeting and the questions that legislators want answered. mark: why these kayakers could be in trouble with the law. lisa: outside, you can see the camera shaking. old glory on top of the tower is blowing. good morning. the wind is bringing cooler temperatures? randi: the winds of change. 20-miles-per-hour wind and falling temperatures. 66 in loveland. petersburg, 50 four. the cooler air is rolling
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most places will fall into the 50' s during the morning rush. it is windy and cold or. grab a light coat. this afternoon, we will make it back into the 60' s. when the wind will die down and when we will have highs in the 40' s. lisa: westchester hospital
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there's a tidy cats for that. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> you are watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5. leading the way. lisa: welcome back. it is six: 13 on wednesday morning. we hope it is a great start. it looks like we are in price he'
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we will check your forecast. mark: how are things moving? kyla: pretty well. all of us saw the activity on the combs-hehl bridge. my goodness. i traveled through their often . imagining the force going over the bridge, knocking the suv over, you can only imagine. we are waiting to find out through the day to see how the investigation is going. we will bring you the latest information. he will not have problems traffic-wise. 471 at u.s. 27, northbound and southbound looks good for you. if you are traveling northbound, 64-miles-per-hour. green in all directions. all lanes onto 75 look good.
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the daniel carter beard bridge. into downtown, northbound and southbound are rolling right along, heavier northbound. no problems to report at this hour. lisa: we have top stories right now. a deadly crash is under investigation. the ohio state highway patrol says 51-year-old randall marsh was traveling on u.s.-50 in miami township when he lost control and went off the road. his pickup truck hit a traffic sign and utility pole. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. they believe alcohol is a factor. mark: legislators in kansas city, missouri will get a police explanation on a response to demonstrations at a donald trump event. police used pepper spray a state-controlled the crowd. that meeting begins at 10:00 a.m. lisa: a trial for norwood man
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with a sword. anthony hall was arrested in february. his neighbor called police after hearing him yelling about sending the building on fire. when the police arrived, anthony hall greeted them with the sword. menacing and inducing panic. mark: a german court said 70 lawsuits have been filed against bolts wagon by its investors. that is including 300 investors around the world, including a california-based pension fund that seeks losses they suffered. volkswagen has admitted to installing software on diesel vehicles to cheat omissions tests. waterfall in kentucky. mark: bystanders captured the video feet. it is going -- video feat. it is going viral.
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dozens watched on saturday as professional kayakers nick troutman and dane jackson went over the cumberland falls. they captured the ride on camera . it received thousands of views on social media. it was the result of hours of training and 15 years in the sport for troutman. >> we went there safety plan. i would not encourage any bystander that was watching to go give it a shot. kyla: park rangers say that it is clearly marked, no swimming, wading, or boating. it will cost them hundred dollars. they are disappointed that they were cited, but they hope to do it again in the future legally. i think they wanted a viral video. mark: i do not need any advice on not doing that.
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kyla: you' re not a kayaker? mark: no. and i don' t have a go pro. lisa: the water looks cold. some of the water parks are too much for me. randi: we are not looking at toward the official start of spring. today, it will be a very windy wednesday. outside the door. colder air. we are welcoming spring with a bit of a chill. looking at the radar, you will notice a lot of nothing. it was different a couple of hours ago. in adams county, we had a light shower that appears to dissipated. we are now rain-free.
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had quarter-sized hail over louisville have fallen apart as they rolled in our direction along south of 71. the cold front has passed us by. our temperatures are about to fall. the wind speed is pretty have dave. these are sustained wind of 20 miles per hour. toward indianapolis, 25-miles-per-hour winds. they' re not going to lighten up. 15-miles-per-hour to 20-miles-per-hour job the day. it will be windy and colder. maysville, kentucky, 71-degrees. connorsville , 58. we have over a 10-degree difference. look at where we are headed. it will not stay mild. no 70'
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enjoyed a day. tomorrow, highs in the 50' s. by the weekend, highs in the 40' s. 61 by lunchtime. it will be windy and mild throughout the afternoon. 6:00 is still breezy and 63. teacher cast shows the rain is out of here and the clouds will move out. the wind will pour in from the west through the afternoon. the cold air will settle in. today, 68 for the high with the storms over. it will stay windy all day. looking at the forecast, your st. patrick' s day forecast is continuing. 59 degrees for a hide. temperatures are continuing to fall. sunday, officially the first day of spring with a couple of spring-like showers, but they
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mark: welcome back. we are taking a live look outside on this busy wednesday morning. let' s check out with kyla woods. relatively calm on the roads this morning. kyla: that is a great description. everything is moving along at a decent speed, as far as and estates are concerned. 71 to or from warren county -- you will deal with some construction. 71 northbound and southbound -- we had this project a couple of weeks ago. this is an overnight closure between 8:00 and 9:00 at night until 6:00 or 7:00 the following morning. traffic is picking up at foster' s. the morning commute is a decent start. things are getting heavy across most of the greater cincinnati
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lisa: a new study suggests going cold turkey might be the best way to quit smoking. mark: researchers followed 700 smokers throughout the quitting process. one group was given a single deadline, the other group had two weeks to gradually stop. both groups received nicotine patches and counseling. the group that stopped abruptly was 10% less likely to pick up the habit a month later. lisa: video showing molten copper being poured over a big mac. the video is getting a lot of attention because the burger seems to not be affected, the copper is 2000 degrees. many are pointing out there is a scientific explanation that has nothing to do with the ingredients in a big mac. i don'
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extra sauce on the big mac, but hold the copper. i won' t get it special next time, at all. tomorrow, it is st. patrick' s day. this morning, 64 degrees. you were warmer to the east side and cooler to the west side. expect temperatures to fall into the 50' s over the next couple of hours and making it back to 64 this afternoon. if you are making st. patrick' s day plans, it will be cooler. if you' re up early, it will be chilly at 45 degrees. tomorrow evening, expect it to be breezy and 55. i were temperature trend is on the downswing.
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tomorrow, 59. for the weekend, cloudy with a spotty showers on sunday as we welcome spring with a cooler stretch of air. mark: where the race stands now. andrew: yesterday' s primary was make or break.
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>> a bridge crash and a car in the river. the latest on the search for the victims and what witnesses say about what happened. lisa: the win for john kasich, and what it means for the republican race. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic nomination and winning the election. mark: hillary clinton raking in the delegates. the numbers after a dominant day with voters. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 "today." mark: good morning. we are looking at the suspension bridge courtesy of our photographer. providing us with a gorgeous thank you for joining us. i' lisa: i' m lisa cooney.
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coming up. the winds of change are here. good morning. it will cool us down. randi: take changes. we were hanging close to 70 degrees for much of the night. maysville, kentucky is still at 70. connorsville, 58. it is creeping into the western part of the 275 loop. downtown, expect a 10-degree drop by the time we get to 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. looking at the radar, a lot of nothing. two hours ago strong storms rolled through louisville with large hail. those storms fell apart . now, a little drizzle left over in the extreme eastern communities, that' s it. i went advisory for fayette county, union county until 8:00.
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the wind at 20-miles-per-hour this morning. we will be in the 50' s by 8:00 a.m. lunchtime, we rebound into the 60' s. through the afternoon the wind will continue howling with an afternoon high of 66. kyla: heavier volume outside, which is what happens this time of the morning. nothing out of the ordinary. 74, headlights heading in the eastbound direction toward the 275 loop. you can see things are moving right along. we have had a quiet morning, fingers crossed. case. northern kentucky, a rolling along eastbound and westbound with no major delays, just a pick up on your travel times. 75 at clifton, not a lot of brake lights. it should be good to go.
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lisa: before we get to politics, breaking news. a vehicle found at the bottom of the ohio river. mark: the recovery effort is underway after the car went over the combs-hehl bridge during the 12 car pile up. dan griffin is leading the way with the investigation and what witnesses say. dan: good morning. traffic is moving along fine on the combs-hehl bridge. yesterday, a shocking scene for drivers. overnight, investigators found the car, but it is not known how many people were inside. the efforts have stopped after an suv went over the bridge during rush hour. there were four separate crashes involving 12 vehicles. one of the witnesses say the red suv flew off the bridge into the river. the bridge was closed for hours.
6:34 am
the crashed suv using sonar . is at the bottom of the river. investigators are not elaborating too may have been inside or how many died. the scene was chaotic. >> there was a first bang. i thought it was a gunshot. i looked up and there were 5 bangs wallowing that. my father and i are sitting in the driveway. we look up. this red suv flipped over the barrier into the river, nose first. dan: at last check, the search efforts ended. we are sure if they will start back up. then county water rescue teams were out here figuring out how to get the car out of the water and figuring out how many people may have been inside and had to get them out. campbell county officials should
6:35 am
we will work on new information and bring it to you. in campbell county, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. mark: new hope for governor kasich. lisa: he was looking to take ohio, voters delivered. andrew setters has the impact. andrew: the impact is a pattern on the back for john kasich and a punch to the gut for marco rubio. marco rubio home after losing his home state. in ohio, john kasich picked up 66 delegates by beating donald trump by 11 points. kasich is sticking around. he is on the hunt for another primary, hoping to build momentum and build enough delegates to be a player in a brokered convention. john kasich said he would get things done in washington by
6:36 am
he said that during his victory party. it was a different tone than his rivals. >> putting their confidence in me. we know conservative fence bowls can work, common sense can work. the shifting power and influence in washington and moving it to where we live to empower us. that is the direction for our country. andrew: even if john kasich wins every delegate in every primary and caucus out there, he does not win enough to be the republican nominee outright. his win makes it more likely than republicans will be going to a brokered convention in cleveland in july. lisa:. is the breakdown of the results from the ohio primary. john kasich won the areas and dark green, hamilton, butler,
6:37 am
donald trump one clermont county. the blue area represents the county' s hillary clinton won. bernie sanders won lamott county. what is the likelihood of john kasich getting the presidential nomination? we spoke with medical analyst mark sanu ticket his take on the future of his campaign. marc: only winning your home state does not make kasich a strong contender. as long as he remains an option, this race on the republican side is so confused. if it goes to a brokered convention in july in cleveland, and john kasich is around, it makes it the erratically conceivable the party will turn to him as an alternative. lisa: john kasich will talk about his primary win on "the
6:38 am
mark: a big night for hillary clinton as she adds to her delegate count. she beat bernie sanders in florida, north carolina, ohio, illinois, and missouri. she has 1600 delegates to sanders' 800. sanders remains of read about his campaign and the message. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november. >> the reason we have defied all expectations is that we are doing something very radical in american politics. we are telling the truth. mark: the democratic nominee needs 2400 delegates to clinch the nomination. next week there are contests in six states.
6:39 am
will matter for the republicans. on saturday, the 26, sanders and clinton will fight it out in alaska, hawaii, and washington state. lisa: the race to fill john boehner seat ends and disappointment for the front-runner. tim derickson was endorsed by all officeholders. he came in first in the county. the district is what matters. it consisted of butler, preble' s darth, and miami county. erickson came in second wind warren davidson by 11,000 votes. both are pelicans and immigrants faced contested races for the senate in the ohio primary. mark: rob portman is the winner for the republican side. ted strickland will face him in november. e.g. sittenfeld said he needed more name recognition around the state.
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cincinnati city council today. for complete primary results and stories go to or download the mobile app. if you have the florida gulf coast in your final four, your pick is safe. the eagles were on fire at the ud arena as they hammered fairleigh dickinson. they take this 191-65. they move on to face -- they take this one 91-65. they move on to face north carolina. lisa: they will face arizona. mark: let' s check in with kyla woods. i know that all of your final four picks are intact. kyla: you know i do not have a bracket. lisa: yes i do, and yes they are. thank you. kyla: i live vicariously through
6:41 am
about the bracket. as you' re heading outside, great conditions. no accidents to report. we do have construction, a daytime closure at eight mile road between hopper and rich stone between 7:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. that will last for the rest of the week. plan for that near california and anderson township. further north, 275 at route 32, looking good north and southbound, just heavy. less shaken with meteorologist randi rico. randi: you can see by looking at the weatherbug network, connorsville, indiana is 53. maysville, kentucky is at 63. a 10-degree difference from the north to south. everyone is dealing with wind at 15-miles-per-hour.
6:42 am
and might be a good idea to give the kids a jacket or sweatshirt. in the morning, in the 50' s. it is windy and colder. sunshine will return. it will stay windy. we will rebound to 64 through the afternoon. i know that it is windy , but our temperatures in general are plummeting through the weekend. we will look at the seven day forecast in a few minutes. lisa: helping since he smiles -- cincy smile.
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happin lisa: welcome back. a chance to celebrate one of the local squads going after a state championship. there is a rally for the roger bacon spartans. the police are shutting down wuest street and kessler avenue. good look to the spartans. are you ready for march madness? mark: we are encouraged, as we get ready for an international day of happiness.
6:46 am
march madness and the march to happiness. this will be the first official cincinnati day of happiness, sponsored by live happy. it is part of the #happyacts movement. it is an effort to bring awareness of the positive effects of happiness. live happy magazine joined in 2013 to bring a wall of happiness. cincinnati' s big day has been proclaimed by mayor cranley and will be saturday on fountain 4:00 p.m. each notable result in a $1 donation to the boys and girls club of greater cincinnati. >> we' ll have happy dance, a jazz singer, fun and entertainment. laughter yogurt is coming. it will be a fun and happy day.
6:47 am
media using the #happyacts to show what you' re doing to bring you. the bengals bringing happiness by making a donation to holy cross high school and the indians football team. bruce kozerski. matthew 25 ministries is south storms. many areas are dealing with high water. volunteers are heading out to deliver relief supplies. if you would like to help, matthew 25 is accepting donations. mark: what do you have? randi: strong wind and cold temperatures. nobody likes that? sorry. that is what i have. we went from happy stories, to me telling you it will be colder by the weekend.
6:48 am
we did have thunderstorms rolled through in the early morning hours that were centralized south of the 71/75 split. they fell apart as they moved toward cincinnati. that was a cold front, so we are seeing changes from now through the middle of the morning. the skies will clear, but the wind will be strong. sustained wind at 19-miles-per-hour, almost 25-miles-per-hour for dayton and indy. the wind will not back down at any point throughout the day. it will be a windy wednesday from start to finish. temperatures are falling. we were hanging out close to 70 degrees until 3:00 in the morning. we' re down to 64. in the at 60 -- indy at 53 . temperatures will fall, and it
6:49 am
you will still want a jacket for the morning. we' ll make it back into the 60' s this afternoon. 8:00, 56. , 61. through the afternoon the wind will howl. we will be in a lower to middle 60' s. the rain is gone and the clouds will move out. toward the afternoon, you will notice improvements. today, close to 70-degrees this morning. middle 60' s this afternoon. breezy all day. st. patrick' s day, another windy day. middle 40' s in the morning. 7:00, 54. the weekend, ushering in the start of spring, it will not feel like spring. we will have sustained cooler air with high temperatures in the upper 40' s and a couple of showers on sunday. how are the roads looking?
6:50 am
rest of march. good morning. as you head out for your commute, we have been quiet. that continues for those of you now. 74, 18-minutes from indiana to i-75. out of warren county, travel times although considering we are close to 7:00 . 71/75, 21-minutes. getting heavier and slowing down in covington toward the brent spence bridge, but no major delays. lisa: a hopeless feeling after a 12-vehicle accident sends an suv into the ohio river. mark: what we hope to learn about the devastating crash on the combs-hehl bridge.
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... standing by for fun. a crash sends an suv into the ohio river. mark: investigators found the car, but there is no information about who was inside.
6:54 am
dan: good morning. the bridge was closed for hours last night as investigators reconstructed the crash and we are told the search has ended for now. the suv was found. during rush hour, there were four separate crashes with 12 cars involved. in one, the suv plunged into the river. the car was found using sonar, but there is no word on how many may have been inside. witnesses were shocked to cbs tv go over the bridge. -- were shocked to see the suv go over the bridge. we will work on getting information and bring it to you. dan griffin, wlwt news 5. mark: breaking news from north korea. the american tourist accused of trying to steal a propaganda
6:55 am
otto warmbier was convicted and sentenced and a one hour trial in north korea supreme court. he was charged with subversion. lisa: ohio governor john kasich . andrew setters is alive this celebrating a primary victory in the buckeye state. victory for john kasich. he won in decisive fashion. a tight race was shown in the polls, but when the votes were tallied, don kasich one by 11 points. it is a winner take all. last night, he celebrated in berea, ohio. he took failed shots and donald trump saying he will not take the low road to the highest
6:56 am
john kasich' s arty looking ahead to november and winning the white house. -- already looking ahead to november and winning the white house. >> where one more trip in ohio where we will be to hillary clinton, and i will become the president of the united states. thank you, and god bless you. andrew: john kasich wins ohio and stays in the race. marco rubio loses florida and drops out. it is a three-man race. lisa: hillary clinton beat bernie sanders in florida, north carolina, missouri. she has 1600 delegates to sanders' 800. the democratic nominee needs 2400 delegates to clinch the nomination. mark: xavier is leaving town. they are going to st. louis to
6:57 am
the ncaa tournament. the game is friday night with tip-off at 9:20. lisa: indoor sports are fine. randi: everyone will watch basketball anyway. you won' t notice it is colder. temperatures are tumbling. close to 70 degrees at midnight. temperatures are tumbling. sunny through the afternoon. it will stay wednesday, 20-miles-per-hour throughout the day. tomorrow is st. patrick' s day. if you are out early, in the 40' s. it will be a wee bit windy for you tomorrow. and it' s been a while since we have had a cold snap, but it
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good morning. all but one. donald trump wins four of five states, including florida, forcing marco rubio out of the race. >> after tonight, it is clear that while we are on the right side, this year, we will not be on the winning side. >> john kasich hangs on with a win in his home state of ohio. >> we are going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination. >> for the democrats, a clean sweep for hillary clinton. sanders hanging in, but it's


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