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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  January 31, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. jonathan: now on news 5 today, two brothers who ran to a neighbor are fore help are recovering after being shot. plus, some excitement for reds fans today. the event helping you get up close to your favorite reds player. richard: we're going to give you a taste of the sweetest class in town just ahead. jonathan: another day for spring lovers. you may even have to dodge a raindrop or two tonight. meteorologist jennifer schack will tell us when those clouds will move in on this sunday, january 31, 2016. this is news 5 today. [captioning made possible by
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jonathan: good morning, everyone. welcome to news 5 today. thanks for joining us on this sunday morning. i'm jonathan hawgood. meteorologist jennifer schack was mimicking me as i said news 5 today. i saw you. you can't hide from me. jennifer: sorry. jonathan: that's all right. i wish i could mimic this weather for the entirety of february. wouldn't that be wonderful? it's not going to happen. jennifer: no. there's a strong cold front in the work week forecast. a couple more mild days. jonathan: we're not done. jennifer: we have today, tuesday. night. between now and then, mild temperatures. as it comes to an end, the strong cold front could bring in thunderstorms as well. we'll go through that in full weather. for now, this morning, visibility is high at ten miles. start.
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upper 40s and low 50s right now. we're still at 53 in delhi. we're at 50 in mason. 49 the official temperature at the international airport. visibility high at ten miles. scattered clouds right now. any overnight clouds not been thick enough for moisture. dry conditions on the wlwt radar. do not anticipate any rain or any problems with showers or drizzle through our morning or midday. it's late afternoon, a sprinkle. late evening, showers arrive. we're seeing overnight cloud cover move east and breaks in clouds, seeing sunshine when it comes up this morning. we'll hope for sunshine mixed in today that will help the temperature. we'll talk about how warp we're going going to get today and into the work week and how much rain we're expecting along the fronts coming up. jonathan. jonathan: thanks, jennifer. a person had to be rushed to the hospital after being shot in avondale overnight. the shooting happened in the 3500 block of van antwerp place, near forest avenue at 1:45 in the morning. police say a male was shot in the ribs, taken to u.c. medical center
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no arrests have been made. police are searching for a gunman in north college hill. witnesses say the suspect shot two brothers. wlwt news 5's jenell walton has the latest on the investigation and the victim's condition. >> he seemed like he was awake a little bit. his brother was tapping on him, making sure he was staying awake. reporter: dominique thomas and his cousin heard gunshots around 8:00 near their clover lane home. >> we heard gunshots, seven or eight of them. next thing you know, someone was knocking on our door. he said can you call the police, me and my brother got shot. he was limping really bad. his brother was outside laying in the grass. reporter: the pair said they couldn't believe it when one of the gunshot victims knocked on the door of their home, begging for help. >> it's kind of strange. you hear a knock at the door. he's like man, call the cops, my brother, we just got shot. reporter: north college hill police haven't said exactly where the shooting happened.
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in the meantime, witnesses say one of the gunshot victims seemed to be more seriously injured than the other. >> his brother was laying down over there. he was trying to talk to him, make sure he was still awake and alive. jonathan: police are searching for the shooter. the names of the victims have not yet been released. people in bond hill gathered this weekend to remember a man gunned down friday afternoon. police say 24-year-old cameron clemens was shot five times. he died at the scene. it's believed he was running away from a nearby apartment building when he collapsed in the street near oakdale. no arrests have been made. one of the largest fires lexington has seen in 30 years now under investigation. firefighters say the blaze at bluegrass stockyards started at 2:30 saturday afternoon. at least 20 cattle were inside at the time. officials don't believe they survived. the interim fire chief said wind was a factor.
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street and consumed a block worth of businesses, including destroying many cars that were parked at a towing company. thankfully, no one was hurt. this weekend, nick goepper is going for a four-peat. the indiana native has three gold medals in the ski slope style event. he's going after his fourth in aspen. last year, he made it to the final round in the x games as an alt and a half after another skier was scratched last minute. he's always tweeting pictures. here he is in aspen with the reds jersey. we love it, nick. he'll compete in the x games finals today starting at noon on espn. the stage is set for the final stop of the reds caravan. the reds tweeted out this picture last night from the florence mall. the barricades are up. now all that's needed are the players and the fans. here's some video from last year's event.
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league players, four minor league players, along with reds manager bryan price. they'll take questions and answers from the youngsters. joining them, president bob castellini and five reds alumni. the doors to the florence mall will open at 9:00 and a question and answer session will begin at 11:00 in the center court area. the event is expected to wrap up around 2:00. some of the best bakers in america will be in cincinnati today to show off their skills in the kitchen and help you hone yours. wlwt news 5's richard chiles is live in clifton ahead of the retail bakers of america road show. richard, good morning. richard: jonathan, good morning. we wish we had smell-a-vision for everybody. jason sperry and i will get a taste and pack on pounds this morning. starting at 7:30 a.m., the event is going to be hosted here in
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restaurant at the midwest culinary institute at cincinnati state. the event starting at 7:30, running until 5:00. it's breakfast, lunch and dinner as the retail bakers of america roadshow rolls through the tri-state, featuring bakery tours, test kitchen setup, along with opportunities for training in and out of the kitchen, including folks from the food network. a wonderful opportunity to get your roll on, so to speak. getting started 7:30 this morning. lasting until 5:00 this afternoon. right here at the summit, part of the midwest culinary institute institute, including things outside of the kitchen like finance, for those folks working in baking, opportunities and business. a great day at the summit. reporting live, richard chiles, wlwt news 5. jonathan: why do they need to worry about finance?
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jewish hospital is looking for the best chicken soup in the area. they're hosting a cookoff at the i wac saac wise center. people will compete for best soup awards. the event includes a silent auction, door prizes, a kids coop and live music. officials in columbia release an update on the quickly spreading zika virus. the number of people impacted and the expected impact the virus will have in the united states. a close game for kentucky last kansas. we'll give you the results of a tough away game that went into o.t. in morning sports. citycam 5. traveling.
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jonathan: welcome back. columbia says the number of pregnant women affected with the zika virus has shot to 2,116, though there have been no babies born with microcephaly. that is the concern with the virus. a child can be born to a mom who has the virus with a very small head. that's the meaning of microcephaly. the zika virus has been linked to devastating birth defects. no vaccine for treatment. the world health organization
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people in the americas may become infected. the free store food bank hochting hocht sting an event to help people understand their insurance options. the event runs from 4:00 to midnight. certified asefters will help you explore the options through the affordable care act. the free store food bank on tennessee avenue in bond hill is where it's happening. in thomas, there was a fund raiser to help in the battle against brain cancer, minl dipg. that's the type of brain cancer many people came to know because of lauren hill. the operation grace white foundation hosted the event in honor of 7-year-old grace, a young girl who is also battling dipg. >> grace has beat the odds nistly. 90% of patients die within nine months. jonathan: organizers say she's
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that another tumor has grown. she's currently undergoing medical treatment in north carolina, where her father is stationed in the army. the cincinnati cyclones spent the weekend supporting breast cancer research. last night, they held the pink in the rink game against the quad city mallards at u.s. bank arena. they won in overtime, 3-2. after the game, the team hosted a party at the banks where the players auctioned off pink game jerseys to raise money for the cause. a woman in alexandria, louisiana, is amazing people with her kindness and generosity after beginning a project saying i am not lost. tammy miles noticed a lot of homeless in her community, most looking for a place to stay or a hot meal. she was inspired. she gathered blankets and coats from her home and began to leave
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by could grab one. shi she leave as special note on each one. >> i didn't want people to find an item and think it was lost and leave it. so i started pinning notes so people would know if you need it, take it. jonathan: when she ran out of items to give, her friends helped. her next project is to collect personal hygiene items for those less fortunate. let's talk local weather. jennifer: we have nice weather today. last day of january. 49 would be nice for the high, much less the low this morning. yesterday, a lot of people out really enjoying the nice weather. once you've gone shorts, you need to stay shorts the rest of
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it does get hold cold again. next weekend, we'll be back to seasonal temperatures. there's a good cold front midweek. this morning, dry so far. rain showers for sunday. it's nothing in the morning, though. you have a question? >> i didn't want to hear about rain. tell me that's after the sunsets. >> you can enjoy today. there will be some sun mixed in. there's no rain through midday, through basically our afternoon. the exception may are our extreme western counties or indiana counties. a late afternoon sprinkle or two. it's going to be late this evening, the bands of showers arrive. visibility is high. a south breeze taking temperatures into the upper 40s. a south wind at nine miles an hour currently. satellite and radar showing some of the clouds that have rolled through. we have a little bit braesk in the clouds overhead for the next couple hours. clouds roll in this afternoon.
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we'll have more today than yesterday. we'll see sunshine mixed in, even with the extra clouds. temperatures today, highs should be back near 60 degrees. a mild sunday shaping up. the cold front will have an impact on temperatures. there will be some showers along it tonight. it's not a strong front. it's not going to be a big-time weather maker. it will bring in clouds during the afternoon. late evening and overnight showers roll through. high pressure is back. we dry out by monday. we may see extra clouds lingering tomorrow behind the front. we'll call it partly to mostly cloudy. highs around 50. still a nice monday expected. a close look at the timing for our rain. on futurecast, at 2:00 this afternoon, we have breaks in the clouds overhead. sunshine mixed in. thicker clouds arrive for the late evening with the showers past 8:00 and 9:00. here they come from west to east. a few spots may be briefly
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we're talking a tenth, maybe on the high end two-tenths of an inch of rain. we're dry for monday morning's commute and we start to break up clouds heading through monday into midday. as we go past monday, we get more interesting with the next cold front, late tuesday. so our first look futurecast monday evening, we are quiet out there. monday night still dry. tuesday, clouds are thickening. here comes a strong low pressure out of the plains, heading towards the great lakes. it will be a warm air mass on the southeast side. highs are expected back in the low 60s. sparking off thunderstorms to the west in the afternoon, near portions of illinois and indiana, western kentucky likely afternoon, possibly strong or severe storms. dragging our way for the late evening. probably past 10:00 late for tuesday evening. so that front will have a bigger impact on temperatures and may
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we're on the extreme northern edge of a slight risk for severe weather that's late tuesday evening. the main threat would be damaging winds. skies. another mild day at 59. showers arrive late this evening into overnight. 41 for the low. back to 50 tomorrow under mostly cloudy skies. tuesday, 62. the cold front tuesday night will be the stronger front. behind it, 54 wednesday, falling into the 30s wednesday afternoon with flurries. cold air lingering into next weekend. flurries return for next saturday as well. jonathan. jonathan: thank you, jennifer. kentucky facing a tough opponent in kansas. the game went into overtime. elise jesse has details on the exciting matchup in morning sports. elise: good morning. i'm elise jesse. two top 20 teams in action. kentucky made their way to allen fieldhouse to face kansas. it was fun to watch. the two top 20 teams facing off.
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the game is tied at 72. uk goes inside to poythress, who slams it home. the game goes to overtime. in a miniature dr. naismith was there to watch the game. tied in o.t. that wouldn't last long. seldon delivers 33 points as kansas wins 90-84. their home win streak continues. depaul, 1-7 in the conference, going into this game with xavier. you can't overlook a team in the big east, especially when they start out like that. a 9-0 run to begin the game. chris mack not happy with the defensive efforts so he calls a time-out to fix it. xavier starting to catch up here. under three to play. pass to mccur ra. such a deep roster. he added 12 points. they went into halftime with the nine-point lead. jalen reynolds, points and six rebounds. there were five muskies to score in double figures. they beat depaul, 86-65. and that's it for me in sports. jonathan, we'll send it back to
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jonathan: those planning to celebrate the super bowl should plan to to spend more. the national retail federation survey on super bowl spending finds viewers and party-goers will spend an average of $82.19 on food, decor, team apparel and more. that's up $4.31 from last year. and the highest in the survey's history. 84 bucks gets you one jersey, right? celebrations in hollywood last night, honoring some of the biggest and best. the winners from the screen actors guild award. and your live look outside. citycam 5. remember how carol burnett would call out like tarzan during the beginning of her show?
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jonathan: welcome back. hollywood is celebrating its own. last night was the 22nd annual screen actors guild awards. actors leody dicaprio and bree
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that wonderful woman, carol burnett, she is part of the honoring of the top actors on television. she took home the lifetime achievement award, escorted up to the stage by steve carrell. she's so wonderful. the oscars have announced the first list of presenters at this year's academy awards ceremony. the names include whoopi goldberg, benecio del toro, tina fey and kevin hart. artists include lady gaga and sam smith. the 88th academy awards will be hosted by chris rock. they'll be handed out february 28. hollywood couple kristin bell and dax sheppard sure know how to go out on a high note. they shared a music video they made on twitter during an
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the pair, who have two kids, say their kids were their last hurrah before becoming parents. they wanted to rage hard and honor toto properly. there you go. i like the dancing. if you're a facebook user with an iphone, you can stream live video over facebook. for now, the function is only available in the united states. but it's set to roll out to the rest of the world over the coming weeks. to share live video, tap on update status and then select the live video icon. you can then write a description and choose the audience that you want to share with. a similar update for android users will be coming soon. still a lot more ahead on news 5 today, including flint, michigan's water crisis causing some to turn away from the tap. what cincinnati water works had to say about the issue. and your live look outside. citycam 5. there's our fine arts museum with the installation with a tire swing projected on the
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jonathan: now on news 5 today, an ohio man facing disturbing charges. why his attempt to adopt a child landed him behind bars.
6:27 am
class in town. a preview ahead. jonathan: the clouds are moving in. it still won't feel like winter. we have a warm one ahead. meteorologist jennifer schack will talk about temperatures and the chance for rain to end the weekend. it's sunday, january 31, 2016. good morning, tri-state. this is news 5 today. jonathan: good morning. good to be with you on this sunday. i'm jonathan hawgood. this is jennifer schack. good news for the next couple days. jennifer: for the weather. jonathan: and for the jazz dance class you're thinking about taking. jennifer: stop. i shouldn't tell him things off air. jonathan: i want to see some moves when you learn a few. jennifer: i'm not going to tell you if i decide to do it. jonathan: we're going to dance
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next couple days. jennifer: 50s and 60s for highs through tuesday. we do well and are back to reality after that. a couple of cold fronts. tuesday night, looks like it will be a big-time weather maker for us. not only in terms of the front rolling in, but the temperatures behind it. here's a look this morning. we're in the upper 40s and low 50s for a mild sunday morning. we would take 49 for a high stood and run with it, much less the low temperature so far this morning. we will easily climb to the upper 50s and low 60s for high temperatures this afternoon. different than yesterday, we'll have clouds around. the radar is quiet, even with extra clouds around through midday and most of the afternoon. it's late afternoon, especially evening, showers return. visibility is high right now. a dry start for sunday morning. cloud cover has worked through. a break in the clouds. sunshine mixed in this morning,
6:29 am
cloudy day. sunshine will be limited today, yesterday. but the forecast high of 59. well above where we should be. we'll talk about temperatures behind the second cold front and the chance for thunderstorms coming up. jonathan: jennifer, thanks. in east price hill being held on a $65,000 bond. court documents say roberto jordan fired shots into a home on considine avenue. a woman who was inside was not hit. police say jordan then threatened to kill responding officers. they did find two guns inside that home. a columbus, ohio man is accused of planning to adopt a child to sexually abuse. that man was a seminary student. investigators say they'd been watching joel wright for about a year and a half. he first flew to tijuana, mexico, in 2014, paying to adopt
6:30 am
then friday morning, wright reportedly boarded a plane to tijuana again in search of adopting a baby girl. but he was arrested as soon as the plane had its layover in san diego, california. a teenager who died from a brain tumor is passing her legacy on through a special home. 16-year-old victoria stoltz died in december. her last wish was vicvictoria's place. her parents, the make a wish foundation and a group of volunteers hope to finish the rehab by march. >> it will be a starting point for people who otherwise wouldn't have that opportunity. it could be a changing point for the rest of their life, that they're going to get to learn how to lead their life and be successful because they've had a successful start. jonathan: donate materials through the link on the story on
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in that city came together this weekend to help residents in flint, michigan, dealing with their water crisis. snc norwood teamed up with police as well as norwood middle school for a water collection at kroger. donate the water. someone also made a $1,400 donation to the cause. snc norwood will deliver the water monday. all the attention on water supply safety in flint, michigan, is causing people to turn to bottled water. even those not in flint. you might be surprised what the epa has to say about the controversy about tap versus bottled. the water comes from similar sources and walt depends on how it's been treated. this is what cincinnati water works had to say about the issue. >> a system like ours that meets federal regulations that have good water quality, we certainly test a lot more. we have a lot more stringent regulations than bottled water. ptz i would hold our water up against any kind of bottled
6:32 am
jonathan: meanwhile, 16,000 lines are made of lead in old homes in greater cincinnati. water works says although current treatment procedures minimize lead coming through the lines, they still pose a risk. valentine's day is coming up. today you can get help fixing a romantic dinner at home from professionals. the retail bakers of america road show has made its way to cincinnati. that's where we find wlwt's richard chiles with what we can expect at today's event. richard, nothing more romantic than a fine souffle for your loved one. richard: i don't know about that, jonathan. but you get a perfect sweet treat to warm the heart. wonderful opportunity to go behind the scene and get a tour of the best kitchens in the tri-state and around the nation
6:33 am
participating in this road 0 show, rolling through the kitchens at the summit at cincinnati state. doors open up at 7:30. retail bakers of america road show, all going to be offering opportunities for bakery tours hands-on classes and demonstration, featuring she was from the food network, training both inside and outside of the kitchen, including marketing opportunities as well as finance. my partner in crime rolling in the dough for those folks, making sure they're not cooking the books. opening at 7:30 until 5:00 p.m. great opportunity to get hands on demonstrations and hopefully take home some samples. reporting live in clifton, richard chiles. jonathan: you're not down with the souffle. what would you prepare, richard? ginger bread cookies?
6:34 am
cookies and the cakes alone. i'm not a entity sweets person myself. we know you're a sweet guy. jonathan: we'll continue the conversation in 30 minutes, richard chiles, thanks. today is the last day of the outdoor adventure expo going on in sharonville. it features 130 vendors and hosts. and discussions on hunting, fishing, outdoor activities and wildlife conservation. you can hear bird calls being rung out too. runs today from 9:00 until 4:00. ten dollars for aduties to get lt adults. kids 12 and under are free. one day before the iowa caucuses. governor john kasich has gotten an important endorsement. all of the presidential candidates making one last push to get voters out on monday night. we'll have the latest from the campaign trail. not before we go outside through citycam 5. that's a barge.
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jonathan: welcome back. in commitment 2016, the "new york times" has released endorsements for the presidential nominations. this just ahead of the iowa caucuses. how about that? john kasich gets the nod from the paper announced support for hillary clinton and ohio the times says clinton has better experience and policies than bernie sanders. kasich has been avoiding the extremism and inexperience of other republican candidates. with just one day until the iowa caucuses, presidential candidates are out in full force this weekend, hoping one last push will get voters out monday night.
6:38 am
reporter: with two days to go, donald trump came back. >> if we can win here, if we win in iowa, everyone is talking about it, we can run the table for the first time ever. reporter: he means win every republican contest. it's possible. trumps weakest polls are here, a five-point iowa lead. >> on february 1, you got to get out and caucus. you gotta do it. reporter: even in a blizzard or a marital storm. >> if your wife leaves you for another man, if you leave your wife because you don't like her, i don't care what it is. out. backers to caucus and insisted to me he's winning back the iowa frontrunner spot he once held. >> what do you say to trump now back him? again. reporter: marco rubio's push will be partly digital. >> we're going to bombard with e
6:39 am
reporter: hillary clinton's lead has slipped to three points. her e-mail problem flared again. her long time supporters look likely to caucus. >> so those of you who have decided to support me monday night, thank you so much. reporter: more than clinton, bernie sanders is relying on first-time caucusers, young people. >> we will win the caucus monday night if there's a large voter turnout. reporter: predicting the turnout in iowa monday is impossible. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, des moines. jonathan: always seems to be about the turnout in iowa. ex pers say a big turnout will help trump and sanders, a small turnout will help cruz and clinton. more blitz basketball coverage in morning sports. that includes one local basketball team on a 51-game winning streak. impressive details coming up in morning sports. jennifer: you can get outside to enjoy your sunday. we'll have quite a bit more cloud cover, though, today. another mild day.
6:40 am
plebty of clouds around. showers holding off until later this evening. we'll talk about our first cold front tonight and another one with the big impact on work week
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6:43 am
temperatures in the 50s. lots of people were out and about. downtown at washington park, people brought both their kids and pets to the park to take advantage of the mild weather. and there were also plenty of drivers looking to get that grime and dirt cleaned off their cars. lines of drivers making their way to the car wash. >> it's been busy. cars are dirty. nice day. >> i walked out. it was a wonderful day. i took a drive and there was a line near frisch's and i decided just to enjoy the day and the people out here doing what we're doing. jonathan: i do mine at one of those spray it yourself washes on madison because i got a pickup truck with a camper top that needs extra attention. warm weather boosted business at downtown eateries. diners said they couldn't stay indoors. let's find out what
6:44 am
last washed her car. jennifer: it's probably been a couple years. we're not car washers. temperatures right now, i could get back out there today. it's going to be a nice day to enjoy a mild start with temperatures already near 50. we're easily going to climb near 60 this afternoon. citycam shot, visibility is high. we have a couple clouds out there at 49. that south wind at nine miles an hour. it will be persistent again today. yesterday, it was gusting around 25 miles an hour. i think we'll have the wind back up there again this afternoon. dry conditions, even with clouds out there for the morning. nothing on the wlwt radar. it will stay dry through our morning, our midday, and a very good portion of our afternoon. i think basically all of us dry with the exception of maybe extreme western counties. satellite and radar combined showing a nice area of cloud cover that has moved through. we have a break in the clouds
6:45 am
should see some morning thicker clouds rolling in through the afternoon. a wide view on futurecast today. temperatures will be up near 60 under mostly cloudy skies. that will be the difference from yesterday to today. we'll have the temperature a degree or two lower. also quite a few clouds. yesterday, sunshine start to finish. as we make it into the afternoon, mostly cloudy skies. late in the day, a couple of sprinkles in western counties. a better chance of showers rolling in during the overnight. behind it tomorrow, high pressure is back. so a dry day expected for monday. the cold front has an impact on terp churs. we'll be above average. tomorrow, highs around 50 for monday. a close look at the timing for tonight's cold front. we have mostly cloudy skies at 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon with dry conditions. late afternoon, a sprinkle or two. western counties with the thicker clouds. then after 8:00 and 9:00,
6:46 am
west to east. minimal rainfall with these. we're talking maybe one or on the very high end two tenths of an inch. rolling out by 2:00 and 3:00 tomorrow morning. that means dry conditions for your monday morning commute. this cold front, not too impressive. there's another one late for tuesday. the long range futurecast, we're dry for monday evening, dry to start off tuesday. but take a look at tuesday afternoon. we're back in another warm sector. highs around 60. this strong cold front will be parking off some strong to severe thunderstorms to our west tuesday afternoon and then trying to drag them into our direction late tuesday evening and it looks like that cold front will also have a big impact on temperatures. notice snow showers behind it. we maybe see flurries wednesday. that stronger front late tuesday, we're on the northern weather from the storm prediction center. probably talking after 10:00 tuesday evening. main threat, severe storms
6:47 am
but could still have damaging winds. 59 for the high today under mostly cloudy skies. mild and breezy, but a day to get out. shouse arrive late evening, overnight. we drop to 41. back at 50 tomorrow under mostly cloudy skies. tuesday, strong thunderstorms. falling temperatures. the high will be midnight. we'll stay below average with highs in the 30s the rest of our forecast, which takes us into next weekend. here's sunday morning sports. elise: good morning. i'm elise jesse. two top 20 teams in action. kentucky made their way to allen fieldhouse to face kansas. not a lot of defense in the game, but it was fun to watch. the two top 20 teams facing off. 1:15 left to go. the game is tied at 72. u.k. goes inside to alex poythress, who slams it home. the game goes to overtime.
6:48 am
to watch the game. tied in o.t., but that wouldn't last long. wayne seldon delivers 33 points last night as kansas wins 90-84. their home winning streak continues. thomas more at home, taking on westminster. sidney moss with the three from the wing. she led everyone with 17 points. thomas more extending their winning streak to 51 straight games with a 105-31 win. over to high school ball. lasalle hosting walnut hills. it's senior night for the lancers. first quarter, lancers working it around to the coach's son, c.j. fleming, for the three. lasalle up seven. second quarter, trey krigler gives the lancers a 14-point lead. back the other way for walnut hills. desean daniels, baseline to end the flush. lasalle rolls on, 79-44 the
6:49 am
firebirds were at colerain looking for their 36th straight gmc win to break their own record of 35. abbey prohaska led an assist. gets to sarah jones for the hoop and harm. she had 11 points. west breaks the record with a 75-23 blow-out win. and that's it for me in sports. jonathan, we'll send it back to you. jonathan: elise, thanks. a marietta, ohio, police officer entered retirement but his partner did not. instead, his partner's headed to auction. what? yeah, involves a k-9 and a cute one too. officer matthew hickey had the money in his ham to buy ajax. his police dog, the moment he retired. he was turned down. ajax was appraised for $3500 and because of that number, his worth is high. the fact that he's the city's property, he legally has to go to auction.
6:50 am
up to try to help officer hickey keep his best friend. >> we need to start and get legislation passed where officers retiring in good standing get the k-9, either medically or if they have the time and they retire, they get whatever. jonathan: the bidding process is set to start next week. i hope ajax stays with his partner. it's not just politics making headlines in iowa this weekend. a good samaritan is making the news for saving a dog. we have video. a man from out of town saw a woman in distress and jumped in to action. her dog was struggling in the current of the des moines river and she couldn't swim. without getting himself southwest away, the man managed to reach the dog and bring it to shore safely. the dog appeared to be okay. great news for one local dog and
6:51 am
fred the dog has been returned since disappearing on tuesday. jason, who is on the right there, had a mom who gave him fred when he was only three years old. fred helped jason, seven years old, through the struggle of losing his mom. no more worries in the family. fred and jason are reunited. jason's father says despite the fact that somebody took fred, they're focusing on being happy that he's home. a new effort in cincinnati focused on helping kids. how the initiative may have given insight on what children deal with in cincinnati. you're watching cincinnati's wlwt.
6:52 am
jonathan: welcome back. safety, opportunities, education and the future.
6:53 am
giving us new insight into what children are dealing with in cincinnati. wlwt news 5's jenell walton has the surprising answers. reporter: nearly 1700 young people gave their opinions in an unprecedented in-depth analysis. children shared their thoughts on education, work opportunities, health, crime, poverty and community and family support. >> transportation is important, where we have services where kids can get to them. mom is working one or two jobs. you're at home, can't get to where you need to go. reporter: four out of five students say they have opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities, but they aren't signing up. >> they say they're really interested in job opportunities and extracurriculars, but we don't see them connecting to those things in numbers that we would hope. reporter: one reason may be 60% of youth say they don't have a mentor or coach to turn to. and many of them aren't safe. nearly three quarters of low income youth say they've heard gunshots in their neighborhood, compared to 22% of upper income
6:54 am
nearly 40% say they've been bullied or teased. many others are dealing with hunger and transportation issues. >> we know there are people who are working hard in education. we know there are people working hard in health, people working hard in crime. but what they need to understand is one kid is dealing with four, five or six of those. so if you unlock one, they're still burdened by the others. jonathan: the final phase of this survey will be completed this summer. from there, researchers will make recommendations to help improve the lives of kids in cincinnati. mother teresa catholic elementary school holding an open house today. families interested in enrolling their kids for the 2016-2017 school year will have a chance to visit classrooms, talk to teacher and meet with parents. they'll learn about the new building addition which will house 16 new classrooms. students are kindergarten to eighth grade. it will run from 2:00 to 5:00 at the school in liberty township. still a lot more ahead, including keep you on course.
6:55 am
the flying pig marathon. what you need to know to keep from being sidelined before the race.
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