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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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it is coming down at a good pace. it was a winter wonderland today and the snow was hitting the pavement. beautiful snowflakes falling on the ground in a normally scenic overlook. >> good evening everybody. welcome to manchester. and john kasich is at his fourth town hall in event of the day behind me. we will talk about this and whether is a concern in the cincinnati area. let' s talk about that. >> we want to hear from kevin
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>> and it looked of depressive -- it looked impressive at times. a lot of what is falling on the rooftops has 30 much melted on major roadways. not too much is falling and there is a heavier batch towards florence. these will come and go. you may be perfectly dry and there is a downpour. there is a mixture of showers and, occasionally, still some rain with snow shower activity. as i mentioned, the temperatures are at or generally of love
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the snow has been accumulating and it will change overnight tonight with a winter weather advisory. the difference is, unlike what we are tracking, a big storm system that will dump snow, this will be a cumulative events across the area and not everyone will see the amount. there is a quick covering. there will be a timeframe in which the snow showers are heavier. i will have a look at your forecast coming up. >> speaking of the snow bursts, we are seeing it right near here. you can see the roads are
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continue to stay out on the roads for you and we will have coverage of the roads will stop get the severe weather alerts on your phone or mobile device. we have a disturbing discovery in middletown with a woman hurt in left on the floor. in a store you will only see on news 5, we have more on what led the police to the home and what they found when they got there. >> the victim is in protective custody with sores to her legs, back, and neck. a friend of the victim told me that the
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with her and did not call for help for more than two weeks. she is being cared for at a private facility. a friend has power of attorney over the affairs and says the daughter needs to be held accountable. >> you do not step over your mother on the floor and let her lay in body excrement, vomit, dog and cat stuff and walk over. >> tonight, the police say that no child -- no charges have been filed and he is waiting on medical documentation to complete the investigation. i am emily wood. >> neighbors are on pins and needles tonight after a shootout
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moulton is live from the scene and covering what happened. >> you can imagine that, after hearing the gunshots in broad daylight, you can imagine why the neighbors are on edge tonight. stray bullets strike homes and people want to catch up with the suspects as quickly as possible. and a third victim fled the scene and never sought treatment. at force avenue, it almost hit a young boy. several went in for questioning. neighbors said they do not know what happened and that the streets are usually quiet. >> whoever lives down
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>> they know the neighbors are concerned and of trade. a community meeting was planned for tomorrow. several will be there and it will take place at 7:30 tomorrow night at the hazelwood community center. they are urging neighbors and residents to show up at the meeting. >> we know the seriousness of an injury to a young girl and what she suffered when she was hit by a car last week. the driver took off and she went in front of a judge. dan griffin talked with the mother after court. >> there are a lot of emotions and the mother says she is grateful her daughter is alive
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>> smith is dealing with broken bones. >> she cannot stand on that one leg. >> smith was walking home from school on thursday and the police say she hit the 11-year-old with her car and kept driving. a few minutes later, she was arrested, cited, and released. >> she was at the scene for quite a while. >> thomas disagrees and says that -- just wanted to leave. the attorney says that she had issues with the car because of the accident and that she turned herself in yesterday. website cannot believe that happened to her.
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school and the way you expect them to come back home. >> she can once again run and play. >> she has fears that it will be no problem. the next step in the case is to get an attorney. >> she can get out with 10% of it in cash. high stakes in new hampshire for john kasich all stop this could be the do or die moment for him. at the town hall tonight in manchester, high. -- hi. >> we are here at the gary restaurant and john kasich will be front and center right here for his fourth town hall event
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to give you the analogy, let' s talk about a casino and he walks into the iowa blackjack table and new that he was not going to do well and he put all of his chips in the middle of the blackjack table here and he has been busy here all year. let' s show you the video from the campaign trail. 106 town hall meetings. he has done these in the last year and he needs a strong showing in new hampshire. insiders believe he could finish as high as number two. if you look at the polls, it looks like he is third or fourth in the battle. any strong showing would be fine. if he does worse than that, the poor showing it spelled the end
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for now, here in manchester, new hampshire, covering john kasich. >> we will check in tonight and at 11:00 all stop more as the police deal with a sword-wielding man. neighbors were threatening to set the building on fire. anthony greeted them and was armed with a sword. he pointed the sword at officers and, after a brief standoff, he surrendered and was arrested. the dow jones dropped 380 points today and bounced back some eight date here. once again, a pressure from a crash in oil prices. cheap oil is great news for all
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this morning, we got video of gas being sold for a dollar 38 a gallon. the local average is down from a month ago. enjoy it while it lasts. a great shutdown now. every restaurant is closed today for a briefing after an outbreak of virus and e. coli. and what they were not expecting that turned the fun into a deadly ride all stop and, caught on camera, after exhaustive social media campaigns to name a new baby, the results are in.
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you are in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. >> a lunchtime disappointment
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they shut down for a special training today. >> what should have been was a ghost town. people left frustrating after trying to get in its. >> they shut down across the country and all 50,000 are taking part in food safety. in december, it was the normal violets. >> chipotle is trying to win back and there try to make it back to you and they say they will be back soon. you ball the instructions, you get the coupon and they will
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>> plenty of disappointed customers tried to get inside. >> i was telling my girlfriend, if she wanted something, i would grab something for her. she will be outside and probably want some chipotle. >> you can grab lunch tomorrow. wlwt tomorrow. >> news 5 investigative reporting cold house records on we will tell you what he uncovered today. the community is in shock after two brothers died and friends are hurt after they snuck into a park and crashed on the course. the track was used in the 1988
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jordan and evan caldwell were familiar with it because they scanned tickets and welcomed guests. on this particular night, there expect. >> they both died at the scene. . -- two twin boys, so awful. they hit the dna high rate of speed and they call this the fastest sport on ice. the ceo did not know about the property. they said they had a full-time security staff on the ground. >> we have
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across the area and others, not as much and it depends on the location. this is like a summertime weather pattern with showers and storms that develop and could pick up a good two inches of rainfall and this has been the nature of the snow showers and it will be the case through the evening hours. it will be hit or miss and there will be cold rain and the concern here in the evening hours is that the temperatures are finally beginning to drop below freezing. for the most part, the snow has been coming down consistently heavy and temperatures drop below freezing with snow lingering around. at least occasionally, it will deteriorate towards the
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this will move up and cross over towards martinsville. as we go through the night and the sun begins to set, with travel issues on secondary roads , with rain and snow showers coming in at the temperatures across the board. generally in the 30' s and most of us are at freezing. a winter weather advisory is in effect for a hemolytic snowfall of about 1-3 inches. this will be a shower and it will be spotty with some quick covering. you may be on dry pavement and hit a snow-covered road across the area.
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it is a west wind of 12. here is what is happening tonight with a cold front coming through. now, we are watching an art front and here is the reason for concern. they quickly fall into the mid-20' s and the low 20' s and this is the colder air that will set the stage or travel problems along with a burst of snow and there may be snow showers later on tonight. especially on the ohio river and east, it could drop. often on into the day on tuesday before wrapping up on wednesday and, cumulatively, it will look good.
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this is the nature. just because of the inches, does not mean that you will. we go through the rest of the week and, as a matter of fact, we could rival some of the coldest air we have seen all season by the time we get to the weekend. expect the afternoon high of about dh and here is forecast to stop we do not go above freezing and the overnight lows could drop to zero. >> a cruise ship stuck by wind and passengers confined to cabins. it is described as terrifying now. >> i think i have been doing pretty good.
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they call her the it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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>> high anxiety on the high seas and a storm off of the coast. the weather service issued a
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worse than anyone imagined. a change in course. >> passengers shot video and they were told to stay in their cabins. thousands of dollars in college tuition are gone. with $10,000 inside and looks around before putting it in her purse. it belongs to a family who had driving their daughter back to college. of the chair. a
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the seafood lady is from and she took the last of her savings to start selling seafood out of her house. it works better than her and her husband expected. >> people come for your wife' s seafood. >> it is delicious. >> she moved to a food truck and she has now gained 40,000 followers and she got the recipe from her grandfather, who was a chef in the navy. chipotle shuts down all of the restaurants and
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from northern he with what >> you are watching cincinnati' s the field of beauty -- wlwt.
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make or break for john kasich all stop we are on the campaign trail in manchester, new hampshire where there is a john kasich town hall tonight. >> how are you doing? it is the fourth town hall of the day for john kasich and it gets underway in about 30 minutes here. to put this in perspective, it is the size of a downstairs of a home. you put the ground game in effect here before the new hampshire primary. we will talk about what he needs to do and what other candidates have been doing. for now, live here in manchester. back to you. what' s interesting perspective. we will get back to this. this could
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road and we could see some isolated roads tonight. and it gives us a look at what conditions are like here. has the most what you can expect. and we will have what you look at tonight. but the problems will really begin to increase when we get the sunset and in turn stark across the area with the colder air moving in. you have the off-again and on again showers and many of you pick up a coating of snow and the occasional heavy are pockets will have bursts out there. across the ohio river
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equates this to pop up downpours that can be heavy where they occur. and the showers are putting down a quick dusting of snow. it is bloomington and back towards glenn chester. over the next couple of hours, the mounting debts melting will start to freeze across the area in the temperatures are above freezing for the next hour or two. as you go through the evening hours, it will come down and the coverings will start to add up. and there was an impressive burst of snow, at times. gradually, it builds up and
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develop. >> thank you. we will stay on top of the winter weather with the mobile app and get updates on the mobile device. tonight, a focus on food safety today most of they are now digging into the problems and what food inspectors have found at the local restaurant. >> there are 38 chipotlew s zanetti and some locations reported that boxes of raw chicken is next to let us and
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>> tracking the risks and try to prevent the illnesses is a constant concern. >> we will go back and what the inspectors are looking for our risk factors that could make some ill. >> none of these seemed out of the ordinary, compared to other dining establishments. they key is to make sure that those who cook and serve meals every day are properly trained. >> educating the people who run restaurants is the responsibility of ted. done. >> it improves our practices and we make sure we are doing things that need to be done.
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opening their doors by four hours to discuss food safety. >> i' m glad they are reworking everything and trying to fill it out. >> a former fan says he is not sure that he will be back anytime soon. >> i do not think that it is worth the risk. >> the food inspectors have found violations that are fairly standard in the industry and you can check out the list on our website. reporting live, tom dykes. >> thanks. >> a family continues to search.
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on january 31. some of them were back out at it again today. tonight. >> back out today and looking for any clues. they will follow up on some possible leads there. them or anyone else. no activity reported missing and they say it was out of character and that a friend claimed to drop it off and the detectives have been looking for evidence on security cameras in places she may have been seen across the county. and they will continue to look every day.
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the ohio governor is making a final push for republican votes tonight and we are at the john kasich townhome meeting that will happen in a few hours. we have the update on the s agenda. >> how are you doing? a quaint little gathering with the town hall. he has done a lot of them. this was a quaint little room. and one of the
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rubio did not do well in the debate. they were endorsed by the boston globe, the new york times, and hope to finish as high as numb er 2. kasich is not the only candidate stomping. -- stumping. for more on that, we have the campaign trail here . what' s on the eve of the new hampshire primary -- >> on the eve of the new hampshire primary, they are working on overdrive.
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>> we have come a long way and i think that we will be just fine tomorrow. >> hillary clinton is asking for the voters to give her another look. >> my final push to get as many granite stators ers as possible. >> i am angry and so are the people who show up by the thousands here. >> it is a fight between marco rubio, ted cruz, john kasich , and jeb bush. >> the day i' m sworn into this, it is my watch. >> it all comes down to turn out. >> i'
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>> there is concern about how the weather will impact what is expected to be a record turnout tomorrow and this will taper off in a forecast tomorrow. reporting from manchester. >> how are some of the independent voters going to vote ? independent voters can vote in either primary. i' m rebooting gets underway tonight in three tiny towns in new hampshire, including a notch at the canadian border. we' re live with kasich and his campaign. >> thank you. i will be checking back at 6:00. >> investigators are try to figure out with start if i are
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and everyone got out safety for -- safely. middletown firefighters responded this afternoon with a crash along oxford state road. a truck brought down wires and nobody was hurt. it shut down the road for a short time today. it is unclear tonight what exactly caused the crash. a decision that other drivers made after a crash sent dozens and dozens at the hospital today. how much companies could oh
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>> so far, it has been wet on local roadways. we have areas of black ice that are digging to develop. i will let you know concerns overnight and ho it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous always keep laundry pacs away from children. keep them closed. keep them up. keep them safe.
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>> you are watching wlwt. >> they mess connecticut and the interstate could be shut down -- a mess in connecticut any errors they could be shut down. a bus was heading to a casino and it hit snow along 95 in madison. none of the injuries are like-threatening stop others are turning back until the weather improves. the irs is cashing in on companies that marijuana companies file taxes and expert can expect a oh 40-70% to the government. -- expect to owe
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government stop >> . >> the tax bill is more than you can ever hope to make and i have seen the profit margins drop. >> some competitors going to the black architect make up the lost revenue. last year, marijuana would have been legalized for recreational and medical use. they are trying to weigh the pros and cons on legalizing medical marijuana only. tomorrow, discussing pop t policy. >> cincinnati' s certified accurate forecast. >> snow across the area will start coding area roadways and we will take a look at the radar tonight and you can see the
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this is across the area and, if you find yourself getting a quick coding of snow across many areas, you see that and is is across 75 near the intersection. look at 27 here and mount caramel and eastern parts of indiana. this will move towards oxford and westchester. there will be a burst of snow and over around anderson as you head to the ohio river. a quick burst of snow is moving out of parts of clinton and highland counties and you saw on
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this is more of a cheap militant snowfall and it is stop and go at times. other times, nothing is falling. when it is said and done, most will have received anywhere between one-three inches of snow. and not everyone will see the same amount. and it would change road conditions over the next day or so. here is a look at the futurecast in need dinnertime hours and the snow showers will come across. and i would not be surprised with some snow days tomorrow and
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off and on during the day with a steady and consistent snow. it will taper off by wednesday. and i want you to pay attention to the numbers and the wide range of numbers across the area, depending on the location, because of the summer downpours and you get nothing at all. cumulatively, we' re thinking one-and three and this will be supported by plenty of cold air. and expect the arctic air tip for all the way into the ohio valley over the next couple of days with a gift in the jet stream. as a matter of fact, by the end
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possible the temperatures will drop to zero and below. and winter is not over just yet. it is likely blustery and cold. look at the afternoon high in the upper 20' s here and i do not have above freezing between now and next monday. there is a chill coming in across the area with several opportunities for nighttime to drop to the single digits. i think we have accumulating snow here and it will usher in the reader cold for the weekend. the
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degrees below. >> a facebook ceo joins in the chinese new year' s celebration. >> i will let god take care of that and i' m not saying i want to punish them.
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of a dish up and the unusual >> the lunar new year celebrate the year of the monkey. you can see the new movie about a popular chinese character. the facebook ceo is celebrating the chinese new year today and zuckerberg and his wife revealed max' s chinese name. his name is a combination of the family name and the chinese name for right universe. an armed worker at a home was
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they heard something downstairs and he turned on the hall light stop the intruder fired shots. he threw a basket of laundry at the burglar and scared him off and described it to the church as david and goliath. >> he had a gun and i had a basket full of clothes. now, you have a basket of clothes by your bed. >> they are more lighthearted about it than i would be. they will leave judgment and punishment to god. a discovery in middletown of an elderly woman found on the floor of a home for weeks. a sword-wielding man
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i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for honeysuckle white . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) honeysuckle white . no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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>> leading the way, this is wlw t.
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neglected like that and no human being deserves that. >> the elderly woman found malnourished. what neighbors say about the conditions and why the police are investigating. >> good evening to you. we are joined live from new hampshire tonight. >> we are here at a restaurant in new hampshire where john kasich has his fourth town hall getting underway in about a minute or two. here are undecided voters. we will talk about this in a bit. >> we have seen snow showers all day today and some are making their way in time for the
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eastbound and you can see that
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