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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  March 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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clinton will fight it out in alaska, hawaii as well. as well as washington state. anchor: 11:00. welcome back. home state in the ohio primary. we have complete election coverage, right now. sheree: we are also following breaking news. a water found in the ohio river. the violent collision that led up to the crash and how this could affect the interstate for hours to come. and how it had in impact on the polls. that evening. i am sheree paolello. mike: a big night for ohio and the nation.
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sheree: a big night for ohio and our governor john kasich. he did get that victory in the winner take all ohio primary. that could help derail donald trump' s road to the nomination. mike: in ohio, it didn' t take long for hillary clinton to be declared the winner. sheree: extended hours because of the crash i mentioned. the accident prompted in order to keep the polls open. open for an hour this evening, leading to some questions and a or so. mike: let' s get back to the
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it is a win. sheree: kasich' s winning with 46% of the vote. mike: he has already been declared the winner. john london is live in berea, outside of cleveland where kasich and his supporters celebrated the victory. john: this was a night for a lot of cheering and confetti. a reset button being hit. ohio came through in a big way. he was able to draw further distinctions between himself and donald trump. the way he handled a protester. he says he appreciates a peaceful protest every so often. this was his night, one he had to have it going very the win tonight put some rocket fuel in
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they believe his campaign, which could not gain much traction, has finally found its footing. it is picking up the kind of momentum they believe will grow as he takes this fight on to pennsylvania and around the country. kasich enjoyed this moment, expressing love for ohio. here' s a portion of what he says his campaign is all about. mr. kasich: i look into your eyes. you want to believe, believe again we can have job security. it you want to believe that wages can rise. you want to believe that your children will have a better america than what we got from our mothers and fathers. that is the great american legacy. we put one foot in front of the other.
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tonight, i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. we can go to washington in the first 100 days, fix these problems with the shock and all agenda that can pass. i think we can rally the people in washington. before we are republicans and democrats, we are americans and we have an obligation. putting their confidence in me, principles can work. common sense can work. shifting power and money and influence from washington and moving it to where we live which empowers us, that is the direction for our country. we' ve got one more trip around ohio this coming fall, where we will become the president of the
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bless you. john: that of course is an the donald trump and ted cruz. the campaign knows the heady reality of tough primaries to come. perhaps taking this all the way to the convention, where there will be a floor fight. even though there was a long way to go, kasich, it is a four letter win. ohio. mike: he did get the endorsement of the ohio coach. you have been covering politics. it is a victory, but it is his first primary victory. there was a lot of talk that this could help donald trump he
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gop candidates, ted cruz and kasich stealing from one another. do think the trump train can be derailed? john: most pundits believe what casey did tonight increases the chances of that happening. having said that, there is a long way to go in this thing. there is a heady feeling, a feeling of confidence on the kasich campaign. this is a pragmatic and realistic campaign. they understand there was a tough road ahead. john kasich himself has said, when you look at the map of the delegates, he doesn' t think he is going to get there in terms of getting enough delegates to get the nomination. he knows he has to open this up on the floor of the convention and it has to be a brokered convention. you have donald trump, ted cruz and now john kasich.
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continue was to win for tonight and he did it. sheree: john live outside cleveland. thank you. mike: the stuff crashing down. despite a push from donald trump in ohio it wasn' t enough to get the win tonight. sheree: wlwt news 5' s todd dykes is covering trump' s campaign for us. a very good night for trump this evening. reporter: despite losing ohio donald trump continues to add to , his delegate lead. the billionaire businessman routed marco rubio in florida and also picked up wins in north carolina and illinois. but the key victory came in the sunshine state because it was a winner take-all delegate haul among the gop candidates. that means trump gained an additional 99 delegates in florida. now he' s trying to cross a key threshold by claiming more than 50% of the overall delegate count on the republican side. here' s what trump told supporters who gathered for a
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owns in palm beach, florida. mr. trump: i just want to congratulate everybody. this is a very interesting process. it is very tough, but by the end , if you get to the end, you can handle a lot of things including pressure. lies, deceit, viciousness. disgusting reporters. horrible people. someone i. -- some are nice. back there. are going to go forward and we are going we are going to win for the country. we are not stopping. we are going to have great victories for our country. thank you very much. reporter: trump mentioned marco rubio in his speech tonight but he did not say anything about john kasich. many months ago, few people would of thought he would have to win so -- fight so hard to
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party leaders may look to kasich as their final chance to rally behind a candidate who might be able to challenge trump if there' s a contested convention. that' s a big if since there' s a long way to go before the convention begins in cleveland in july. todd dykes, wlwt news 5. mike: todd mentioned marco rubio. it was the end of the line. he suspended his campaign, telling a crowd in miami tonight, that there is a hunger for new faces and voices in government. sheree: 99 delegates. it is a winner take all. ohio governor john kasich will walk away with all 66 delegates. on the democratic side, hillary clinton put some distance between herself and bernie sanders. mike: she took the majority vote in the buckeye state. wlwt news 5' s courtis fuller is here with more on the
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candidates. courtis: this is a big night for hillary clinton. the numbers adding up, the number needed to clinch the nomination. she won in ohio, florida and north carolina. still too close to call in missouri and her home state of illinois. when she was giving her victory speech, there was a little extra confident. she said there was a difference between running for president and being president. after losing michigan, this was the rebounded night she needed. there was a sense in her speech that she was pivoting beyond the primary contest, turning more of her attention to the general election. ms. clinton: this may be one of
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campaigns of our lifetimes. the next president will walk in and start making decisions that will affect the lives and livelihood of everyone in this country. indeed, everyone on this planet. now i know, i know easy decisions don' t make it to the president' s desk. i saw president obama wrestled with decisions to send navy seals after osama bin laden. industry. fight for the affordable care act and so many more. and our next president has tests. first, can you make positive
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second, can you keep us safe? third, can you ring our country together again? courtis: meanwhile listening to t , sound like he was going despite the anywhere anytime soon loss in three states. he got his to jump off -- message across. he said there is a rigged and a corrupt campaign finace system although the message has resonated with a larrge segment of democrats, it is falling flat with the real numbers at the polls. for the democrats in ohio the delegates are split proportionally, based on today' s vote. so mrs. clinton will get more of the 143 delegates ohio has to offer. sheree: i want to give you a look again. curtis was talking about it.
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the nominee needs 1237. trump at 619. cr uz with 394. rubio, no longer matters because he has suspended his campaign. john kasich, after and gaining 66 delegates, he stands at 136. as for the democratic party, the nominee needs to 383 -- 2383. senator sanders with 484. you can get the results on a website. we haven' t broken down into statewide races.
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mike: breaking news tonight. we have been following a 12 car crash, sending one car off the bridge and into the ohio river. sheree: the interstate closed for hours. now one lane open. crews continue to investigate how it happened. emily? emily: the police chief says the car has been located at the bottom of the ohio river. it is slightly downriver from where it hit the water. the search and rescue water team has been trying to assess the best way to remove the vehicle from the river. police will not say how many people are inside or identify the car. there were a total of four
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the accident created a chain reaction, causing one vehicle to hit the barrier and fall over the east side of the bridge. witnesses who saw the car fall say they felt helpless. >> the first initial bangm , i thought it was a gunshot. we look up. this red suv is flipped over the barrier. it bobbed up. emily: the chief could not tell us how long it would take to pull the car out of the water. other people injured but expected to be ok. reporting live in campbell
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mike: that crash and the bridge created a situation where they extended voting hours in four local counties. sheree: brian is going to be live with how the board of elections handled the chaos. plus more local results including, who is going to be taking over john boehner' s vacant seat. anchor: 70 degrees. but new storms beginning to indiana.
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mike: chaos late tonight at the polls all due to that crash on the combs hehl bridge. sheree: wlwt news 5' s brian hamrick is live at the board of court order they received. brian? brian: the polls closed at 7:30, they got the order to remain -- 8:01, 31 minutes after the polls were
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they said it was impossible to comply with the order. they said they did their best. it is a strange twist and election that went smoothly until 8:01. they tried to mass contact the polls, but that takes time, and many of the poll workers were already packed up and headed home. and then there were those voting machines. >> none of us got the directive, saying you have to stay open after 7:30. our coworkers had no idea this was a problem. brian: anybody who did vote had to on a provisional ballot. sheree: for the first time in a
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john boehner will not be heading back to congress representing the eighth congressional district in ohio. mike: in a crowded field of 15 gop candidates warren davidson comes out on top. and could eventually replace boehner. wlwt news 5' s karin johnson is live tonight in butler county. karin. karin: there are a lot of disappointed people here in middletown tonight at tim derickson' s campaign headquarters. derickson was endorsed by almost all office holders in butler county. he actually came in first in the county. but district is what matters. the 8th district consists of butler, preble, clark, darke, mercer and miami counties. in the district derickson is in second place behind warren davidson by about 11,000 votes. a little more about war and davidson. he is 46 years old, a resident of troy, ohio. he was an army ranger and spent the last 15 years growing companies in southwest ohio. i spoke with him earlier today in hamilton. >> i think one, people are anxious to have a congressman back in the district, not just
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that was a divided thing. it was an honor for our district to have the speaker of the house someone that served so long but , i think people are also anxious to have somebody that maybe hasn' t been in washington so long, that' s more immediately coming from the experience in the district and i think that' s something i offer, kind of a different sort of experience. the standard path is local government, state government and on to dc and my background' s a little different than that. karen -- karin: bill beagle of tipp city who was endorsed by sheriff richard jones took third place in the district. mike: both republicans and democrats face contested races for u.s. senate in today' s ohio primary. sheree: incumbent senator rob portman has been declared as the winner on the republican side. political veteran ted strickland will be facing portman in november. beating out cincinnati
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cincinnatian kelli prather. wlwt news 5' s tammy mutasa is live tonight with a closer look at the race. tammy? tammy: pg sittenfeld giving a very gracious speech tonight saying even though its tough to lose the senate race, he has learned a lot and calling for democratic unity. he says he actually called ted strickland to congratulate him. on the republican side incumbent senator rob portman won the republican spot over don eckhart it was a packed watch party for sittenfeld at the cincinnati fire museum. sittenfeld has been surrounded his supporters all night. he says he is proud of the substantive campaign he ran and the exposure he got. but the 31-year-old said he needed to have more name regocnition around the state. still he says never stop working and never stop dreaming >> i learned a lot about the people of ohio, they have hopes and dreams and aspirations that
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p. i think i learned a lot about myself, including that i think there is a resilience there and i' m not someone that' s ever going to give up so i do see this as a beginning and not an ending in any way. tammy: sittenfeld said you can bet he will be going back to work at cincinnati' s city council tomorrow. reporting live in downtown tammy would tossup. mike: coverage of the primary continues throughout the night. we send out alerts when the major races were called to read you can follow reporters and updates with our live wire. >> the certified most accurate forecast. anchor: temperatures hovering close to 70 degrees. part of the reason why, you see
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storms developing further south. something to watch as you go into the overnight hours. well a not concerned about severe weather for us, there could be showers were a rumble of thunder. 68 degrees right now at the airport. a nice reads out of the airport. that is going to be on the increase, even without rain. tomorrow, a windy day. winds can be quite blustery wednesday. look at temperatures. this time of year, the average high is only about 50-52 degrees.
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pushing 70 for most areas. wilmington at 61. you can see from the metro, down to the bluegrass, most areas close to 70. quiet in our neck of the woods. there is the storm system. des moines over to chicago. the bulk of storms will stay to the north. we will have to be on the lookout for pop-up showers. either way, that storm threat goes away by the morning commute tomorrow.
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temperatures will still be quite mild. afternoon highs, likely to make it into the mid to upper 60' s. tonight, 51. that is where we will drop i morning. most of the overnight, warm. small chance for a late-night shower or storm. after 2:00. 66 for an afternoon high. here is a look at the day planner. 51. tomorrow, balmy. and then highs climb to the middle and upper 60' s. tomorrow will usher in a cooling trend. starting thursday, see patrick' s day, 50' s. we get cooler heading into the weekend. low 50' s friday. 40' s over the weekend. nights chilly, too. those jackets will be in order
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george: the ncaa tournament is under way, and if you have fairleigh dickinson in your final four, i' m sorry to break the news. exactly no one had fairleigh in their final four, it' s the first four games in dayton. florida gulf coast routed the knights 96 to 65. -- wichita state. akron and ohio state, to he yes. johnson out of walnut hills. the big man struggled at the free-throw line and ohio wins in overtime 72-63. aiken high school today the falcons are heading to the state final four for the first time in school history. aiken headed to columbus where
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division 2 state semifinals against akron st vincent-st. mary. there was a big community rally in lynchburg tonight. the mustangs are heading to the state final four for the first time since 93. we' re talking the paul cluxton glory days. lynchburg clay plays thursday in the division 3 semifinals against cleveland villa angela-st. joseph, in sunny goodyear, arizona,, the reds and royals met in the cactus league. billy hamilton played for just the second time this spring, and of the sky. -- out of this guy. one through the right side. you want to see that, too. game tied at brandon finnegan on one. the mound for the reds. the comeback or almost got him. -- com
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not bad at all. they say they will have to shut him down but no surgery. mike: last season, he went after the picture. george: that is one of the big questions for the team. you do not know.
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